Doctor Who S8E4 - "Listen" Recap

The Doctor speaks to himself in the Tardis, pondering why people talk to themselves when they know they're alone, suggesting that they do so because they're not. He talks about hunters, nature, evolution, and hiding. It culminates to his concluding that it is important to listen.

Clara and Danny meet for their date. After a slightly awkward start, things start to go well. But when his being in the army comes up in conversation, they get into a bit of an argument by their misunderstanding each other. Clara ends up storming out but appears to feel guilty by the way things soured. When she gets home, the Doctor is waiting there and says he needs her help. She joins him in the Tardis and he tells her that he has developed a theory that every living being has a constant companion, noting how children have the exact same nightmare in which a hand grabs them from under the bed at night. Clara admits that she dreamed that but dismisses it, saying everyone has it and it's nothing to be alarmed by.

The Doctor has the Tardis extrapolate from her memory the relevant information. They then visit Clara's childhood to determine what was under her bed. But Clara gets distracted by her phone ringing so they end up in a children's home in Gloucester in the mid 1990s. Instead of meeting young Clara, they find a young Rupert Pink. It's Danny, before he changed his first name (which he hated).

Clara goes upstairs to visit Rupert and finds him sitting far away from his bed, being afraid of what lies underneath. Clara tries to show him there's nothing to be afraid of by crawling beneath the bed and eventually Rupert joins her. It's then that something sits on top of the bed but Rupert insists that no one else came into the room while they were talking. They come out from underneath the bed and find that something is underneath Rupert's blankets. Clara thinks it's someone playing a game but the figure doesn't answer her. The Doctor then appears and tells them to not look at the figure, saying they need to turn away. He addresses the figure and tells it to go in peace, which it eventually does. Clara coaches Danny to be brave using his toy soldiers. She unintentionally inspires his later name, Danny, when Rupert names the lead soldier Dan.

Clara feels guilty about the way she left her date so she has the Doctor return her to the restaurant right after her earlier self left. They start to hit it off but she accidentally calls him Rupert and he becomes angry and suspicious of her before storming out. Clara is drawn back into the Tardis by a figure in a spacesuit. When the figure removes his helmet, it's a man who looks like a much older version of Danny. They determine him to be Orson Pink, one of Earth's first time travellers, from 100 years ahead of Clara's future. The Doctor picked him up from the end of the universe where he had been accidentally become stranded. Orson is said to be descended from a time traveller and possesses the soldier Clara had given young Rupert. He says it's a family heirloom that was supposed to give him good luck, which would imply that Danny and Clara may be his great-grandparents.

The Doctor shows Clara a view of the last planet in existence. This is where Orson was stranded. The Doctor believes that the entity he is investigating is attempting to enter through a locked door of Orson's spaceship. The Doctor unlocks the door and orders Clara and Orson back into the Tardis, saying he has to know what he is facing. The spaceship's air bubble disperses just as the Doctor lays eyes on the creature but Orson rescues him just in time. Clara uses the Tardis' telepathic connection to escape the end of the universe and the creatures trying to get in.

Clara exits the Tardis and finds herself in an unknown location. It appears to be an old barn where a child is in bed, crying under the covers. Clara approaches the child, but has to hide when she hears some people coming. Upon overhearing their conversation of them discussing the child needing to be a soldier, as he doesn't have the potential to be a Time Lord, Clara realises she is under the bed of the young Doctor. The guardians leave and Clara accidentally grabs the Doctor's leg as she is trying to leave. She gently assures the Doctor that everything is alright and that it's just a dream. She is the monster under the Doctor's bed. She returns to the Tardis and tells the Doctor to take off and never look back to see where he's been. It's then shown that Clara has told the young Doctor that she knows he's afraid but that it's okay to be afraid. "Fear is a superpower. Fear can make you faster, cleverer." She tells him he'll come back to the barn one day (in "The Day of the Doctor"). She tells him he'll always be afraid, even if he learns to hide it, but that fear is like a constant companion but that fear can bring people together and make him kind. "Fear makes companions of us all."

The Doctor returns Clara and Orson to their respective time periods. The Doctor determines that there is no monster underneath the bed and Rupert Pink's 'monster' was just another child at the home trying to scare him. Clara visits Danny and they both apologise for the things they said, before sharing a kiss.

This is arguably the strongest episode of Who to date in series 8. Capaldi seems to have found his stride as the Doctor, combining just the right amount of cantankerous energy that makes for strong comedy and dramatic flair. Many of the stronger episodes of Who have had elements of the horror/thriller genre and this may indeed be added to that list of stand-out episodes, though only time will tell what sort of legacy it develops. The messages regarding fear are ones that can strike cords in the wide age range of Who viewers. Given the many children that watch the show, they may come away feeling a bit braver about the monsters under their bed, while adults may be inspired to not let fear get in the way of pursuing what it is they truly desire from life. Danny Pink's adorably awkward moments are always a joy to watch, but one can only hope that his character will see more development in future episodes.

Doctor Who airs on Saturdays on BBC One.

Haven S5E1 - "See No Evil" Recap

When last we saw Audrey, Nathan, Duke, and the rest of the gang, they were in the chamber below the lighthouse. They successfully closed the portal by throwing William in, and Audrey had reverted back to her original self, Mara, shortly thereafter. Duke had his trouble reactivated by Audrey in order to save baby Aaron from the crying curse. Season 5 resumes mere seconds after the cave collapse.

