Heartless S01E02 "Episode 2" Recap

Flashback to Ottman's Manor, 1666. At Ottman's Moor, a man named Christian meets with his pregnant lover in secret. He promises to take care of their child, despite having already been caught with her by his wife Gertrud. She is also pregnant with his child and scolds him for bringing shame to their name.

In the present day at the Ottman boarding school, Sofie's teacher has no information to offer her on who the woman in the mosaic with the heart design is. She wishes Sofie well with the moor christening, an initiation rite for new students.

At the Ottman Headmaster's house, sisters Clara and Emilie speak about their father and his strict restrictions on their desires to be free and socialise. Emilie is the older of those two and particularly headstrong. Emilie has cramps so her older sister Ida gives her a homemade remedy to drink and soothe her aches.

Sebastian and Sofie sneaks into the headmaster's office to try to find answers in their investigation. They know the woman in the mosaic is named Gertrud but they can't find anything else about her because of how long ago she was alive. Sebastian begins ruffling through files and papers but Sofie spots an old school portrait in which their mother is seen. She bears a striking resemblance to Sofie. They remove the photo from the frame and quickly hide it on top of a large piece of furniture when they hear the headmaster coming. They claim that they only came by to say they are enjoying their time at the school and feel it is a good fit for them. Headmaster Just is aware that they grew up in an orphanage from their file. He warns them to wait outside his office next time they come by and sends them off to fencing class.

At fencing class, Ditlev once again tries to flirt with Sofie though she remains school to him since he's been nothing but a violent brute. He warns her that he's watching her and once again brings up the moor christening. Sofie's roommate Nadja flirts with Sebastian. Sofie goes to fence with Emilie and loses her temper when headmaster Just repeatedly awards Emilie points when Sofie gets too unconventional with her fighting style. After they finish fighting, they shower and it is hinted at that Sofie has a fear of water. Emilie starts speaking to Sofie and tell her that her unconventional fighting is a good thing and that she could be a formidable fencer if she trains. When Emilie mentions the moor christening, Sofie asks her to explain what it is. Emilie shares that it's a secret party at which the new students are christened and there's something to do with a ghost of a troubled woman. Sofie becomes alarmed at the realization that they'll be put in water. She demands to Sebastian that they leave but he says they need to find the answers they came from. Sofie orders him to "get some" (meaning he needs to feed) and give her some since he owes her for syphoning off of her when she was the last one to feed between them.

Sebastian questions an older woman on the school's staff about the picture of his mother and the woman identifies her as Laura. The woman claims that she was a nice girl that worked in the kitchen until she randomly disappeared without taking her paycheck. She disappeared on the night of the moor christening nearly twenty years ago. He explains that Laura was looking for a woman named Gertrud and asks if she knows anything about this. The woman says that the christening used to be called Gertrud's Eve. It was supposedly named after the ghost that's been said to appear on that night. The woman asks why he's asking about Laura and he merely claims that she's a distant relative. He says that her room was emptied and her belongings were thrown away. Her room had been up in the attic.

Sebastian heads upstairs and encounters the kitchen girl Josefine that he is attracted to being harassed by her ex-boyfriend Pede. He approaches her after Pede leaves angry to check on her and introduce himself. He enquires if Pede is her boyfriend and she explains that he is refusing to accept that their relationship is over. The two share a moment in which Sebastian appears to consider kissing her but doesn't want to feed on her so he simply lingers before politely excusing himself. Sofie is angry at him when she finds out her didn't feed on Josefine since she is becoming increasingly ravenous. Sebastian assures her that he will find some other way of producing 'food'. He shares what information he has learned about Gertrud being a ghost that is said to appear on the eve of the christening.

Returning to the flashback, Christian's father warns him that the devil can appear as women and claims Christian has been enchanted by a witch. Christian insists that his mistress Ane isn't a witch but his father is insistent that she must admit her sins and be burned for being a witch. Christian meets Ane in the woods and ends the relationship, insisting that she needs to leave and gives her a bag of coins that she repeatedly drops whenever Christian tries to hand it to her. He walks away, leaving her distraught.

In the present, Headmaster Just tells Ditlev to watch closely at during the christening to make sure Emilie doesn't attend, as he has forbidden her from attending. He also says that the christening must not get out of hand. Ditlev passes on Just's orders that things mustn't get out of hand but they all laugh sadistically, intent on doing whatever they please.

