Supernatural Recap: Point of No Return

Zachariah sits at a bar, drinking talking about how he failed in his job. All he needed was one yes, and he couldn’t get it. The ground shakes, and there’s a loud whine, all the other patrons fall to their knees in agony. Zachariah finishes drink as everyone around him die, he’s being given another chance.
Dean is drinking in a motel room, packing away his gear to send to Bobby. He turns and Sam is there. Sam thinks that Dean is planning to kill him by accepting Michael. Dean doesn’t deny it, and doesn’t believe Sam when he says that Bobby has been working on something. But Sam brought help, castile knocks Dean unconscious.
Now at Bobby’s, Bobby tries to get to the bottom of Dean’s issues, why he’s given up. Dean tells him that he’s not his father. Bobby shows Dean the gun and bullet he plans to use to kill himself, and tells him that the only reason he hasn’t gone through with his plan is because he promised Dean he wouldn’t give up. Castiel clutches his head in pain, something is happening.
Castiel flashes to a forest. He kneels examining the ground when he’s attacked by a pair of men. He fights them both off, killing them, and goes back to an object he’s found that’s hidden. A hand emerges from the ground, and Castiel pulls the person free.
Castiel returns with the buried person, Sam and Dean’s brother Adam. He tells the boys how the angels attacked him, he then brands Adam’s ribs with an Enochian sigil to protect him. Sam and Dean try to tell Adam who they are, but he already knows, the angels warned him about them. He demands to speak with Zachariah.
The boys get Adam to open up a little. The angels told Adam that he is the vessel for Michael to defeat the devil. Castiel confirms that since he too is of John’s bloodline, it may be true. Sam isn’t buying the hype, but Adam insists that it true, that angels don’t lie. Sam begs for his trust, but being brothers gain nothing for him. John ignored him, and they aren’t really family. If he does as the angels ask, he’ll see his mother.
Later Adam tries to sneak out, but Sam catches him. Sam tells him that he’s lucky he only saw John once a year, John was protecting him. But Adam would have gone through anything to have more than he got from John. Sam insists that if they knew they had a brother, then he would have found him.
Cas and Sam insist on locking away Dean, but Dean doesn’t want Adam or anyone else dying for him. He’s ready to do what he needs to do, and he knows it’s only a matter of time before Sam goes over to the dark side. Sam walks away.
Dean escapes, and Cas goes to investigate. When he finds Dean, Dean’s drawn a sigil and banishes the angel so he can make a clean get away. Sam soon realizes that something is amiss, and that both Dean and Cas are gone. He leaves Bobby to look after Adam, as he looks for Dean.
Adam dreams about a park where he use to go with his mother when Zachariah appears. He knows that Adam’s with Sam and Dean and that they’re hiding him. He feeds Adam’s fear that the boys can’t protect him, that he isn’t family. But Adam is less sure of it now. The angel asks if he wants to see his mother, but he wakes before he does.
Dean goes to a street preacher, and tells him to notify the angels that he’s ready, but Castiel comes instead.  He gives Dean the butt kicking he’s in need of, telling him that he gave up everything for him, but has gotten nothing. Dean tells Cas to kill him, but he knocks him out instead.
Sam returns, Adam is gone, and Castiel comes back with Dean. He knows where the angels took Adam, its where they once took Dean. Adam is enjoying hamburgers when Zachariah tells him that they plan to dispose of him, that he was just bait. Dean will rescue him, and then he’ll have Dean, everything will be back on track, or that’s what he thinks until he starts coughing up blood.
Dean is back in the safe room, when Sam tells him that Castiel went to do recon to find Adam in the angel room. He uncuffs him because there are too many angels, and he needs help. Dean figures its either a trap or he’ll say yes. Sam leaves it up to him to make the right call. Castiel comes for the boys. He tells them there are five angels guarding Adam, he’ll distract them so they can get Adam out. It’s suicide, but at least he won’t have to watch Dean fail. He goes in with only a box cutter.
Inside, Castiel is attacked, he dispels the first quickly. When the other angels all turn to attack, Cas drops his knife and rips off his shirt exposing a banishing sigil. He activates it, and all of them are banished.
Once the angels are gone, Sam and Dean enter. They find a badly injured Adam inside. Sam tries to stab Zachariah, and gets a gestured back hand for his trouble. With another gesture, Adam and Sam start bleeding, as he starts to explain God’s plan. Dean will accept Michael if Zachariah will stop this torture. Zachariah agrees and summons Michael, but Dean isn’t done with his requests. The room shakes, and Dean gives Sam a saucy wink. He also wants safety for some people, and for Michael to incinerate Zachariah. He scoffs, that Michel will never do the last, which is fine by Dean as he pulls out an angel-killing knife and does it himself.
The room glows and Sam and Dean get out, the door seals shut before they can get Adam. Adam turns towards the glow, and when it goes out, the room is gone and so is everything that was inside it.
The boys drive away wondering if Adam is okay. Dean knows they’ll find him and Cas no matter what. And it’s time for the big heart to heart. Sam asks Dean what changed his mind, because he was ready to say yes. Dean tells him that when he looked at him, he couldn’t let him down. He’s always thought of Sam as his helpless little brother, but he knows he isn’t, that if Sam can have faith in him, he can do the same. Dean’s finally ready to take the fight to the angels.


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