iZombie S04E13 "And He Shall Be a Good Man" Recap

Ravi sees on the news that Congress has voted to stop shipping all brain supplies into New Seattle. Ravi proceeds to call Peyton and leave her a voicemail saying she shouldn't come back since it's safer to stay out of New Seattle. He is about to say he loves her on the voicemail when he's interrupted by a knock at the door from one of Liv's coyotes. She tells Ravi that Liv has turned herself in and she's set to be executed with Levon. After Ravi brings Jordan some food, Peyton emerges, having returned to New Seattle and heard his voicemail. Ravi calls Clive to let him know about Liv, right as Clive was preparing to have sex with Dale for the first time, having decided to let her turn him into a zombie. She proposes that they wait till marriage and Clive sets out running when he finds out about Liv.

Levon and Liv are both tortured to try to get the names of the other people that have worked on the Underground with her but both of them refuse to give anyone up. Liv is permitted a visit from Ravi, Peyton, and Clive, and is able to tell them secretly where to find Levon's finished documentary on their operations. The documentary is released online and begins to go viral in New Seattle. She is a hero to the people who are understanding of her actions.

Jordan tells Chase where Major has been staying but it's revealed that she did this at his request as a way to distract Fillmore-Graves while Major helps the remaining Underground members to try to find a way to save Liv. They begin forming a plan to disrupt the public execution at the park, prompting Chase to decide to move up the execution from noon to nine in the morning and to do it at a Fillmore-Graves warehouse instead. Jordan secretly calls Major to let him know about the change in plans.

Blaine and Angus get a tip about a weakly guarded exit from the city that is their best chance to escape into the outer world and infect the rest of the world. Blaine helps Angus film a video message to rally his followers of where to meet and when. They have a falling out when Blaine tries to convince Angus to stay behind out of the violence and that he was the one that orchestrated the snowing brains. Angus rides off towards the wall on a horse with his hoards of followers.

When the Underground finds out about the change in execution plans, Peyton breaks into a TV studio with Ravi and makes an announcement on live television to inform everyone of where and when the new execution will be happening and to come out and help stop it if they agree with what Liv stands for. All the supporters head to the warehouse and through their combined efforts and Major using his zombie strength they're able to break the door open and go running in, unfortunately too late to save Levon before he is executed.

In the commotion, Major attacks Chase who is going for a gun to try to kill Liv. In the process, he puts himself on the guillotine platform and Liv pulls the lever, killing him. Major steps up to be the new commander of Fillmore-Graves when they get the news that Gate 6 has been stormed by Angus and his followers. The zombies trying to escape are stopped and killed, including Angus, leaving Blaine saddened.

Ravi tells Liv about Isobel's brain and how if she eats it she can be human again. Liv declares she wants to retire as Renegade because she has become disillusioned by the death of Levon. When Liv is at the station, she is preparing to eat Isobel's brain but is interrupted by their needing to go upstairs to witness Clive and Dale get married. Liv is emotionally moved by the ceremony and decides to give Dale the brain so that she can be human again and have children with Clive.

Major summons Blaine to the Fillmore-Graves headquarters and tells him to continue to bring brains into the city illegally and will have the backing of their group to help him achieve these goals so that no one will starve. Major has also told Liv that she is free to be Renegade and won't have to worry about Fillmore-Graves coming after her or any of her operatives. Though she had intended to retire, Ravi and Peyton bring her out to her apartment lobby where she is met with a mixed crowd of zombies and humans that cheer for her. Thus, she decides to continue her work as Renegade.

iZombie will return to the CW for a fifth and final season.

iZombie S04E12 "You've Got to Hide Your Liv Away" Recap

Filmore Graves announces that they will execute Curtis Lim, one of Liv's coyotes, if Renegade doesn't turn themselves in. Ravi and Levon make Liv promise not to turn herself in.

Captain Hobbs visits Major claiming Chase needs to be overthrown and Major can take over as the new leader of Filmore Graves but then Hobbs brings secretly recorded audio of the conversation to Chase to make it look like Major is the one scheming against him.

