Emerald City S01E02 Recap: Prison of the Abject

Dorothy sleeps on Toto, until a shot wakes her up. She wakes, searching for Lucas, and finds him shirtless on the beach. She doesn't think he should have her gun. He doesn't think anyone should. When someone is killed with a gun, they have to work on it. Killing with a gun is too easy. He's just one man with a sword, but even many aren't as terrifying as her with the gun. He gives her back the gun, and they head back towards the road. The Circus heads off, and they notice an uproar. It's over the death of the Witch of the East, she was murdered, and the weather mourns. Wizard guards block the road.

Tipp is still worried over waking up a girl. Jack thinks that they should continue on, to find more medicine, and turn her back into himself.

Lucas worries over what he should do. Dorothy doesn't want him to butcher anyone. Lucas sees the guard heading right for them. Dorothy holds tight, and tells Toto to stay put, but he doesn't. She exits the car to find him, and Lucas grabs her, hiding her away in the bushes as the Wizard guard makes it to the car. They want to find Dorothy and kill her.

The Wizards wants to know how the trio were able to get so high up. Anna tells him that some believe that they flew. He heads for a closer look. She tells him that they're doing a ritual for suicide. The trio of witches float up and then off the edge, and their necks snap before they hit the ground, their bodies levitating even in death.

Dorothy wonder why the Wizard wants to kill her. Lucas wonders if she's more dangerous than he is. Dorothy knows where they should head, to the witch's castle. She knows the Wizard isn't the answer. She came on a tornado, she hopes she can leave on one.

The Wizard is a little traumatized over the latest events. Elizabeth goes over the beast's history, and they don't have much time before the beast kills them all soon. In private Anna contradicts the other. She has other ideas, easier ones that will explain where the suicidal witches came from, and what he beast is really up to.

The Witch of the West has a visitor.

Dorothy tells Lucas about her life back home, and how she found out that her parent's weren't really her parents. A guard thinks that Dorothy and Lucas has come to loot and steal, but they haven't. When Dorothy puts up her hands to defend herself, the Witch of the East's gauntlets appear on Dorothy's hands. He asks if she is his new mistress, and Dorothy takes up the claim. As she lowers her hands the gauntlet's disappear.

Tipp and Jack finally arrive at their destination. They head into town and straight into an inn for grub, but she doesn't like it. Things are too different. She just wants to get the medicine and get back to normal. Jack heads off to get her the medicine. A barmaid suggests that unless Tipp wants to make money off her boobs, that she should cover up. Tipp heads to the restroom, and after a little dilemma on which bathroom to use, gets a good look in the mirror. She doesn't like what she sees.

Sullivan shows Dorothy and Lucas around her new home. Sullivan asks about his former Mistress, if she passed peacefully. Dorothy tells him she wasn't there, but she believes she did. Dorothy asks to be taken to the cyclone. Sullivan is glad to hear that she's come to settle the elements before it ripped apart the castle. He takes Dorothy to cleanse herself in preparation, and directs Lucas to the servant's quarters. But first, he disarms Lucas, and Dorothy urges him to do what he's being asked. Lucas gives up his sword, and tries to talk some sense into Dorothy.

The Witch of the West gets a dressing down over the suicidal girls practicing magic that the Wizard has banned. She's not up for his threats, and she notices the Wizard's new companion. She's familiar with her, she knew the girl's mother intimately, as did the Wizard.

Dorothy purifies herself, and comes out looking every inch the mistress of the East. She's ready to settle the weather, or put her plan into motion. Dorothy comes face to face with the cyclone, the lake and whatever is swimming below the surface. Sullivan doesn't understand why she doesn't use the elements to get to the platform. Dorothy taps into the power at hand, and walks across the water, unleashing her power, and calming the cyclone. She disappears with it.

The Wizard goes out after Anna. He tells her he was born Frank Morgan, not the Wizard. Anna knows he harnesses lightning and Giants. The Wizard tells her the truth. He was a nobody, he worked hard to became the wizard because he denied it. The past doesn't define a person, nor their parents. He tells Anna that what matters is who she wishes to be, and how hard she's willing to work for it. Anna asks what her mother looked like, and the Wizard admits he doesn't remember. Anna is glad.