Gloria and Vicki don't know what's happening in the cave. They are with baby Aaron under the gazebo. Gloria is now Aaron's guardian and is struggling to adjust, wanting to be the best that she can be but stressing over all the little details, such as which lunchbox to give him or when to give him his first phone. Aaron is crying and Gloria is struggling to make him stop. Vicki draws a picture of the gazebo and uses her trouble to make flower petals float through the air and calm him. But the peace is short-lived, as the ground begins to shake. They then watch as the lighthouse breaks apart and a burst of energy shoots through Haven. They're concerned over whether people were in their.

Duke and Dwight wake on the shore. The last thing they remember is being in the cave under the lighthouse and they need to find the others. Dwight is concerned about Duke's eyes bleeding earlier but Duke doesn't want to deal with that at the moment. Vince and a wounded Dave wake in the woods, while Nathan wakes in another part of the woods and finds Audrey. They hug but she takes the opportunity to trap him in his cuffs and steal his weapon. Audrey is not Audrey, but Mara instead. Mara wants to know where Jennifer is and Nathan believes that Audrey is still inside Mara, though Mara says that she's gone, though all the memories from the identities are still inside. Mara needs the Troubles for something and she says she has a job for Jennifer. Her priority is also to get William back. Nathan insists that Audrey is stronger than her and will come back but Mara denies this and knocks Nathan out.

Duke stumbles across Nathan right as he is waking up. They fill each other in on what little they know and Duke picks the lock to get Nathan free from the cuffs. Duke is worried about Jennifer and doesn't want Audrey getting to her and having her re-open the door. They return to the now-destroyed lighthouse, which is now crawling with cops. The damage is being documented and Bill Stevens is concerned that the town could go bankrupt to try to build a new one, particularly if anyone died. But then Bill's eyes are inexplicably sewn shut.

Bill isn't troubled and Duke and Nathan assume that this is the threat Mara promised to unleash. Dwight carries out his normal method of investigation. Nathan talks with Vince in the hospital where Dave is unconscious and being tended to. The door to the other side seems to be destroyed as well but Mara had mentioned something that makes Nathan believe there may be another door. Vince doesn't know where any other doors may be so he offers Nathan Cabot's journal to try to help. Dave had hid the journal but Vince knew where it was.

The sewn-eyes Trouble is proving particularly problematic, as the leather threads are impossible to cut through and therefore cannot be removed. Duke is on his boat, still trying to figure out where Jennifer is.

Mara uses her Audrey-memories to impersonate her, heading to the coffee shop and go back into the stockroom. There is an energy that seems to be a portal but she has difficulty getting it to cooperate. She tries to take the coffee shop owner's keys but when he says that her strange behaviour makes him think he should call Nathan, she shoots him in the head.

Another Trouble manifests but this time, the victim's eyes and mouth were sewn shut. Vince calls Nathan and Duke to see the map he has found in the Cabot journal. There are thing spots throughout the town, which allow for easier access to the other world. There are five, including the one at the coffee spot and the no-longer-working lighthouse. The group then splits up to go to the remaining thin spots. Mara goes to the thin spot Dwight is guarding and fires her weapon, which sends bullets into Dwight's vest. She tases him to further incapacitate him and then asks him who is sealing up the "thinnies" after failing to get the other thin spot to work. He confronts her about the sewing Trouble and she says it isn't her but that she can make that work for her. Dwight doesn't know about the thin spots being sealed so she leaves him in the woods.

Dwight later calls Nathan to tell him what has happened and how someone is sealing the thinnies. Duke, upon being filled in, believes that Jennifer is alive and the one responsible for doing so.  Dwight heads to the hospital and learns that the sewn-face Trouble has claimed another victim. The last documented incident of this particular Trouble was in the 1920s, generations back in the Barrow family. But the Trouble hasn't been active since Constance Barrow died.

Dwight goes to visit the Barrow family and learns that Constance Barrow's death was ruled an accident, but it may have actually been a murder. The prime suspect was a Crocker and after the night Constance died, the Trouble was never again active in their family. Dwight visits Duke, who realises that he may be the one causing the Trouble. After his Trouble was reactivated, all of the Crocker-absorbed Troubles are now inside of him. This is a whole new threat they've never dealt with before. Duke also lets it slip to Dwight that Mara was the one who helped create the Troubles. Duke thinks that his stress over Jennifer's disappearance as well as his blood getting leaked may have caused the Barrows' trouble to manifest.

Comatose Dave is having flashes to the cave while asleep in the hospital. He may be the one sealing the thinnies but it's not entirely clear yet.

Mara visits the ocean thinnie being guarded by Nathan. He mentions his theory that Jennifer is sealing the thinnies, but Mara says she isn't strong enough to do that. Mara wanted Jennifer in order to be able to send a message to William. Mara is unable to get through the ocean thinnie and she can't make any new Troubles either because she doesn't have the box of goo, which she called "aether, the essence of the void." Because she doesn't know where it is, she wanted to get that message to William. Nathan continues to insist that Audrey is still inside Mara, noting how she hasn't killed him even though she's had opportunity. Mara gets irritated and shoots Nathan. He hits the ground but of course he's only injured. He is lying there, waiting for Mara to deliver a kill shot to the back of his head and he says, "I'll always love you, Parker." Mara appears confused and then walks off without shooting Nathan.

Audrey has proven to be a truly remarkable reincarnation but seeing the return of Mara should prove for one hell of a ride for the Haven gang. They'll have to defeat her but not in a way that destroys Audrey. Audrey is undoubtedly still inside there so perhaps we'll be treated to a Gollum-like argument between the pair? Given that this season has been split into two sets of thirteen episodes, will we see this battle with Mara extend into the second half? We'll have to stay tuned to find out!

Haven airs on Thursdays on Syfy at 10PM.

