Max Barskih "Подруга-ночь" (Review)

Let's be real, here. It was only a matter of time before we talked about Max Barskih in our series of music reviews. Not only does this Ukrainian singer/song-writer deliver consistently solid pop tracks, the music videos to accompany his singles are always visually stellar. Of course it's entirely clear that Barskih never shies away from using his sexuality to spice up his videos, whether it's through the use of smouldering gazes into the camera, flashing of flesh, or all of the above, but upon closer inspection, Barskih's videos show a level of understanding of visual artistry that never ceases to impress.

As a follow-up to his last single, "Хочу танцевать," the music video of which served up late 80s/early-90s aesthetic tripping on acid, Barskih has released "Подруга-ночь." Though the single was made available on iTunes back in May, it's only just now at the end of July that we're getting the accompanying music video. Once again, Barskih has collaborated with director Alan Badoev, who has directed a vast majority of Barskih's music videos throughout his pop career. "Подруга-ночь" sees Barskih engaged in a dance of seduction with a model surrounded by confetti bombs, disco pineapples, and streamers galore. The video also combines some visual inspirations from both the 1970s and the 1980s and adapts it for the 21st-century Euro-pop scene. We truly admire Barskih's willingness to wear any and every outfit he's slid into for both this and the "Хочу танцевать" video, as it shows a fearlessness to commit to his art. With Barskih's confidence and piercing gaze, he could wear a giant potato sack and still convince us it's the hottest must-have frock. The track itself bears some stylistic similarities with his previous single but with that sultry R&B backing vocalist, we can't help but reminisce about early 90's dance-pop. Considering that he has yet to release an album to include these singles, we are buzzing with anticipation to hear the full line-up of this sound and era. But until that album is bestowed upon the world, feast your eyes and ears on "Подруга-ночь!"

Max Barskih can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and his main website.

Teen Wolf S5E6 - "Required Reading" Recap

Flash forward:

Malia turns up at the hospital and fights off the Dread Doctor long enough for Melissa to get Scott into an elevator and inject him with some medicine to help him recover. The three all just barely escape from the Dread Doctor.


Sheriff Stilinski is trying to figure out what happened to Donovan and won't believe he's actually dead until he sees a body. Stiles has yet to reveal to anyone that he accidentally killed Donovan in self-defence after being kidnapped by him but decides that they need to figure out why certain teenagers are the ones selected to be experimented on by the Dread Doctors.

Lydia is being trained by Parrish and has some more flashes of memories recovered of being in the captivity of the Dread Doctors. She later reveals to the group about the memories that have been trying to resurface. Together, the group (including Theo) begin to read the book.

Malia asks Stiles about his shoulder injury since she can smell the blood and he lies about it, something that she may or may not sense by listening to his heartbeat. She also keeps quiet on the full details of her recovered memory about her mother. Theo is shown to be listening in on the conversation.

Liam is still out at the club and trying to patch things up with Hayden, and trying to gather up the money to pay her back for the money he lost her.

Theo is shown to be recording an audio file of the Japanese phrases Kira is muttering in her sleep.

Lydia tries to help a fellow student who is having problems losing her hair due to stress but upon being shown the bald spot, Lydia has a gory memory recovered along with the sound of her mother telling her to stay in the car and she collapses. She then has a vision of herself at Eichen House and seeing her mother trying to help Lydia's grandmother who had taken a drill to her own head to lobotomise herself. Her grandmother rises from the bathtub and warns Lydia that 'they're' coming.

Kira is in the library still trying to finish the book when Mason happens upon her. She shares how she's struggling to finish it and he asks her if she speaks Japanese. She says she doesn't speak Japanese or Korean, despite her lineage. Mason says he's been doing some reading on kitsunes, and he says that in the folklore, fox spirits have trouble with languages and the reason why she can't finish the book is because it's one language trick. She then notices the flickering lights, something that has been happening in the school lately but she has been assuring the group that she isn't the one causing it.

