In Review: The Darkest Lie by Gena Showalter

Released: 6/29/10           448 pages
Publisher: HQN Books
Format: Paperback
ISBN-13: 978-0373774616

The Darkest Lie, the latest in Gena Showalter’s amazing Lord of the Underworld series, was a little jumbled. As the stories have progressed they’ve continually become more complicated. I have full confidence that Ms. Showalter knows where it all leads to, but for the reader it’s a little distracting. At the center of the mess plotline is Gideon, Keeper of Lies, and Scarlet keeper of Nightmares. Gideon’s character has been seen throughout the series, but we finally get a little more back story.
The couple already knows each other, though Gideon doesn’t remember it. And we know what the Lords went through, but heck, Scarlet, who isn’t a lord she’s the daughter of a goddess, has been through the ringer as well. She’s fiery, and stubborn, tenacious and perfect for Gideon. The scenes between the two of them were perfect, the only flaw is the repetition of her inner dialogue. Really this story could have used more scenes between them. They aren’t in lust, they actually build a relationship first, though watching them build it is a little frustrating. On one hand she is such a strong character, but poor Gideon she has a hard time trusting what they have is real.
The ongoing war between the Lords and the hunters is touched upon, but this arc has sort of fallen by the wayside as Godly politics have taken the forefront. The character roster has grown, maybe too much, making relationship development hurried.
There are also two side trips, one where Strider takes an unexpected enemy captive, and the other where Aeron, William, and Amun go to Hell to rescue Legion from Lucifer’s clutches.
The books are in no way standalone. A reader cannot just jump into the series. There is too much going on for that to happen, too many plot points that cannot just mentioned in passing. The book is well written, but it lacks a certain heart in the midst of all the chaos.