Emilie puts on a new dress with the help of Clara. Ida orders her to take it off and the two argue. Emilie only agrees to let Ida take the dress off when she threatens to get their father. Emilie becomes increasingly enraged, while Ida attempts to undo the buttons, until she seemingly manifests telekinetic powers that cause her to break a glass of water. Ida orders her to clean it up and leaves. Clara admits that she's seen the power Emilie has. Emilie tries to use the ability again but the broken pieces only shake slightly.

Ida warns her father that Emilie has "started" and that she herself was over 20 while Emilie is only 17. Headmaster Just warns Ida to make sure that Emilie doesn't go to the christening and Ida agrees.

Sofie helps Nadja get ready for the christening. Nadja enquires if Sebastian is seeing anyone and Sofie says that he isn't boyfriend material, as it always goes wrong. Sofie says that he sucks the life out of those he gets involved with. Nadja asks if he simply hasn't met the right girl yet and Sofie says that isn't the case. Nadja leaves to go to the christening while Sofie stays behind.

That night, Ida becomes suspicious and checks on her younger sisters. Though Clara is asleep in her bed, Emilie is nowhere to be found since she has snuck out to attend the christening. Sebastian arrives and tells a fellow student that Sofie isn't coming since she doesn't like water. The student tells Sebastian that Nadja is looking for him and warns him not to hurt her if he's not interested. When Sebastian encounters Nadja she has already consumed a fair amount of alcohol. She continues to flirt with him, raving about his hair and saying she could fall in love with him because of it.

Frederick and Pieter visit Sofie and forcibly bring her to the christening. The prefects explain that witches used to be thrown into the moor and if they floated they were innocent, guilty if they sank. They declare that they'll be testing to see if they have any witches. One by one, the new students are pushed into the moor and the crowd cheers.

Sebastian tells Nadja they should get back to where the other students are but she repeatedly insists that they should stay where they are until he leaves her, seemingly not wanting to feed on her. She then continues to drink alcohol from the bottle she is carrying.

The final student to be thrown in is Sofie, who cries out for Sebastian before being pushed in. Emilie watches the scene, seemingly concerned from having earlier observed Sofie's anxiety about water. She is the only student to go into the water and search for her, while the others simply stand back staring. Emilie swims deep to where Sofie has sunken down to and kisses her to give her some air before helping push her back up to the surface. She helps get Sofie out and Sebastian comes rushing over to check on Sofie, apologising for this latest trauma. Sebastian nearly attacks Ditlev but another student separates them. He again checks on Sofie before storming off and the students disperse under the orders of the prefects. Sebastian finds Nadja highly drunk and almost passed out entirely slumped against a tree. He feeds from her but doesn't take too much so she stays alive, albeit passed out. After feeding, he picks her up and takes her back to her room.

Emilie kisses Sofie goodbye before returning home where she is met by a furious Ida who asks what happened at the lake. Emilie says she is wet from having helped Sofie out of the water. Emilie tells Ida she isn't her mother and Ida claims she is better than their mother ever was. Emilie berates Ida for doing all of the domestic, motherly duties of the household and asks if she fucks their father too. Ida storms off, furious.

Sebastian meets Sofie back at the manor and gives her some of what he has fed off of Nadja and says he'll see her tomorrow. A ghostly figure seemingly passes by downstairs and Sofie follows after the voice. She finds water on the floor and sees the ghost of Gertrud telling her to find the heart.

Heartless is available for streaming on Netflix.

Mr. Robot S03E07 "eps3.6_fredrick+tanya.chk" Recap

Elliot seeks refuge by visiting Krista, his therapist. She has the opportunity to speak with Mr. Robot and their conversation leads her to uncover that Elliot may be involved in the ongoing attacks. Mr. Robot shares that only one location was supposed to be taken out and his ideas have been twisted into something beyond what he designed.

Darlene is alarmed when Angela asks if the people that died in the attack will be okay and come back. She steps out of the apartment to pick up some of her things and recollect herself.

Tyrell stay quiet while in custody of law enforcement. He identifies the leaders of fsociety that are planning another attack within 24 hours and the suspects are revealed to the public. Agent Santiago pays him a visit and turns off the cameras. He then informs Tyrell of Joanna's death and that Tyrell's son is currently in foster care. He threatens Tyrell that his son will become another statistic if he dares to go off the plan.

