Emerald City S01E08 Recap: Lions In Winter

Eamonn wants to accompany the Wizard when he meets the witches, but the Wizard wants him to stay behind and watch his city. With the guns from Av, the witches are no match.

West thinks that Tipp has been hiding things from her. She has Ozma's dagger. When the Wizard slew the beast, he killed Ozma and her parents. Or West thinks that maybe they hid Ozma. She would have been about Tipp's age. Tipp was a boy, and that's all she wants to be. West points out that she was hidden for a reason. Tipp wonders what type of a person her parents were. West tells her that they were both born for greater things, they were born to fly. She grabs Tipp, and takes to the skies.

Dorothy paces the room with a pregnant woman. She knows that they have to check on the woman sometime. She's imprisoned for breaking her vows of celibacy, she'll get a trial, but Dorothy wont. She'll be charged with kidnapping Glinda's husband

Glinda sits with Lucas/Ronan. She missed him so much. Shes the one that put the spell on Ronan, to protect him, but maybe she made the spell too good. She asks him how long he was with Dorothy. He tells her that she isn't a bad person. Glinda wonders what he did with Dorothy, and he tells her that he only did what was necessary. She wants him to put his affairs into order, and shows him just what he's been missing.

Lucas/Ronan pays Dorothy a visit. He doesn't want her to call him Lucas anymore. Dorothy tells him that it doesn't matter what she calls him. He seems confused, and wants her to convince Glinda that she isn't a threat, but she can't do that. She's a definite threat to their marriage.

Lucas/Ronan has sex with Glinda, but she 's far more into it than he is.

Glinda walks with Sylvie, telling her that they're going to test her, and help her reach her full potential. She asks after Dorothy and Lucas. Glinda ignores her question. She introduces Sylvie to the others as Leith, apparently they should remember her.

Glinda tells another of the initiates to get rid of Dorothy. The girl goes to do her mistress's bidding, and finds Dorothy trying to help the pregnant woman give birth. The baby is breach, and Dorothy tells her to get Glinda to help with the baby. The girl runs off.

Jack awakens to a pair of servants. They offer him breakfast, a bath, or some oil for his odd places.

West takes Tipp to a secret sacred with spot. They don't keep witches, just pieces of them that hold magic. She gives Tipp the option to ingest one of the most powerful witches, to gain power. It's never been done, but its a way to gain power. Tipp takes the opportunity. She drinks down the contents, and gets the memory of the witch it once was. She experiences her death at the hands of a soldier in lion armor, and West screams out when she can't rouse Tipp.

The butler tries to occupy Jack, but he wants to see the Queen. The Butler refuses, but Jack presses. Lady Av is less than pleased to see him as well. She makes it clear she's busy.

Sylvie sits as the other girls eat. Lucas tells her to eat, and she reluctantly goes to do that. But as she goes to eat, her bowl keeps moving away from her. The other girls think that its funny, but Sylvie doesn't think its funny.

Glinda comes to check on Dorothy and the mother. There are no doctors. Dorothy has some medical training, but not much. Glinda gets the girl to help them deliver the baby. Glinda takes the woman's pain. Lucas comes in to assist, and is quick to be by Dorothy's side. Dorothy reaches in and turns the baby, and the baby is born. Dorothy and Lucas share a look over the baby, that doesn't go unnoticed by Glinda. Dorothy hands the baby to the new mother, and Glinda shouts Lucas from the room.

West has Tipp's body in a pool. She's become another of West's regrets. She was to be protected, and now she will be by the waters and powers of the witches. She releases Tipp to fall beneath the water.

Glinda pulls the petals from a rose, as Lucas approaches. He tells her that winter hasn't taken her roses, and she wonders if its a metaphor. She won't look at him. She doesn't see a point in it anymore. She asks him what he felt before, he felt loneliness. Her spell didn't make him a different person, just his memory. He does love her, but he knows they can't live the way they are. They won't. War is upon them. His life will depend on which side he chooses.

The Wizard splits his forces. Some will head to Av for the weapons, while the others get into position.

Jane works in her shop when Jack pays her a visit. He's now living the good life with the queen. Jane asks about Tipp. Tipp was a friend, and only a friend, and a complicated one at that. Lady Av isn't complicated. Jane is packing up shop, she's leaving because she refused to make weapons. Jack won't let Lady Av fire her, but Jane knows otherwise. He thought he had lost his heart when she found him, but it seems like he's found it.

