Supernatural Recap: My Bloody Valentine

Death in the name of love, only on Supernatural is it so deliciously demonic.
In a small town, a couple go on their first date. Their first kiss immediately becomes intense, until the girl bites the guy. She panics, but he assures her,  and then they begin biting each other, but not in a kinky way, more in a I’m gonna eat you way.
 Sam and Dean are on the case, they talk to the roommate and she tells them about the girl, Alice. She was a nice girl, a virgin with a promise ring, who didn’t date much. Back at the motel Sam confirms that there were no signs of ghosts or possessions. Dean goes over what he learned at the coroner’s, both had full stomachs. Sam tells Dean to go celebrate Valentine’s day, since its his favorite holiday, but he’s not feeling it, and would rather go back to work.
At an office, Jim gets a call from his girlfriend Janice, his friend Brad tells him to focus on their project. Janice come in, distraught at the prospect of Jim choosing work over her, and shoot Brad after he makes a snide remark. Jim and Janice then realize that something will always get in the way of being together so they shoot themselves.
Sam and Dean go to see the bodies, they pass a tall bald man, and Sam sense something is off. They meet the coroner, Dr. Corman, who leaves them. They check over the bodies, spotting a Enochian brand, similar to the one on their ribs. Dean makes a call to Cas. Cas confirms that the marks are angelic, they were destined. The marks were placed by a Cherub, which is a lower class angel. Cas figures its gone rogue, so the three conspire to catch it.
The three go to a bar for food. Castiel explains that Cupid will be drawn there because of human urges, the whole time he stares at Dean’s food. When Dean says he isn’t hungry, Cas asks if he can have it. A couple begins kissing and they know Cupid is in the building. After making Cas makes the Cupid appear, the Cupid hugs each of the trio, a cherub’s handshake of course, and they get down to business. Castiel, all gruff and grim explains that they’re there to stop him from killing, but man in diaper breaks down crying. He just makes them fall in love, he doesn’t know what happens after that. His orders come from heaven, and some relationships have high priorities, like John and Mary Winchester did. Dean punches him, the Cupid flashes out, and Dean is not ready to talk about it.
Back at the morgue, Corman calls Sam about another odd death. Lester Finch died of a Twinkie binge gone horribly awry. He ate so many he began shoving them down with a toilet brush, but the bad news is that he doesn’t bear an Enochian brand. Dean checks the police blotter, there have been eight suicides, and nineteen ODs in the last few days, so its more than just love, it’s a greater mess.
Sam sees bald suit man leaving the hospital again, he follows him, they tussle in an alley, Sam cuts him with a knife. The demon manages to get away, dropping his briefcase in his haste, and Sam stares longingly at the bloody knife for a moment, before wiping it clean. Sam brings the briefcase back to the motel where they carefully open it. A bright light bursts out, and Castiel comes bearing news and White Castle hamburgers. It was a soul, and there’s a bigger problem than just Castiel throwing back burgers. The entire town is staving for love, drug, food, everything; Famine on his black steed is the culprit.
Demons escort Famine, an elderly man in a wheelchair, into a restaurant. As he enters everyone begins gorging themselves on their desires for food, money, drugs, sex.
Castiel explains the Famine needs to eat the souls of his victims, like the one in the briefcase. Lucifer has sent his demons to care for famine until he’s ready for his infamous ride.
Flies are gathering on the corpses of Famine’s restaurant victims. Bald suit demon comes and tells Famine that Sam is at the hospital and that he managed to get his motel key. When Famine realizes that he lost the soul, he consumes the demon’s instead.
At the motel the boys try to figure out how to stop Famine. They took War’s ring to stop him,  and when Cas says that Famine too has a ring, they decide that is the best course. But Sam is too out of control with his desire for demon blood, and Cas cannot distance him from his craving, it’s too late to run from the infection. Sam locks himself in the bathroom, and leaves Dean and Cas to go after the ring.
At the hospital Dean and Cas learn that Corman is dead, he drank himself to death, but Castiel knows the soul is still there, and they use it as bait. On watch duty, Castiel continues to happily eat, and wonders why Dean hasn’t fallen prey to Famine. Dean claims to have everything he wants when he wants it, and before Cas can analyze that further they spot a demon leaving the hospital with a briefcase.
Back to Sam, he’s still in the bathroom, unable to break free. Two demons come in looking for a little trouble, when they free him Sam attacks them, stabbing one and drinking her blood. Now all hopped up on demon blood, he uses his demon mind power to shove the other away.
Dean and Castiel follow the demon to the restaurant. The plan is simple Cas flashes in cuts off famine’s ring and flashes back out. Cas teleports away, but is gone way to long, so Dean goes looking for his man. Cas is inside shoving raw meat into his pie hole. Dean is grabbed by the demons and taken to Famine, but Cas is too busy to help him. Famine is overjoyed to be in the land of more, faster, now, but Dean points out that he is unaffected. Famine stares down the pretty Winchester noting that there’s a deep, dark nothing inside of him, he’s broken, defeated and not hungry because he’s already dead.
The calvary arrives, in the form of the huge Sam. Famine is delighted. He wanted to give Sam a present, so that he’d never die from drinking too much blood. He invites him to kill all the demons, to drink their blood. Sam destroys all the demons, but refuses to drink a drop. Disappointed Famine consumes their essence. Sam tries to use his powers against Famine, but he just laughs it off. His powers don’t work on Horsemen. But Sammy is smarter than the average bear, and he uses his powers to rip the demons out of Famine’s body. Castiel snaps out of the spell and Dean is left shocked.
Dean and Castiel lock Sam up in Bobby’s basement for some detox. Castiel tries to paint a pretty picture, that Sam will be fine once its all out of his system, but Dean isn’t so sure. With a bottle in hand he looks to Heaven and admits he needs help.


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