Tipp and Jack head to an apothecary for more medicine. Tipp doesn't know what was in the bottle, only that her guardian made it. The apothecary isn't sure he can replicate it, but he's willing to try.

Dorothy doesn't find herself where she's expecting. In the middle of an icy river, there is garbage strewn about. She pulls a shirt with K Chapman embroidered on it.

Anna interview's West's girls. Everyone does a little poppy, but the dead girls like old men, and helped them rise to the occasion. The Wizard chats with West. She's innocent of the crime that he's investigating. She's a cardinal witch, one of the last of her kind, and she's glad that he banned magic. She has all this power, and yet she was helpless to save others. To keep the beast away.

The Apothecary has bad news for Tipp. The medicine she asked for is banned, its actually magic. Her turning into a girl, is actually because the magic portion wore off. This is what she really is.

Anna gives the Wizard her findings. The magic did not come from West. She believes it came from the beast. The Beast will rise, and she thinks that it is coming for the Wizard. Furthermore, she knows that the Wizard doesn't have control of the Giants, that maybe he never did. She thinks that its in The Prison of the Abject, which is why he allowed to be reopened. She promises to keep his secrets, from even Glinda, but the Wizard has other ideas. She ends up in prison.

Dorothy returns and the cyclone comes back with her, and worse than ever. Dorothy cannot calm the store. Sullivan tells her that she was not suppose to bring back any revenant articles. She went to the wrong place. The item belonged to her mother. Sullivan realizes that she isn't who she claimed to be. Sullivan draws his sword, and takes Lucas hostage for some answers. She's not the new mistress, and she's sorry. Dorothy tells him that she lied, and East killed herself. Sullivan lets them make their escape as the cyclone begins ripping apart the palace. Dorothy admits that Lucas was right, she more dangerous than he is. Her mother was in Oz. Lucas thinks they should seek out the Wizard, but he wants Dorothy dead. Lucas asks what its worth. Dorothy heads to the yellow road, to seek out the Wizard.

Elizabeth advises him to animate the stone giants before they all burn. The wizard watches the snow fall. Anna does the same from her cell. The wizard may have just realized Anna knows more than he thought.

The wizard guard looks at new signs.

Tipp doesn't respond to Jack. Tipp can't believe the truth that she's just learned. Everything she knew, was wrong. Jack doesn't want to believe it. Tipp thought if he could get clear, he could find a life, but she knows different now. She was stolen, and yet she's still here. Jack shows her the Emeralds that he stole so they can stay together. Jack kisses her, and she loses it. Of all people, that was a huge betrayal. He doesn't know why he kissed her he says, but Tipp isn't listening, and when she pushes Jack, he falls below to his death.  

Grimm S06E02 Recap: Trust Me Knot

Renard is in position, and poor Nick and Co are sitting ducks. As SWAT prepares to raid Bud's, they actually head straight for the freezer. It's clear of course. Trubel wants to take on the police, when Monroe blurts out that Rosalee is pregnant. Nick is prepared to turn himself in, Eve and Trubel are against it. Hank and Wu swoop in just in time with an arrest warrant for Renard for Rachel's death. They cuff him and haul him off. Nick clears the way to turn himself in. SWAT makes the decision to proceed with the mission and head inside the garage. Nick and Co don't put up a fight. The team leader searches Nick, and finds his magic stick. Upon closer inspection, the stick reacts and takes out all of the SWAT members.

In the back of the squad car Renard continues to make threats. He tells Hank and Wu that they won't come back from that, that Nick is going down. Wu warns that whatever he does to Nick will happen to him.

Outside the SWAT team is getting antsy. There's still no response from the team leader. A diversion is made. Gunshots ring out and a “SWAT” member calls out that Nick has escaped. The police all scatter to catch their fugitive, while Nick and everyone pile into the SWAT truck and make their own getaway. Nick wants Monroe and Rosalee to head back to the Spice Shoppe while he looks for a safe place to hide. Monroe tells him about the hidden door from the tunnels that he found.