Teen Wolf S4E12 (Season 4 Finale) - "Smoke and Mirrors" Recap

Kira wakes in the tomb and finds the door to her cell open. She calls out for Scott, who when we last saw was in the process of being turned into a Berserker by Kate. Kira makes her way through the cave and is attacked by a Berserker. She realises it is Scott when she spots his arm tattoo. Kate comes out and Kira asks how she turned Scott. Kate shares the story of how she survived and how she came to control and create Berserkers. She is Mabola (the bone woman). Kate is determined to have Scott finally kill someone and he is commanded to stab Kira with his bone weapon.

Stiles is arguing with his father. Stiles wants to go to Mexico and rescue scott and the rest of the gang. His father insists he could throw him in a cell but Stiles says he'd find a way no matter what. He says to give him a bit more time to do some investigating, after which he'll book a flight for both of them if nothing turns up.

Braeden and Derek are preparing for their trip to Mexico. Derek think he won't be coming back alive and Braeden is not happy about his attitude. He kisses her reassuringly and says he's okay with dying if it means saving Scott and Kira. Peter comes in and says killing a berserker is next to impossible and that they'll need help from him, Malia, and Liam. Malia gets Scott's scent. Liam wants to come with Stiles and Malia but they're worried about his lack of control during the full moon. Liam says there has to be a way and Braeden gets a prison transport van, which she has access to as a U.S. Marshal.

The group has all assembled but they're still missing Lydia. She's at the school to get Kira's jacket from her locker so Malia can track the scent but it's then that she's attacked by a berserker. Stiles is not happy about having to leave without Lydia but Liam says his friend Mason can look for her and Lydia will just catch up when she can. Peter warns the group to not try to fight the berserkers but go in for the kill. In the van, Derek gives Liam the triskelion to try to help him control himself when he transforms. Stiles and Derek are both in the prison transport van while Liam is chained up.

Back at the school, Mason finds Lydia's phone, Kira's jacket, and finds himself cornered by the berserker.

Malia is sitting shotgun with Peter driving. He is trying to coax her into seeing his way of thinking and the importance of killing to survive. The full moon is arriving and is effecting both Liam and Malia.

Kira is still alive but badly injured. She hears her mother advising her to fight and that she's seen how wolves heal and she needs to now do the same. Kira says they use pain to heal. She pounds on the cave wall and breaks off a sharp piece that she uses to cut her hand, causing her eyes to glow and her healing to begin.

Mason wakes with Lydia over him. She's fine but Mason's phone is gone. She says it doesn't want them to leave.

Derek teaches Liam the mantra, "The Sun, The Moon, The Earth," and teaches him about the Triskelion. He coaches him through his struggle to prevent his transformation but it's not working. Malia is able to control her transformation but Liam is not doing as well. Braeden, who is driving, tells them they're almost there. Just when things seem dire, Stiles is able to coach Liam back into control. The group arrives at their destination.

Derek opens the door of the van and is attacked by a berserker. Braeden quickly shoots it dead but Derek has already been badly injured. Derek tells the gang to go on and find Scott, saying he and Braeden will be just behind them. Derek tells Braeden that Lydia was right in her prediction of his death.

The gang is in the cave when Stiles gets a call from his father, who is furious and worried about Stiles' safety. He then asks what he can do to help and Stiles asks him to find Lydia and Mason. The sheriff tells Stiles to save his friends and Stiles warns him he'll need to bring serious fire power to take out a berserker. The gang is then chased by a berserker.

Braeden tells Derek he's going to be alright and he tells her to concentrate on saving herself. She scopes out the area and spots Kate and a berserker coming for them. Malia prepares for battle and Braeden is attacked. Just then, Chris, Parrish, and several hunters arrive and begin shooting at Kate and the berserker who flee from the gunfire.

Stiles finds Kira, who tells him that the berserker is Scott and that the gang might kill him if they don't know it's him. Meanwhile, Malia, Liam, and Peter are battling Scott, not realising that it's him. The hunters outside take out the berserker and Derek dies while Braeden tearfully calls out to him.

Lydia and Mason are attempting to fight off the berseker but it's not going well. It's then that the sheriff arrives and blows the berserker up. Lydia knows that they tried to keep her away because she has determined that Peter and the berserkers are trying to kill Scott. Malia, Liam, and Peter have managed to overpower berserker-Scott and are just about to kill him but Stiles and Kira get in there just in time to stop Malia from dealing the deadly blow. They explain that it's Scott and Peter moves away, angry that his plan has failed. The group begins to plead with Scott not to kill them.

The hunters are still in pursuit of Kate and the berserker and it's one hell of a fight. They're running out of ammo and nothing seems to be getting through the armour.

Scott has Liam by the throat and is about to kill him but Liam pleads with him, saying he's not a monster but a werewolf. The words sink in and Scott releases Liam before breaking the bones off of him. He lets out a might Alpha roar and calls Peter out for being the one behind everything and for teaching Kate about berserkers. Peter says the Hale family power has been usurped by a teenage boy that doesn't deserve it and transforms into a werewolf. Malia attempts to attack him but he easily knocks her aside, saying they'll talk about this later. The fight resumes, this time between Scott and Peter. Kira tries to help but Scott calls her back, needing to finish this fight himself.

The battle outside is still on but Derek has risen form the dead as a fully evolved black wolf. He attacks Kate and badly injures her. Derek resumes his human form and tells Kate he has evolved, something she'll never do. With his now amplified strength, he destroys the berserker and Chris shoots the final bullet into Kate.

