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Tekken_KIFT2016_logo-333.jpgSANTA CLARA, Calif., (May 19, 2016) – Leading video game developer and publisher, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc., today announced the TEKKEN 7: The King of the Iron Fist Tournament 2016 – North America, scheduled to hit major North American cities throughout the rest of the year in anticipation of the home console release of TEKKEN 7.
The TEKKEN 7: The King of the Iron Fist Tournament 2016 – North America aims to bring together the top TEKKEN players from around the country for the largest ever TEKKEN tournament in North America for a knockdown, drag-out competition through 17 different cities across the United States and Canada for bragging rights and cash prizes. The nationwide tournament series is the only place in North America for fans to get their hands on the arcade version of TEKKEN 7.
“The TEKKEN series is a cornerstone of the fighting game community and continues to evolve and advance the genre forward with each installment,” said Katsuhiro Harada, Director of TEKKEN Project at BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. “I’m excited to see what the North American TEKKEN community is made of as they compete over the next seven months in the TEKKEN 7: The King of the Iron Fist Tournament 2016 in North America.”
“The TEKKEN 7: The King of the Iron Fist Tournament 2016 – North America series of events expands upon our tournament footprint that was set in motion earlier this year through our partnership with Wizard World Comic Cons and Gaming Tour,” said Eric Hartness, Vice President of Marketing at BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. “The added reach of the TEKKEN 7: The King of the Iron Fist Tournament 2016 – North America events will ensure that TEKKEN fans across the country will have an opportunity to experience the next chapter of the storied TEKKEN videogame franchise and compete for cash and glory.”
The TEKKEN 7: The King of the Iron Fist Tournament 2016 – North America began on February 19, 2016 at Wizard World in Portland, OR and will continue through November 6, 2016 at the Wizard World Comic Con and Gaming Tour in Pittsburgh, PA. Tournaments will be held at Wizard World Comic Con and Gaming Tour sites and key fighting game circuit cities. Each tournament event will feature a prize pool of $3,000 with a final prize pool of $20,000 at the TEKKEN 7: The King of the Iron Fist Tournament 2016 – North America finals. For full tournament rules and regulations please visit
TEKKEN 7: The King of the Iron Fist Tournament 2016 – North America schedule and locations:
February 19-21Portland, ORWizard World
March 18-20Atlanta, GAFinal Round
April 1-3St. Louis, MOWizard World
April 29-May 1Des Moines, WANorthWest Majors
May 6-8Minneapolis, MNWizard World
May 27-29Chicago, ILCombo Breaker
June 2-5Philadelphia, PAWizard World
June 17-19Sacramento, CAWizard World
June 24-26Orlando, FLCEO 2016
July 29-31Columbus, OHWizard World
August 18-21Chicago, ILWizard World
August 19-21Philadelphia, PASummer Jam X
September 9-11Richmond, VAWizard World
September 23-25Austin, TXWizard World
October 14-16Southern CaliforniaSoCal Regionals
October 28-30Toronto, CanadaCanada Cup
November 4-6Pittsburgh, PAWizard World
Final Event:
TBATBATEKKEN 7: The King of the Iron Fist Tournament 2016 -
North America
About BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc.BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc., part of BANDAI NAMCO Holdings Inc., is a leading global publisher and developer of interactive entertainment for all major video game consoles, iOS, Android, and online platforms. The company is known for creating and publishing many of the industry’s top video game franchises including PAC-MAN®, GALAGA®,TEKKEN®, SOULCALIBUR®, and ACE COMBAT®. BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. is the premier publisher in the Western hemisphere for anime based video games including NARUTO SHIPPUDEN™, DRAGON BALL Z®, and ONE PIECE®. More information about the company and its products can be found at or

About Wizard World (OTCBB: WIZD)
Wizard World, Inc. ( produces comic cons, gaming and pop culture conventions across North America that celebrate the best in pop-fi, pop culture, movies, television, cosplay, comics, graphic novels, toys, video gaming, sci-fi, gaming, original art, collectibles, contests and more. A first-class lineup of topical programming takes place at each event, with celebrity Q&A's, comics-themed sessions, costume contests, movie screenings, evening parties and more. Wizard World has also launched Wizard World Store (, CONtv, a digital media channel in partnership with leading independent content distributor Cinedigm™ (NASDAQ: CIDM), and ComicConBox™ (, a premium subscription-based monthly box service. Fans can interact with Wizard World on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and other social media services.