Hank and Wu take Renard through a very public walk of shame through the precinct. Renard doesn't think the charges will go anywhere, but Hank and Wu think otherwise. There's a lot of evidence against him. Renard thinks they should rethink their careers, but Hank and Wu have motive for his crime. Renard was running for Mayor, and he wanted to present a happy family, but a blackmailing mistress, doesn't scream happy family. Renard knows the truth Diana killed her. Renard claims that he was with Bonaparte, who left the country AKA he's dead. Renard wants a lawyer. In jail, he calls Adalind. She's apprehensive about taking the call, but she takes it. He wants her to find a sitter, and get him released.

Until Adalind can get him out, he's forced to watch paint dry, literally. The janitor, doesn't think that what's happening is right. He volgs, and tells him that he'll help how he can. Renard wants a phone.

Wu and Hank know that they're not walking away unscathed. Franco tells them what happened at the scene, and he thinks that Nick should turn himself in. They're bound to shoot first next time. Trubel calls Hank, and updates him on their plan to head for the tunnels. Hank gives them the good news that Renard is off the streets for a bit, and they plan to meet up. Bud worries about them finding his wife. Even through the tunnels, Bud worries about his family. Nick and Trubel both promise to help his family. Eve feels sorry for Rosalee to be pregnant at a time like this. She's feeling a whole lot, and none of it spells good. She thinks they need to figure out the stick, before it turns on them.

Rosalee and Monroe head back to the Spice Shoppe, unsure what to do. Ultimately they decide to open up shop like its any normal day. Adalind asks Rosalee if she can watch the kids while she takes care of business. She doesn't trust them with anyone except Nick, and he's a little unavailable at the moment. Rosalee, is of course on board, but Monroe is a little more concerned. He can't be responsible if Diana beams herself out.

Renard gets his phone, and makes a call to his judge friend. He's surprised to hear that Renard has been arrested, but there's too much evidence at the scene. Renard tells him to uncomplicate things. As he sits on his cot, a bullet casing roll to his feet, there's a gun on the cot next to him. He remembers Meisner's death at his hands.

Back in the tunnel, Nick pull out the stick's cloth, but he doesn't think that its a good idea. Eve pushes, and even Trubel thinks that they need to know more. Eve points out the symbols that she sees on the cloth, but no one can see them. Eve tells them that she could only see them after the death grip. Nick cautions her to be careful, she tells him the same. She doesn't think that he should keep it on him all the time. Nick thinks otherwise. He knows that he wouldn't be there if it weren't for the stick. Nick thinks that he should be the one to decide how to use it. Eve pressures him into putting the stick away, pointing out that there is no threat in the tunnels. Nick puts the stick away, to prove he can, and Even and Trubel prepares to leave.

Monroe worries about having Diana in the shop. Adalind arrives with the kids. Diana makes acquaintances with Monroe and Rosalee. Rosalee and Adalind take Kelly into the back room to put Kelly down, leaving Monroe alone with Diana. She surprises him with her powers to grab down a jar. Adalind admits to Rosalee that she's headed to get Renard out of jail.

Nick has second thoughts about leaving the stick, but back in his hands, the pull is too strong, so he decides maybe he should leave it hidden for awhile.

Rosaless fawns over Kelly, when Monroe comes to get her. He has something he wants her to see. Diana has multiple items floating in the air. Rosalee keeps her calm, and convinces Diana to place the jars back. Trubel and Eve arrive. She knows Trubel as a friend of Nick's, and that Eve is different now. The girls run off, leaving poor Monroe alone with Diana again. She's ready to play.

Adalind is a little too happy to see Renard in the hot seat. He doesn't have an alibi because he was busy murdering Bonaparte. He wants Adalind to be his alibi, but she refuses. She won't put her children in jeopardy, and she'll see him in jail before she sees herself or Diana.

In the tunnels, Nick and Bud hide. Hank and Wu meet them, and wonder how Nick got out of the garage. Bud gushes over the stick, and the pair are a little shocked. Hank and Wu update Nick on Renard. He's a little shocked over the turn of events. Nick hatches a plan. He wants them to release Renard, and have him get the charges dropped. Neither want to go to jail. Nick calls Adalind. She's worried about him. He needs to make a deal with someone he doesn't trust. She suggests a trust me knot. Adalind offers to make one for him. She asks where she should meet him. He tells her to go where she first told him she loved him.

