Supernatural Recap: 99 Problems

Dean and an injured Sam are escaping an demon horde in the Impala when they come upon a flaming road block. The demons break into the car, when someone appears and douses them with fire hose filled with holy water. The Sacrament Lutheran Militia are their saviors, telling the boys that they saved them from demons because they are indeed real.
Since the boys already know that, they show the militia their monster fighting paraphernalia and convince the militia they’re there to help, and they are brought to Reverend Gideon. In the basement of the church, the townspeople are preparing for the war against demons. Gideon says that they were told not to call the authorities, but won’t say who. But his daughter comes in and spills the beans, not only does she talk to angels, but they vouched for the Winchesters. Dean believes her to be a prophet.
Sam leaves Castiel a message and he and Dean regroup for a game plan. They figure the angels are trying to get the townspeople to do their dirty work, and Sam wonders what happened to saving people. Before they can really form a plan the church bell rings, and everyone gathers. Gideon calls for volunteers, and Rob, Paul, Dean and Sam all volunteer to take on the demons. Working together they defeat them.
As they leave, Dylan, a local teen , asks for a ride, but it seems not all the demons were destroyed. One grabs him from beneath the car and kills him before anyone can destroy it.
Later at the funeral, Dylan’s parents, Rob and Jane, blame the boys for his death. Gideon doesn’t know what happening next, when Leah suddenly falls over flailing. She tells everyone that Dylan will rise with the rest of the Dead when the angels give them paradise; in return the angels issue to following commandments: no gambling, drinking or pre-marital sex, which makes this place seem a whole lot less fun. Dean goes to see if Leah is really on the up and up.
Leah tells him that it’s going to get bad before it gets better, but they will win, and then the planet will be given to the chosen and it will be peaceful. Dean believes its more a curse, but Leah points out that it is hard to be a vessel of Heaven with no hope.
Sam goes to Paul’s empty bar, since drinking has been banned. Paul’s lost his faith, and Sam admits that he believes that God has stopped caring. When he returns to the hotel later, he tells Dean that the towns people have cut off the rest of the world. The town is turning into a fundamental compound, but Dean doesn’t care and Sam can’t believe what he’s hearing. Dean leaves.
Leah tells daddy at the church that as long as there are those who disobey they cannot enter Heaven, and she reveals the culprits.
Castiel arrives at the motel, and Sam realizes that he’s drunk, but he informs him that Leah is no prophet. Wandering around, Dean hears a scuffle at the bar. Rob and the others  try to force Paul out of town, when he refuses, Jane shoots Paul dead.
The next morning, covered in Paul’s blood , Dean returns. Castiel tells the boys that Leah is the Whore of Babylon, bearing false prophecy. The demons are actually under her control, and the Enochian exorcism she taught the townspeople is fake. She’s going to lead them to slaughter and lure all their souls to hell.
Leah assures Jane and Rob that they did nothing wrong, they only did the angels’ bidding. Her father stares at her in shock, after all they committed bigger sins, but Leah tells him to have faith.
Castiel produces a stake from the cypress tree of Babylon, the only thing that can kill the Whore, but warns that only a Warrior of God can kill her, but none qualify.
Leah tells the people that there are still those who are sinning, and panic sweeps over the crowd. As Gideon tries to calm them, Leah warns that if he does not keep from interfering she’ll name him a sinner. Castiel comes to Gideon, flashing him to the motel. But Gideon does not believe what they tell him, his daughter is the Whore.
The good townspeople round up the “sinners,” but when the Whore demand that they be burned, some start to question what is happening. They leave, and the Whore is ambushed by the boys, Cas, and Gideon. Gideon hesitates and the Whore is able to cast a spell to weaken Cas. She escapes and tells the people to light the fires.
The Whore grabs Dean, taunting him, and he grabs the stake and drives it through her chest. Everyone watches the demon leave Leah’s body, and Jane wonders how they will get to paradise now, but Dean warns she’s going to a much different place. Gideon and Castiel get out, Sam wonders how Dean managed to kill the Whore. Dean can’t explain, and Sam wonders if he’s going to something stupid where Michael is concerned.
Sam and dean tend to Gideon, who knows he won’t be okay. Dean leaves Sam before he can stop him, and he winds up at former girlfriend’s, Lisa Braeden. She wonders why he’s there, and he tells her that when he pictures being happy its with her and her son Ben, which breaks my heart a little. Dean deserves to be happy. She invites him in, but he doesn’t go. Things will get bad, the Whore was right there, but he vows to make arrangements with some “people” to keep her safe in exchange for doing what they want, and we all know what that means. Michael just may have earned his meat suit. He kisses her and walks away.


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