Wizard World 2016 schedule available at:
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Wizard World, Inc. Appoints John D. Maatta President and Chief Executive Officer

LOS ANGELES, April 26, 2016 – Wizard World, Inc. today announced the appointment of John D. Maatta as its President and Chief Executive Officer. Wizard World is the leading producer in North America of events and comic conventions that celebrate the very best of pop culture, celebrity, movies, TV shows, gaming, technology and live music.

“John brings Wizard World his solid entertainment industry experience and proven success in creating innovative content and distribution strategies. Wizard World is poised to expand its already significant footprint, and John will work with us to guide the company to its next phase of growth and beyond,” said Paul Kessler, Chairman of the Wizard World Board of Directors.

Maatta has enjoyed a particularly successful career as an entertainment executive, having served as the first employee of the WB Television Network, as well as the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of both the WB and the CW Television Network—where he was the co-head of the network for more than six years. Maatta served in various capacities as an executive at Warner Bros and Lorimar-Telepictures Corporation for almost 28 years.

“Wizard World is the preeminent producer of pop culture multi-city tours that aggregates huge audiences of fans across the country. Wizard World comic conventions are high-energy events bringing entertainment fans the most sought-after and interesting celebrities and content from movies, television and music to technology and sports. Wizard World is on the verge of becoming an especially powerful force in the entertainment industry as it rapidly expands into the area of content creation together with the launch of new distribution initiatives. Wizard World stands squarely at the intersection of the audience, celebrities and cutting edge content. Wizard events are the sweet spot where the entertainment industry interacts one-on-one with its audience,” said Maatta.

Mr. Maatta currently serves as the President of UNICEF in Southern California, and as Chairman of the UNICEF Chinese Children’s Initiative. Additionally, Mr. Maatta serves on the Board of Trader Vic’s Corporation, and is a member of the advisory Board of the Asia Society.

Mr. Maatta’s appointment will be effective as of May 3, 2016.

About Wizard World (WIZD)

Wizard World, Inc. ( produces comic convention pop culture events across North America that celebrate the best in celebrities, pop culture, movies, television, music, sports, cosplay, comics, technology, video gaming, sci-fi, gaming, original art, and collectibles.

A first-class lineup of topical programming takes place at each Wizard event, with celebrity Q&A's, comics-themed sessions, movie screenings, and music concerts Wizard World has also launched Wizard World Store (, CONtv, a digital media channel in partnership with leading independent content distributor Cinedigm™ (NASDAQ: CIDM), and ComicConBox™ (, a premium subscription-based monthly box service.

Fans can access Wizard World on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and other social media platforms.



The season finale of Supergirl is finally upon us. “Better Angels” kicks off right where last week’s penultimate episode left off, with the Danvers sisters fighting one another. It’s a fairly lengthy fight, with Alex finally obtaining the better hand. However, right before she is to deliver the fatal blow, J’onn and Eliza show up to try and talk her out of it. It works, although I admit I was a little afraid for Eliza there. Alex snaps out of it, leaving Non and Indigo looking confused.

Cat and Maxwell Lord are still at the radio station, and after the fight earlier, everyone else joins them there. The plan is for Kara to give out a single of hope, because Myriad prays on fear. It’s a stirring speech, as she gives the people of National City hope. Wynn, James, Lucy, and the rest of National City seemingly snaps out of it. Non laments that his plan has failed, but Indigo wants to continue on, killing the people of Earth and then moving on to another planet.

