Supernatural Recap: Two Minutes To Midnight

An elderly woman is visited by her doctor, Dr. Green aka Pestilence. She sick, and dying, infected with three diseases when he infects her with a fourth. She’s been his petri dish, blending his diseases, and he watches as she dies.
Dean and Sam meet at Bobby’s and Dean is unhappy with Sam’s plan to let Lucifer take him as a vessel. They get a call from Castiel, at a hospital with no memory how he got there, only that his powers are all but drained. He needs money for food, travel and pain medication. He also apologizes for losing faith in Dean.
The boys go after Pestilence where Brady said he’d be, at the Serenity Valley retirement Home. They find him posing as a doctor, but a demon nurse spots them first and warns Pestilence. Pestilence is willing to disobey Lucifer’s orders in order to dispose of the boys. So he activates his ring and embraces the nurse.
The illness spreads through the hospital, affecting everyone including Sam and Dean. They collapse before they can do anything. The demon nurse brings them before Pestilence, and he’s boastful, taunting them with a slow and painful death. Castiel arrives and Pestilence strikes him down, but Cas manages to cut off Pestilence’s finger and kill the nurse. They recover but Pestilence warns them it’s too late before he flashes out.
With Pestilence’s last words still in their heads, they’re back at Bobby’s going over the latest disasters and Death’s whereabouts. When the boys press Bobby to explain how he tracked Death so fast, Crowley appears and makes him come clean. Bobby admits that he traded his soul temporarily to find death, and Crowley has the picture of the kiss that sealed the deal to prove it. They also find out that Crowley refuses to return it until after the Apocalypse is adverted.
As they leave, Sam tells Dean he fears he is too weak to take on Lucifer, but he can’t just do nothing. Crowley breaks up the pity party by showing them a newspaper article. Niveus Pharmaceutical is getting ready to release a vaccine nationwide, and they know it’s really filled with the Croatoan virus.
Death arrives in Chicago, a man rudely shoves past him, Death kills him with a simple gesture of brushing away the dirt from his suit.
The boys split up. Castiel and Bobby, now able to walk thanks to an extra clause Crowley added in their bargain, go with Sam to stop the virus. And Crowley and Dean go to find death. Crowley gives dean a rusty mythical scythe that can kill anything, even death.
Bobby and Sam discuss with Cas, Sam’s plan to overcome Lucifer. Castiel is proud of the boys, they constantly exceed his expectations for them. He warns though that Michael has chosen Adam as his vessel, and that if Sam fails it will be a major catastrophe. To succeed Sam will have to consume massive amounts of demon blood to survive Lucifer merely in his body.
The next morning at Niveus, they stop the first truck from leaving. Sam works to get the humans out, until he realizes that the demons have already infected them, leaving the trio with no choice but to kill the humans. Sam takes off deeper into the building alone.
In Chicago, Crowley goes to locate death via the reapers nearby. When he fails, Crowley eager to leave before the trouble assures Dean he will return Bobby’s soul since he couldn’t hold up his end of the bargain. Dean wonders how he can clear the entire city, when Crowley locates Death in a pizzeria, he tells him the location and high tails it out of there.
Meanwhile Sam clears the building of all but one final infected victim. Bobby is out of bullets when Cas arrives taking the last person down.
Dean enters the pizzeria to find all inside dead. The scythe heats in his hand, and he’s forced to drop it, not that he ever thought he’d have a chance to really use it, once dropped it appears next to death. Death invites him to sit and have pizza with him. Death explains that he is old, perhaps older than God, and that one day he will reap God. When Dean asks why Death hasn’t killed him yet, Death explains that Lucifer, petty child that he is, has bound him by a spell. Death wants Dean to free him, to let Sam jump into the pit, and he will give him his ring. Dean agrees, but Death warns that he cannot cheat his way out.
Dean brings the four rings together, they’re attracted to each other like magnets. Bobby admits that he’s glad to be able to walk again, even if it isn’t forever, and Dean wonders what Death will do when he finds out Dean lied, if they can even trust Death. Bobby tells Dean he believes Sam may be able to pull this off, or die trying and ask Dean if he’s scared of losing, or losing his brother.


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