In Review: Dark Hunters, vol 2 by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Released: 3/2/10 208 pages
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0312554002

Volume Two of the Dark Hunter Manga concludes Night Pleasures, the story of Kyrian and Amanda. The flashbacks are frequent, back to the Kyrian's death before he pledged his service to Artemis for a chance at revenge.

He has a purpose, and can't be distracted by a woman, no matter how much he wants her. He doesn't trust himself, seeing as the last woman he trusted cost him his life.

The dialogue is fun, with plenty of wit and humor, just as the novel was. The novel was well adapted to this format, the illustrations are consistent throughout. This second half is much better than the first, with the characters already established, there's more romance, and more Ash. The characters of Nick and Julian have had a bit of a makeover, but they now look more appealing than they did in the first volume.


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