While things seem to be back to normal at Catco, the same can’t be said for the DEO. Lucy is still reeling from the damage when her father arrives. Initially, it’s a happy reunion, but once he demands J’onn’s arrest, it becomes tense all over again. Lucy is pulling further away from her father. (We got a mention of Lois, and saw the boots of Superman, who is apparently still suffering from the effects of Myriad) Alex finally tells her mother the truth about her father, that he is still alive and that both she and J’onn are determined to rescue him from Cadmus. Maxwell Lord returns to tell Alex and Kara that the Kryptonians aren’t finished with Earth just yet: instead of mind control, they intend on pure annihilation.

In a rare show of solidarity, Lord offers Kara some cold, hard truths: she can’t do it alone, but she has no one to back her up. Unfortunately, humanity only has a couple of hours. Kara knows this, so she goes around letting everyone know how she feels, thanking them, just in case she’s unable to do so later. After James wonders about her strange behavior to Lucy, it gets back to J’onn who also questions her. Kara says she’s not giving up, that she’s honoring her mother’s last wishes by protecting Earth.  

They find out that Non and Indigo have been at Fort Razz the entire time (leave it to the US Military to keep things like that hidden for their own benefit). Although injured, J’onn wastes no time in helping Kara. Together, they had to Fort Razz to take on Non and Indigo. The two meet them and a battle begins. Indigo and J’onn have unfinished business, as do Non and Supergirl. After a lengthy fight, J’onn, quite literally, destroys Indigo. Kara subdues Non long enough for what’s left of Indigo to tell her that they’re too late and that Earth will be destroyed.

Kara and Alex finally have their heart-to-heart, where Kara tells Alex to have a good life. It’s very emotional stuff! Kara lifts Fort Razz out of Earth and into space, where she drifts…until Alex comes to rescue her in the same pod that Kara had come to Earth in. J’onn is reinstated as director of the DEO (poor Lucy…). And over a montage of J’onn talking about more transparency, we see General Lane and Maxwell Lord exchanging Kryptonian technology.

At Catco, Kara gets a promotion because she’s really the best thing Cat ever had. And they bond, as always. This relationship has been the highlight of the series for me, personally. Okay, so the whole family (HANK! WINN!) is around eating food and being all domestic. Their next mission is to find Jeremiah and Project Cadmus. James and Kara have a moment. They’re interrupted when a spaceship lands. Both Supergirl and J’onn head to the scene, only to realize that it might be Kryptonian and Kara might know who (or what) it is. End scene.

All in all, this was a wonderful start to the series. The first season was full of optimism and some growing pains for our leading lady. The reveal of Hank as J’onn J’onzz was especially memorable, as were the relationships between Kara and Alex, and Kara and Cat Grant. The show did the best it could with regards to the “Superman Problem”, although it was a little wonky at times. Also memorable was the mini crossover with The Flash; I would like to see that incorporated some more, but I’m also not holding my breath. Let us not forget about how the show went out of its way to add former members of the DCTV family to the show as a nice little nod to the fans.

The show did a great job of establishing Kara as a bona fide heroine and I’m eager to see what else is in store for her in the future!

Sebastian Stan, Evan Peters, Hayley Atwell, William Shatner Among Top Celebrities Scheduled To Attend Wizard World Sacramento, June 17-19

Reggie Jackson, Jewel Staite, Billy Boyd, Denis O’Hare, Michael Rooker Also Headline Roster; Talented Comics Creators, Variety of Exhibitors, Cosplayers, Robust Programming At Sacramento Convention Center

SebastianStan.jpgSACRAMENTO, Calif., April 12, 2016 - Wizard World, Inc. (OTCBB: WIZD) continues its 2016 schedule with its third trip to Sacramento Convention Center at Wizard World Sacramento, June 17-19. Captain America  star Sebastian Stan, X-Men standout Evan Peters, Hayley Atwell (“Agent Carter,” Captain America: The First Avenger),  William Shatner (“Star Trek,” “Boston Legal”), and Baseball Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson (The Naked Gun ) headline the roster of celebrity guests scheduled to attend the pop culture extravaganza, the 11th event on Wizard World's calendar of comic con and gaming cons in 2016.

