Supernatural Recap: Dark Side of the Moon

Dean awakes to masked men. Sam is subdued, and their guns are gone. He quickly recognizes the idiots, I mean hunters, Roy and Walt. They know how Sam started the Apocalypse and they shoot him before he can explain. Roy hesitates when it comes to shooting Dean, who warns him that he will be back and he’ll be pissed. Walt pulls the trigger.
Dean awakes finding himself in the Impala on a country road. A boy comes by with fireworks and Dean recognizes it as Sam and believes himself dreaming. Little Sam urges him to come and light them with him, and Dean remembers when it happened in 1996. Sam runs off to light them, and disappears, and that’s when Dean remembers getting shot. He returns to the Impala and hears Castiel’s voice through the radio. He’s in heaven, and Cas tells him to follow the road before it disappears.
Dean starts driving until he reaches a house in McKinley. Sam is having dinner with an regular American family. Dean arrives and pulls him away, explaining what was happening. Sam figures heaven is a consisted of their best memories, the current being from when he was eleven. Dean turns on the family’s radio to find Cas. Cas appears on TV and explains that Zachariah is looking for them, and plans to put them in their bodies so they can accept their roles as hosts. Cas can’t return to heaven, but the boys need to find Joshua, an angel who talks to God, all they have to do is follow the yellow brick, er, I mean road. And since they have nothing better to do, they decide to find Joshua and deal with God.
The boys leave the house, but the road that brought Dean there is gone. Dean looks through the closets until he finds a race track. He starts it up and they find themselves home. Mary comes in, asks if they’re hungry. In typical mom fashion she makes them lunch. Sam tries to hurry along, but Dean needs a few more minutes with his memory of their lovely mother. The phone rings, and Mary tells John she’s not going to have this conversation. Dean hugs his mother, telling her that both he and his father love her. Sam realizes for the first time that Dean has been cleaning up after their father for a long time, maybe too long. Sam finds a postcard of Route 66.
They find themselves in Sam’s old apartment. Dean thought Sam was dead, and John blamed him when instead he was living it up, in his little run-down apartment, with a dog and a wall of postcards. Dean leaves, and Sam follows, and they find themselves outside an old house at night, which neither recognizes at first. Dean finally realizes it’s from the night Sam abandoned them for college. Sam admits he was happy because he got away from John, but all Dean felt was anguish. A light breaks the tension, adding all new panic, as they run into the woods.
Zachariah turn night into day, calling them out, warning them that they’ll beg to be vessels by the time he’s done with them. The boys run, with Zachariah close behind at each step. They run into a lucha libre who takes them into a old building, drawing a symbol on the door. Inside is the road house, and the lucha libre reveals himself as Ash.
The roadhouse is his personal Heaven, and Heaven is just a combination of personal Heavens linked and crammed together, with the Garden at the center. Most can’t leave their own Heavens, but Ash is one of the few who can, utilizing a police scanner to spy on the angels. He went looking for the boys, and not the first time, though they don’t remember because the angels wiped their memories. And they’re not the only ones he’s been looking for, though he hasn’t been able to find John or Mary Winchester, and he didn’t even know that Ellen and Jo were dead, but he has someone waiting for them. Pamela.
Sam and Ash go to spy on the angels as Dean apologizes for getting her killed. But she’s happy here, and she even suggests that Dean allows Michael to use his body so that more people will end up in Heaven.
Sam and Dean find an access to the Garden and Ash draws more deterrent symbols, but warns that Zachariah will still be watching. The brothers leave through Ash’s portal and find themselves, back at their childhood home, but its different this time.
Mary comes in and Dean tells her she’s not real. She laughs telling him about the night she burned, and starts bleeding. Dean tries to leave, when Mary lashes out at him, blaming him for her death. All the doors and windows suddenly brick over, forcing them to stay. Mary describes graphically how she died, and how everyone eventually leaves him. Zachariah comes in, with his angel mob, overly boastful, enjoying Mary’s memory too much. He’s lost all respect in Heaven and fully intends on taking it out on the boys no matter their answer.
Joshua comes to speak to the boys on God’s orders. Zachariah thinks he’s lying but Joshua warns that God will be back and he won’t be happy if Zachariah disobeys him. Zachariah and his lackeys depart, and Joshua takes the Winchesters to the Garden, which resembles the Cleveland Botanical Gardens.
Joshua tells them that god is on Earth, though he doesn’t know where. God’s message to them is “Back off.” This quarrel isn’t God’s anymore, and he’s intervened enough but putting them on a plane and bringing Castiel back. God will do no more for them. Joshua admits that he’s rooting for them, but he is just a gardener. It’s time to go back, but this time they will remember.
The boys come back to life in their hotel. They call Cas, who wonders if Joshua was lying. Sam doesn’t believe it, and Cas curses God. He gives Dean back the worthless amulet and teleports away. Sam insists that they can find another way, but Dean has lost faith. He tosses away the amulet.


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