Scott tries to drop AP biology, a course he needs to become a veterinarian, but his teacher tries to advise him against dropping it. He then begins to struggle to breathe and claims to be having an asthma attack as old memories begin to come to the surface. He has a vision of being in a hospital and watches a child version of himself begin brought in while his mother tends to him. In the real world, his teacher is trying to find an inhaler for Scott to use.

We finally learn that the confrontation between Liam and Hayden in sixth grade was during a prime point of Liam's anger management issues. He was in a fight with another student and Hayden accidentally walked into it so she ended up with a broken nose. She in turn broke his nose back. Liam runs to help Scott by bringing him an inhaler and uses his wolf senses to pull Scott out of it so he'll give himself the inhaler, a move which impresses Hayden.

Lydia is wondering why more of her memories aren't surfacing now that she has finished the book and poses to Stiles that perhaps the reason for this has to do with her Banshee abilities. The memories she is having aren't actually her own.

Malia goes to confront Theo about why he hasn't told Scott or anyone else about her memory, while he's flexing and shirtless because obviously these two are going to become an item, and he says that he wants to join Scott's pack so if she wants to tell him or keep it to herself, he's fine with it regardless.

Theo shows the recording he made of Kira to Scott and shares the translation he's found using an online translator: "I am the messenger of death." Scott is worried about the aura around her and that it seems to be taking over her. Scott is now worried that maybe he can't trust her anymore. The lights at the school being to flicker and there are noises coming from the basement. Scott and Theo follow the sounds and realise that the flickering lights at school aren't Kira, but a chimera.

Lydia and Stiles are still at the hospital trying to figure out what happened during her surgery.

Liam learns that Hayden is working her job to help pay for medication for a kidney transplant she had a few years back. She doesn't want her sister to be paying for everything. Liam is able to see that Hayden's eyes glow and realises that she has been experimented on by the Dread Doctors.

Scott is attacked by a Dread Doctor at the hospital while Theo fights off a chimera that was attacking Stiles while he was having visions about his dead mother. Resume the flash forward seen at the episode's beginning where Malia fights off the Dread Doctor long enough for Melissa and Scott to get into the elevator and Malia to follow shortly thereafter. Meanwhile, Theo rips the chimera's throat out with his bare-clawed-hand. He begs Stiles not to say anything about this to Scott and when Stiles asks why not, Theo shares that he has kept quiet about what happened between Stiles and Donovan.

Teen Wolf airs on Mondays on MTV at 10PM.

Halt and Catch Fire S2E9 - "Kali" Recap

Donna and Cameron must determine the best course of action against Westgroup, and Cameron ends up deciding to sell the rights to the game "Extract and Defend" in order to help keep funding Mutiny. Tom is hurt and betrayed by her doing so without consulting him and it's enough to end their relationship. When Mutiny meets with Funtime Games, they're able to sell "Extract and Defend" for $50,000.

Joe bails Gordon out of jail and Gordon immediately begins to investigate the computer company he believes stole his idea. During his investigation, Gordon has a memory lapse and cannot remember where he parked his car.

Westgroup is going to have its annual shareholders meeting and Joe is set to give the keynote speech. Cameron visits him beforehand and the two share a kiss but Joe tells her they cannot do this, as he is now married to Sara. Though Joe gives Cameron credit during his speech, he doesn't know that she had uploaded the Sonaris program to the Westgroup mainframe, thereby sabotaging the presentation.

Gordon has an accident where he falls down a flight of stairs and breaks his leg. The doctor informs Donna that Gordon is suffering from psychological stress that is separate from his brain damage, causing Gordon to finally relent and tell her that he needs help.

After the fiasco at Westgroup, Sara is upset at Joe and insists that he still has feelings for Cameron. He is only thinking of himself. He can't even bring himself to deny his feelings for Cameron. It would appear that their relationship is on its way out.