Jackson will attend on Saturday, June 18, only. Atwell will appear Sunday, June 19, only. Shatner will appear on Friday and Sunday; Stan and Peters are scheduled for Saturday and Sunday.

Other well-known Wizard World Sacramento guests include Jewel Staite (“Firefly”), Billy Boyd  (The Lord of the Rings Trilogy), Denis O’Hare (“American Horror Story,” “True Blood”),  Michael Cudlitz (“The Walking Dead,” “Southland”), Michael Rooker (“The Walking Dead”, Guardians of the Galaxy ), Dean Cain (“Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman,” Vendetta),  Chris 51 (“Epic Ink”) and others

Wizard World is also the home of the most creative comics artists and writers on the planet. Artist Alley in Sacramento will feature Arthur Suydam (“Marvel Zombies” “Army of Darkness”) Phil Ortiz  ("The Simpsons," “Muppet Babies”), Paolo Rivera (“All-New X-Men,” “Daredevil”), Jason Shawn Alexander ("Abe Sapien," "Batman Arkham City"),  Billy Martin (“TMNT New Animated Adventures,” also lead guitarist/keyboardist, Good Charlotte), James O’Barr (“The Crow”), Genese Davis  (“The Holder’s Dominion”), Mike Norton (“Battlepug”), Victor Dandridge (“Vantage: Inhouse”),  Carlo Barberi (“Avengers,” “Deadpool”), John Orlando (“Doc Behemoth”) and many others.

Wizard World comic and gaming con events bring together thousands of fans of all ages to celebrate the best in pop-fi, pop culture, movies, graphic novels, cosplay, comics, television, sci-fi, toys, video gaming, gaming, original art, collectibles, contests and more. Wizard World Sacramento show hours are Friday, June 17, 3-8 p.m.; Saturday, June 18, 10 a.m.-7 p.m., Sunday, June 19, 10 a.m.-4 p.m.

Wizard World is also the place for cosplay, with fans young and old showing off their best costumes throughout the event.  Fans dressed as every imaginable character – and some never before dreamed –  will roam the convention floor. The famed Wizard World Sacramento Costume Contest will take place on Saturday night.

For more on the 2016 Wizard World Sacramento, visit

About Wizard World (OTCBB: WIZD)
Wizard World, Inc. ( produces comic, gaming and pop culture conventions across North America that celebrate the best in pop-fi, pop culture, movies, television, cosplay, comics, graphic novels, toys, video gaming, sci-fi, gaming, original art, collectibles, contests and more. A first-class lineup of topical programming takes place at each event, with celebrity Q&A's, comics-themed sessions, costume contests, movie screenings, evening parties and more. Wizard World has also launched Wizard World Store ( ), CONtv, a digital media channel in partnership with leading independent content distributor Cinedigm™ (NASDAQ: CIDM), and ComicConBox™ (, a premium subscription-based monthly box service. Fans can interact with Wizard World on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and other social media services.

The Wizard World 2016 schedule is available at:



After a week off, we’re back. The nineteenth episode of Supergirl, is called, “Myriad”. The episode picks up nearly right where “World’s Finest” left off. Non has his list of demands from the DEO, and Lucy complies. He wants all the prisons freed, except the White Martian. Good call there. At first, I thought Lucy was agreeing because she felt she had no choice. However, it becomes clear that she’s under the influence of Myriad. As she frees Maxima, a Fort Razz detainee, Supergirl comes to the rescue and the two duke it out. While she gets the upper hand on Maxima, the DEO agents, Lucy included, go after her, forcing Kara to flee. However, she figures out a way to disable the containment field before all the prisoners are let out.

Seeing no other option, Kara heads to the Fortress of Solitude, hoping to find her cousin, but he is (conveniently) not on Earth at the time. Instead, she’s greeted by one of the protocol droids and demands to know about Myriad. From her mother’s AI, we learn that Myriad is a mind control device that forces those to bend to someone else’s will. This time, instead of Astra, it’s Non. Once started, Myriad can’t be stopped.