Glinda and Dorothy walk her white halls. Dorothy doesn't want to be toyed with, but Glinda isn't planning on killing her. She finds it odd, since she thought Dorothy was coming to kill her, but since she's been there she's shown her another side. She knows that Dorothy also saved her husband. She takes Dorothy to a room with broken girls, girls that were pushed past their limits. She's willing to sacrifice every girl she has in the upcoming war if she has to. She wants Dorothy to find a way to fix these girls, to save them. She leaves Dorothy with the huge task and no guidance.

It's dinnertime, and poor Sylvie isn't enjoying it again. Again she tries to eat, and her bowl keeps scooting away. This time, instead of turning her bowl into stone, she uses her powers and steals all of the girls' bowls. This time, the girls all applaud.

Glinda trims her roses. West arrives. She wants to offer Glinda herself, she forgives her for hiding their mother. West is ready to redeem herself and serve her, and her mother. She's finally clear headed, and clean. Glinda tells West that their mother thought West would be her successor, over everyone else. All the light has left West, and Glinda refuses to give her what she wants.

Lady Av has had a long day, and she's ready to hit the sheets. Jack is still upset about Jane, but Lady Av doesn't want to talk about it. Jane had a purpose, and she no longer does. Plus Lady Av doesn't like to be told no. Jack tries to get her to understand that people aren't just there for her pleasure. She pushes people away before they can leave. She tells Jack he's no longer bound to her, and she waits for him to leave her too.

Dorothy looks over the girls, tries to offer comfort where she can. Lucas brings in another girl, who pushed herself too hard. She asks him if he plans to bring Sylvie to her like this broken. Lucas isn't sure there is another way to combat the Wizard. Dorothy has had enough. Her gauntlets come out, and she heads after Glinda. She finds Glinda alone in bed, and wraps her up in her sheets, hanging the witch in a cocoon. Lucas comes and stops her, as she strangles Glinda with her power, telling her that she'll have to kill him first. Dorothy lets her go, and leaves. Glinda is livid that Lucas doesn't hunt her down. She wants Dorothy's head.

Dorothy tries to navigate Glinda's white halls as she searches for Sylvie. She finds the room Sylvie is sleeping in, but Sylvie doesn't want to go with her. She stands behind her “sisters.” Dorothy leaves without her.

Glinda tells Lucas that the man that she loved would have killed Dorothy to protect her. She wants that man back. He tells her to make him that man again then. There is only one spell he can't break, and that's the spell that Dorothy has over him, and his heart. He begs her to use the magic she has to break the spell. Glinda pulls out his dagger, and he asks for death. She wants to free his heart, and to do that Dorothy must die. Dorothy rides away from Glinda's fortress.

Lady Av sits in her throne room. Jack watches everything as the Wizard arrives. He wants his weapons. The soldiers of Av draw their weapons.

Eamonn sits watching the fire. His wife asks if war is coming, and it is. He opens a chest, which holds inside his lion armor.

West paces, talking to herself. Shes reliving her past sins. The screams of her fallen sisters haunt her, as she had them drink away their fears. With her magic she opens both of her wrists, and falls down bleeding on the symbol in the middle of the floor. Tipp finds her there.

Grimm S06E07 Recap: Blind Love

Love has gone wacky with everyone. Monroe is declaring his love for Eve. Rosalee tries to persuade Nick not to say what she thinks he's about to. Adalind stops Monroe in the hallway to announce her passion. Eve tells Nick he's the only one for her.

36 hours earlier.

Eve is awoken by Diana. She asks if her tummy hurts. Diana's tummy hurts when she's sad, and since Nick is no longer her boyfriend she has reason to be sad. Diana misses Kelly, her other mommy, and asks if Eve knows where she is. She does, but its probably better that she doesn't tell her her part in Kelly's murder. Adalind comes to get Diana, to pack up for her dad's.

Monroe guesses Rosalee's morning coffee by smell. She has a great surprise for him, a weekend getaway with their friends.

As Adalind and Nick help Diana pack up, Adalind grabs a moment alone with Diana. She asks the girl to keep a secret for her. To not tell her dad or anyone about the symbols that Eve drew in the tunnels. Diana thinks its an odd request, but she agrees.

Eve enjoys her shower, but afterwards things get a little weird. In the mirror a portal opens up, and a noseless figure with glowing eyes pays her a visit. She calls for Nick, and he comes running. The thing disappear. Eve asks if he saw it, and he did. She asks if that has happened before, and no, its not a normal feature of the bathroom. Nick decides to keep their little experience mum, until they can figure out what the heck it was.

