Ghost Wars S01E02 "The Ghost in the Machine" Recap

Much of this "Ghost Wars" episode focuses on the introduction of Billy McGrath, played by "Sons of Anarchy" actor Kim Coates. Billy's been out of town for some time but returns to it on his boat with his first mate Chewie. They feel a tremor when crossing the border back in and finds that they encountered a dead humpback whale and as they look around, there are even more dead ones rising to the water's surface.

When Billy gets back on shore, he is reunited his with his sister Marilyn, the town doctor. Marilyn and he have a tense relationship and so she initially refuses him access to visiting his nieces and asks her wife to enforce this. Billy is also reunited with Dr. Landis Barker, a young research scientist with whom he has a part casual, part romantic relationship with. Billy returns to his boat and learns that the engine is dead, Chewie already attempted to repair it but Billy is stuck in town for the time being. He heads to a bar to have a drink and shake off some stress. He encounters Rodney, one of the townsfolk that's been antagonistic towards Roman. Roman arrives in the bar and Billy is friendly towards him. He is intrigued when Roman informs him that a ghost has been following him, as Billy has had the feeling that a spirit has been nearby. Roman offers to help him with the ghost on the condition that he gets him out of town on his boat but has to leave since Rodney begins berating him for talking of ghosts.

Billy speaks with Reverend Dan about the ghostly happenings in the town and seems even more open to the likelihood that a ghostly presence is following him. Billy spends the night with Landis but the following morning is visited by his sister and an officer of the law that want to bring him in for questioning since Trevor's body washed up on shore. Trevor is the man that disappeared while on Billy's boat and the presence Billy suspects has been following him since he got back to town. Billy is brought to the morgue and is shocked to find Trevor's body appears fresh, as it should've been far more decomposed considering how many years Trevor has been missing.

Billy reaches out to Roman once more and they make a deal for Roman to help him deal with the ghost that's been haunting him. When they revisit the morgue, they find that Trevor's body is in fact just another dead whale that spirits manipulated the people that looked at it into believing they were seeing his body. Billy's first mate Chewie is injured on the boat due to further manipulation by a ghost. Billy later admits to his sister that Trevor was lost at sea because he and some other ship crew played a hazing prank on him that went wrong when a large wave hit their boat. He has been carrying around the guilt of this ever since.

Marilyn and an officer, Norm, go to investigate the previous owner of Billy's boat, whom Billy and Marilyn's father had scammed the ownership from. They find that man's dead body hanging from a tree and they argue about whether this man could be the one haunting Billy, as Roman had already stated that it's not Trevor that was haunting him. Roman seemingly helps rid Billy's boat of the ghost and helps to ready the boat so they can leave. But Billy double-crosses Roman and leaves him on the pier, saying that the town needs Roman for what he can do.

Norm nearly shoots Marilyn when he has a vision of the dead man coming at him and later, she shoots him by accident, finally beginning to believe that the ghosts of the town are real. When Billy reaches the border in the water to leave the town, he finds that he is heading back towards the town, as the supernatural force that has hold of the town has now locked him in too.

Ghost Wars airs on Thursdays on Syfy at 10/9c.

Bill Skarsgård and Sissy Spacek Premiere New "Castle Rock" Trailer at New York Comic Con

The latest Stephen King adaptation comes in the form of a Hulu series, "Castle Rock", which will be combining various King works into a single arc spanning ten episodes which will premiere in 2018. Despite still being midway through filming, series stars and producers paid a visit to New York Comic Con where a new trailer was revealed and they gave a panel and Q&A to promote this anticipated new show.

The show is also particularly notable for having both Sissy Spacek and Bill Skarsgård in their line-up, as both have given memorable performances in prior adaptations of King novels. Spacek played the titular role in "Carrie" (1976) and Skarsgård's popularity has sky-rocketed due to his portrayal of Pennywise the Dancing Clown in the 2017 "It" film. Skarsgård received the bulk of the questions during the audience Q&A portion of the "Castle Rock" panel. Originally from Sweden, Skarsgård shared that when researching King's books, he reads them in English as opposed to Swedish. "I like to read, if I can read, the author's own words without it being translated. Swedish books in Swedish and English books in English." Skarsgård was under strict orders to reveal practically nothing about his character or the plot that he will be portraying. This is not only his second time acting in a Stephen King adaptation, but the second time he will be acting in a television series adapted for a streaming platform following three seasons as Roman Godfrey on Netflix's Hemlock Grove.

