In Review: Flirt by Laurell K. Hamilton

Released: 2/2/10 192 pages
Publisher: Berkley Hardcover
Format: Hardcover

Anita meets with prospective client Tony Bennington to resurrect his recently deceased wife, but she politely turns him down. She knows what its like to lose a love one, to want them back. He wants his wife back, but even as good as Anita is, it will never be his wife, not for long.

This is the same story that has been told before rehashed, to introduce yet another character into Anita's bed. It opens up with some of her current lovers teaching her the art of flirting, not the in your face, cleavage bared kind, but the subtle art that truly seduces.

The plotting is fairly light on this "novel," it should have been marketed as a novella, and the pacing is excellent. It was nice to see Anita really get back into the necromancy, or would have been without all the show boating, and prostrating. We learn little other than a lycanthrope death fuels a resurrection better than a plain old human one.

The established relationships aren't further, few known characters are seen for more than a few pages. And other than for the introduction of some new characters that will definitely come up in future books, this one is skipable.


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