Diana arrives at Renard's. She's famished, and asks if she can make breakfast. Renard oks it, while trying to make small talk with Adalind.

Monroe opens the door for his beloved wife, thankful for the birthday weekend that she had planned. They see Nick, Adalind and Eve while checking in. Hank and Wu arrive shortly after. As Nick and Adalind head to the elevator, an operator comes over to assist them. He gets all weird and stoic when Nick asks how long he's worked there. He answers and gets really quiet. After the elevator ride he calls his mom. Seems like someone has some beef with our favorite Grimm.

Renard takes an interest in his daughter's drawings. They're the symbols from the tunnels. He tries to press her, but she remains mum about it, just as Adalind asked her. A knock at the door takes Renard's attention. It's a delivery man. While Renard deals with him, someone comes in and snatches Diana. Renard freaks out when he notices his daughter is missing. He searches the house from top to bottom with no Diana in sight. He notices a leaf on the ground. He's about to make a call, but has a second thought, and closes his phone, grabs a cookie, and walks out the door.

Creepy Elevator, Randy, guy keeps an eye on Nick and his friends. He gets a call from his dad in prison. His dad was taken down by Nick, and now the son is ready to make him pay. He plans to triple the dose of some nasty wesen stuff that will make the group tear eachother apart. Randyr goes into their rooms and collect hair for his brew.

Nick and Monroe recount when they met eachother. Monroe did a little marking, and tried to scare Nick before getting a drink together. As they head to their table, Randy prepares some drinks, with hair and wesen spit. The group wonders over menus, while Randy rushes to get the drinks to the table. One of his coworkers bumps into him in the kitchen, and her hair gets mixed into one of the glasses. Randy sees it, but there's no time to change courses now. Monroe and Rosalee recount their meeting, falling in love, and first kiss, as Randy finally arrives with the drinks. He passes them out to everyone, except a pregnant Rosalee. Hank is more than happy to take hers.

After dinner, in bed Nick reveals that Randy looks familiar, but he doesn't think too hard on it. He has other things on his mind with Adalind close at hand.

Renard sits on the couch without a worry in the world, looking over his daughter's drawings. He receives a picture of his sleeping daughter, and receives a call from Lt. Grossante. He's a little upset over that whole broken promise thing. He threatens to kill Diana if Renard doesn't go through with their bargain and make him Captain. Renard is a little too nonplussed with the man threatening his daughter. Sure she's super powerful and can take care of herself, but as her father he should show a little bit of worry for his progeny.

The next morning Adalind wakes up in Nick's arms, but everything is different. They're quick to get away from each other. Rosalee wakes up by Monroe's side happy as can be, but Monroe isn't super happy to see her, and he quickly gets out of bed. Hank sees himself in the mirror, and likes what he sees.

Diana wakes up, and she doesn't know where she is. She wants to go home. Grossante wargs on her, and threatens her. She asked nicely, but Grossante doesn't care. Diana has had enough of his crap, and tosses him around like a rag doll.

Nick and Monroe get their breakfast on. It's a little awkward. Wu sees the server who bumped Randy, and he's in love. Randy watches Monroe as he drinks his coffee. Monroe spots Eve and he goes in pursuit of her.

Nick heads back to his room with two cups of coffee. Rosalee asks him if he's seen Monroe. He tells her that he's getting coffee, and she heads off to find Monroe. Nick goes after her.

Hank tells himself how fine he is in the mirror.

Wu asks the server if she believes in love at first sight. She supposes its possible. Wu works to woo her, but she's busy. He's ready to prove his love.

Monroe is waxing plenty of poetry as well. The morning is more beautiful by Eve's presence. He spouts his love for her, for losing Nick, for losing herself. He grabs her hand, and tries to make her feel his heart. She knows something is wrong, and heads off to find Rosalee.

Rosalee can't seem to find Monroe, and Nick tells Rosalee just how special she is. He tells her that they're meant to be, and Rosalee tries to stop him, but he doesn't stop. He tells her that he loves her. Rosalee doesn't know what's going on, but she wants it to stop. Rosalee tells Nick to stay put, as he drops down on one knee. Rosalee makes her getaway, as Eve finds Nick. She's glad she found him before its too late. She pulls him in for a kiss.