Liv decides to turn herself in but Major catches her before she leaves the house and makes amends with her. He then injects her with a sedative to kidnap her and bring her to Oregon so she will be safe until after the execution of Curtis Lim.

A popular social media star zombie known as White Girl was murdered but Liv isn't around to feed on her brains to help Cliv solve the case. Ravi is forced to tell Clive about how Liv is working as Renegade and Major has now kidnapped her to keep her safe (which he found out by talking to Jordan).

Blaine determines that the government is cutting off the brain supply which means that either humans will kill the zombies in New Seattle to survive, or the zombies will starve after killing all the humans and then the government will send a missile to wipe them all out, since it's been found out that the government has evacuated everyone in a 30-mile radius around New Seattle. Blaine wants Angus to move forward with his prophecy/plan to send zombies outside of the wall to start infecting more humans so that half the world will be zombies and the other half will be food.

Major has brought Liv to a cozy home and the pair have fed on brains that were from an old married couple that were married for many decades. They later find the couple that lived in the house locked downstairs in the basement. A note they left states that Filmore Graves stopped sending brain tubes and they were afraid that they would hurt someone. They had planned for the husband to shoot the wife and then himself but he couldn't bring himself to do it because he didn't want to live without her, even for a second. Instead, they locked themselves up and have now reverted to a more primal zombie state.

Since Liv isn't around to help Clive with the case he is forced to feed on the brain of White Girl. As a result, he becomes sassy, flamboyant, and vain. They find out that White Girl had paid $14 million to on a cure from being a zombie. They find out that Angus/Brother Love had spoken out against her to all of his followers for wanting a cure. When Angus is brought in for questioning, one of his followers confesses to the murder so he will be freed but the follower is later set free by a zombie officer that is secretly helping Angus' church.

The couple whose brains Liv and Major fed on are revealed to have a twist in their relationship. The wife had grown annoyed of her husband until she decided to crash their car to put herself out of her misery, killing them both. Liv goes from being a loving housewife to locking Major in with the two rabid zombies. Of course he is safe from being fed on but Liv leaves him though she does come back in time to catch Russ threatening to kill him if he doesn't give up the feeding tubes Liv has left for him. She kills Russ before he can kill Major and leaves him locked up with the rabid wife since Russ had shot the rabid husband dead.

Ravi feeds on a brain tube after the church follower confesses to killing White Girl. He proceeds to conduct an experiment on Isobel's brain in the hopes of finding a chemical that can be used to manufacture a vaccine. During the experiment, he ends up giving samples of the brain to a normal rat he has injected with the zombie virus and a zombie rat.

Clive finds out that Dale broke up with him because she overheard what he said about wanting children. He breaks up with his new girlfriend and gets back together with Dale, insisting that being with her is more important than having children and proposes to her. She accepts.

Liv hitchhikes back to New Seattle and sends one of her coyotes to go let Major out of the basement. She is overjoyed to find that Curtis is free but shocked to find out that Levon has falsely confessed to being Renegade in order to make this happen.

Blaine orchestrates a false sign to encourage Angus to go through with his plan to send zombies out into the world to infect more of the general population. Blaine orchestrates this by having some of his minions put frozen brains into a woodchopper to make his father think it's snowing brains.

Liv turns herself in to Filmore Graves and Levon is set to be released until he attacks Chase. Now both of them are set to be executed with the zombie guillotine.

Ravi returns to find both rats are in their normal state, meaning that what's left of Isobel's brain is a zombie cure.

iZombie airs on Mondays on the CW at 9/8c.

iZombie S04E11 "Insane in the Germ Brain" Recap

A man dressed as a woman was killed in a bar parking lot by blunt force trauma to the bed. He was dressed as a woman because he was part of a sketch in which he portrayed a female co-worker. The co-worker is brought in and we learn she worked in HR which means she wasn't exactly popular, The murder victim, Vince, was an intense germaphobe which Liv also starts to take on once she consumes his brain. Liv has a vision of the man on the Sick Puppies softball team had hit on Vince while he was dressed as a woman, only to be mocked by his teammates for not knowing that it was a man he was hitting on.