True Blood Recap: It Hurts Me Too

Sookie pulls the trigger to shoot the werewolf, but Eric has other plans, jumping in the bullets path. The werewolf seeing the Eric’s blood changes back to human form, attempting to maul Eric. Sookie hears some of his thoughts about Jackson, but he doesn’t give Eric anything, and Eric is forced to kill him.
Lorena continues to smolder as Talbot freaks out about his décor. Russell explains a few courtesies that are to be followed in Mississippi. Bill discovers that it was Lorena was the one that suggested him for the job. Russell urges Bill to turn Sookie to keep her safe, but Bill refuses. Russell maintains that he is forcing her to death and pain. Bill is disheartened by Russell’s attitude.
Eric digs the grave of their fallen werewolf, as Sookie looks on. She scolds him for being hasty in killing the werewolf. But Eric maintains he had no choice since werewolf strength is greatly enhanced by vampire blood, and could have easily overpowered him given the chance. Sookie tells Eric what she’s learned from reading his thoughts, and she finds that he was from Jackson, MS. Sookie asks if she gets in trouble would he feel it. He would but doesn’t believe he could get to her fast enough.
Tara and Mr. Mystery Vamp are taking out some aggression this time in the bedroom. In the throes of passion she begs him to bite her, and he doesn’t.
Recovering from near death, Sam returns to the Mickens’ residence. He and Tommy, draw their lines in the sand. Melinda brings bedding, but Sam is intent on going back home. Melinda says a tearful goodbye, and Sam leaves.
Jason tells Hoyt about his night, and his new destiny. He plans to become a cop.
Tara and her vampire bask in the after glow of sex. As they talk Tara begins to unravel. But Franklin is persistent, Tara runs away.
Pam takes a break tasting the new dancer Ivetta, to calm a freaked out Jessica. They talk in hypothetical and theoretical terms. Pam doesn’t see problem with the missing body, and gets back to what she was doing before they were interrupted, to Ivetta’s delight.
Sam tells Sookie that he has a brother, and they talk about events that happened while he was away. Sookie is planning on leaving for a couple of days to look for Bill. Sookie asks Sam to look after Jessica while she’s gone.
Hoyt quizzes Jason on deputy questions. But Jason cannot answer any of them. Hoyt asks for girl advice, and Jason gives him really bad advice. Jason is determined to find a way around the rest.
Arlene gets a first glimpse of her baby, and finds that it can’t be Terry’s.
Tara gets a call from Mike, and tells her that Eggs’ funeral is today. She hurries to the funeral, only to find the coroner, and her assistant. Sookie tells her that she wanted to give Eggs a real funeral, and it helps to heal their relationship a little and she invites Tara home.
 Flashback to Bill, 1868, he returns home to his wife, Caroline. She weeps for joy, inquiring about their children. His son has just died of the pox. As he mourns over his child, she sees what he’s become. And she loses her mind. Lorena stops her from running, asking him if this is his doing. Although she releases her, Caroline is inconsolable, begging for death. Lorena takes control of her.
Jason attempts to take the deputy test, but its all foreign to him, and he’s unable to concentrate, seeing a bullet hole in Bud’s and everyone else’s head. Lafayette wakes him up, and Hoyt finds a headless body.
Sookie returns home, cleaning up blood from the werewolf last night. She hears a voice before she sees the handsome giant who introduces himself as Alcide Herveaux, 6’5 inches of pure deliciousness. He’s a werewolf sent by Eric to assist her.
The Mickens’ show up, surprising Sam with a visit, they immediately make themselves at home.
The police look at the body that was found. Both head and hands have been removed, likely ripped off, possibly by a vampire. Bud Deerborn quits, hes got gaps in his brains and polyps in his ass.
Alcide and Sookie talk a little. Alcide confirms that she’s telepathic. Alcide has come to clear his father’s debt. Alcide has a lot of distaste for the pack they’re gonna infiltrate, but he’s willing to help.
Still in the Past, Bill talks with Caroline. She asks if Lorena is his wife, or if she’ll kill her. Bill claims that he will not allow Lorena to. Caroline begs for him to kill her, and Lorena tells him to make her forget. Finally Bill has to glamour her and make her forget he was there. As he buries his son Lorena tells him the only way to show a human he loves them is to stay away. Bill awakens in tears.
Cooter is upset that his wolf still hasn’t come back. He’s sure theres been trouble. Lorena tells Russell that Eric is likely behind it, he has an unhealthy interest in the waitress. Bill interrupts retracting his loyalty to Queen Sophie Anne, and pledging his allegiance to Russell. Russell tells him that they no longer need Sookie, much to Lorena’s dismay.
Jason fumbles along, trying to give Tara comfort, and a shoulder if she needs it. He’s guilt stricken, and sorry, and Tara tells him its not his fault, but Jason knows different and leaves.
Eric arrives with a shiny new convertible at Lafayette’s. Lafayette is immediately on edge, but Eric claims it’s a gift for his best salesman. Eric sees bigger things in his future even if Lafayette claims he doesn’t want those. Eric leaves the proposition open and flies away.
Terry thinks that Arlene is breaking up with him, when she’s trying to tell him she’s pregnant. When she finally tells him, he’s overjoyed as he assumes its his, and she doesn’t have the heart to tell him otherwise.
Sam finds an underaged Tommy throwing back shots, when he comments a drunk Joe Lee takes offense. As the exchange becomes heated, Melinda takes the boys out of Merlotte’s.
Jessica comes face to face with Franklin, he tells her that he finds things, anything that needs finding. He taunts he asking if she has anything like that. She answers Bill, but that’s not who he was referring to. And when she doesn’t answer, he pulls out Mr. Trucker’s head. Franklin needs her help gather information about Bill.
Sam awakens to an alarm, armed he goes into Merlotte’s to find a bird in his office. It flies away, and he sees his safe wide open.
Alcide takes Sookie into Lou Pines, the oldest Were bar in Mississippi, where Sookie sticks out. They split up, since no one will talk around Alcide, and he urges her to make it quick. Sookie quickly finds a wolf who was there when Bill was taken, and she  allows him to take her to a back room as she tries to get more information out of him, but is quickly in trouble. Alcide runs to her rescue, getting into a fight that the bouncer breaks up. After which, he breaks it to Alcide that his former girlfriend is engaged to Cooter.
Franklin tracks down Tara. He tries to gain entry, and at first she refuses, until Franklin pulls Tara under his spell. She invites him in.
Lorena congratulates Bill on  winning Russell’s trust. After some harsh truths, she goads him into some rough sex even as he swears that he will never, and it quickly becomes very twisted sex.


In Review: Laughing Corpse 3: Executioner by Laurell K. Hamilton

Released: 6/9/10             120 pages
Publisher: Marvel
Format: Hardcover
ISBN-13: 978-0785136347

The third and final installment of the Laughing Corpse, this edition complies the last ten issues. While the action in the series is always heavy towards in Mrs. Hamilton’s series, Anita spends much of the comics getting kicked around.