Monroe is looking for Eve when he finds Adalind. Adalind found what she's been looking for, and its him. She pulls Monroe in for a kiss, when Rosalee find him. He tells her that its not what she thinks it is. He loves Eve, she's his everything. Adalind is pissed to hear his declaration of love for Eve. Nick and Eve arrive to make everything worse, and they all start bickering.

Hank sings Lets Get It On to himself.

The four continue to fight. Eve takes shots at Adalind for having the baby that should have been hers. Hank heads out to see what the commotion is all about, and stops the fighting for a moment, until he sees himself. Rosalee figures out just what happened, and runs off to fix the problem herself, as poor Kelly cries in his carrier.

Grossante calls to Renard for help, but he doesn't sound like he plans to be very helpful while Diana plays a twisted game of hide and seek.

Rosalee heads downstairs while the fighting continues upstairs.

Wu continues to try to woo the server, but she's resistant to him. He threatens to kill himself in she leaves, but she can't deal with him anymore. She tries to getaway, but Wu follows. Threatening to throw himself off the wall.

Rosalee finds Randy. She knows what he did with the champagne, and she wants him to put an end to things. He refuses, warging. She knows that it can be ended if he dies. She wargs, and prepares to end things herself.

Eve slaps Adalind. Nick does a great Steetcar Stella impression. Monroe grabs Eve for a kiss, and Adalind loses her mind.

Randy grabs server Holly. It stops Rosalee for a moment, but Wu seeing his Holly in danger, wargs himself, and pushes him off the wall. Randy goes tumbling down. Rosalee goes to check on everyone. The spell is broken, and all is well.

Renard picks his daughter up from her playdate. She wants to stay longer, but Renard thinks his daughter has played long enough. She asks if she can have another one soon.

Monroe finally gets to blow out his candles among friends.

Emerald City S01E07 Recap: They Came First

The Wizard's guard goes through the town, to collect girls to be checked for witches. One man pleas with the Captain. He's known them for a long time. He warns them to flee, go to their homes, and lock themselves away for safety. The Captain goes to the Wizard with his report. He knows the Wizard is losing the city. But the wizard thinks that the hidden witches are more dangerous.

Sylvie is safe, and Lucas can't figure out why the Wizard's men aren't pursing them. He finds it odd that the Wizard is protecting Dorothy. Dorothy has a connection with him, as Lucas does with Glinda.

Ev is more hositle than normal. She's mourning her father, and she wants Jack to leave. She's having quite the pity party as she demands that the carriage stop, and Jack to leave. She leaves him behind in the screaming forest.

Lucas wants to head to the farm house that Elizabeth mentioned. They should make it by dark. Toto barks, and Dorothy notices soemthing is amiss. Sylvie lies in the grass, unaware of the wolves running towards her. Dorothy yells for Sylvie, but with her shells in, she doesn't hear anything. Dorothy's power manifests, and with a scream, Dorothy flattens everything in the meadow.

Back in the carriage, Dorothy holds a sleeping Sylvie. She thinks that the witches taking her hearing was cruel, but Lucas thinks it was to help her, not hurt her. He's impressed with Dorothy's power. The gauntlets are a part of her. They arrive at the farmhouse, and Lucas goes to look around. Dorothy and Sylvie play I spy for a moment, but then Dorothy wants Sylvie to be able to experience everything. With a little coaxing she removes the shells and helps Sylvie focus, and not fear the noises. Lucas watches it all, and he's afraid for Dorothy. He tells her that she's going to have to give up Sylvie.

West dreams, when the Wizard comes to call. Tipp protects West. One of his guards thinks Tipp is nothing more than a whore, but she's not, and she gives him plenty to think about. The Wizard wants West to help him check out the girls he's rounded up, and tell him which are witches. Tipp pulls West upright to make her decision. West doesn't want to kill any witches. The Wizard claims that Glinda is the enemy, and that he wants to help save the girls. West wants him to give her any witches she finds, and help protect them. The Wizard gives her his word.

Sylvie watches Dorothy prepare dinner. Dorothy admits to Lucas that she doesn't want to give up Sylvie. Sylvie belongs to Glinda he tells her, but Glinda isn't' her mother, and Dorothy doesn't feel that she needs to hand her over. Lucas thought they were on the same side, and they should be. Neither want Sylvie fighting in a war that could kill her, but Lucas isn't sure that makes them on the same side.