We finally get to see what Alex and Hank have been up to. They’re in disguse. Kara heads to Catco, as Supergirl, to try and snap Wynn and James out of it. She’s unsuccessful, Cat, however, doesn’t appear to be affected. I have no idea how Myriad targets its victims. Superman texts Kara (cute…) that he’s on his way, but something drags him down. I’m not entirely sure if that really was him or an illusion or something. The show has gone out of its way not to show him at all. That’s when, Maxwell Lord randomly shows up.

We learn why Lord and Cat weren’t affected (tech stuff), why Superman was affected (something about environmental stuff), and what he intends to do (kill everyone). Alex and Hank are back at the old Danvers house, where they meet up with her mother. She learns, quickly, that the real Hank was the bad guy. Non arrives at Catco. He lays out his vision. Dare I say, he has a point, even if he’s enslaving people to achieve it. Even if he makes good points (…they really are good points…), he forces Kara to choose between three people. She’s fast enough to save both James and Wynn after they jump from the building, but not fast enough for the last person.

Hank and Eliza Danvers have a heart-to-heart, where she asks about Jeremiah and his Martian composition. Alex speaks to Kara, who tells her to stay away from National City. Hank decides to return, but makes Alex stay to try and get to Cadmus, as well as locate her father. Back at Catco, Kara is weighing her options after Lord tells her what his plan is. He wants to drop a Kryptonite bomb onto National City, therefore wiping out the Kryptonians, but also killing 8% of the city’s population, which is roughly 300,000 people. Those numbers versus 7 billion puts things into perspective a little.

Lord tells Kara the truth about his parent’s deaths. He had warned them about their Hazmat suits, but no one listened. So this is his way of trying to save the world, by preventing large-scale deaths. Non name drops a lot of famous cities that some of our DC characters are from. Indigo, his cohort in all of this, is non-too pleased. She’s urging him to think bigger, to use Myriad for the universe, not just Earth.

Hank and Alex are heading back to the city, while Kara is having extreme doubts. Her and Cat have a heart-to-heart. She tells Kara about hope being stronger than fear. And remember, the S symbol actually means hope! So Indigo finds Hank and Alex and bests them. I know I should call him J’onn, but it’s difficult. Anyway, he’s not at his strongest because he’s using his telepathy to shield Alex from Myriad. Indigo delivers what looks like a fatal blow to J’onn, and his old on Alex is now gone.

Lord, Cat, and Kara head to one of Cat’s first jobs: an old, broadcast style radio station. There, they hope to jam the signal and get hopeful messages across. Indigo, meanwhile, has plans for Alex. Non, using Alex as his vehicle, wants the two to fight. Kara tries desperately to change his mind, but he has no interest in listening to reason. And, the episode ends with the two sisters looking to come to blows.

I like how Supergirl inspires hope in both Cat and Maxwell Lord; it's a trend I hope to see continue.

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8pm Eastern Standard Time on CBS.

Norman Reedus Among Celebs On Board Wizard World Cruise Dec. 2-5‏

Wizard World Cruise To Embark On Maiden Voyage
December 2-5; Norman Reedus On Board
Wizard World and Rose Tours today announced the first Wizard World Cruise, a pop-culture, comic con themed, three-night journey on the Norwegian Sky, December 2-5, from Miami to Nassau, Bahamas. The event will feature celebrities including Norman Reedus as well as an Artist Alley with noted comics creators, cosplay contests, exhibitors, parties, video game tournaments and more.

This will be the only cruise appearance for Reedus. Others scheduled to appear include Ernie Hudson(Ghostbusters), Barry Bostwick (The Rocky Horror Picture Show, “Spin City”), Sara Underwood ("Attack of the Show"), Billy Martin (lead guitarist/keyboardist, Good Charlotte; artist, “TMNT”), Phil Ortiz (animator, “The Simpsons,” “Muppet Babies”), cosplayers Jackie Craft, Abby Dark Star and Zen Dragon. Additional celebrities and creators to appear aboard Wizard World Cruise will be announced in the coming weeks.
Now is your chance to get on board -- it's all that you love about a Wizard World Convention set to sea. Prices start at $749 per person.
Full Website and details coming soon - sign up to learn more at