Irving makes Mr. Robot realise that the revolution he had planned was only able to happen because the elite allowed it. Now Price is ruined and Zhang insists on punishing him for disobeying orders and failing to control Angela and the lawsuit. Zhang will select a replacement and move the Washington Township plant to the Congo.

Leon kills Mobley's friend and forces Mobley and Trenton to help him bury the body in the desert. When they return from the desert, they are met by some Dark Army agents and Zhang's assistant. They show Mobley and Trenton code for a planned attack on air traffic and order them to shoot themselves in the heads. Dom observes the raid that leads to the official discovery of the bodies and the planted evidence that connects fsociety to Iran. Dom is shocked and begins to believe that the Whitehorse, the true mastermind of it all, will get away with everything.

Mr. Robot airs on Wednesdays on USA at 10/9c.

SVT Releases Melodifestivalen 2018 Artists Announcement Date

Melodifestivalen 2018 has announced it's cities, host, and the final step is the roster of competing artists. Now SVT has shared that the artist press conference will take place Tuesday, November 28, at 9:30am Swedish time. The press conference will be available for online watching worldwide on SVT Play.

The Gifted S01E08 "threat of eXtinction" Recap

In a flashback, Andreas and Andrea von Strucker are caught by authorities. They join hands and unleash a blast that kills those attempting to apprehend them.

In present day, Reed informs his family that Sentinel Services have been working with a defense contractor called Trusk Industries, a company that Reed's father worked at. Reed had told his children that his father had disappeared many years ago but in actuality, he has been living just a few hours away. Caitlin knew about all this and states that Reed's father was unkind to him growing up. Reed shares how he got sick as a child and his father didn't even come to visit him in the hospital.

Marcos and Lorna fight over his collaboration with Carmen. Lorna believes that Marcos still enjoys his old ways instead of being truly committed to her.

Reed tells John they need to go to Chattanooga to follow the lead of his father formerly working at Trusk Industries. John says they need to make a run to rescue some Mutant refugees first but they will go to visit Otto Strucker afterwards.

Sonya tries to mend fences with Clarice but she is uninterested in being friends again.

As John and Marcos begin to load up the mutant refugees, Clarice spots a young girl with blue markings on her face and coaches her to come out from her hiding place. A telepath warns John that she's been getting some weird thoughts from a nearby mutant woman and when John approaches her, he spots a tattoo on her wrist indicating that Sentinel Services has had her in captivity. She goes on the attack and only when Clarice, Marcos and John work together with their abilities are they able to render her unconscious and capture her. They bring her back to Underground but first discard a tracking beacon she had in her bag. The Underground must determine what to do with her, while Reed and John head out to visit Otto Strucker.

Caitlin and the Strucker kids help tend to an injured mutant child that was injured during the attack from the mutant sent by Sentinel Services. Caitlin then moves on to the new telepath, Esme. Caitlin asks about her ability and to demonstrate it. Esme determines that Caitlin is concerned about the war between mutants and humans and that Reed will end up on an opposing side to the children.

The Underground leaders try to question the captured mutant who's being kept in a holding cell. Sonya's abilities won't work on her. Lorna wants to torture the information out of her. Marcos stops Lorna from doing so and the two fight once again about his collaboration with Carmen.

Reed arrives with John at the antiques shop Otto Strucker has been running since he retired. Otto initially feigns ignorance about what Trask industries has been up to but appears shaken when he learns that Trask has been reopened and what they've been doing. Reed goes upstairs with Otto and shares a photo of his children and when asked, what their abilities are. Otto is horrified upon hearing this and shares about how Andreas von Strucker was his father and a mutant terrorist alongside his sister Andrea. He ran away from them to get away from their attempts to get him to join their terrorist activities. Otto admits that he himself is a mutant and Andreas and Andrea had the same abilities as Reed's children but when join forces they are a dangerous threat. Otto hid his mutant abilities from everyone, including Reed's mother. He had been working to develop a serum that would suppress the mutant gene and failed but only developed a version that worked on one mutant - Reed. The serum had to be administered before any abilities manifested and Otto held the guilt of this for all these years. He asks again about whether Lauren and Andy have joined hands while using their abilities and Reed says he doesn't believe so. Otto stresses again that they must be stopped.

