In Review: Blue Moon by Laurell K. Hamilton

Released: 1998                 418  pages                          
Publisher: Ace Books
Format: Paperback

Anita gets out of town, but not for any vacation. Richard, studying Trolls in Tennessee has been accused of rape, and he’s refusing to lawyer up, so Anita runs to the rescue knowing Richard would never force himself on someone nor would he need to, which of course is laden with trouble. The Master of the City of Tennessee denies Anita entry, and sees her coming for any reason, even to save the handsome Richard as an act of war. And someone wants the trolls and Richard’s project off the land.

Anita does get some good advice about the Wereleopards, most of whom accompany her, which should have been common sense. They are a broken group who need to be molded into a more cohesive unit, like the wolves. Asher and Damian also come with her, and their characters are fleshed out more.

Anita’s and Richard’s relationship is explored a little, but Richard is too submissive to Jean-Claude, and I hate him playing second fiddle, he deserves better. Anita also learns more about Jean-Claude, which should raise far more red flags than it does. He’s using her in more ways than she realized. And even knowing that he still has a greater hold on her than Richard can manage.

Anita learns more about the werewolf culture, when she unleashes forces she is unprepared for. And her morals and limits are pushed and stretched to the breaking point as she learns who is behind all the trouble in Tennessee, which also puts her and Richard to the test.

I loved the greater focus on the werewolves, and lesser on Jean-Claude and his manipulations, though they are definitely still there, even when he’s not on the page. There were a couple of really good twists, and some great writing, making this one of my favorites.


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