West walks among the girls that the Wizard has rounded up. She announces that none of them are witches, that when he finds one he'll know.

The soldiers continue their witch hunt, chasing one girl into a dyeing building. The men search around vats, and when they corner the girl she begins to levitate before blasting the doors off.

Jack makes his way though the noisy forest, squeaking all about. His finds are already rusted from that little trip into the puddle. Soon he finds himself unable to move.

Sylvie asks Dorothy if she has a mother. She does, but she doesn't know her. Her Aunt Em is like a mother, and she loves her dearly. Dorothy tells her one day that she will find her mother. Once asleep, Lucas tells Dorothy that he'll take first watch. Dorothy can't let Lucas continue to sacrifice himself. She tells him that the Wizard Guards aren't coming. He let them go, he wants to help her. Lucas is confused. Dorothy admits that she lied to him, because if he fights for Glinda then they're not on the same side. Lucas softens toward her. He's fighting for her, and she for him. He kisses Dorothy.

The Wizard looks at the aftermath of the young witch's outburst. The Wizard doesn't think they need West if the Witch killed the guards and herself. West doesn't think that the witch is dead. West walks into the fire and gets the young girl out. As the pair emerge, the Wizard calls for the Witch to be captured. A pit like cage traps the witch and she is furious. West does what she can, but its not much. The Wizard pulls away West and Tipp with his guards. West reminds the Wizard of his promise, but amid the angry town, there is no going back for the girl.

The green wave threatens to close in. West reminisces about the death of all her sisters. She did to the young witch, what she did to the others. She made them forget their fear, and it killed them. And now she did it again.

Jack remains frozen as the forest wails around him. Lady Ev has come back for him. She comes on horseback, laughing at his misfortune, but she's come with an oil can. Jack doesn't want her oil, but the alternative is being stuck in the forest. He lets her oil him, and she gets a little frisky. As Queen she toys with him, and he enjoys it, but she stops abruptly. He's atleast back to moving.

Dorothy cuddles against Lucas, kissing him as he wonders what happens next. One option would be to forget the outside world, and just stay in their cocoon. And even though Dorothy has never been happier, she plans on returning home. If Dorothy can keep Glinda from going to war then the Wizard will take her home. Lucas realizes that she already made the deal. She let Sylvie love her, let him love her. But Dorothy is doing this to save Sylvie. She prepares to leave, but Lucas wants her to face her fears first. She's walking out on them before they can do the same to her. She apologizes, but she plans to leave anyways. The door is locked. As Dorothy tries to get the door open, the entire house begins to roll, turning everything upside down. The house finally comes to a stop. Sylvie is all Dorothy can think about. When they find Sylvie, she's shaking. Dorothy realizes that Sylvie is the one doing this. Dorothy asks Sylvie if she would like to come to Kansas with her, both of them could go. Sylvie likes that idea.

Back at the Palace of Ev, it now belongs to Lady Ev. Her father's suite is now hers. She tells Jack that she use to play with the crown, but it was just a game, not what she wanted. He tries to leave as she gets all weepy, but she asks him to stay. Her father was the only one who ever saw her as she truly is. She goes to remove her mask, wanting someone else to see her. But Jack stops her. Telling her that she doesn't need to remove her mask. He already sees her. He kisses her, and she lets him, before she undresses before him.

The Wizard addresses the townspeople. He tells them that he lied to them, and he's deeply ashamed. He releases the girls. He thought that he could control magic, but he was wrong. He wants it extinguished. He tells them that his council made the ultimate sacrifice. That they gave their lives to try to apprehend the threat. In reality he threw them all into the pit with the young witch even though Elizabeth confessed she was the spy. The Wizard announces that the witches themselves are the Beast.

Tipp heads to the pit and sees the aftermath of the council sacrifice. All of the witches are nothing more than ash, and the young witch lies in the center of the pit twitching.

In the meadow, West mourns the young witch, who still lies twitching. The Wizard exhausted her magic. Tipp offers West a dagger. West breaks her vow and sets the little girl free. She sends her magic off. West sees the dagger, and asks where she got it from. Tipp tells her that she took it from where she was raised. West reveals that the king gave it to his daughter, the princess Ozma.