Ravi has an uncomfortable family dinner with Peyton and her parents. As acting mayor, Peyton will be leaving for Washington D.C. soon for an important meeting regarding the city and both her parents and Ravi think that she shouldn't come back afterward since she will be able to live a safer life if she stays out of New Seattle.

Dale breaks up with Clive after hearing him talking about wanting children and this being a benefit to being with Michelle on the surveillance tape. However, she doesn't tell him that this is the reason why he is breaking up with her.

Though the murder is solved per usual, this plot takes a back seat to the numerous other dramatic developments with the other plots.

Russ Roche bring Major to his superior, Jin, as part of the move for him to rise in the ranking. Jin order him to consume part of a brain that will act as a lie detector for Major in order to determine whether or not he is truly loyal to them or Filmore Graves. Major admits that he is loyal to Filmore-Graves and only played along enough for them to find the base of operations. He had previously swallowed a tracker and an explosive on him that will aid in the other soldiers to storm the base and take over.

Liv has to impersonate Peyton, who has already left New Seattle, in order to get Isobel's mother out of a holding centre so mother and daughter can be reunited.

The Filmore Graves soldiers celebrate at the Scratching Post but Major has to deliver the bad news that Russ got away by stealing Jordan's gun. Chase shoots at her repeatedly in the torso so Fisher shoots Captain Seattle in the neck. He responds by shooting Fisher in the head, killing him completely. Captain leaves the party and Major is shaken, holding a badly wounded Jordan in his arms.

An attack on the church involves an attempted assassination of Angus but a different zombie ends up killed in the commotion and the shooter, Mace, is devoured by the partitioners including Tucker who was once his friend when they were both humans.

Isobel dies, leaving her mother, Liv, and everyone else in their group distraught.

iZombie airs on Mondays on the CW at 9/8c.

iZombie S04E10 "Yipee Ki Brain, Motherscratcher!" Recap

Peyton has taken over as acting mayor since Baracus was murdered, and Blaine is questioned on whether he had anything to do with the murder. Dale has fed on Baracus' brain but since Blaine was wearing a mask and chose an unusual location to commit the murder in, she can't get anything from her vision to prove that he was the killer.

Isobel helps Liv with the human-smuggling operations by printing out IDs and spends time in the morgue so Ravi can perform experiments to try to find if her body chemistry can be used to create a cure for the zombie condition. Thy also binge-watch episodes of Zombie High with Isobel since she's been wanting to see it.

A rough cop named Detective Benedetto is this week's murder victim, having been shot three times. He was tracking a dangerous felon named Albert Ghansu who was business partners with another criminal named Anthony Jin, also known as Blue Cobra A.J. Liv had previously beat the hell out of Jin while on a brain that gave her kung fu skills. Benedetto had gotten Ghansu put away but he recently escaped from prison.

The officers investigating the murder of Baracus are unable to continue since the auction has proved untraceable.

Liv becomes a rough-around-the-edges cop-type after eating Benedetto's brain. She beats up a suspect on the street and gets caught on the dash cam doing so. Before this happens though, Clive admits that he really wants to be a father and being with Dale means having to give up that option since zombies aren't currently allowed to adopt. Liv is suspended as a result of her actions meaning she has to stay out of the field.

Isobel admits to Ravi that she wants to meet a boy to have sex with before she dies. She later is introduced to one of the actors from Zombie High, who is only two years older than her, and strikes up a fast relationship.

Jin is brought in for questioning regarding Ghansu's missing jewels. Ghansu admits that he's actually a zombie and claims that Benedetto was a dirty cop.

Blaine attends one of Angus' sermons at his church and watches in shock as his old housemaid is brought forward. Frau Bader had worked for Angus for thirty years but was highly abusive towards Blaine. Angus reveals this to the entire congregation and orders his followers to kill and feed on her.