Hank and Wu head to get Renard ready for his meeting. Nick can give him an alibi, but the real one complicates everything. Nick has another ideal. Adalind will be his alibi, and he will drop all the charges against Nick. Renard tells Nick that he already tried that, but Adalind refused. She didn't refuse Nick. There's a little distrust on both ends, but Adalind reveals herself with her Trust me knot. Both parties take hold of the rope, and Adalind makes the contract, sealing it with her own blood. If the pact is broken, the knot will kill.

Rosalee, Trubel and Eve try to figure out how to read the cloth without destroying it. Adalind arrives to see what the ladies are up to, they tell her that they're trying to read the cloth. The first concoction they use eats away the cloth. Diana sees the cloth and wants to help. She uses her powers and she can actually see lots of stuff on the cloth, she can see everything. She tells them that she sees little pictures and some writing. Nick arrives, and they tell him that Diana can see stuff on the cloth. Diana finally meets Nick. She tells him that she likes Kelly. Trubel gets a call from HW, while Diana draws what she sees. Trubel is set to leave in 4 hours, and they want Nick to come with her, but not Eve. Monroe and Rosalee look up the symbols.

Wu worries that their case is too strong against Renard. Hank is sure that Adalind's look and testimony will be enough to get him off. They get a call, Renard's case is being fast tracked, like super fast. They have just two hours.

Trubel's time table gets moved up too. She's being called away immediately. She wants Nick to come with her, but he says no. He's staying put. Hank calls to get Adalind down to the court house. Because of who Renard is, they want him off and now. Adalind rushes down to the courthouse, a little nervous.

In court, Renard's pocket judge comes through. He throws out the case. Renard tells Adalind since she didn't testify the deal is off. Renard tells Wu and Hank to turn in the resignations in the morning. He plans to do a little housecleaning, and fast.

Adalind, Wu and Hank recount the happenings at the courthouse. He didn't choke on the knot since she never testified. Nick is still screwed. He tells her to move back in with Renard to keep her and her children safe, and Nick prepares to go back on the run.

Renard makes a call to have Nick found and fast. There's a little too much pep in his step.

Grimm S06E01 Recap: Fugitive

The end is nearly upon us. Tonight kicks off the final season of Grimm, and hopefully the answers that viewers were promised to wrap up the much beloved show.

After a turmoil season five closer, season six picks right up. Renard has the sword in hand. Nick thanks him. Renard takes in the aftermath, unsure how Nick came away unscathed. Nick doesn't have the answers, and Renard isn't sure why he killed Bonaparte.

Monroe and Rosalee come to the same conclusion that Hank and Wu do, that they shouldn't have left Nick behind. Hank and Wu hear water, and find that their tunnel leads to the city storm drain, and no way out. Monroe breaks through the lock finally, finding a high ladder, and a door to the surface. He heads back down, ready to find the others. Rosalee doesn't want anyone else to know that she's pregnant. A future is the last thing she wants to think about with the odds against them. Trubel is forlorn, she doesn't know what they should do next. Eve keeps her nose to the grind. They rebuild. Eve tells Trubel to wait while she goes for Nick. Eve tries to wolg, with issue. She's feeling again. The whole group meets back, they plan to head back for Nick. But they don't get far, Nick finds them first and he's alone, having taken out everyone except Bonaparte, who Renard took care of for him.

Adalind comforts Kelly, and herself as well, as she worries over Nick. Renard comes home, and Adalind asks after Nick. Nick is fine, Renard tells her, and she's confused as to why he's still alive if Nick survived. Renard confesses that he killed Bonaparte, but he doesn't know how or why. Renard realizes that Adalind isn't surprised since she's responsible. She's definitely not responsible, and they both realize that Diana is to blame. Renard wants to discipline her, but Adalind thinks its a bad idea. Renard instead moves to cover his bases, since Black Claw is going to be a little upset by Bonaparte's death. Renard plans to get a confession and soon, and warns Adalind that she'll regret falling in love with Nick.