Lucas questions Dorothy's plan. It seems simple. Dorothy will use the gauntlets if she needs to to get home. If she wants something bad enough they will manifest and help her. The trio head into Glinda's home. They're stopped by one of Glinda's girls. Glinda thanks Dorothy for returning Ronan and the girl to her. Dorothy hasn't come to return anything to her. She finds the name Dorothy has given Lucas funny, but she will reveal all to her. Glinda kisses Lucas, and he “remembers.” He's firmly on Glinda's side now, and now she's surrounded by Glinda's girls. Even though Dorothy has saved him countless times, he pledged himself to Glinda first, and that's where he plans to stay.

Grimm S06E06 Recap: Breakfast in Bed

Dan shuffles in. The man at the desk warns him against making so much noise. He doesn't want anymore calls. As Dan heads into 308, his nosy neighbor complains about all his noise as well. He passes an oldman in his wheelchair. Paranoid Dan scopes out his room, and nails chains against his windows. He's jumpy, thinking he heard something, but there's nothing in the closet. He heads to bed, with his hammer snuggled up to him like a teddy bear. As he sleeps something gasses him, paralyzing him. He watches in fear as some neon mouth monster's jaws open to devour him.

Nick creeps past Eve into the tunnel. Eve isn't sleeping though. Nick takes pictures of Eve's wall art as she joins him. There are a lot of carvings on the walls, and Diana was able to see more on the cloth. They both wonder if the Grimms who buried the stick knew what they really had.

Dan awakens, freaked out. His room is still fully barred, but something obviously got in. Not fully dressed, Dan continues his freak out in the streets. A man stops him, thinking that he's a homeless man. He offers to take him to the shelter so he can get some rest. Dan mistakes him for the monster and beats the man senseless.

Monroe and Rosalee try to assist with translating the symbols. They all know that it means something, but its a hodgepodge of many ancient languages. Monroe finds a symbol that he recognizes. It all leads to sevens. Seven stars, seven grimms, seven keys. Rosalee reminisces that she always wished on stars as a kid, for a better life, and the last wish came true. There's an awkward moment for Nick and Eve, as they get mushy.

Nick updates Hank about their single symbol, when they get the call about the unfortunate incident. Michael sounded like a pretty good Samaritan until he ran into the crazy man. Luckily they get a lead on Dan. Hank and Nick head straight up to 308, shutting up the nosy neighbor along the way. Dan continues to hammer away, refusing to open the door for Nick and Hank. He's afraid something will come and get him, and not let him sleep. Hank and Nick break down the door, as Dan wails. Hank is hoping that its all mental, but they both know better. Nick looks for the reason, as creepy wheelchair man just sits and watches.

The guy at the front desk claims to not know anyone in the hotel all too well. He alludes to Dan being a good tenant until he maybe started taking drugs. He gives Nick and Hank his previous address, and he's not exactly happy to hear that Dan nailed all the windows shut. Nick asks about the wheelchair man, but he doesn't get much. The man isn't very social.

Captain Renard shuffles papers around his office. He hears a noise and assumes that Meisner is around. He doesn't exactly want to play with ghosts. Renard gets a visit. Black Claw isn't exactly happy with him. Everyone is dead, as is Renard's political career. He plans to put them back on course. Black Claw is having a little bit of a hard time understanding things. Renard was suppose to have the Grimm handled, but he didn't. Renard has had enough. He's done with the conversation, and he's done with Black Claw.

Monroe, Rosalee and Eve continue their digging. With the first symbol translated to be a constellation, its possible that more of them are as well. The whole thing may be a map of the universe.

Hank gets an update on Dan. He's been living off welfare for awhile. They put the clues together, and it just be a breakdown from encountering wesen. Hank and Nick go to talk to Dan. He describes what's been visiting him at night. As he recounts his nighttime visitor he begins to freak out. Nick and Hank try to calm with no luck. Hank is finally forced to knock Dan out before he hurts them or himself.

Monroe thinks he has a piece of the sumarian calendar. Whereas Rosalee has found a piece of the Mayan calendar. Eve is confused how they're connected. Nick arrives for an update. They think that its mapping out an event in the past, where the stick may have come from. Hank and Nick actually came for some Wesen guidance. Nick describes what is happening to Dan. It sounds like an Alpe. Alpe steal dreams to keep from going crazy. If they feed too many consecutive times on the same victim, then the victim begins to go crazy.

Hank and Nick look into the guests of the hotel. It seems that the Alpe has been using the hotel as a hunting ground for a long time. Nick calls the hotel owner, but she doesn't know much about the hotel. She inherited it, and she doesn't know much about the managers as well. She wasn't much help. Dan's room was a fortress, which begs the question, how did the thing get into his room.