One of the coyotes working for Liv, Curtis, is caught by Chase Graves and pressured to give up the name of the new Renegade. He spins a story to try to implicate Brother Love. Liv has also struck a relationship with Levon and together they track down where Curtis is being held. They come up with a distraction to get the zombie guards away from Curtis so Liv can reach him through a window and scratch him so that the soldiers won't be able to kill him.

It's revealed that AJ is doing his criminal work alongside Jin, despite Jin's facade that he has turned over a new leaf since he got out of prison. Finally, Major figures out that Liv has taken over for Mama Leon as the new Renegade after he finds a tracker she put in his pocket. He confronts her about it and they get into an argument over different philosophical approaches to New Seattle.

iZombie airs on Mondays on the CW at 9/8c.

iZombie S04E09 "Mac-Liv-Moore" Recap

Liv and Peyton offer to try to help Isobel go back to where she came from but Isobel doesn't want to go since it won't make much of a difference where she will die. Liv and Ravi have been tasked with working on the cases of the prisoners that were killed in the bus that was attacked by Angus' followers.

Blaine acquires a $100,000 brain that he wants Don E to consume as part of his master plan. Blaine had recently fed on a real estate agent which got him to thinking about acquiring certain properties that have dipped in value because of New Seattle becoming a zombie territory. But whenever things return to normal, these currently cheap properties will skyrocket in value. Don E consuming this plan will further his agenda once he reveals what the brain will allow Don E to do.

Liv and Ravi must investigate the death of a zombie woman and her human boyfriend, Walden. Liv feeds on the man's brain and begins to use the persona of a wannabe rapper. She and Clive question the man's brother who used to rap alongside Walden but eventually Walden got signed by a big manager and the two split up. He wrote a diss track about his brother for abandoning him but remains insistent he had nothing to do with his death.

Liv has a vision of one of the prisoners from the bus, Ronnie 'Sugar Cain' AKA Zombie Killer Cain, confronting the Walden/'Reign' and his girlfriend at the Scratching Post. Since Cain had been in prison before the Scratching Post opened it's clear that the vision is recent. A city-wide lockdown is put in place by Fillmore-Graves who are looking for Cain. This prevents Clive and Liv from being able to leave the precinct and follow the lead to the Scratching Post as they had originally planned.

At the Scratching Post, Don E is on the brain Blaine gifted him. He is now more timid and virginal around women, highly complementary towards his superiors, and Blaine informs him that he has special skills surrounding technology. Blaine wants Don E to set up an auction on the Dark Web where Blaine will auction off ten zombie cures to the highest bidders.

Peyton brings Isobel to the station since they were already on the way there when the sirens went off to indicate the lockdown. Isobel thinks it's cool to see real dead bodies up close.

When Major brings up the Angus' church to Filmore Graves, he reacts with anger and smashes up a locker. Despite Major having put information about a prior confrontation with the church in a previous report, someone in the organisation had filtered the information out to keep Graves from learning about it.

Clive, Ravi, and two other officers decide to play a dungeons-and-dragons-like game together. Detective Hunter decides to join in on the game and later shares an intimate moment with Clive in private during which they kiss.

Don E asks Blaine how people will know that the cures are legitimate and worth bidding on. Blaine says that they will cure and then kill a high-profile zombie and film it in order to legitimize the cures on sale. Blaine also asks Don E to snoop on Peyton's e-mails to spy on what she's been getting up to. He is also confused as to how it was that they had previously seen Ravi eating out of a brain tube but appears to be sexually active with Peyton, a human.

Ravi leaves the game early upon learning that Peyton is at the station and meets Isobel. He is immediately charmed by her intelligence and wit.

Major brings Jordan and Fisher to pick up a drunk Filmore-Graves soldier from the Scratching Post and bring him back to the base. When he wakes up, he finds that his ID has been taken and reveals that he wasn't drinking. He is shown to have a head wound, indicating that someone knocked him out for the purpose of stealing his Level 5 security clearance. It's revealed that Cain was the one to steal his ID and is currently holding Filmore Graves at gunpoint. Their conversation shows that he blames Filmore Graves for his wife and daughter becoming zombies, after which Cain had killed them. Cain shoots Filmore Graves in the kneecaps, after which Major bursts in and shoots Cain and disarms him.