Bosworth informs Cameron he'll be leaving Mutiny to pursue another job that will be better suited for his more advanced stage in life relative to all the young people working at Mutiny. Cameron also learns that Tom was the one who had organised the set up for the meeting with Funtime, causing her to want to get back together with him but it appears it's too late for this relationship as well.

Halt and Catch Fire airs on Sundays on AMC at 10PM.

Humans S1E7 - "Episode 7" Recap

Joe returns home and learns about Mia, the identity that had been buried deep within Anita's code. Mia had also been shown to be comforting Laura and assuring her that her family is strong.

Karen visits George's and asks Niska to kill her. Karen had been designed by David Elster to resemble his late wife Beatrice who had committed suicide. David had lied to the rest of his synths by claiming that he had killed her so the others left her behind. Karen wants Niska to kill her because she feels she has lived too long amongst the humans and there is no place for their kind amongst them. Nisei vehemently disagrees with this. Karen cannot kill herself because of a block that David had put into her code. When Karen learns of Niska's intent to make more of their kind, Karen threatens to shoot and kill Niska instead. George doesn't want Karen to kill Niska and implores her to see that the pain she feels is not because of what she is but the life she has led. George ends up shot in the crossfire and he tells Niska to run before the police arrive. She leaves with an apology and says she wishes she could save him. Vera the housekeeper has also been destroyed in the conflict. Odi stays with George and speaks with him until he dies.

Leo meets with Fred, another conscious synth, and they make plans to try to find Max. Niska calls to ask for help and Theo promises to send her another encrypted location for her to hide at and they will come meet her there.

Laura's son Toby is perturbed that Joe has returned and Mia feels guilty over what has happened that has strained Laura and Joe's relationship. Laura assures her that it wasn't her fault. Niska arrives at the Hawkins residence and Mia introduces her as her sister.

Law enforcement descend upon George's house and they make plans to retrieve Odi's memories, after which he is to be scrapped.

Niska fills Mia in on everything that has happened with Karen and tells Mia she must keep this from Leo for the time being because it would only distract him. In private, Mia tells Joe off for his actions and that she was there the whole time, noting how he'd started to hate himself before he'd even finished. Leo and Fred arrive with Max's body they recovered by the river and together, the synths and the Hawkins try to work to repair him as best they can.

Meanwhile, Pete is investigating Karen's stolen identity. Karen has turned herself in to the lead detective Hobbs, who knew Beatrice, David, and George in the old days. She's willing to help them stop the conscious Synths but only under the condition that he destroy her too once it's all over and done with.

Leo is shown to be getting emotional when alone in the bathroom and seeing all the children's toys. He is also withdrawn and unreceptive to others' attempts to make a connection to him. Niska begins to play with Sophie, despite having difficulties knowing how to do so at first. Joe and Toby are outside playing football with Fred until he suggests that perhaps they should go inside.

The group dynamic has a rift when a police officer arrives because Joe had called the police when he saw strangers in the house while spying on Laura. Leo insists that they will leave once Max is charged and Laura berates Joe for not listening to her when she said that she was handling things.

Mia tells Laura that it may be best if she tells Joe about her brother but Laura is standoffish about her most personal secret being invaded on. Over dinner, Niska finally reveals to Mia about the possiblity of imparting consciousness to other Synths. Joe thinks that this changes everything but Laura doesn't think it's necessarily right to stop them from procreating, so to speak, if they wish.

The following morning, the Synths try to power up Max again but find that he is too badly damaged to ever be what he was again. He is for all intensive purposes, dying. Leo suggests that they all try to sync themselves up to him to try to fix him. When Joe and Laura see a news story about Niska going on the rampage with her bat and send Sophie upstairs. They tell the Synths they need to leave, despite Mattie protesting that they need to help them. As Leo is gathering up his things, Karen reveals herself, having snuck in through the back door. He is emotional at seeing her and she says that they can all be together. When the rest of the Synths see her, they tell Leo he can't trust her. It's then that the police arrive and arrest all the Synths at the Hawkins resident, having been led there by Karen.