"We're doing an anthology show, ten hours of one story. I kind of grew up seeing television become what it is today. I remember being 15, watching Sopranos, and that major shift happened to what it is today. For writers, the TV show format is the only thing that can compete with the novel itself. You can really delve deep into characters and developments as opposed to just two hours or and hour and a half movie. I've always been intrigued by it. I especially like the miniseries format because there's a conclusion to this mystery that we've started. Some shows tend to just prolong that misery until they seem very confused to what it is in the first place. It just becomes diluted towards the end. We have something here that, it's a beginning, it's a middle, it's an end. There's a progression, huge character development for my character, I can tell you that much. He starts in one place and ends up somewhere completely different. It really is for an actor, such an amazing format to really delve deep. Two episodes is a feature film so we're essentially making five feature films here in terms of material and it's great."

Watch the full "Castle Rock" panel here:

Russian Film Week 2017 To Showcase Russian Films in London

After a successful inaugural event in 2016, Russian Film Week will be returning to the UK for a second year to host a series of film screening with Q&As, premieres, master-classes, exhibitions, networking and charity events, as well as their very own Golden Unicorn Awards ceremony. The festival will run from November 19th to November 26th. The 2017 Russian Film Week will also be expanding to several new venues across London and five additional cities. The 2016 Russian Film Week was also notable for the attendance of famed Russian singer Dima Bilan, who brought attention to the event from his fans spanning numerous countries.

Dima Bilan "The Heritage of Love" Press Conference | Russian Film Week 2016

More than 100 leading directors, actors and producers from Russia, Great Britain and other countries will take part in the Week and more than fifty of the best of the best Russian films produced in the last 18 months, including Attraction by Fyodor Bondarchuk, Spacewalker by Dmitry Kiselev, Mathilde by Alexey Uchitel and others, will be screened at 16 venues in London, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Manchester and Oxford.

The festival was created in 2016 by the company Perkon Productions (UK) and Synergy university (Russia), which became the partners and co-producers of the event.

The RFW board of trustees includes such well-known filmmakers as Ralph Fiennes, Brian Cox, Elliot Grove, Valery Todorovsky and Alexey Uchitel. Celebrities, dignitaries, famous people such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Helen Mirren, John Malkovich, Tom Hooper, Olga Kurylenko, Sir Leonard Blavatnik, Prince Michael of Kent, Baroness Rebuck were invited to the festival as guests of honor.

"The festival’s aim is to draw attention of the general public to Russian cinema and Russian culture in general, – says Vadim Lobov, Synergy University Executive Director. – We want as many people as possible living not only in Russia, but also in other countries, to see films by Russian directors. Events like this contribute to the strengthening of mutual understanding and friendship among peoples, to overcoming barriers and prejudices."

In addition to film screenings, there will be a host of satellite events taking place within the framework of the Russian Film Week: talks and master-classes by filmmakers, round table discussions and networking events, exhibitions. It has become a good tradition to collect of funds for charitable foundations. Last year, the festival collected £ 85,000 for children with cancer, which are under the care of sister funds Gift of Life UK/Podari Zhizn (Russia). 2017 is declared the Year of Ecology in Russia, therefore RFW has teamed up with WWF UK to collect funds for the Amur tiger in Russia conservation project.

 Russian Film Week will culminate with the Golden Unicorn Awards Ceremony and Charity Gala. The nominations presented to the international jury include: Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Screenplay, Emerging Talent, Best Foreign Film about Russia, and others. The gala will be held at the Langham Ballroom on November 25th, Russian rock-star and ballad singer Boris Grebenshchikov and Polina Goudieva will perform, a charity auction to collect funds for WWF will take place.

"Our mission is to help bring people, cultures, worldviews closer together, overthrow the barriers of misunderstanding and push wider the horizons of cooperation. Nothing better than film contributes to this in the modern world. – says Filip Perkon, RFW General Producer. – We want the funds raised during our UK film week to go to good causes in Russia, because charity is another beautiful form of building bridges of friendship."