Ravi asks Liv about Isobel dying and asking why Liv hasn't scratched her. He offers to scratch her the next time he is a zombie but Liv reveals that she already tried to scratch her and have other zombies scratch her too but it didn't take. Since Isobel has had different experimental treatments to save her life, it is possible that one of those things is the reason she is immune. Isobel overhears the last part of their conversation in which Ravi says that Isobel should be studied in case she is the key to finding a vaccine for the zombie condition.

Blaine has Don E bring the zombie mayor Baracus into a back room. He claims to offer a drug and a shot to offer him a high to further his pleasure before he will be able to enjoy a sexual tryst with some prostitutes. After he sniffs the drug and takes the shot, Baracus says he feels funny and then tells Blaine he knows he is human again and can feel the difference. Blaine then shoots him through the chest, with the entire portion of him taking the drug, exclaiming that he's human, and being shot dead filmed for uploading onto the dark web.

When Isobel reveals to Ravi that Liv helped orchestrate the coyote sneaking her into New Seattle, Peyton proceeds to fully reveal how Liv has taken over Mama Leone's operations. Ravi is shocked but still agrees to help out, as Isobel insists that she wants to be studied since she wants her life and death to mean something greater.

Major finds Cain barely breathing as he bleeds out on the floor of Graves' office. Major is ordered to scratch Cain, despite his pleas to let him die. Graves wants to have him publicly executed with the guillotine.

The body of Baracus is found on a bench, dead with a bullet wound through the heart. Peyton shows the investigators the video of him taking a drug, turning human, and being shot dead. No one has been able to find the video's origins. Meanwhile, the cures are being sold for millions of dollars just as Blaine intended.

iZombie airs on Mondays on the CW at 9/8c.

iZombie S04E08 "Chivalry Is Dead" Recap

Peyton tells Liv about Major being in charge of the team shooting up a newspaper office. Live asks Peyton not to tell Ravi or Major about the human smuggling she's gotten involved with. Peyton is understanding of why Liv is doing this line of work and demands to be part of the operation and help with the cause. Liv doesn't want Peyton to put herself in danger but does mention that a lack of funding for resources if one of the operation's biggest problems. Peyton finds out about a stash of cash from a criminal associate in prison in exchange for him being transferred from gen-pop to a white collar prison.

Liv meets Clive and Ravi at this week's crime scene where the victim has been found wearing a suit of armour. He was a medieval history professor who enjoyed LARP-ing in his spare time. Liv and Clive head to Garrett's (the victim) LARP-ing group to find out who would've had a grudge against him enough to stab him with a sword. The group claims that Garrett left the group after the wall went up because he felt it wouldn't be a good idea for zombies and humans to LARP together. He left to play with a new zombie LARP group but Garett wasn't actually a zombie, as evidence by Liv's ability to consume his brain and have visions from it.

Liv is helping Clive with the autopsy when Isabel, one of the people Liv is helping in her secret operation, calls her for help. Her coyote briefly goes missing but returns at the end of the phone call.

Angus and Blaine have an uneasy deal set up but Blaine feels compelled to ask him for a favour after Mr. Boss comes to visit him. Mr. Boss wants to go after the same stash of cash that Peyton is trying to get her hands on to help with Liv's operation. Beth and Geo, two sick individuals, arrive in New Seattle and Liv scratches them so they can be saved from death and start life anew. But the third person set to arrive, Isobel, doesn't arrive as planned. She and the coyote she was supposed to come with, Curtis, are missing.

Major decides to join Russ on some secret mission to try to make more money. The mission turns out to be beating up some zombies involved with a side-job Russ has going in which he sells watered down supplies of brains. They let the zombies live but ransack their operation space.