Renard makes a call.

Adalind goes to check on Diana. She's still awake. Adalind asks if Diana has been playing with her dolls again. She has, she didn't want him to hurt her again.

The group sees the aftermath of Black Claw's attack. They're surprised by how many attackers Nick took out. Eve/Juliette asks how he saved her. He tells her that it was the magic stick, which is also how he survived the attack. Eve feels different after being saved by the stick. She's definitely sliding back into Juliette, and I could not be more disappointed. Can she just be killed once and for all? Please. They make a plan to get rid of all of the bodies.

Renard tells the judge that he needs search warrants, a lot of them. The judge isn't happy about being dragged out of bed in the middle of the night, even if he is the new mayor. They both wolg, before Renard tells him that Nick killed Bonaparte. The judge is suddenly ready to issue him whatever he needs.

Renard heads to the precinct and finds bodies in the hallway. A pair of cops got into it with something while the other officers were out. Nick was never transported, he escaped. Renard tells Franco to put out an APB on Nick, and shoot to kill if necessary.

Adalind calls Nick. She needs to see him, and now, but she can't leave the house with the kids.

At the Spice Shoppe, Rosalee, Monroe, Trubel and Eve start to clean up. One of the bodies grabs Eve, and she falls into a trance. He has a death grip on her literally. Rosalee reads up on the death grip, and cuts off the arm to save Eve. The Death Grip trades an impure soul for a pure one. Trubel wonders if the stick cleaned her soul.

Wu and Hank arrive at the precinct. The bodies are Wu's doing, but Hank assures him that no one will be able to pin the bodies on him. The Franco tells the pair that the Captain is on a rampage, and Nick is on his hit list. He suggests that Nick turn himself in, or get out of town. Hank and Wu spot Renard cleaning out his desk. Renard gets a call from Black Claw. He tells the caller that Nick killed Bonaparte, and he plans to take Nick down. He's not sure what's protecting him. Renard sees blood all over his hands, but its all in his head. With search warrants in hand, he's ready to go after Nick.

Nick arrives at the mansion, and Adalind rushes into his arms. She's thankful that he's alive. Nick worries over the bruises on Adalind's neck. She assures him that it wasn't Renard. She takes Nick upstairs to see his son. He's so happy to see the both of them, and that they're okay. Adalind wants out. She hates Renard, and the whole situation. Nick promises to find a way to free her. Hank calls Nick and tells him that Renard wants him dead, and he plans to find a way to do it legitimately. He tells him that he needs to get out, and no more using his cell phone. Adalind and Nick say their goodbyes.

Eve and Trubel return to Nick's. He's not there. Eve wonders about the stick that saved her. Trubel shows her the cloth, when Hank calls warning them that the police are coming. Sirens sound, the cops are close.

Monroe and Rosalee are thankful that everything is kind of over, and they're safe. But Monroe thinks maybe Portland isn't the safest place. Monroe turns off the lights when Wu calls. He warns them too that Renard put out an APB on Nick. He warns them that they have warrants for their home and the shop, and to not interfere. There's banging on the door, the swat team is already there. Rosalee and Monroe rush downstairs, but not fast enough before their door is broken down. They're looking for Nick, and they warn the pair not to infer drawing a gun on Monroe to drive their point home.

The Swat team searches Nick's home while Eve and Trubel sit in the tunnel. Eve notices patterns in the stick's cloth, but Trubel can't see what Eve is seeing. Eve has seen them before, they were on the scary death grip guy's face.

Renard isn't happy to hear the updates of the Nick search. He hasn't been seen, and his cell phone is no longer working. He knows the drill and he's smart enough to not be where he's expected. Renard has another bloody vision. He's on the losing side and he knows it. Nick's car has been spotted, on Laurelhurst. Renard tells them to start the search there.

Bud finds a fugitive Nick in his repair shop. Bud makes a call to the precinct. Hank and Wu head to the shop where they've lost the cops tailing them. Rosalee, Monroe, Eve and Trubel are also there. They all come to the same conclusion, that Nick needs to get away from Portland. HW is done is Portland, and Black Claw has been disabled too. Even though Renard is on his own, he still has enough power to take out Nick.