An important integral part of the film week, also dedicated to the Year of Ecology, will be a Student Short Film Competition "The Responsibility of the Young for the Future of Our Planet", organised by the Synergy University. The winner will receive The Golden Unicorn – Synergy Award, as well as an educational trip to the most famous film studios in the UK.

In 2016, the festival was held at 9 venues in London and Cambridge. The event brought together more than 50 leading cinematographers from Russia and Europe, and the audience of the event exceeded 4,500 people. In 2017, the scale of the festival will be expanded, so these figures promise to become much more impressive (note: this year the films Mathilde and Arrhythmia were sold out in less than 36 hours after the tickets release).

For more information about Russian Film Week and Golden Unicorn awards please visit:

Gotham S04E04 "The Demon's Head" Recap

Bruce and Alfred bring the knife purchased from Penguin's auction to antiquist Niles Winthrop and his grandson Alex so they can dig up historical research on it but implore him to keep their custody of the knife secret. Bruce promises to come back the next morning to check on their progress. That night, Niles translates scripture from the knife that speaks of a legend of Ra's al Ghul who is said to be an immortal being with a destiny. Niles shares his findings with Alex and his suspicions that Bruce has stumbled into something far more complex and dangerous than he imagined. When someone knocks on the door, Niles tells Alex that no one should be there so he sends him into his office with the knife before answering the door. Ra's has come to claim the knife and kills Niles when he refuses to give up the location of the knife. Alex remains hidden with the knife and cries quietly at the loss of his grandfather.

The following day, the GCPD are investigating the scene when Bruce arrives and tells Jim about the knife. They have yet to locate Alex or the knife, which Ra's sends an animalistic man called "Anubis" to track down. He also tells Anubis he is free to kill the boy in the process.

Sofia visits Penguin and claims that she has no interest in her father's business and is only in Gotham to help with some charitable causes. Penguin remains firm in his suspicions of her, despite remaining oblivious about Ra's al Ghul's existence.

Jim visits Barbara to question her about the death of Niles and the disappearance of Alex. Bruce arrives to interrupt the line of questioning and asks about Ra's al Ghul but Barbara pretends to be ignorant of who that is. Jim is furious at Bruce and berates him outside for not telling him about Ra's. They eventually decide to work together and are able to track down Alex, who still has the knife. They are attacked by some of Ra's's other-worldly henchmen but are able to fight them off. Bruce and Alex escape together while Jim heads back to the GCPD. There he is visited by Ra's al Ghul who claims to be an academic official from Nanda Parbat. They do a bit of posturing towards each other since Jim is sizing up this new opponent and Ra's has a timid persona to play. Alfred arrives and attacks Ra's, who later slips out while Alfred angrily tells Jim about all that Ra's has done.

Penguin had only set up a meeting with Sofia so that word would get out into the city about her return to Gotham and lure out Falcone loyalists. He arrives with Zsasz when she is meeting with some of them and has Zsasz execute the men. He claims to now trust Sofia's word despite her explanation to him that his strategy was bullish and sloppy when he could've used her to bait those men to be loyal to him instead of just killing them and throwing away what they could've offered him.

Alex and Bruce are back at Niles' museum, which is where Alex had hid the knife but they are forced to hide once more when Ra's' men come back looking of them. Jim shows up and able to kill one while luring the other one away. Ra's arrives shortly afterward and demands the return of the knife while holding Alex at knifepoint. Bruce says the knife is too important and Ra's appears impressed by the statement before slitting Alex's throat. Ra's is arrested and Bruce is left devastated, blaming himself for Alex's death. Alfred and Jim assure him that Ra's is a psychopath.

Ed spends the bulk of the episode trying to come up with clever riddles to send a message to Oswald. This culminates in Ed showing up at the club to confront Oswald, who merely laughs at Ed and points out how Ed's number one fan was right about him losing his intelligence. Ed pleads to be let go without being refrozen, but when he admits he's no longer the Riddler then Oswald says he'll let Ed go because the better revenge is to let Ed live knowing that he's only Ed Nygma now, a regular man and a shell of the genius super villain he once was.

