In Review: Infinity by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Released: 5/25/10 480 pages
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 978-0312599072
Sherrilyn Kenyon’s beloved Dark Hunter series as a young adult novel, I was about as skeptical as they come. I have an intense love hate relationship with young adult novels. It’s not that I need cursing or hard core sex in my stories, I need less angst and more substance, and this is where Sherrilyn Kenyon delivers.
Any reader of the Dark Hunter Series knows Nick Gautier. He’s a dark hunter, but he’s also so much more, and let’s face it he’s sort of a fan favorite. We know some of his history, but there’s still much left unsaid, until now.
Chronicles of Nick does open with some of the back story that we do already know, but it greatly expands on it. His mother, Cherise, is a kind hearted stripper, trying to raise him right, and he’d do anything for her, even if it causes him to be humiliated at school, which is part of the reason for his snarky attitude. He’s really not a bad kid, but he does get into a bit of trouble which results his meeting of Kyrian Hunter.
Frequent readers will already know what happens during that meeting, but that’s just the beginning of the stories, there’s also zombies. Someone is turning members of the student body into zombies, and Nick has to find a way to stop it before he falls victim to it as well. I’ll admit zombies done correctly in any format and I’m in love. Throw in survivalist nut Bubba and one screw loose war veteran Mark, and I’m over the moon.
A love interest for Nick is also introduced, Nekoda Kennedy or Kody as she prefers, but she isn’t in present day books, so where she actually fits in is still left to be seen. In all of her books Kenyon has made it clear, that you can’t change the past. What is suppose to happen will still happen, but someone is definitely tampering with the timeline, so whether or not that statement remains true is still up in the air. There is one meeting in particular, when he meets Simi that is not suppose to happen until much later, but happens now. Maybe he forgets he met her, or maybe its addressed later, but its a little pivotal to the events of the future if you ask me.
There is lots of character development and expanding, on not just on the part of Nick. Other known characters from the Dark Hunter universe are seen; Acheron, young Tad and Tabitha, Kyrian. The plot is well drawn out, and the story was so interesting I could hardly put it down. All the fears about young adult writing were assuaged, and why I hesitated picking this one up seems silly. Chronicles of Nick definitely shows Sherrilyn Kenyon writing at the top of her game.


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