Clarice discovers that the little girl, Nora, that she bonded with when bringing in the mutants was one of the only survivors of the attack on Clarice's old foster home. Now Nora is haunted by nightmares from the attack.

The Underground discover old records on the captured Mutant. Her name is Chloe. Lauren and Andy work together to hold her still long enough for Caitlin to knock her out with a sedative. Chloe is restrained and Caitlin continues to treat her though her prognosis doesn't look good as she's exhibiting symptoms like a drug addict in withdrawal. Caitlin decides to summon Esme to use her abilities to read Chloe's thoughts since she is struggling to communicate verbally.

Otto shares how Reed's mother ended their relationship because she knew he had secrets though she never knew exactly what they were. Their conversation is interrupted by John who shares that Sentinel Services has arrived. There is no way for them to escape the building without being spotted and Pulse has been brought to suppress abilities. Otto volunteers to go downstairs and apologises to Reed for everything and tells him to protect Lauren and Andy, as well as to protect the world from them. When Otto meets the Sentinel Services agents, he is greeted by Roderick Campbell who admires Strucker's old research which he went through when the company was re-opened. Otto tells them to leave when Roderick says they're looking for Reed. Roderick orders his agents to search the premises but Otto unleashes some powers despite Pulse's efforts to stop them. Otto is shot but still manages to unleash a blast of glowing energy, similar to what Andreas and Andrea did at the episode's beginning when their hands were joined. Roderick and the rest of Sentinel Services retreats while Reed and John go downstairs to find the ruined antique shop and Otto's dead body. John heads outside and finds a dying Pulse, who apologises in his last moments. John promises to make them pay for what they did to him.

Esme reads Chloe's mind and learns that Sentinel Services killed her husband and captured her daughter. Chloe is in a great deal of pain and is fading fast. Esme is able to get a vision of a lab north of Underground that is part of Trask Industries. Esme says she will be able to find the building. Caitlin promises Chloe that she will find her daughter, right before Chloe succumbs to her ailments.

Clarice reaches out to Sonya about Nora, sharing about how she is to blame for what has happened. She wants Sonya to take away the traumatic memory that is giving her nightmares and Sonya agrees to help.

Reed and John bury the bodies of their loved ones and all of the lead characters appear to be more motivated than ever to forward their cause. Reed returns home and his family comfort him in his loss. The final shot is of Lauren and Andy joining hands.

The Gifted airs on Mondays on FOX at 9/8c.

Russian Film Week: the Big Launch

Russian Film Week has opened on Sunday, 19th November with a screening of a sci-fi film “Attraction” by Fedor Bondarchuk at the Science Museum IMAX with an after-party in the museum’s fantastic interiors. The director himself was there to present his new feature and answer questions, first at the press conference, and later at a sold out public screening.

The speakers at the press-conference were Filip Perkon and Masha Alexandrova of the Russian Film Week, as well as the  “Attraction” UK distributor Mirza-Javed, Director of Bill Melendez Productions and Lucy Sargent, Head of Philanthropy at WWF, one of the festival’s partneрс.

The RFW founder Filip Perkon made a brief presentation having mentioned that the festival has doubled in size compared to the previous year - both in terms of screenings and the number of satellite events: masterclasses, exhibitions, talks. He also thanked the sponsors, which include the festival co–producer Synergy University, Gazprom Marketing and Trading, Waterstones, Blavatnik Family Foundation, Cultural Solidarity Madia and Eastern Seasons.

RFW partners list has also grown and has added this year BFI, Picturehouses, Curzon among many others. Every year Russian Film Week supports a charity organization. 2017 is the Ecology Year in Russia, so WWF has become a partner, which the festival is very proud of. Lucy Sargent stressed in her speech the importance of this collaboration that is aimed at raising funds for the WWF UK program to protect the Amur tigers in Russia.

For Mirza-Javed “Attraction” has become his first Russian film distribution experience. He shared that the film hooked him from the very first minutes with its focus on people rather than action, its universality and the high quality of CGI. Fedor Bondarchuk told the audience how the idea for the film came up – it was inspired by the 2013 riots in Moscow, where there was an aggressive confrontation between locals and immigrants. The sci-fi genre about ‘aliens’ invading the city has become a metaphor to discuss the very real issues that we face every day in today’s world.

