In Review: Every Which Way But Dead by Kim Harrison

Released: 6/28/05           501 pages                           
Publisher: Harper Voyager
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0060572990

The latest addition to the Hollows series raises the bar yet again. Rachel continues to poke at the demon who seeks to capture her, even as she’s becoming his familiar to secure his testimony, or stealing his familiar. Nick continues to pull away since Rachel accidently made him her familiar. And sexy Kisten steps up to the plate and shows he’s a real contender for her heart.

Keasley gets a bigger role, without delving too deeply into his history, which is surely coming.  Ceri, the familiar, brings in a bright mix history and lore, expanding Rachel’s world more. And there is also David, a werewolf insurance adjustor, which may be my favorite twist, an entire nontraditional industry with werewolves behind it.

The lines between good and bad continue to blur as Rachel is pushed and challenged, making the story more fun. Not to mention Kisten getting more page time, seducing Rachel, and wanting Rachel for Rachel is refreshing. He’s damaged and dangerous, but seeing the softer side of Kist, makes every scene he’s in so much better.

And Rachel finds out that she isn’t the only one who’s special, and just what she’ll do to survive.
Kim Harrison always manages to infuse clever wit and sarcasm into a well written plotline. Jenks is the perfect person to deliver many of the greatest lines.


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