In Review: My Soul to Lose by Rachel Vincent

Released: 7/1/09
Publisher: Harlequin teen
Format: E book
ISBN: 978-1-4268-3867-5

The first short story to Rachel Vincent's new soul screamer's series, and I'm really excited.
Something is wrong with Kaylee, when someone is about to die she can't stop herself from screaming literally. Kaylee is suppose to be shopping with her friend Emma, enjoying herself, when Kaylee begins to scream, and she can't stop screaming though she desperately wishes to.
And it would be the worst day of her life, until she wakes up in a psychiatric ward. She knows she doesn't belong there, but they won't let her out until she gets "better." Everyone thinks she's crazy, except the quiet girl who has a special ability of her own.
This prequel does little more than give a glimpse of Kaylee and her world. Just as with Ms. Vincent's Shifters series the writing is phenomenal, but the character is more likable. She reminds me more of Kacy than she does of Faythe. She's a little headstrong, she wants to help others, and she's a little naive. The best thing of all is that its being offered for free on Ms. Vincent's website, so there's nothing stopping you from trying it out.


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