Kira, Stiles, Malia, and Liam are watching the fight between Scott and Peter. It's a tremendous display. Peter initially appears to have the upper hand but Scott eventually finds his rhythm and begins to block and dodge Peter's blows with ease. He sends Peter flying with one good hit and stands over his defeated opponent. He tells Peter he was never an Alpha, simply a monster. He hits Peter with one more punch but doesn't kill him.

Kate is still running and Chris is pursuing her. She asks if he wants to kill her and he says no, but doesn't want to see her either. They're both injured and Kate says that Scott's no hero and that the group killed Allison. Chris says that Allison died saving her friends and asks Kate who she would die for. Chris lets her get away, for now.

In the morning, Chris tells the pack that he'll be going with the hunters to hunt down Kate and take her out. The pack watches them leave. Braeden tells Derek that she was in fact a US marshal but lost herself to an obsession over finding someone codenamed Desert Wolf. Everyone heads home. Stiles and Malia are welcomed home by sheriff Stilinski, who cuffs Stiles to a desk as punishment while taking Malia out to grab some food.

Kira receives her first kitsune tail from her mother. Scott, Stiles, and Liam attempt to explain to the coach why they missed the game and he doesn't believe their excuse but advises them to look out for each other and have each other's backs. Deputy Parrish and Lydia are researching the bestiaire to try to figure out what he is.

Peter is put into Eichen House where he immediately begins plotting revenge. He has been shot up with wolfsbane and is now in the same cell as the man Deaton had visited to get information from (the one with the third eye). Peter asks who he is and the man says it would be easier to show him. He lifts up the covering to show Peter his third eye and Peter then screams in terror.

Teen Wolf will return for season 5 on MTV.

The Strain S01E09 Recap: The Disappeared

Zach gets dropped off at home by Diane, who tells him to have Kelly call her. She's left her a lot of messages, all not returned. She's worried, with the cops and everything. The lights are all off in the house, and Diane asks if he's sure at least Matt is home, Zach is, and he heads into the house. Eph and the group arrive at the house. Inside the house is trashed, and an infected Matt goes after Zach. Zach manages to evade him as Eph arrives. Eph kills Zach, but Kelly is no where to be found. I never liked Matt, but I almost feel bad for him, almost, but not really.

Abraham wishes to search the house. Eph shows him the door, but makes it clear that if Kelly is there, nothing happens with his son in the house. Abraham goes down, Fet goes up, Dutch looks for food. Zach hasn't seen his mom since the morning when she fought with Matt. Abraham declares that the house is empty. Abraham tells him that if Kelly is infected she will come after Zach, and they should leave quickly, but first they need to torch Matt's body.

Felix is getting worse in lockup. No one is listening to Gus as complains. The Bailiff tells him that many are sick, and Felix's best bet would be to finish his processing, where every inmate gets to be checked out by the doctor.

Zach is a little impressed that his dad escaped the FBI, and Eph glosses over a lot, without lying, giving his son enough information to get moving. He packs him up some items and prepares to send him with Abraham to his pawn shop while Eph cleans up the place. Not exactly a lie, but certainly hedging the truth.

Fet digs around the fridge. Nora is still in shock over Jim. Abraham reiterates that there is no hope once you're infected. It's an immediate game over. The hacker, Dutch agrees, but her opinion isn't welcomed. Nora tells Fet that if someone was going to help him die it should have been her, but Fet points out that she wasn't ready. They prepare to arm up at the shop for the next battle.

Past. Abraham digs a giant hole, maybe grave, with the other men while Eichorst watches.

Fet introduces himself to Zach, and they all prepare to leave. Dutch hesitates, and offers an apology before leaving. Eph watches Zach leave, only Nora remains with him.

Fet and Abraham drop off Dutch. Fet walks her up to her flat. Dutch is hoping that Ricki made it back, and she finds that something is missing. Ricki stole all her cash, and worse her laptop. Dutch has a bit of a breakdown.

Abraham asks Zach to come sit up front with him, but ultimately goes to the back to him. Zach thinks that his mom is going to be upset over what his dad did to Matt. Abraham explains that Matt went after him because he loved him, and that he wasn't angry with him, but rather hungry. Matt was like a dog with rabies, he couldn't control his actions.

Past. Abraham runs below, hiding a knife in his sock. Eichorst finds him below, thinking it has something to do with the box and its magnificence. Dust flies, bombs are being dropped above. Abraham asks what will happen to them, for now they will join the others, but its clear Eichorst has something bigger planned.

Fet tells Dutch to get her shit together. Her neighbor Ronnie stumbles in, and Dutch thinks he's just come to the wrong apartment by accident, its happened before, but Ronnie is infected. Fet moves quickly as Ronnie goes after Dutch, killing him with a hammer. The apartment is infected, Dutch can't stay.

Abraham has his sword drawn, waiting. Fet and Dutch return to the truck. Lucky for them, Fet took the keys or Abraham would have left without them. At the pawn shop, Nora's mother isn't exactly pleased that he left her for so long, or that he's brought new people. They all head down to Abraham's batcave. Abraham gives Zach a large tome to read and get educated on the stigoi. As Abraham talks about the type of people drawn to the master, Dutch shrinks away. Abraham needs Fet and his lack of emotion to kill the Master as much as he needs his city knowledge. The Master is nesting somewhere in the city. Fet has something to do first. Seeing Nora's mother likely made him think of his own.

Nora and Eph wrap up Matt's body. He wonders if Kelly was the one who damaged Matt's face, and Nora thinks that's a good assumption. Kelly got away, but to where. Nora mentions how people disappear in Argentina all the time, but this isn't Argentina, and Eph isn't going to let his son lose his mother. Outside, Eph lights Matt's fire. Nora thinks about Jim, his kindness. Eph admits that when Jim lifted up his shirt that was the worse moment of his life. Nora asks if they should say something about Matt, its his funeral pyre and all, but Eph has nothing nice to say.

