"Dark Matter" SDCC 2016 Interviews

The cast and producer of Syfy's "Dark Matter" paid a visit to SDCC and teased more of what's to come in season two with shifting alliances and relationships, the show's action, representation, and so much more. In a rare move, the show allowed reporters to speak with the show's guests for a long duration and dig into deep conversations about the show's content. Enjoy these in-depth interviews below, beginning with Anthony Lemke and Melissa O'Neil:

Alex Mallari Jr. and Jodelle Ferland:

New-comer Melanie Liburd and producer Jay Firestone:

"Salem" Stars Janet Montgomery & Shane West Tease Mary & John's Rocky Romantic Reunion (SDCC 2016 Interview)

Though season two of WGNA's "Salem" saw Mary and John on largely opposing sides, the season finale brought about the return of the devil, the loss of their son, and so John has had to put his quest to kill witches to bed. The chemistry between series stars Janet Montgomery and Shane West has been downright palpable as the on-again, off-again Mary Sibley and John Alden. But after all that time apart and so much heartbreak and conflict, the reunion won't be without its difficulties, as John must come to terms with having been so determined to kill Mary and witches in general, only to learn how abundant they are in Salem. Watch our full interview with Janet Montgomery and Shane West here:

Seth Gabel faces quite the challenge in playing Cotton Mathers in the new season of "Salem". As Cotton is now being magically held as prisoner by his wife Anne, Seth begins the season playing Cotton in a similar manner as how things were when Mary Sibley had her husband captive, with the lack of dialogue and being trapped in his mind. He also shares about how they shot the scene in which Cotton had a live rat shoved down his throat to magically imprison him. Co-creator Brannon Braga also shared teasers of how all the characters will now be united in the fight against the Devil. Watch our full interview with Seth Gabel & Brannon Braga here:

Rounding out our coverage of this year's "Salem" visit to SDCC, tune in to our final interview in which among other things, Elise Eberle discussed the physicality of her portrayal of Mercy Lewis, Iddo Goldberg playing the show's moral compass of the show Isaac, and co-creator Adam Simon shared how the show has always been written and approached as a symbol of the darker side of America. Watch the full interview here:

Sean Pertwee on Performing Alfred's Action: "They let me do as much as I possibly can." ("Gotham" SDCC 2016 Interview)

"I don't bounce like I used to, I sort of splat now."

Sean Pertwee raves about the Emmy-nominated stunt team of FOX's "Gotham", and how they have allowed him the opportunity to do as many of the show's visceral actions sequences as possible. He sees this younger version of Alfred that is more physically capable as a natural fit to having these fighting capabilities because of the mentoring role that Alfred has for Bruce following the death of his parents.

"Being allowed to give Alfred physicality makes so much sense now because you suddenly realise who taught Batman to become Batman. The physicality came from Alfred. It's an honour to not reimagine, but just slightly redefine and give him a history and an edge which enables young Master Bruce to become the man he later becomes: Batman."

Pertwee teases that the communication in Bruce and Alfred's relationship will improve greatly in season three, as the two will begin training for Bruce to become the rich, accomplished playboy Bruce Wayne as well as the masked vigilante Batman. He also teases the possibility of Alfred possibly having a love interest and is eager to play that out should it indeed come to fruition.

Watch the full interview with Sean Pertwee here:

Ben McKenzie On Jim's Rejection From Leslie: "He's living a very solitary and lonely life." ("Gotham" SDCC 2016 Interview)

Season three of "Gotham" picks up six months after the events of the season two finale. Jim has attempted to rekindle his relationship with Dr. Leslie Thompkins, and failed to salvage their relationship. According to McKenzie, instead of returning to his job at Gotham PD Jim will now be working as a bounty hunter to track down the monsters that descended on Gotham city. As Jim has often demonstrated a lack of a true sense of self-preservation, McKenzie shares how Jim's military background has developed his appetite for danger.