The screening was followed by an after-party in the main gallery of the museum with drinks, that included unusual blue champagne provided by Eden and canapés and DJ Sergey Mongayt’s playing a space-inspired set-list that was specially prepared for the occasion. 
Further screenings and events info: http://www.russianfilmweek.org/programme-2017_dates.html

Ghost Wars S01E07 "Whistle Past the Graveyard" Recap

The ghosts escalate their aggression towards the townspeople who are consequently forced to take up shelter in the church. Even Doug is brought by the local deputy since it appears to be the only somewhat safe place for everyone to gather and determine the best course of action with all the attacks.

The children display an eerie connection to the supernatural, particularly Abigail who incites further ghostly agitation by whistling a tune used in the show's theme introduction. More ghosts invade the church as they're strengthened by the power outage.

Landis confronts Billy about Roman's mother after having seen her ghost at the LAMBDA centre and he admits that he was part of a group of townsfolk that ran her out of town many years ago but claims that she is still very much alive. Roman has been living for years under the impression that his mother abandoned him to start a new life with a romantic interest she met online.

The turbines to the backup generator are clogged with animal carcasses so Billy and Roman get to work on unclogging them. Landis begins asking Roman questions about his mother and Billy dismisses the conversation and sends Roman off to check on Rev. Dan and chides Landis for potentially leaking the truth to Roman about his mother when they are in the middle of a crisis.

Many of the townsfolk begin to be haunted by former loved ones, with Sophia in particular being targeted by the ghost of her dead son Marcus.

Roman has a heart-to-heart with Rev. Dan, assuring him that he did his best when trying to save Marcus. He is later visited by Maggie, surprised to find that she hasn't passed on as he previously believed. She says that she's not alone anymore, but is connected instead. She tells him not to turn the power back on because it interferes with their ability to communicate. She elaborates by pressing her hand to his head and showing him a flashback of the townspeople running Roman's mother out of town, including Rev. Dan who professes that Roman will be better off without her. Maggie then tells Roman that his mother is dead but doesn't know the details of how and why she died.

Roman leaves Maggie and confronts Rev. Dan about his role in running his mother out of town and for lying all these years. Billy claims that Roman's mother was alive and well when she left town but Landis says that she saw Roman's mother's ghost and Dan admits that she is dead. Roman blames all of them for lying and simply using him to be their ghost hunter with no care for his own feelings.

The ghosts further terrorise the townsfolk after Abigail cuts the power to the main room in which they're being held. Sophia is lured down into a basement by the ghost of Marcus who baits her into being absorbed by a similar formation to what was previously seen in the forest. Marcus then torments Rev. Dan for being responsible for his death. Landis and Billy continue to work to try to get the backup generator running and finally manage to get it unclogged, allowing it to start running again. When the power doesn't come on right away, they begin to be surrounded by ghosts that torment them. The two profess their love to one another and brace themselves for death but the electricity finally comes back on and the ghosts are banished from the vicinity.

Billy begins to panic when he discovers that there is a power imbalance to how the generators are distributed and the circuit could blow if he doesn't fix it. He runs towards some smaller generators intent on turning them off to alleviate the pressure but an explosion sends him flying back unconscious and Landis immediately begins to perform chest compressions.

Ghost Wars airs on Thursdays on Syfy at 10/9c.

Gotham S04E09 "Let Them Eat Pie" Recap

Professor Pyg dons a new disguise and passes out doughnuts to homeless people. He then selects six of them to come back to a dining hall where he kills them by feeding them poisoned food. He then lays out a sizable supply of tools in order to remove various parts of their bodies.

When Jim gets to the GCPD office, he says goodbye to Harvey as he is leaving the Captain's office and preparing to take a leave of absence.

Sofia makes preparations for an upcoming fundraiser. Oswald visits and expresses his anger over Jim being promoted to the position of GCPD Captain and intends to find whomever authorized this against his wishes. Oswald is suspicious that Sofia was involved but won't make any moves against her until he can obtain proof of this. Sofia calls Jim to express her belief that Oswald is suspicious of her and may be coming after her and Jim. After Jim ends the call he gets another one but this time from Pyg, who declares that he has set up phase two. When Jim determines that Pyg is outside the station, he emerges to find a tent that's been set up containing two corpses being eaten by pigs.