Dutch asks Abraham about the strigoi, if its all true how they've worked, how they attracted people who wish for power, importance to them. It's all true. And even though communication methods have changed, they always block those pathways, to limit knowledge of their infection. Dutch asks if he knows Eldrich Palmer, Abraham knows of him. Dutch tells him that Eldrich hired her. She thought it was about corporate money and greed, and worked her ass off to shut down the internet. She shut it all down, twitter, facebook, even the deep web that most people don't even know about. She felt superior, and raked in the money, which was stolen. She should have trusted her instincts, she didn't like Eichorst, which peaks Abraham's interest.

Past. Abraham tries to sleep as the strigoi hunts. He's ready though. The strigoi eats someone, and Abraham cuts his finger, drawing the creature's attention. The strigoi seizes him. He knew that Abraham had been watching him, and he mocks Abraham's tiny knife. Abraham calls out to his God, but the creature tells him that his God ins't coming, to prepare for something else.

Felix is rolling around, and one of the other prisoners doesn't appreciate it too much. Gus warns him that the two of them are going to have a few words when he's out of his cuffs. Felix looks like he's going to vomit, turns out he just has a stinger in his throat. He lets it loose, and Gus manages to duck it. Felix lets it fly again, this time at the prison transport driver. His snacking steers the vehicle right off the road.

Nora talks with her mother, sorry to have left her for a long time. Nora needs a little comfort after the conversation, and Eph is more than happy to comply. She strips down, and throws Eph to the floor.

Panic ensues in the prison van. The second guard comes back to check on the prisoners, and gets the stinger treatment too. Gus grabs the keys, and uncuffs himself, and grabs the fallen officer's gun. He shoots his friend, and leaves the rest of the prisoners to their own fate as he hauls ass to get away.

Abraham and Zach have a little more bonding time. Zach is worried about his father, but Abraham tells him that his father will be there, but it takes time to do what he has to do.

Past. Abraham has fellow inmate reset his fingers. Abraham is in bad shape, so bad that Eichorst notices. At first he thinks that Abraham is hiding something in his hands, but instead he sees that he's injured. No longer worth anything without the use of his talented hands,he sends Abraham to the group that is to been killed and buried in the hole that they dug the day before. Luckily planes fly overhead, shooting at the Nazis and sending them scurrying away. It gives the Jews the chance to make a run for it, and run they do. Some even help Abraham over the fence, as he could not climb it alone, and they run off to freedom.

Eph lies in the afterglow of his and Nora's little tryst. Diane storms in looking for Kelly, and not exactly pleased with what she finds. Zach isn't answering his texts now, Kelly continues to not answer hers, and she's worried. Eph tells her that it isn't safe in the city, that she should leave. It's not safe, but Eph still found time to screw Nora on the carpet, Diane isn't buying it. Diane asks where Zach is, and Eph tells her that Zach is with his colleague, and asks that she call Nora's phone if she hears from Kelly since he lost his. Diane warns him that if he hurts Kelly that she'll cut his heart out. Eph loves his wife, and he'll do anything to find her. Nora looks a little angry over his proclamations, being the other woman sucks. Diane doesn't exactly believe him, but she leaves as do Eph and Nora.

Eph makes it to Abraham's pawn shop. It's quiet, with everyone resting. Zach asks if he burned Matt's body, and he did. Kelly wasn't heard from, but he does tell him that Diane came by. Eph isn't her biggest fan, but Zach tells him that she makes his mother laugh. In the morning they'll look for Kelly more. Zach asks to help, and Eph agrees.

Eichorst finally extracts the silver bullet from his leg, and the sight of the offending object pisses him off.

Past. Eichorst runs through the woods to a secret bunker hidden in the snow. Inside lies the beautifully carved box. He lights candles all around the room, and drink heavily before breaking down in tears, asking why he's been forsaken. A wind brought on by the master causes some of the candles to be extinguished. The monster glides in. He's done all that the Master has asked, and he has. It's time. The Master reveals himself to be Voldormort's awkward brother. He slices open Eichorst wrist, and inserts a worm from his flesh. Eichorst begins his change.

Outlander Recap S01E05: Rent

Claire recites poem to the lake, and one of the Scotsman recognizes John Dunn, surprising her. The others shout at each other in Gaelic and wrestle about. Willy is enjoying a rough rite of passage, getting tossed about. The Scotsman is Ned Gowan, a lawyer she’s seen before. She looks at his beautiful horse as he tells her about some of the items that he’s collected in the past for taxes. He has a bad cough, which concerns Claire. His lungs bother him yearly, and Claire thinks that she can help him with the smoking of a pipe, as she diagnosis him with asthma. The pipe helps, and Dougal calls them back to the road.

It’s a long journey, giving Claire time to get to know Mr. Gowan better. He’s always wanted a life of adventure, and found himself traveling up north, and joining the Colum’s father. It was a less civilized time them. Although she was enjoying the company, she could not let it stray her intentions of returning home.

Dougal tells a bawdy story, and the men talk in Gaelic. Claire wasn’t offended by their stories and jokes, nor was she too delicate to sleep on the ground, and eat the fresh game, but what did bother her was that they were clearly using Gaelic to exclude her. Jamie offers her some bread, and gives her some company. She thinks that the men hate her, and Jamie tells her that they don’t trust her, except maybe Angus, because he hates everyone. He doesn’t think that she’s a spy, but he knows that she’s hiding something.

