Supernatural Recap: Swan Song

Chuck is writing his final story as the Apocalypse looms on the horizon. He talks about the one millionth car GM rolled out, the 1967 Impala, which John Winchester bought after its first owner died, which is where the story begins and ends.
Sam and Dean are throwing back drinks, when Dean finally reveals that he’s finally ready to back Sam, that he’s not a kid anymore and he’s going to stop treating him like one. He assures him that if anyone can pull this off its Sam, he just wants to know if it’s what Sam wants. Sam says it’s his responsibility.
Sam, Dean, Castiel and Bobby go on a demon hunt to collect enough blood for Sam to be able to contain Lucifer. Going over omens, they discover he’s in Detroit. Dean reminds Sam that Lucifer said he’d take him in Detroit, and figures he’s playing him. Their only hope lies in the fact that Lucifer doesn’t know they have all the Horsemen’s rings. Sam makes Dean promise he won’t try to bring him back, that he’ll find Lisa and have a normal happy life, but Dean makes no promises.
The four come to Lucifer’s safe house in Michigan, filled with demons. Bobby tells Sam farewell, to keep fighting Lucifer, and Sam tells Castiel to watch over Bobby and Dean. Sam drinks the remainder of the blood, and together Sam and Dean announce to Lucifer’s cronies they’re there.
Chuck continues to write about the Impala. About the Legos Dean lost in the heating vent, the army man Sam melted in one of ashtrays, all the little blemishes that Dean painstakingly made sure were still there when he rebuilt it, not that Lucifer cares about any of that.
Sam tells Lucifer he came to say yes, killing a demon with a thought, but he wants Lucifer to guarantee the his and Dean’s safety and to bring his parents back. Lucifer reveals he knows about the rings, but he isn’t mad. In fact he’s still all creepy calm. He wants a one on one fight with Sam, and Sam agrees with no other options at hand. There’s a flash of light, then only Sam left, lying on the floor. Dean throws the rings, invocating the spell. The wall cracks, and a vortex begins to pull everything inside is Nothing. Sam wakes up, and Dean tries to get him out, but it isn’t Sam anymore. Lucifer seals the portal and takes the rings, teleporting away.
Lucifer looks at himself in a broken mirror, talking to Sam, whose raging inside. He doesn’t know why Sam is so angry, he’s never fit in with his family. This is where he belongs, and he let Dean live, he’ll even bring back Mary and John back to make Sam happy. Lucifer shows him the people who have gathered, the Yellow-Eyed Demon’s demons. People assigned to keep watch over Sam. He suggests they blow off some steam.
Dean, Bobby, and Castiel watch new reports of the disasters that are happening globally, and Castiel says that there is no hope. Lucifer and Michael will meet for the final battle, but he doesn’t know where. Dean refuses to give up, but none know where to start.
Lucifer sits surrounded by corpses of the demons.
Chuck writes about how sometimes the boys would take a break from everything and just sit under the open sky, watching the stars. He gets a call from Dean, he already knows what has transpired with Sam but even though the angels are trying to keep the location of the final battle under wraps he’s seen it. Stull Cemetery, but that is all he knows.
Bobby asks what Dean is planning. He’s going to Kansas to be with his brother. Castiel warns that he’ll just be going to see Michael kill Sam, but Dean has nothing left to lose and he won’t let Sam die alone.
At the cemetery Lucifer awaits for Michael to arrive, they both admit this fight is a long time coming, though they both wish they didn’t have to do it. Lucifer wonders why, but Michael insists it was Lucifer actions that forced this. Lucifer claims that God did this, he wanted the Devil, though he doesn’t know the point. They’re going to kill each other over one of God’s tests. Michael insists that he is the good son that refuses to rebel, and Lucifer is looking for anyone but himself to blame. Lucifer counters that God laid out their paths he is responsible for his actions. Michael resorts to name calling, saying that Lucifer is a monster. Lucifer taunts him to hit him with his best shot, to do his worse, but before they can do anything, Dean arrives blasting Def Leppard’s Rock of Ages.
Dean gets out, wanting to talk to Lucifer, but both Lucifer and Michael tell him this is no longer his fight. Michael refuses to leave, Castiel arrives throwing a Molotov cocktail filled with holy fire at Michael driving him away. Angered Lucifer pops Cas like a blood bag, and slams Dean into the Impala. Bobby shoots Lucifer twice with the colt, and Lucifer snaps his neck for his trouble. Dean attacks him, desperate to get through to Sam, insisting he won’t leave him. As Lucifer is about to kill Dean, he see the Impala, and all of Sam memories, and Dean.
Sam is back in control. He tells Dean he’ll be okay, then he uses the rings to open the cage. Michael returns still ready to fight his brother and fulfill his destiny. Sam gives Dean one final glance before falling into the cage, taking Michael with him. The cage is sealed in a burst of light.
Bloody and broken Dean kneels in the cemetery. Castiel returns, fully restored in all his angel glory; he’s not God as Dean wonders, but God did bring him back. He heals Dean and resurrects Bobby, then walks away.
Chuck finishes up his story, “Swan Song,” and admits that fans won’t be happy, there will be complaints about flaws, but he can’t do anything about it now. He has to do the hardest part, finish the ending.
Castiel is off to restore order to heaven, he’s not sure it’s what God wants, but it feels right. Dean is angry, vowing to go after God, but Cas points out he got what he wanted: freedom. Chuck writes that Dean took Bobby home, and went to fulfill his promise.
He ends up at Lisa’s door, asking if it’s too late to take her up on her offer for a beer, Lisa tells him its never too late. Chuck wonders the meaning of it all, if it was just a test for the boys, but they did all right, they chose family. He finishes his story, nothing that nothing truly ends and disappears.
Dean and Lisa relax, as creeper Sam watches from the shadows outside their window.


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