WGN America's Supernatural Thriller 'SALEM' To Premiere HALLOWEEN WEEK 2016‏

 Teaser Trailer and Premiere Date Image Released from Season 3
Series’ Stars Janet Montgomery, Shane West, Seth Gabel, Ashley Madekwe, 
Tamzin Merchant, Elise Eberle, Iddo Goldberg, Joe Doyle and Oliver Bell Return,
Joined By Guest Star Marilyn Manson

SHREVEPORT, LA, (April 5, 2016) – WGN America announced today that the much-anticipated third season of the supernatural thriller “Salem” will premiere this fall during Halloween week.   The network also released an intense new teaser trailer for the upcoming season currently in production in Shreveport, LA.  “Salem” continues its bloody, sexy and fantastical reimagining of Colonial America, with renowned recording artist Marilyn Mason, who guest stars in the upcoming season as the bloody barber surgeon Thomas Grinley. 
The third season of “Salem” dawns with the triumph of the witches' plan to remake the New World by bringing the devil to earth and making Salem his capital.  But the devil is a liar, and instead of a New World free from murderous Puritan hypocrisy, his own plan will bring nothing but death and slavery with the ultimate aim of leading humanity to destroy itself.  And there's only one person on earth who can beat the devil -- the very witch that birthed him, his mother, Mary Sibley.  The only problem is—she's dead.  Or is she?
“Salem” stars Janet Montgomery ("Human Target," "Made in Jersey") as Mary Sibley, Shane West ("Nikita," "ER") as Captain John Alden, Seth Gabel ("Arrow," "Fringe") as Cotton Mather, Ashley Madekwe ("Revenge") as Tituba, Tamzin Merchant ("Jane Eyre") as Anne Hale, Elise Eberle ("The Astronaut Farmer") as Mercy Lewis, Iddo Goldberg ("Mob City") as Isaac Walton, Joe Doyle ("Raw") as Baron Sebastian Marburg, Oliver Bell ("The Saint") as Mary’s son and Marilyn Manson guest stars as Thomas Dinley. 
Created and written by Brannon Braga and Adam Simon, “Salem" is executive produced by Braga, Simon, Kelly Souders, Brian Peterson and Prospect Park’s Jeff Kwatinetz and Josh Barry.  The series is produced by Fox 21 Television Studios.        

Follow “Salem” on Twitter and YouTube @SalemWGNA.  “Like” the series on Facebook at
WGN America and Tribune Studios
WGN America, the flagship entertainment network of Tribune Media Company (NYSE: TRCO) is nationally distributed in nearly 80 million homes via cable, satellite and telco, with high-quality entertainment programming including the breakout hit series “Outsiders,” “Underground” and “Salem." The network also brings its audience a strong slate of popular first-run syndicated series and blockbuster movies.  Through Tribune Studios, the creative development arm of Tribune Media, original content is produced for WGN America and Tribune local stations nationwide.  Follow the network on Twitter @wgnamerica.  For additional information, please visit

Fox 21 Television Studios
Fox 21 Television Studios is a production unit housed within Fox Television Group devoted to making creatively ambitious scripted and unscripted series for all distribution platforms. Fox 21 Television Studios currently produces the sensation from Ryan Murphy, Nina Jacobson and Brad Simpson “The People V. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story," the Emmy and Golden Globe winning “Homeland,” starring Claire Danes and Mandy Patinkin, the critically acclaimed “The Americans” (with FX Productions) starring Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell, Brannon Braga and Adam Simon's “Salem,” and Howard Gordon's “Tyrant.” New series include Fox 21 TVS’ upcoming slate includes “Dice,” from Scot Armstrong, Sean Furst, Bryan Furst, Richard Shepard, Bruce Rubenstein and Andrew Dice Clay, “Queen of the South,” from M.A. Fortin, Joshua John Miller, David Friendly and Pancho Mansfield, and Kem Nunn, Alexandra Cunningham, Lenny Abrahamson, Michael London, and Brian Grazer’s “Chance."
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