Supernatural Recap: The Devil You Know

Two scientists at Niveus Pharmaceuticals prepare and test their vaccines on animals when a janitor comes and jabs one. He locks them in together, and watches as the infected scientist goes mad and attacks the other. Satisfied he leaves.
Dean and Sam poses as CDC agents and visit a hospital where they believe a version of the Croatoan virus has popped up, and ask about violent occurrences. The doctor in charge believes its just swine flu, but it started a day and half ago, the same day statues began crying.
The brothers head back out, briefing Bobby via phone, and trying to figure out what Pestilence is up to. They’re onto their fourth town that he’s passed through, but they still don’t know where he’ll strike next, only that he’s headed east. Crowley pops in on the boys for a little chat. Sam accuses him of setting them up, knowing the colt wouldn’t work on Lucifer, but Crowley insists he wants Lucifer dead. Lucifer now knows Crowley is a threat and he burned his house, ate his tailor, and every demon is out to get him. Not only that but he  knows about the Horsemen rings.
Crowley hid a supernatural listening device, by way of magical coin, on the Impala and had heard everything the boys have said, but more importantly he wants in on their plan to imprison Lucifer, and he knows the stable boy of one of the Horsemen. They just have to catch him and Crowley can persuade him to change sides.
The demon they’re after is Brady, CEO of Niveua Pharmaceuticals. He pushes his staff to produce swine flu vaccines as soon as possible. He cuts the throat of an employee to contact Pestilence and give him a status update on the vaccines.
Sam wonders why they’re trusting Crowley, he is a demon, even if he is a smoking hot one, and even Dean thinks it’s a little insane. Crowley comes in, and tells Sam to stay behind because he’s too eager to kill him. Dean agrees. Sam calls Bobby to see how Bobby resisted the urge to kill when he was possessed, thinking there maybe a chance that he could let Lucifer in long enough to get him into the cage. Bobby insists it was a fluke, a one-in-a-million chance, one that Sam can’t take. There is no way Sam will be able to take control from Lucifer, but Sam insists he’s strong enough even if Bobby doesn’t believe it.
Crowley and Dean head to Niveus. Crowley kills the human guards, much to Dean’s anger. Dean heads up while Crowley stays behind. Dean fights through the demons to get to Brady’s office. Once inside he offers him the Horsemen rings but he has to come get them. But Brady doesn’t want the rings. He wants revenge for what’s been done to War and Famine and he takes his anger out on Dean’s pretty face. Dean makes a run for it, and in the lobby Crowley bags Brady with a devil’s trap and beats him unconscious.
As they drive back, Crowley caves a sigil into Brady’s body to trap him, then he admits that Brady and Sam have history. Dean takes Brady in, and Crowley tries to keep Sam away, but Sam being Sam doesn’t listen and goes to help Dean with the demon. It was Demon Brady who introduced Sam to Jess in college, it was all part of the plan. Sam loses it, and Dean forces him to leave. Sam does, but he still doesn’t trust Crowley.
Meanwhile, Crowley tries to reason with Brady. Lucifer will kill humans and demons in his quest, they’re better off banding together. Brady doesn’t care, he’s dead anyways, and Lucifer will torture Crowley for eternity. Crowley leaves, with a new plan to stir demons up.
Dean goes to the bathroom, and Sam locks him in to get some time with Brady. Brady taunts him, he was the one who put mild-manner Sam back on his downward spiral, he killed Jess to do it. Sam threatens to cut his throat, and Brady invites it before Sam gets himself under control. Sam lets Dean out, and Crowley returns. He’s set Brady up, making it look as though Brady has slaughtered a horde of demons for his lover, Crowley.  However he soon discovers a tracking device, he tosses it at Dean and flashes out.
Dean goes to fortify the house, when hellhounds leap through the windows. He manages to get back to Sam and Brady, when Crowley returns with a hellhound of his own, and unleashes it on the one attacking the boys. As the two hounds fight it out, Dean and Sam get Brady out and drive away with Crowley.
Brady gives Crowley Pestilence’s location, and Crowley leaves him in the hands of the Winchesters. Brady taunts Sam, saying the only difference between them is that Sam’s hell is on Earth. Sam kills him, admitting its an interesting theory.
Back at Bobby’s, he coordinates with Rufus, trying to locate Death. As he finishes his call, Crowley appears. Bobby shoots him, but Crowley is there to help get Death’s ring. He has a spell that will help, but he needs Bobby to make a crossroad’s bargain. Bobby shoots Crowley again, but Crowley promises he’ll return Bobby’s soul, that he needs Bobby to do this to save himself as well, and  Bobby actually considers the sexy demon’s offer.


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