The next day, the taxes are collected. Dougal visits with some of the people, and Claire sits behind Mr. Gowan watching it all. A pig comes through, and Mr. Gowan is not happy at all, he has a thing against pigs. Claire steps away, drawn by girls singing. She runs into one of the villagers, and she’s introduced to the other ladies, and invited to help. They pour hot piss onto the wool and get to work setting the dye. Claire happily joins in as the women sing and work. After they finish the ladies invite her in for a drink, a very strong one. The baby awakens, hungry and unwilling to nurse, and they had to give their goat to the Laird. Claire asks about Craigh na Dun. The ladies all know of it, but its about three days ride. There’s more work to be done, and they need more hot piss. Claire gets the honor of supplying it, as she readies herself over the bucket, Angus comes crashing in. He’s been looking for her, and he’s not pleased. He roughly hauls her back to the group. He’s angry that she’s been drinking, and she smells like pee, but she points out he smells much the same. She spies the goat, and unties her, to take her back to her new friends, but Rupert stops her. They struggle over the goat. Dougal isn’t pleased that Angus let her slip away from him. Jamie watches the whole exchange, as Claire challenges Dougal, questioning him about letting a child go hungry. The goat goes with them he says, and he addresses the crowd in Gaelic obviously referencing the fact that she’s English and drunk. A man asks her if everything is alright, if he may be of service. Dougal points out that she is a guest Clan MacKenzie, and things look to be getting ugly as the young man doesn’t back down, asking if they treat all their guests as well as they’re treating Claire. Jamie draws closer, and all the clansmen puff up. He finally thinks better, and walks away. The MacKenzies prepare to leave, and the man grabs his red coat.

Around the fire the MacKenzie Clanmen toast to the good year they’ve had with the people of the village. Drinks are passed to all, except Claire. Again Dougal speaks in Gaelic, this time he gets serious though. He goes to Jamie, and rips open his shirt, exposing his scars to all around the fire. Many are shocked. Coins are given to Mr. Gowan, everyone tosses a few in. After, Dougal counts it up, he used Jamie’s scars for a few extra coins. He tosses Claire the shirt telling her to mend it, but she refuses, and Dougal could care less. He’d let the beautiful boy run about shirtless. Claire cares more, and she’ll mend it, but Jamie will have none of it, snatching his shirt from her hands. He’ll mend it himself.

Claire sits at the riverside, and Mr. Gowan comes offering her some blood pudding. Claire asks how Colum feels about Dougal stealing money collected from the townspeople and using Jamie to do it. Gowan is surprised that she picked up on it. She doesn’t think they teach common thievery in Edinburgh, and Gowan says its unfortunate that they don’t let women practice law with how sharp her mind was. Only two more centuries until that would happen. Claire felt like Dougal could read her mind, like he was daring her to run. She thought that she had earned some measure of trust, but she felt it slipping away along with her chance to escape. As the journey continued she felt hopeless and trapped, possibly forever stuck in the past.

They come across another village, this one burning. The watch is burning a house of a family they suspect are working with the red coats. Dougal gets his cut of what’s left. Claire notices that Jamie is missing. With a price on his head, he cannot let the Watch spot him, they’d turn him in as well.

Claire turns down the chicken meal. The food taken from the burning house, and Angus takes offense to it, drawing a knife on her. Jamie calms him, and Claire looks for some quiet. The men carry on like nothing happened, only Jamie goes to check on her. He wonders what gotten into her, and she’s feisty as ever. She doesn’t want to stand by and watch, and Jamie suggests that she not judge things that she doesn’t understand, to stay out of it.

Another village, another day. Claire watches more rent collected. Things are far more tense at this stop, Dougal isn’t nearly as jovial, and the village is much poorer. A man stands apart, he doesn’t have the rent. The Redcoats came through a few says ago, taking his goats. Dougal gives the man food, and invites everyone to dinner. Claire thinks that he’s doing it to collect more for himself in the evening. He calls it Clan business, and makes it clear its none of hers.

That evening by the fire, it’s much of the same performance as the last time. Though Claire felt bad for Jamie, it was the same. Pay the MacKenzies to protect them from the Redcoats. Claire picked up another praise “Long live the Stuart.” It jogged her memory about a losing Jacobite war. She realized that Dougal was stirring outrage against the British, raising money for a Jacobite army. After the show, Claire overhears Dougal telling Jamie that he wants their king back where he belongs. Jamie’s neck and back are his own concern, he doesn’t like being put on display, but so long as he’s traveling with Dougal it’s his. Jamie tries to blow off some steam punching a few trees, Claire points out that Dougal will continue to use him. A man has to choose what’s worth fighting for, and punching trees is safer than other things.

The next morning she saw the men in a different light, no longer criminals, but on the losing side of a war. There was no way to tell the proud, passionate men that they would never succeed. The travelling party come across a pair of men, traitor’s strung on X’s. The work of the Redcoats. Dougal orders them cut down, and a proper Christian burial given.

That night’s speech is extra remorseful, more passionate. He doesn’t even have to use Jamie’s scars to get the contributions to come in.

In bed, Claire hears noises outside. She goes to investigate it, and steps on a sleeping Jamie outside her door. He was sleeping outside, to protect her virtue. With the men in their cups, he was concerned for her. She seemed to think being English and therefore the enemy would be deterrent enough. Claire invites him in to sleep, on the floor of course, but he doesn’t think it proper. Claire points out that they’ve slept together outside before, with ten other men even, but it isn’t the same. Oh, Jamie, so chivalrous.  She offers him a blanket at least, that he accepts. Ahh the fireworks, and it was just a blanket offered with a slight hand touch.