Humans airs on Sundays on Channel 4 at 10PM.

"Teen Wolf" SDCC 2015 MuseLed Interviews

Teen Wolf is more successful than ever and is a staple of the San Diego Comic Con scene. The show's top-billed star, Tyler Posey, has been upped to the position of that of a producer with this latest season. Posey needed to be reminded of just what was the latest plot points to air on the show but once he was reminded of Tracey's death and the gang's pursuit of the Dread Doctors, he jumped right in to discussing Scott being at a low-point we've never seen him at before. He may reach a point where he thinks it would be in everyone else's best interest if he died, and playing this level of darkness was great fun for Posey to play. He speaks of Kira as being Scott's best support system but warns that wolves and foxes don't mix, so there will be trouble ahead for the happy couple as the season progresses. He also notes that the tension between Scott and Stiles is very interesting to play since it's the essence of acting, as he and Dylan O'Brien get along tremendously well. He says that Scott's trusting nature is the reason for his willingness to include Theo, but we'll have to wait and see to watch how that will play out and what exactly Theo's plan is.

"Scott's really getting concerned with these deaths and he's really staring to take it to heart. He's going to try to actively do something about this and try to stop these deaths and beat the Dread Doctors. But they're always nine steps ahead of him and this time, he has no idea what to do." ~ Tyler Posey, on what's happening with Scott on season 5 of Teen Wolf

Cody Christian is a new-comer to the show and this was also his first San Diego Comic Con. He shares how he was very nervous going into the panel and his heart was racing for the hour that the panel went on for but raves about the energy one feels in the convention centre. He teases that perhaps the seemingly nicest people are the worst ones in character but remains tight-lipped to not give away more of the plot and motivation of Theo, as the mystery is essential to the experience of playing it out. He also raves about the cast and crew of the show and that Tyler Posey's energy is infectious and that both Tyler Posey and Dylan O'Brien have made the show what it is. He says that the tension between Theo and Stiles isn't going anywhere, and will only escalate further, despite Theo doing everything to prove his worth to earn a spot in Scott's pack. He even describes it as being something that will shock viewers.

"Theo's a badass, and I love being able to play a badass." ~ Cody Christian, on his Teen Wolf character

Dylan Sprayberry may have a full season of Teen Wolf under his belt but he still feels like a new-comer despite not being treated like one. But he raves about getting the sensation of goosebumps at hearing the roar of the crowd. Sprayberry likens Mason to a mini-Stiles but notes that he has a lot to contribute to the group dynamic now that he is in the know regarding the supernatural ongoings of Beacon Hills. He also adds that Liam doesn't trust Theo, but teases that there may be more to see of the conflict between those two characters as the season carries on.

"Towards the beginning of the season, there's a lot more comedy, especially with Mason and Liam. There will be a lot more of that dynamic, which is really fun. There's also going to be a bit more tension between me and Scott." ~ Dylan Sprayberry, on what to expect for Liam in season 5 of Teen Wolf

Executive producer and Teen Wolf show-runner Jeff Davis says that it's confusing talking about season 5A since they're currently in the process of plotting out season 5B. He says he's thrilled with how this season's villains have turned out both conceptually and visually.

"You learn a lot more about The Doctors in episode 5. The man with the knowledge is the man with the third eye." ~ Jeff Davis, on when we'll learn more about this season's villains, The Doctors

Davis says that The Doctors were inspired by steampunk and that he loves finding the place where science meets the supernatural. He says that this season will play a lot with timelines and cites LOST as a source of inspiration but jokes that they're a good show to steal from.

"We asked the question in the writers room which was 'How do we test our characters?' The best drama comes from making your characters suffer. So we thought hitting Scott and Stiles' relationship hard would be a good source of drama." ~ Jeff Davis on the impending rift in Scott and Stiles' relationship

Teen Wolf airs on Mondays on MTV at 10PM.