Nosy neighbor is about to get an unwelcome visit. He blows his gas at her, and climbs on to feed.

Meisner sits in the hallway to visit with Renard. He's not there to haunt him this time, and cautions Renard not to talk to him in the hallway where no one else can see him. Meisner warns Renard that Black Claw is planning on killing him. He shows him the ambush, and Renard takes out the two would be assassins. Renard questions Meisner's actions. This time Renard chose the right side. Renard wonders if they're done, but Meisner doesn't give an concrete answer.

The nosy one falls to the ground, in an absolute panic, and falls down the stairs.

The manager isn't sure why the cops have arrived. The woman fell around six in the morning. She's clearly not dressed to go out, but its a hotel and odd things happen there. Nick and Hank check the room. Windows are locked, and there's no signs of forced entry. Nick wants to catch the Alpe in the act.

Nick and Hank go to Monroe with their plan. They want him to go undercover, so they can catch the Alpe. Rosalee isn't happy about the plan, but with Nick and Hank promising to pounce at the first sign of danger, she agrees to help. She pulls out a very big needle to give Monroe the giant dose of melatonin he'll need to make him appetizing.

A very sleepy Monroe is given quick instructions on how to set up the room, and prepare to be bait. He checks into room 305 and prepares the room. It isn't the cleanest of rooms, nor is it the most comfortable, but Monroe is quickly out anyways. Nick and Hank prepare for a long stakeout, but its not long after the front desk guy locks up that Nick spots someone in Monroe's room. Nick and Hank run to the rescue as Monroe gets gassed. The Alpe crawls on top of a paralyzed Monroe. Hank shoots open the door, but when they arrive there's no Alpe in the room. It knocked over camera, and they find a hidden passage behind the dresser. Even though Monroe is still paralyzed they have no choice but to give chase. Nick and Hank chase after the Alpe, but find that the manager is a hunjeiger. Monroe, finally up tells them that it was definitely an Alpe, so the trio run into another passage after the Alpe. It leads them to the nicest welfare hotel, which is definitely not a welfare hotel. The hotel owner is an Alpe. She volgs in front of Nick, and gets a little cocky. She doesn't think that Nick can do anything to him, not legally. He tells her she has two choices. To sell the hotel, leave town, and donate all the money to the homeless. She scoffs at the idea. The other choice is that he's a Grimm, and no one will miss an Alpe. Nick hands off his police affiliated items to Hank, and she quickly agrees to sell. Before Nick and the others can leave, she volgs and springs to attack Nick, but he's faster and pushes her aside, right into a table. She's killed instantly, and no one is remorseful.

Rosalee and Eve continue to work with the symbols, to find when the constellations could have been aligned as they are in the drawings. Rosalee can't find anything in the past, but she does find something in the future. March 24th to be exact.  

THE LOST CITY OF Z - Watch the Official US Trailer!

Watch the Official US Trailer:

Amazon Studios and Bleecker Street will release THE LOST CITY OF Z in Los Angeles and New York April 14
In Theaters Nationwide April 21

Written and Directed by: James Gray 
Based on the book: “The Lost City of Z: A Tale of Deadly Obsession in the Amazon” by David Grann
Starring: Charlie Hunnam, Robert Pattinson, Sienna Miller, Tom Holland, and Angus Macfadyen

Based on author David Grann’s nonfiction bestseller, THE LOST CITY OF Z tells the incredible true story of British explorer Percy Fawcett (Charlie Hunnam), who journeys into the Amazon at the dawn of the 20th century and discovers evidence of a previously unknown, advanced civilization that may have once inhabited the region. Despite being ridiculed by the scientific establishment who regard indigenous populations as “savages,” the determined Fawcett – supported by his devoted wife (Sienna Miller), son (Tom Holland) and aide-de-camp (Robert Pattinson) – returns time and again to his beloved jungle in an attempt to prove his case, culminating in his mysterious disappearance in 1925. An epically scaled tale of courage and obsession, told in James Gray’s classic filmmaking style, THE LOST CITY OF Z is a stirring tribute to the exploratory spirit and those individuals driven to achieve greatness at any cost.

140 Minutes I PG-13

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Silicon Valley begins new season April 23

 HBO has confirmed an April debut for the new season of SILICON VALLEY, with the Emmy®-winning comedy series scheduled to kick off its ten-episode fourth season SUNDAY, APRIL 23 (10:00-10:30 p.m. ET/PT).