Claire greets Jamie in the morning, but he runs off to see the horses, as the other men enjoy their breakfast. Claire asks Gowan why he let her think that they were thieves. He didn’t think that she knew Gaelic, but she knew enough to pick up just one phrase. She tries to talk some sense into Gowan, telling him that he’s on the losing side of the war. He thinks it’s a matter of opinion, but she knows her history, even if he won’t listen. The men get rowdy, and a fight breaks out around Angus. Claire calmly gets out of the way along with Gowan. A bevy of injuries color the men. The fight broke out over Claire and her honor Mutagh reveal. One of the men called her a whore, and although they may insult her, they won’t stand for anyone else doing it.

Rupert tells a bawdy story in English this time, and Claire has a witty comeback, surprising everyone. Jamie plans to ride ahead, bringing back another memory of Frank’s history lessons. Culloden was a hugely bloody battle, and there it was the end of the clans, the end of MacKenzie. Three years from now, many would be doomed to die at the hands of the English on that battlefield.

Claire struggles with a binding, and Angus actually goes to help. One little fight, and it seems that its brought them all closer. Claire announces that she’s headed to the river to wash, and there’s no arguing. Dougal asks who she is. She has some strong political opinions, and that concerns him. She’s not a spy, she just wishes to save his life. A band of Red Coats arrive, the young man from the village in command, he's Lieutenant Jeremy Foster.  He asks again if everything is alright. They’re surrounded, and he asks if she’s being held against her wishes, and MacKenzie land or not her answer could be Dougal’s doom. Let's hope that this good looking Lieutenant stays around for a bit, but isn't as evil as I suspect!

Intruders S1E3 - "Time Has Come Today" Recap

Jack is driving home, drinking, texting, and scrolling through Amy's phone all the while. He returns the borrowed car and while leaving the key under the mat, Bobbi appears with a gun drawn on him. At first, it's like she doesn't recognise him. He says he's returning the car and then she lowers the weapon. He then gets home and Amy's in bed, saying that she couldn't remember Jack's number without speed dial, was hunting for jobs at other firms, and didn't stay at her usual hotel or she'd get caught by people who know her. She asks about his bruises and dumps his liquor down the drain, assuming that was part of the reason he ended up in a fight. Apparently alcohol has been a problem for him before.

Shepherd is also on the road, looking for Marcus/Madison. In a flashback, we see Shepherd meet Marcus, who was worried about the Nine trying to kill him. It would also seem that Marcus is thousands of years old. Marcus made a deal with Shepherd, who was called Richard at the time, in which Marcus would give Shepherd some money and then Shepherd could claim to still be hunting him. The Nine wouldn't stop till they killed him but Shepherd could bring him back. Marcus would get control of the Nine and reward Shepherd. Marcus gave Shepherd a sand dollar and warned him, "What goes around comes around."

Madison is still in the car with Karen, whom she hitched a ride from to get to Seattle. Karen is concerned that Madison is a runaway and that in taking the money Madison gave her, she has put her own greed before the well-being of what she sees as an innocent young girl. Madison talks about classical music while Mozart's "Ave Verum Corpus" plays on the radio. Madison says that a young girl was murdered by a serial killer on May 29, 1791, during the piece's first performance. Madison goes on to claim that she was there that night, playing in the orchestra.

When Madison goes to sleep, Karen pulls over at a rest stop. She takes the "9" card from Madison's pocket and uses a pay phone, since her mobile phone is dead, to call the number of the back. Shepherd answers and Karen is able to give him their location before Madison comes and yells at her before violently smashing the phone repeatedly on the machine. Madison then claims that the man she just called was her Uncle Marcus, who had molested both her and other children. She spoke up, no one believed her, and now she's on the run. Karen believes the story and agrees to keep driving Madison. They head into the bathroom, after which we hear the sound of banging and Karen's screams.

Amy's still keeping secrets, as she goes outside to have a smoke and make a phone call. Jack tries to ask her about it and she tells him she wants to separate. He doesn't take the news well and it's implied that he has been abusive in the past when he drank. He thinks she's having an affair and punches the glass door. She says she never meant to hurt him, adding that she's not leaving him but leaving herself. Amy gives Jack a speech about how death is a lie they're told to be controlled, saying that they can return from death. We learn that they lost a baby at some point in their relationship and Jack is angered by this "new age hippie shit" that she has never said before. It seems as if their relationship can be mended, as they begin to make out on the couch, but once her pupils dilate she ends it and moves to sleep on the other couch. Later, Gary calls Jack to tell him he has things to show him that are about Amy and "not good." Gary has surveillance photos of Amy, who wasn't home when she said she was. He believes Amy is connected to the Anderson murders.

Shepherd arrives at the rest stop and finds Karen's empty car. He heads into the bathroom and finds a mess of blood and Karen dead in a stall. "Goddamnit, Marcus," he says. He speaks to Karen's dead body, chiding her for picking up hitchhikers. He sets the rest stop on fire, along with her car, and throws her teeth out his car window as he drives off so her body won't be identifiable via dental records.

Intruders airs on Saturdays on BBC America at 10PM.

Doctor Who S8E3 - "Robot of Sherwood" Recap

The Doctor gives Clara the opportunity to go anywhere in space and time to meet whomever she likes. Clara says she wants to meet Robin Hood, knowing that the Doctor will say he isn't real but she always loved the story. He agrees to take her to the 12th century, where he smugly declares there's now such thing as Robin Hood. However, a man reveals himself by shooting an arrow at the Tardis and saying, "You called?"