"Marvel's Agent Carter" SDCC 2015 MuseLed Interviews

Following a successful first season that pleased both fans and critics alike, Marvel's Agent Carter was renewed for a second season. So it was only natural that the show's stars and crew members would pay a visit to San Diego Comic Con and tease what's to come for our favourite characters in season 2.

Hayley Atwell says that Peggy is now well aware of how resourceful she is and is more confident in who she is as a person and as a spy. So now that she has received some closure, she is in a better space to move on whether it be romantically or just professionally. Hayley Atwell and James D'Arcy don't know whether or not the new season will be set in California.

"I think we can all agree that Jarvis has earned his stripes and whilst he may not officially be an agent of the SSR, I think unofficially he should totally get a gun this season." ~ James D'Arcy

But D'Arcy jests over his belief that Jarvis would hate a move to California but perhaps Peggy would do well with it, as she looks so great in sunglasses and driving convertibles.

"I don't think Jarvis wants any sun at all. I think he's gonna have a spectacularly British reaction to the heat. [Peggy] looks good in sunglasses. I hope we get to drive convertibles this season!" ~ James D'Arcy

After the tease from Captain America: The Winter Soldier that Steve had saved Peggy's husband in the war, Hayley Atwell promises that she does not yet know who that is, though she wouldn't be able to tell us even if she did, but James D'Arcy once again delivers the jokes, saying that he absolutely knows who it is. Hayley says that the strong fan reaction to Peggy Carter has given her work more meaning and she is deeply humbled by it all, adding that she feels a sense of responsibility to develop her further so as to give the fans even more than what they expect. But James D'Arcy is ready with his joke-gun, saying that this time around, Peggy will wear a green hat.

"There's a sense of responsibility to move that forward and develop [Peggy] in a way that exceeds people's expectations. It's very much now not about sitting on my laurels and going, 'Okay well she's proved this and this so she can just look fabulous in a red hat now.' I think it's very much about how do we take that further and deeper and giving her stronger challenges now." ~ Hayley Atwell on how the positive fan feedback influences her approach to playing Peggy carter
"She'll look fabulous in a green hat now." James D'Arcy, chiming in with the jokes, per usual 

Season 2 of Marvel's Agent Carter will air mid-season during the 2015-2016 TV season.

"Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." SDCC 2015 MuseLed Interviews

Following an action-packed season that was even more emotional than ever, all our favourite agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. are left to pick up the pieces and carry on fighting the fight, whatever side that may be on. At San Diego Comic Con, we sat down with some cast members to get some sneaky tidbits on just what's to come for their characters in season 3.

Grant Ward may appear to many as being past the point of no return, having been shown to be taking hold of the Hydra reins and planning to build it back up so as to fight and destroy S.H.I.E.L.D., but actor Brett Dalton is insistent that Ward is not a villain, but an anti-hero. He remained tight-lipped about the possibility of having his own band of Inhumans to fight alongside him but it seemed as if he wouldn't rule it out, nor would he object to such an exciting arc to play.

"I don't think that he's the villain, I think that he's the anti-hero." ~ Brett Dalton, on Grant Ward's character development

When we last saw Melinda May, she was taking a break from her work in the field so as to reconcile with her ex-husband Andrew, whom Ming-Na Wen calls the "love of [May's] life." But as much as May is a soldier, there is a part of her questioning what to do next. Though Ming-Na Wen is insistent that Hydra is bad, Brett Dalton takes this as an opportunity to joke around and undermine this sentiment. Dalton also jokes around about a possible uniform for Ward consisting of leather and two eye-patches.

"As much as she is a soldier and willing to do anything for S.H.I.E.L.D., I think there's a part of there that is questioning who's right and who's not right. But she knows for sure that Hydra is completely in the wrong." ~ Ming-Na Wen, on where Melinda May is going into season 3

Clark Gregg was incredibly excited about the Secret Warriors plot to be incorporated into the upcoming season. He is more so familiar with how the story was done in the comics but less so about how it will be presented in the show since they had yet to receive their first script. But he and Chloe Bennet spoke about the father/daughter dynamic of Coulson and Skye. They both agreed that Coulson didn't always look after Skye as well as he could have but now she will be more important to him after the loss of his limb.