"In our version, he did serve overseas and he did see war, he's kind of one of those guys that once that's in his blood, he can't help but seek it out. He needs that adrenaline to feel alive. He's anything but cautious."

Tune in to our full interview with Ben McKenzie here:

Also tune in to our interview with Morena Baccarin, on the return of Dr. Leslie Thompkins, and how she will be developing her own story arc independent of Jim.

Cory Michael Smith: "I don't think Ed sees himself as having done too much horrible stuff." ("Gotham" SDCC 2016 Interview)

Cory Michael Smith has rapidly risen as a fan-favourite for his role as Edward Nygma/"The Riddler" on FOX's "Gotham". In season two, he spiralled further down the path of psychopathic behaviour as he killed Miss Kringle, the woman he had attempted to romance from the show's beginning, and conspired to frame Jim Gordon. In entering season three, Ed will be released from Arkham back into "Gotham" with the opportunity to somewhat start over, though now the world will be aware of his crimes. Smith shares how Ed will be inclined to operate without emotional attachments to others so as to not be susceptible to vulnerability.

"What we're gonna learn about Ed is, this commandment that he gave Oswald which is 'Don't have a connection to anyone, cause if you do, you're liable to be hurt. If you don't, nothing can destroy you.' I don't know if Oswald is capable of that, but I think Ed is."

Tune in to our full interview with Cory Michael Smith here:

Also tune in to our interview with Drew Powell, who portrays henchman Butch Gilzean here:

David Mazouz on Bruce's relationship with Alfred: "It's better than it ever was." ("Gotham" SDCC 2016 Interview)

David Mazouz is eloquent beyond his years, and highly enthusiastic about his job playing young Bruce Wayne on FOX's "Gotham" series, a prequel of sorts to the more frequently seen Batman mythology. Arriving to the show's press room in a "Straight Outta Gotham" t-shirt, he is eager to talk about the upcoming plot points for Bruce, without giving away spoilers of course.

"There are gonna be some major opponents he's gonna take on in season three."

As the show's writers have a wealth of source material and characters to choose from, fans are often clamouring for their favourite heroes and villains to be the next to grace their screens. The Joker has also been teased, though they have yet to make a permanent casting for the role. Still, Mazouz teased of more foes which Bruce will battle that presumably will be favorites from the comics.

"You're definitely gonna see him develop his playboy persona."

One of the decidedly more adult aspects of Bruce Wayne is the facade he uses to hide himself from suspicion of being Batman. The citizens of Gotham won't be inclined to suspect a spoiled, drunken playboy of being a masked, crime-fighting vigilante. Mazouz teases that season three will see Bruce take the first steps towards developing this reputation, thus brining his version of Bruce Wayne that much closer to taking on the responsibilities of Batman.

"A lot of season two you saw Bruce saying 'I promise Alfred, I'm not gonna put myself in danger', and he does."

This version of the Batman mythology has done far more to flush out the relationship between Bruce and Alfred than those set in Bruce's adulthood. Despite the friction between them during season two, Bruce and Alfred are now set to be closer than ever moving forward. Tune in to the full interview with David Mazouz here:

"Gotham" Writer John Stephens: "We Always Had The Intention Of Bringing Fish Mooney Back" (SDCC 2016 Interview)

When "Gotham" first reached the end of its first season, word broke that Jada Pinkett-Smith would not be returning as Fish Mooney. Many fans were left outraged by the news that the show's sole WOC lead character would be gone and that the show had seemingly exemplified Hollywood's tone-deaf approach to representation. But now it would seem that in this instance, there was less foul play than usual regarding diversity in media.

Writer John Stephens spoke about the third season of "Gotham" and how a main theme is transformation. While characters like Bruce, Selena, and Jim will each be embarking down notably darker story lines, Fish Mooney and other characters that weren't specified will be cycled in and out of the show's universe. Tune in to the full interview with "Gotham" writer John Stephens here:

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