In Review: Death's Mistress by Karen Chance

Released: 1/5/10 432 pages
Publisher:n Onyx
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0451412768

This is the second book in the Dorina Basarab series, and this one is just as fast paced as the first. Dorina is a dhampir- half human, half vampire, whose lucky to be alive. Most are insane because of their genetic make up, experiencing bouts of rage, violence and blackouts, and Dory is no exception. She just uses the rage to her advantage. And most are murdered just as soon as they are born, but Dory was spared because her father is Mircea Basarab, brother to Dracula, and Radu, and high ranking vampire Senator.

All Dory wants at the moment is some peace and quiet after the mess her life has been, but she gets anything but. Her father hires her to bring in a vampire, one that everyone is after. Her roomate, Claire is back from Fairy with trouble of her own, and Senator/Champion Louis Cesare is stirring up trouble as well. And there's also Dory's drinking of fey wine to control her blackouts. It's magical properties are addictive and said to slowly drive the consumer insane, but that's not all its doing. Besides controlling her blackouts and seizures, its also giving her visions with a touch of the hand.

Karen Chance's books are always so fast paced they give me whiplash. The plots are intricate, and extremely detailed. And even though I try to read them slowly they always end before I'm ready for them to. It's highly explosive, and addictive, very hard to put down. This series interweaves characters from Chance's Cassandra Palmer series as well, so although you don't have to read both series to appreciate the story, it will enhance the experience.

The action is fast, but doesn't feel shallow, the characters are feel real and fleshed out, and the sparks between Dory and Louis Cesare are hot. And I love the inventfulness of her characters, the understated brilliance and the humor. The scenes are so rich that I find myself discovering new things with each read.


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