Tom Riley (star of Da Vinci's Demons) is the guest star this week, as a shaggy-haired Robin Hood. He attempts to steal the Tardis from the Doctor, who threatens to punch him in the face. It's then that Clara comes out in a period outfit. He's taken by her beauty and she's gleeful to see her favourite fictional character is in fact real. Robin and the Doctor begin sword fighting to determine who will take the Tardis and the Doctor uses a spoon in the match. The Doctor wins at first, knocking him into the river, but then Robin sneaks up from behind and knocks him in as well.

Robin then introduces Clara and the Doctor to his gang. The Doctor is convinced that they cannot be real, even going so far as to steal hair, blood, and a shoe to run tests on. Clara unintentionally gives them their name ("Merry Men"). Clara learns that the king is away and his corrupt brother is acting as sheriff, just as the story said. Robin is disarmed by Clara knowing trivia from his life, such as his lady love Marian, but is charmed nonetheless. The Doctor continues to distrust the surroundings, saying that the climate isn't right for the time period and geographical location.

Robin heads to the competition for the golden arrow. Clara warns him it's a trap but he says he knows it is. The sheriff of Nottingham shoots his arrow, which Robin Hood splits. He's about to claim the prize but then the Doctor shoots his arrow, which splits that arrow. He takes the golden arrow but then tosses it aside. Robin Hood shoots another arrow, splitting that arrow, the Doctor splits that arrow, and then Robin Hood splits it again. The Doctor is fed up, and explodes the target with his sonic screwdriver. The sheriff attempts to arrest him and a fight breaks out, with Clara and Robin ready to fight to protect the Doctor. But when Robin cuts the arm off of one of the knights, it's revealed to be a robot. The Doctor declares, "Now we are getting somewhere."

Robin tells his band of merry men to flee and live to fight another day. The Doctor, Clara, and Robin are taken captive. The Doctor wants to be captured because he wants to infiltrate the prison and find out what is going on. Once chained up, The Doctor and Robin Hood begin arguing until Clara shouts at them to shut up and reminds them that a plan must be formed for them to escape. Clara reminds the Doctor that he can't use his sonic screwdriver since the sheriff has taken it.

Clara is taken to be questioned by the sheriff. Robin tells the Doctor to fake a heart attack to get the guard to come in but the Doctor makes Robin do it instead. They're able to knock the guard out but accidentally knock the keys into the drain. Clara is taking the opportunity to try to pump the sheriff for information. He plans to use the robots to not only take over the kingdom but eventually, the world. Meanwhile, the Doctor and Robin Hood have gotten out of their prison but are still chained together. The sheriff tries to put a move on Clara but she tells him off, saying he'll regret it if he tries it again.

The Doctor and Robin Hood get free from their restraints and find a spaceship. It had disguised itself as a 12th century castle to merge into the culture. The engines are damaged and leaking radiation, creating staggering benevolence. This explains why the climate is too sunny, things are too green, and Robin Hood and his merry men are too merry. It created Robin Hood from its memory bank in order to give the locals hope. Robin is offended that the Doctor would accuse him of being a robot. The robots, sheriff, and Clara come in. Robin Hood grabs Clara and dives into a body of water outside exposed by the blasts.

The Doctor determines that the sheriff is pillaging gold in order to repair the engine so he can take over the world. He tells him this won't work, since there's too much damage, and he is in fact creating a bomb. The Doctor is knocked out and wakes up in chains with the rest of the captive peasants who have been tasked with performing labour on the engine. With the help of another peasant, he gets everyone free. They're able to trick the robots by holding metal plates up and then a fight breaks out. They're able to use the metal plates to deflect the rays and destroy all of them. The peasants get free and the sheriff comes down to confront the Doctor.

The sheriff tells the Doctor that Robin Hood is not one of their robots. The Doctor says he gives the people hope and is an opiate to the masses and the sheriff points out that they would not create an enemy to fight against themselves. The Doctor notes the absurdity in this but can't believe that he is real. "He's a legend!" Robin then reveals himself, "Too kind!" along with Clara. The sheriff turns his robots off so he can fight Robin Hood himself while the Doctor and Clara stand back and watch. Robin is able to knock the sheriff into the molten gold. The Doctor warns that they all need to get out.

From afar, they watch has the castle begins to crumble and the spaceship begins to fly up. The Doctor says that there's not enough gold in it and laments that they don't have the golden arrow. Robin shows that they do have it, as they are thieves, and the Doctor prepares to shoot it at the ship, in the hopes that it'll get it just high enough into the atmosphere that the explosion will not harm anyone. Robin cannot make the shot as his arm was injured in the fight with the sheriff. The Doctor says that he can't make the shot since he cheated in the contest. Clara offers to try it but then Robin suggests that they make it together. The Doctor and Clara hold the ends of the bow while Robin uses his feed to stretch the bow and aims the arrow with both hands before letting it fly. It hits the ship, which explodes upon getting into space.

Robin teaches Clara to shoot before she leaves with Doctor. She advises him to never give up on finding Marian and never stop being amazing. They say their goodbyes. Robin tells the Doctor that he's relieved to know that he'll be forgotten as a real man, saying that history is a burden. He knows all about the Doctor and the Tardis, telling the Doctor that he is Clara's hero and that their stories should never end. Robin adds that he is just as real as the Doctor is. Clara tells the Doctor that he should admit that he likes Robin, and the Doctor says that he is leaving a present. As the Tardis leaves, Marian is revealed to be behind it and Robin embraces her before shouting out his thanks to the Doctor.

Doctor Who airs on Saturdays on BBC One.
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