Sofia admits to Jim that she has a takeover plan in store for Gotham, while Ra's is implied to have allowed himself to be arrested as part of a larger plan as well.

Gotham airs on Thursdays on FOX at 8/7c.

Mr. Robot S03E01 "eps3.0_power-saver-mode.h" Recap

After Tyrell shoots Elliot in the abdomen due to the contingency plan Mr. Robot installed, ordering Tyrell to stop him if he tried to go against their plans, Tyrell is frantic in trying to save him. He calls Irving, a used car salesman that also is an agent for the Dark Army. Irving helps to clean up the situation and gets Angela's name given to him by a higher-up. Zhang is shown to be giving orders and expresses his intent that Elliot will die once he has completed his work for the Dark Army.

Elliot wakes a week after his shooting and finds he is in Angela's apartment. She tells him the electricity is out and has been so for the last week. She says the people Elliot is working with brought him to her apartment and didn't recognise any of them except for Tyrell. She was on her way to turn herself in to the FBI but was stopped by the Dark Army. Elliot wants to tell the police about what has happened but she pleads with him not to, saying if he does so she'll be killed. Elliot sets off to trace what has happened and to stop their plans.

Elliot returns to the firmware hack building but finds that it's empty. He is then reunited with Darlene and she demands answers from him about his disappearance and tells him that Cisco is dead. Elliot lies to her, claiming Tyrell wasn't involved in the plan, but shares other information with her about the back door into E Corp. The internet has been down for the last week so they will need to go to an underground hacker tournament to be able to get online so Elliot can close the backdoor. Though he is able to shut the backdoor, he and Darlene are spotted at the tournament by some Dark Army agents who force them out of the building before he can complete the rest of his work. They are helped by Irving, who arrives in a cab and offers them access to his laptop while he drives them to shake off the FBI tail that's been following them since they left the apartment. Irving calls in a false report on the car and the trio are able to stop for some food and have a discussion. Elliot calls off Stage 2, and Irving seemingly agrees to his demands. Elliot expresses guilt to Darlene about what his attempted revolution has caused, only worsening the problems he had hoped to fix.

Continuing to be consumed by his guilt, Elliot asks Angela to get him a job at E Corp so he can make things right. He also asks her to keep an eye on him and let him know if he slips back into being Mr. Robot, adding that she is the one that can tell since she knows him better than anyone else does. Elliot feels that Angela is the only person he can trust so she agrees to do so. But late that night, Mr. Robot emerges once again and Angela speaks to him and agrees to work with him to move forward with Stage 2. She brings him to Irving and Tyrell and reveals her intent to manipulate Elliot just as Mr. Robot does so that a new path can be laid to complete Stage 2. She is a firm believer in Whiterose's plan to destroy all that E Corp has ever done so that a new world can emerge.

Mr. Robot airs on Wednesdays on USA at 10/9c.

Luke Evans, Rebecca Hall, and Angela Robinson Bring Wonder Woman Biopic to New York Comic Con

Director and writer Angela Robinson has spent the last years trying to get a film made on the origins of Wonder Woman. The timing ended up lining up well, as her creative endeavour "Professor Marston and the Wonder Women" has finally found a release date to follow mere months after the release of the long-awaited "Wonder Woman" film which ended up being one of the greatest blockbuster successes of the entire year as well as to the superhero origin genre.

"Professor Marston and the Wonder Women" tells the story of Dr. William Moulton Marston, who lived in a polyamorous threesome with his wives Elizabeth and Olive. There is a sex and love-positive approach to the story in its inclusion of not only polyamory but also elements of BDSM. The topic of kinks and even the slightest deviations in standards of normalcy regarding romantic and sexual relationships is often treated in a problematic, fetishising manner when brought to life in mainstream films and television series. A film such as this is not only important to relaying the origins of one of the most beloved superheroes in the world but to put forth a more socially progressive depiction of these socially ostracised groups.

Angela Robinson was joined by stars Luke Evans and Rebecca Hall to discuss the process of making this film and the importance of the content at a panel at New York Comic Con.

