Supernatural Recap: The Song Remains The Same

Dean dreams of strippers, when Anna appears. She can’t find him because of the branding that Castiel placed on his ribs, but she’s escaped the pokey and she needs his help. She gives him the address.
At the address of a warehouse, Anna appears, but it isn’t Dean that comes to her, it’s Cas.And Anna is angry. She’s mad that he turned her over, but she has a plan, she’s gonna kill Sam, and scatter his cells across the cosmos so Lucifer can’t use him a vessel. But Cas has other ideas, he’s gonna save Sam, even if he has to kill Anna. She disappears.
Cas prepares to find Anna, and warns the boys that they have to stop her permanently, but Sam wonders if maybe she’s right and his death is the only way to avert the Apocalypse. With the ritual complete, they learn that Anna has gone back to 1978, before Sam was born to kill his parents. Dean insists on going back with Castiel, even if he can’t protect him. And Castiel reluctantly agrees, bringing the boys back in time with him.
Castiel is weakened by the time travel and passes out, the boys check him into a honeymoon suite, and are off on a half cocked plan. They go directly to the source, Mary Winchester. Dean’s met the younger version of his mother before, on another time trek, but Sam hasn’t. Mary insists that she’s leading a normal life, but still introduces them to John as her cousins. Sam can’t stop staring at Mary, the mother he never had a chance to know, and Dean explains that she looks like Sam’s mother. John gets a call from his boss, saying that he’s fired and he sets off to plead for his job, not knowing it’s a trap set by Anna.
Alone with Mary they explain to her that the Angels plan to kill her and John. Mary agrees to go with them. At the garage John finds his boss, right before his eyes are burned by the sight of an angel. Anna slams John around, and Dean tries to stop her, but he’s no match. Mary manages to cut her, and drive a crowbar through her chest, but Anna throws her into a car.  Angels are hard to kill. Which is fine, cause Sam has used the chaos to complete a ward and send her away.
The fight has opened up a can of worms, and John realizes that they all fight monsters. Mary confesses that she’s been doing it all her life. John’s hurt and angry as they go to a safe house. The boys show Mary how to fortify against angels with sigils and holy oil. John insists on helping draw the sigils with his own blood, and Dean laughs noting that John reminds him of his dad.
Sam apologizes to John for laying all this at his feet. John asks how long he’s been hunting, and is disgusted when he learns that Sam’s father raised him to be a hunter. But Sam admits that while he use to hate his father for it, he understands that he was doing the best he could, keeping them together in an impossible situation. His father died to protect him, and he understands and forgives him.
Outside Anna summons Uriel of this time. She convinces him to help her kill the Winchesters once he finds out that they kill him in the future.
Mary corners Dean demanding answers. She’s not buying his stories anymore, and when she won’t relent he finally tells Mommy everything, that they’re her children from 2010. He tells her how she dies at the hand s of the Yellow-Eyed Demon, and how their father became a hunter for revenge. Sam tells her that the demon will find her no matter what, that she should leave John so that she’ll be safe and they’ll never be born. But its too late for that, Mary is already pregnant.
John comes in, all the sigils and oils are gone. Uriel enters and Anna wrecks havoc, tossing John into the back yard, and impaling Sam as Dean watches in horror. Golden light bathes John as Anna tells Mary she’s sorry. John calls Anna out, and she realizes that he’s Michael.  The archangel touches her, burning her into ash, and sends away Uriel.
Michael touches Mary, putting her to sleep so that he and Dean may talk privately. He explains that John let him in to save Mary, that the bloodline stretches far back. But Dean refuses to help him fulfill his personal grudge. Michael insists that he doesn’t want to kill Lucifer, that he loves him, but that he has to kill him. Dean says that God is wrong and that Michael is a fool for going along with the plan. Isn’t this the common trend, give God what he needs not what he wants? Michael insists that all of the millions of random choices are all apart of God’s plan, and that Dean will say yes. Obviously he doesn’t know our boy.
Michael assures him that he’ll be fine after his possession, that John and Mary’s memories will be wiped. Dean balks, because Mary will still die, but Michael points out that he knew that would happen. He heals Sam, and sends them back to their own time.
Cas manages his way back to the present, and the boys have a drink. Sam wonders if he’ll give in, and what Dean would have said if Michael offered to save Mary.
And we are left with Mary and John placing an angel in their nursery, telling her unborn child that angels are watching over them, and she couldn’t be more right.


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