In Review: Narcissus in Chains by Laurell K. Hamilton

Released: 2001                 424  pages                          
Publisher: Berkley Books
Format: Paperback

After spending the last two books out of town, the newest book finds Anita not only in town but also in a whole new heap of trouble. Anita is determined to renew her connection between the men that she’s tied to, Jean-Claude and Richard, and all the people that are connected to them. She continues to grow closer to Jean-Claude, accepting all his flaws, while hold Richard at arm’s length, picking and scrutinizing his every insecurity. No matter what he does it’s not right unless he’s doing exactly what Anita wants.  

And the men aren’t her only problem, especially not when alphas are disappearing from weaker Were groups, and new alphas arrive on the scene shaking up the balance of things. Micah is looking to unite his pard with Anita’s wereleopards, but Jacob is looking to tear Richard’s pack apart. There’s also the ardeur, the power to feed off lust, that Anita only recently discovered that Jean-Claude had infects her when he feeds through her, and now she must feed it as well.

New species are discovered, and Anita’s powers are tested further as she discovers things she never knew she could do. Anita is turning into something she should hate, she’s asking of others what she herself could never do, which should be wrong. She has grown a lot since the series has started, but she takes several steps back. Her selfish streak is widening, and her need for dominance annoying.

And as if one infection isn’t enough, she’s infected a second time by something completely different. There is a lot going on in this one, which makes for an interesting sometimes hard to follow story, and a messy  plot.  Anita’s logic is becoming increasing more illogical, and her morals continue to crumble. Thankfully the epilogue ties up the loose ends that the story hastily wrapped up.


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