Liv and Clive track down some zombie LARP-ers that Garrett had joined up with. The zombies didn't know that Garrett wasn't really a zombie and were shocked when they were playing a game and he began to bleed once he was stabbed with a sword. A zombie named Kevin admits to being the one to stab him, as he was portraying Arthur opposite Garrett's Lancelot. Clive knows that killing Garrett was an accident but everyone needs to come in the next day to make a statement.

Angus and his followers block the road on which the prisoners are set to be transported. His followers surround themes and attack it. After tipping the bus onto its side they feed on the prisoners and other passengers inside. The accountant that told Peyton about the money is brought to Mr. Boss. He reveals where the hidden stash of money is but Blaine is still instructed to feed on the man's brain to ensure that the information is legitimate.

Liv has a vision of "Arthur" barging in on Garrett sleeping with "Guinevere" who was Arthur's real wife. When she is brought in, she admits that after her husband became a zombie and they were no longer able to have sex she needed to seek that intimacy elsewhere despite still loving her husband. She still believes her husband is innocent but is shocked when she sees a photo of the murder weapon since it wasn't Excalibur, the sword that he is supposed to fight with while LARP-ing. One of the other LARP-ers reveals that Arthur tricked Garrett into thinking he was wounded so he'd be able to stab him since Garrett was too good a fighter to lose legitimately.

Blaine and Mr. Boss arrive at the locker where the money is supposed to be but it's already been taken by Peyton. She has brought it to Liv and the other members of the operation so they can use it to save more people. It's then that Isobel finally arrives with Curtis the coyote. But despite Liv repeatedly scratching her, it doesn't work and she is unable to be turned into a zombie.

iZombie airs on Mondays on the CW at 9/8c.

Black Lightning S01E13 "Shadow of Death: The Book of War" Recap

Gambi advises Jennifer that Tobias has the ability to see the worst in people and bring it out, which is something he did to Khalil when convincing him to get the spinal implant to walk again but has now been turned into a weapon. Tobias also rescued Syonide from an orphanage and trained her to be an assassin, eventually implanting a body armour under her skin.

Martin Proctor learns that many of the pod occupants are in an unstable condition and the only way to save them would be to find the correct metahuman DNA sample capable of stabilizing them. He also learns that Lala is the only lead they currently have to try to find Tobias. He sees the metahumans as bioweapons that need to be collected to arm themselves.

Tobias informs Lala that he was the one that spent the money to revive Lala with a control mechanism installed. The visions Lala has been having is a side effect of the procedure that causes him to be haunted by those he has killed. Tobias installs a bomb in him to be sent to the A.S.A. but Proctor figures out he has been armed with a bomb and gets out in time for Lala to only kill a few other agents.

Jefferson is near death and is having visions of speaking with his late father Alvin, who gives him a pep talk that coaxes him into waking up. However, they come to discover that Jefferson's powers are gone. Proctor sends agents to capture the family which Inspector Henderson hears about and sends police to go after.

Jennifer is able to generate enough electricity to restore Black Lightning's powers which is just in time to help the family fend off the impending arrival of the A.S.A. agents and the police that are also on the way. Bambi advises the family to go into hiding since they will never not be a target but they all agree that the right thing to do is to stay, fight, and protect their community. They are able to fight off the men that attack their cabin in the woods with little to no injuries. They manage to escape in a van just as the police arrive.

Once Tobias's men attack the A.S.A. headquarters, only Proctor is able to escape. The Pierce family confronts Martin and Gambi has the realization that Proctor is running a rogue operation. Gambi proceeds to kill Proctor as the culmination of making amends for the work he did with the A.S.A.

Despite Lynn's best efforts to save the kids in the pods, they don't survive. However, she is able to expose details of the A.S.A. experiments to the media which triggers a massive scandal for the government. Public opinion is once again in favour of Black Lightning and now Thunder, as they're revered as heroes for having stopped this rogue government conspiracy.

Secretly, Tobias has retrieved Martin Proctor's severed thumbs and uses them to open Proctor's briefcase. This provides Tobias with the means to take out Black Lightning once and for all.

Black Lightning will return to the CW for season 2.
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