The Gifted S01E02 "rX" Recap

In a flashback, the Strucker family is playing at a bowling alley with Reed's mother. Lauren discretely uses her abilities to knock down one of her pins but the entire family is shaken when a nearby mutant is being bullied by some bigoted teenagers for her inability to keep her face from vibrating. Her father shouts at them to leave her alone and she becomes increasingly upset until she sends out a burst of energy. Reed goes over and calms the situation, saying that what she has just done (using her powers to injure people/property) is illegal so the best course of action for them is to simply leave quietly.

Returning to the present, the Strucker family (minus Reed) is with the mutants in their underground hideout. Clarice ("Blink") is beginning to struggle to control her abilities as she is barely conscious and accidentally opens a portal to an unknown road, causing an accident there as a result. Caitlin was a nurse, though she doesn't know much about treating mutant anatomy, but comes up with a list of medical supplies that will be needed to treat Clarice. When Clarice opens another portal, it's on the same road as a before and as a result of the earlier accident, law enforcement have arrived. Lauren is able to use her powers to force the portal closed before anyone can attempt to come through it. The decision is made that Caitlin will go with Diaz to a hospital to get the medical supplies while the children stay behind, as Lauren in particular is needed to try to close the portal if another will open.

At Lakewood County Jail, Polaris has an electric collar on her neck that will shock her if and when she uses her abilities. She is warned by another prisoner that it's not just law enforcement that will be coming after her in the jail. On the way to the showers, she observes a chalky-white mutant in one of the cells that has a collar just like hers. When she reaches the showers, the other prisoners in there stare as her hair dye begins to run down the drain, revealing that her hair is actually a dark green colour.

Reed is in custody and is interrogated by Turner, who tries a wide array of techniques to try to get Reed to cooperate in giving up the location of his family, including threatening him, denying him access to a lawyer (which is illegal), and even bringing in Reed's mother for questioning. Reed remains unwavering for the majority of the episode, despite the difficulties, and uses his knowledge of the law to keep Turner at bay, having pieced together that Turner overplayed his hand.

Caitlin has Diaz use an old injury for them to get access to the treatment area of the hospital so she can steal a set of scrubs and gather up the supplies needed to treat Clarice. Diaz is revealed to have a bright, glowing blood that has the ability to burn. Initially, Caitlin is questioned due to her being a non-mutant and having a face injury (caused by Clarice's out-of-control powers). The doctor suspects Caitlin of being abused by her "mutant boyfriend" Diaz but Caitlin insists that she is fine, feeling taken aback by the snap-judgement that Diaz is receiving simply for being a mutant. They are chased by police officers summoned by the doctor after Caitlin gets the necessary supplies but are able to escape.

Polaris is attacked by some of the inmates, and one even deliberately kicks her in the abdominals to try to kill her baby. She uses her powers, despite the resulting electrical shock, to push a metal table to slam that particular inmate into a fence. As punishment for this, she is locked up in solitary confinement.

Clarice's powers are growing increasingly out-of-control and Lauren is unable to close the latest portal. One of the military SWAT men comes through the portal but John fights him off and pushes him back through the portal. Andy steps up and uses his powers to knock the military men back and in the ensuing commotion, Clarice falls off the table and the portal closes.

The underground base is badly damaged by the time Caitlin and Diaz return to it but they're still able to make it inside where Caitlin treats her enough to stabilize her and stop the portals from opening randomly. Clarice is apologetic for the damage she has caused but John assures her that no one died as a result. He asks her about the road that she kept opening portals to and Clarice claims to have not remembered where she opened the portals to, and apologises again for the damage she caused.

Caitlin assures Lauren and Andy that they will find Reed and be a family again. They will join the fight to bring him home, and every other mutant home. However, Reed is shown to be giving in to Turner's interrogation techniques. He will give up the location of the underground base on the condition that everyone in his family will go free.

Finally, a Dr. Strucker is shown to be working in a lab and orders an assistant of his to pull up record of mutant siblings. He displays an interest in finding the Strucker children and asks his assistant to get in contact with the agent working on their case.

The Gifted airs on Mondays on FOX at 9/8c.
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