The search isn't going great. Nick's phone records have been looked over, and most of the frequent numbers have been investigated, except one. Bud's. Renard makes that the next target for the search. Hank and Wu return to the precinct, both sorta want to take out Renard. Renard knows that they know where Nick is. He knows they know where Nick is, he plans to go after them if they get in his way. They get a call about Rachel's body, and Hank doesn't think he should go to it alone.

The group tries to make a plan. Monroe and Rosalee know their Eve asks about the symbols she saw on the cloth. He doesn't know them. She saw them during the death grip. She doesn't think that he should keep the stick on him at all times.

Hank and Wu check out Rachel's body. They know that she was Renard's campaign manager, and think that Renard may be the culprit.

Bud's shop is under surveillance. Bud is jumpy as ever. Wu and Hank warn Trubel that Bud is now on the list, and Swat is likely coming soon. They put together a quick plan, for Bud to be the distraction. Wu calls Franco on scene, time is running out faster than they had hopped. Franco knows that what Renard is doing is wrong, but he's still in charge, and not someone Franco wants to cross completely. Bud and Monroe load the freezer into his truck as a part of the plan as swat arrives. They're cornered in the shop. Eve tries to wolg, but she's completely useless and unable to. Great time to become completely useless.  

Teen Wolf: Sneak Peek, Photos, and more from TONIGHT's episode


What does MTV’s “Teen Wolf” have in store? Episode 606, “Ghosted,” follows Scott, Lydia and Malia as they search for clues about the Wild Hunt in a mysterious place called Canaan while Liam and Hayden resort to drastic measures in the fight against the Ghost Riders.

photos courtesy of MTV

Ukrainian Popstar Alekseev Releases Superpowered "Океанами Стали" Music Video

Ukrainian sensation Alekseev has had a highly successful 2016 in which he broke out big not only in the Ukraine but kicked off a successful series of touring and appearances in Russia and the Eastern European block in general. Alekseev's latest single "Океанами Стали" is another melodramatic power ballad with great energy and momentum and once again he has collaborated with director Alan Badoev to create a superb music video. The narrative consists of Alekseev using telekinetic abilities to rescue his lady-love and escape the facility in which she is held captive with only a single minute to do so. The visuals and special effects are stunning, and overall it's Alekseev's greatest music video to date.

Watch our full review of Alekseev's "Океанами Стали" here:

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Melodifestivalen 2017: Who Will Qualify From Semi-Final 4?

Semi-final 4 of Melodifestivalen 2017 is one of the hottest topics of discussion among both domestic and international viewers of the contest. The main point of focus is Loreen's return to the contest, as she is most famously known for winning the contest in 2012 and going on to win Eurovision with the song "Euphoria". Loreen's return may have spun some into a frenzy at the possibility of her winning once again but the more pertinent point to remember is that with this effort, consumers can expect to get a new album that's been waited for, for over four years. With so much time away from releasing a fully developed product such as this, the pressure is enormously high for Loreen though competition is seemingly not high on her list of priorities. Loreen has always been more focused on the artistic integrity of her work than the numbers they produce.

Also returning to the contest in semi-final 4 is Northern darling Jon Henrik Fjällgren, who finished as runner-up to Måns Zelmerlöw in 2015. This time, he has a featuring artist named Aninia so whether this adds or takes away from the quality of his charms is yet to be seen. Jon Henrik does a folksy, regional style of music so it may not appeal to the pop traditionalists. But considering how well he did in 2015, it would be foolish to underestimate his competitive edge.

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Kendji Girac Releases New Single "Ma Câlina" With Deluxe Edition Of "Ensemble" Album

French-Romani singer Kendji Girac is one of the biggest, hottest artists in the French music scene at the moment. Following the success of Kendji's "Ensemble" album, he is re-releasing it in a deluxe edition with new singles including his latest single "Ma Câlina" which premiered on his VEVO page with a music video compiling footage of Kendji enjoying the fruits of his labour from meeting adoring fans, performing to massive crowds, and shooting the music videos that span his career.

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