In Review: My Soul to Take by Rachel Vincent

Released: 08/01/09 384 pages
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0373210039

The first full novel in Rachel Vincent's Soul Screamers is a fun ride, with plenty of twists and turns that leave the reader wanting more.

This time we find Kaylee, again with Emma, sneaking into a dance club. She's enjoying herself, somehow managed to snag a hottie jock from school, Nash, and everything is going really well, right up until the point she begins to have a panic attack. She's trying not to scream her head off, trying not to embarrass herself, as Nash instills her with comfort, driving away the need to scream, to announce the impeding death of a stranger. There's an attraction to him, a desire to confess her soul and her fears, even when she'd never even done so with her best friend, Emma.

But Kaylee is different, and as her death premonitions are confirmed, and fellow students begin to drop around her, she delves into a world she never knew existed, to stop more deaths, with Nash at her side. He has more answers, and unlike her uncle, he's willing to give them to her.

Rachel Vincent always surprises me with how tight her plotting is, and this one was wonderful. The twists along the way were delightful, and the characters well fleshed out. Kaylee's reaction were very much those of a teenager, her emotions running a true gauntlet of fear and excitement over the unknown and untried.


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