            SILICON VALLEY takes a comic look at the modern-day epicenter of the high-tech gold rush, where the people most qualified to succeed are the least capable of handling success. A collaboration between Mike Judge and Alec Berg, the show stars Thomas Middleditch, T.J. Miller, Zach Woods, Kumail Nanjiani, Martin Starr, Josh Brener, Amanda Crew, Matt Ross, Suzanne Cryer and Jimmy O. Yang. Mike Judge, Alec Berg, Michael Rotenberg and Tom Lassally executive produce. Created by Mike Judge & John Altschuler & Dave Krinsky.

De Vet Du Bring Signature Comedy-Club-Pop To Melodifestivalen 2017

De Vet Du are unlike anything seen before in the Swedish entertainment industry. With a constant stream of content spanning the last five years and many viral videos breaking a million+ views, it's hard to believe that such a consistent level of success is not achieved due to the backing of a team of big-shot producers, but from a close-knit group of friends with a pure love of comedy.

Johan Gunterberg and Chris Martland are the creative driving forces behind De Vet Du's unique fusion of comedic concepts produced into club-pop ready-made for every party.

JG: "We usually have the concept first. We chat on Facebook."
CM: "Every song is written on Facebook chat."
JG: "People tell us, 'How do you write your songs?' We just say, 'We make our songs.' 'Write' sounds like we want to be poetic or something."

The other members include Tor Wallin, who neither sings nor composes, but simply brings positivity, a fun energy, and a willingness to engage in whatever antics the song or performance requires.

TW: "I'd say that my role is, nothing really. It's more like I run along with the whole thing and try to have fun, easing up the tension a little bit sometimes. We've known each other for a long time, we're friends, and just from the beginning it seemed natural to tag along."
JG: "He's like [the] guy from Westlife who didn't even sing but they didn't tell us. We tell them."

The final member is known as "DJ Hunk" - the group's DJ that maintains a non-speaking persona and always has his sunglasses on and his shirt off. When the group is asked about DJ Hunk, they maintain their usual set of non-answers that maintains the persona of the character.

JG: "I don't think he can talk. We've never heard it."

When asked to book a one-on-one interview with us during the ongoings of Melodifestivalen 2017 semi-final 1 in which De Vet Du are competing, Gunterberg is insistent that the group will make time for it. Upon meeting them for the first time, it's a round of hugs from everyone except for DJ Hunk, who maintains his 'cool' persona and aura of mystery by simply shaking hands instead. All the live-tweeting from our preparatory research, ranging from watching every video posted to their official YouTube channel, their TV4 documentary/reality series De Vet Du Livet (with the help of a Swedish colleague to translate enough to follow along), and even the agonising process of watching 'professional' Swedish interviews with zero preparatory research done by the reporters beforehand, has not gone unnoticed by the group. Even Wallin, who does not have an active Twitter account, admits to having lurked on the barely filtered feedback of De Vet Du's work and the Swedish media that does not understand it.

The name "De Vet Du" originates from a phrase in Swedish slang that can translate to mean "You know it" and is often used as a mildly aggressive rebuttal to questions.

JG: "We thought that was stupid so we wanted to call our group that, it's perfect."

SVT has allegedly been after De Vet Du to join the contest for a couple of years now but 2017 is the year that the group finally decided to participate.

JG: "If you do [Melodifestivalen] early in your career, you're just gonna be that. So I guess we waited to build our career so it wouldn't be defined by this, what we did here."

Despite having built an entirely unique form of entertainment content that and a strong business model that includes a wide variety of merchandise that they design themselves, there is often an awkward tension between De Vet Du and the Swedish media that are meant to report on them.

TW: "Most of them I don't think like their jobs."
CM: "Yeah, exactly."
JG: "Most of them don't understand comedy. Comedy's always been seen like that around the world. Comedy doesn't get the prizes and all that. They sort of take us as stupid and not serious."

With an impressive and highly ambitious staging for their performance that includes a prop car to be climbed in and out of and a meticulously organised and purposeful set of elaborate camera effects, it's indisputable that De Vet Du are taking their run in the contest seriously. Despite their insistence that they are making content from a place of fun, they are putting out a number with a concept that stays on brand and thus maintains their authenticity. There's fun, there's humour, and a whole lot of energy just waiting to burst onto the stage.

Watch our full one-on-one interview with De Vet Du here:
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