In Review: Pride by Rachel Vincent

Released: 2/1/09 400 pages
Publisher: Mira
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0778329084

So while Stray and Rogue were rough going, Pride was too, but for all the right reasons. Ten weeks after Rogue, and we find Faythe on trial for Murder, Infection, and Revealing her Species to a human, with the possibility of execution very likely.

Werecats don't have the same judicial system as we do, they're guilty until proven innocent, and with one of the three Alphas overseeing her trial, Calvin Malone, out for her blood the cards seems stacked against her.

Finally it Faythe isn't thinking about just herself, her little tune has changed a bit more, she no longer sees herself as invincible, and finally understands that being a tabby isn't always going to save her, and that maybe daddy was doing the right thing, and not being oppressive.

I love how Marc finally points out to her, that she is the cause of everything that is wrong, the murder, the trial, an exile, even the possibility of her father losing his position as head of the Territorial Council. Marc's still in love with her and slightly retarded, and Jace is still being way too good for her and throwing out all kinds of logic. I admit I'm a Jace girl, but hell, the guy is a little ray of sunshine in these books. Faythe and Marc ending up together looks more and more likely no matter the obstacles, and I'm ok with that because well Jace deserves better.

Yet another tabby is found, and suddenly the whole tabby scarcity issue is moot, now they have a surplus. And new alliances are formed, yay for introducing the Bruin. Ok, he doesn't play a huge part, but it give me hope of seeing Thunderbirds. I know they're coming, they have to be, I just hope Ms. Vincent keeps the momentum she's built.

I applaud Rachel Vincent on this one. She is finally hitting her stride. If she wants to keep egotistical Faythe then she needed to write in someone we hated more than Faythe herself, because even the psychotic Miguel from Stray was more likable than the hard headed Faythe, and he was a kidnapper and rapist. Well, she did just that with Calvin Malone, whom if this book is any indication we haven't seen the last of him.


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