Alfred scolds Bruce for his repeated dalliances with going out to party and how this facade of billionaire brat is taking too much of a toll on him. After killing Ra's he is now treading a dangerous line of using these antics as a unhealthy coping mechanism. Bruce is reminded of the annual tradition he had with his father to go on the top of a hill and each would leave behind a rock with their initials carved in them. Alfred tells Bruce to clean himself up and prepare for a walk.

Lucius tells Jim that the corpses from the tent were filled with materials used for making paper so he and Detective Harper head out to investigate an old paper plant a few blocks away that's been closed for some time. When they arrive there, they find other corpses and determine that Pyg has been cooking homeless remains. Pyg emerges and stabs Harper before taking her hostage before escaping.

Oswald meets with the orphan Martin and asks her to spy on Sofia on his behalf to prove that he is loyal to Oswald and not acting as her spy instead. Martin nods and shakes Oswald's hand to agree to do so.

On on the hill, Alfred tells Bruce the story of how he first met Thomas Wayne and that their friendship saved Alfred's life. He tries to assure Bruce that he can help him through this traumatic ordeal and Bruce says he simply doesn't want to talk about it. Bruce concepts a story about the rocks being missing and uses it as a way to take the keys and leave in Alfred's car.

Pyg arrives at Sofia's fundraising event masquerading as a chef and shows her the supply of meat pies that will be served to the guest. Sofia is none the wiser that the pies are full of homeless people. The the fundraiser begins, Oswald plays nice with Sofia and instructs Martin to go spy on Sofia. Jim sneaks into the fundraiser and is knocked out by Pyg before being dragged into a back room and locked inside. When Jim regains consciousness he finds that Harper is also in the room.

Oswald and Sofia are about to hash things out about their tiptoeing around one another but are distracted by Pyg and his hired henchmen shooting off weapons and commanding everyone to take a seat. Meanwhile, Harper informs Jim that no one ever searched her so she still has a knife concealed in her ankle holster which Jim uses in order to work on breaking out of the room.

Pyg puts on a big show and declares that all of Gotham's Elite that are present must consume the homeless people in the meat pies as a symbol of how everyone of them has earned their status by feeding on the poor of Gotham. When Sofia tries to demand answers on the whereabouts of the other orphans Pyg impales her hand with a sharp tool. Pyg threatens to kill Martin if the guests do not eat the pies. When one of the guests claims that it doesn't matter if an orphan dies if the alternative is being forced to eat the pies, Penguin yanks the tool out of Sofia's hand and kills the man with it. Pyg blames Penguin for engorging himself on the city with his Pax Penguina, and orders him and the others to eat the pies. Penguin begins to eat a pie and threatens the others into eating, saying he'll kill them all himself if they don't.

Jim finally manages to escape from the room and gets to the table just as Oswald is preparing to help Sofia eat form her pie, under Pyg's orders. A fight breaks out and Oswald tries to interfere with Jim fighting Pyg due to the threat it poses to Martin. Oswald is able to get away with Martin as the other guests flee and Jim tells Sofia to run and proceeds to fight Pyg on the table until he's finally able to get the upper hand and stab Pyg in the arm.

Oswald decides to abandon his Pax Penguina program and confronts Sofia about her paying off the mayor into getting Jim the Captain position. He tells Sofia that Jim cannot be Captain and she tells him to pick someone else to fill the position, claiming Jim means nothing to her. Pyg is sent to Arkham Asylum and Jim is once again hailed as a hero by the media.

Alfred returns to Wayne Manor and finds that Jim is throwing a party for all his young friends. Alfred orders everyone to leave but Bruce tells them all to stay. They decide to leave and meet up with Bruce later when Alfred threatens a young man that tries to get 'smart' with Alfred. Bruce insists that despite avenging his parents' death, nothing has changed and Alfred can't help him. He orders Alfred to just be his butler and not a surrogate father.

Jim resists Sofia and the two converse about their tumultuous entanglements, after which Sofia kisses him. Martin visits Oswald and shares how he saw them kissing and Oswald tearfully declares that Sofia will pay for her betrayal.

Gotham airs on Thursdays on FOX at 8/7c.
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