"We're going to try to gather people like Skye on a very, very top-secret team. I have a feeling once again Coulson will be wrangling some very special people and that can really go wrong, and sometimes it can really go right." ~ Clark Gregg, on the Inhumans and Secret Warriors

Chloe doesn't feel pressure about the Inhumans plot being used years before it will be presented in the films, as she has tremendous faith in the producers of the show and knows that Marvel is very hands-on with the show as well. What Chloe is nervous about is playing a more seasoned Skye but is also very excited to play it as well.

"I feel like 'Chloe' is still at the first episode but Skye has evolved so much that I'm actually nervous to play someone who is so confident in her abilities. It's going to be a challenge but I'm excited." ~ Chloe Bennet

Henry Simmons says that Mack is doing a horrible job with his responsibilities, given the fact that Simmons has been stalled up and Coulson is now without a hand but since he isn't all that active on social media, he hasn't felt too much fan upset.

"I think Mack is doing a horrible job with his responsibilities. First thing under his watch, Simmons gets swallowed up." ~ Henry Simmons, joking about Mack's apparent irresponsibilitiy

Luke Mitchell wasn't entirely familiar with the Inhumans mythology when he joined the show, but really wanted to fit in well with the group dynamics which have been so strong since the show began. Mitchell says Lincoln won't know quite where he fits in at the beginning of season 3, but this will likely be the first main thing he will play out in season 3. Henry Simmons also cracks a joke about Mack being horrible for "violating" Lola.

"Initially, I just wanted to fit in because it's such a great cast and everyone does their job really well. As a new character sliding into an ensemble, I just wanted the glove to fit." ~ Luke Mitchell, on being a newcomer to the show

Elizabeth Henstridge speaks on the trauma Simmons has faced but notes that perhaps the insensitivity she exhibited towards Fitz means that it is plausible to call Simmons' fate in season 2 being karmic retribution. But both Henstridge and Iain De Caestecker look forward to hopefully being able to play more scenes together since they spent more time apart in season 2 than in season 1.

"We love playing scenes together... well, I do!" ~ Elizabeth Henstridge, on potentially getting more scenes in season 3 with Iain/Fitz

De Caestecker thinks that a big part of Fitz's story will surround finding Simmons and what happened to her, but also jokes about a possible romance with Mack before speaking more seriously on why Fitz and Mack connected. Since Mack didn't know Fitz before, he took Fitz's behaviour at face value. In addressing questions about the Inhumans story, Henstridge speaks highly of Chloe Bennet's acting and says that she will do a brilliant job with the stories she is given.

"One of the reasons [Fitz and Mack] became really good friends is because Mack didn't know him before his injury so he just took him at face value. Their relationship was built on that and Fitz is constantly going to be the new person that he is and he's never going to go back to that old person." ~ Iain De Caestecker

New-comers/love-birds Hunter and Bobbi were played by Nick Blood and Adrianne Palicki, who right away joked about how Bobbi will be dating around as they have agreed that they will be having an open relationship.

"That loss and when Hunter opens that door he sees her is really impactful." ~ Adrianne Palicki, on the exploration of the depth of Hunter and Bobbi's relationship

But in moving past the jokes, they speak on the more serious possibility of exploring the back stories of these characters. Given the viewer reaction to Hunter and Bobbi, they think it's quite likely that the writers will give more insight into just how these characters came to be who they are. Nick Blood thinks that Coulson and Hunter a begrudging respect for each other, particularly given the grit of the fights they've to go through in season 2.

"Hunter's got to live with it really, she took a bullet for him." ~ Nick Blood, joking about Bobbi getting to explore an open relationship at the start of season 3 (which they have not yet received scripts for)

Season 3 of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will premiere on September 29 on ABC at 9PM.
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