I honestly cannot remember her getting her butt handed to her so often in the book, but she clearly does in the comic. It opens with her trading insults with Dominga, a bad voodun priestess. You’d think she could control herself maybe a little, but no not our Anita. Shortly after she’s attacked by a zombie, who she doesn’t put away in short order, she has to be saved with some guys with flamethrowers. So much for not being a damsel.

With Dominga’s little pet disposed of, there’s still Harold Gaynor to take care of, he’s in cahoots with Dominga, and at odds with Anita. But Anita will power through, or pull it out of a hat.

Anita does get some fighting done, but I don’t feel that this story translated as well into the comic format. Laurell K.Hamilton is really good at telling a story without it being weighed down with dialogue, but in this format the dialogue seems cheesy, and the story really too slow to keep the reader enthralled.

The artwork is consistent, but nothing spectacular. If nothing else, it seems as rushed as the story line was.


True Blood Recap: Beautifully Broken

Bill starts the episode off by going all Tyson on one of the wolves, three others lie dead. When the King of Mississippi comes, he’s the one who asked for Bill to brought. Unhappy with Mr. Compton’s handling he kills one of the wolves to make a point, and he and Bill go riding off into the night.
Lafayette has his hands full with Tara, breaking down the door, and inducing her to vomit. Lottie gets in his way, praising Jesus. But Lafayette will save Tara whether or not she wants to be saved.
Sookie takes her discovery to Eric. Eric  fills her in on his knowledge of werewolves, he doesn’t want her to proceed down this path because he says her life is too valuable to wait. In the ladies room Pam and  Jessica go over Feeding 101. Pam shares her trick in stopping “crying children in soggy diapers, and maggots.” Jessica finally asks what to do with a corpse. Eric continues to try to talk Sookie out of looking for Bill, she starts crying, and Eric feels “human.” He has a Godrric flashback to Nazi Germany. They’re soldiers of the time, another soldier comes across a woman asking for help. When she attacks, Eric and Godric come and capture the werewolf.
Russell rides home with Bill, introducing him to his lover Talbot. Russell claims that Bill isn’t a captive, but a guest whose free to leave after he’s heard his proposal. As they leave, Talbot remarks that he’s a challenge, and Russell says “I may have to bring in the girl.”
Lafayette and Tara have a heart to heart on the side of the road. She’s afraid of being locked away, but Lafayette isn’t willing to give up on her even if he needs to drag her back to sanity. He takes to something she needs to see.
When Jessica and Sookie return home, they find Hoyt waiting. Sookie urges Jessica to be gentle with him. Jessica does her best to drive Hoyt away, but he justifies her biting his momma. He understands why she did it, but Jessica is guilt stricken over her trucker. Jessica goes to lie with her mistake as the sun rises.
Back home, Sookie knees her brother in the junk. Jason’s come to help clean up Nan’s house, when Sookie breaks down. Sookie catches Jason up as they clean, about all the monster that are real. She says she keeps expecting Bill to walk through the door and say “Sookeh.” Sookie confesses that she’s the one who told Eggs and therefore caused his death. Jason tries to comfort her, without telling her he’s the one who killed him.
Sam awakens to a shotgun in his face. Tommy takes him inside, and he talks to his birth parents for the first time in his life. Melinda realizes quickly that he’s her son, and Tommy learns he has a brother.
Outside of work Sookie gets a glimpse of a werewolf trailing her, she hears his thoughts and gives chase. Terry follows to assist her, following his tracks.
Tara freaks out when Lafayette takes her to a mental hospital, but its not to commit her as Tara at first believes. Lafayette brought her to see his mother, and he meets Jesus, one of his mother’s nurses. She claims that God killed Lafayette, but he keeps coming back. When she sees Tara she says that God killed her too, and Tara sadly replies almost.
Andy Bellefleur gives a press conference in regards to Marianne’s victims, when Jason pokes his head around. Andy attempts to chase Jason off.
Terry wants to contact Andy in regards to the man in the woods, but Sookie urges him not to. Terry gives her a gun, awkwardly telling her he’d miss her if she were dead.
Melinda tells Sam the circumstances of why she gave him up. Sam tells them that he had a good life till he was fifteen, when his parents abandoned him. She wasn’t sure he’d be a shifter since his father isn’t one, but she and Tommy are also shifters.
Tara finally sees why Lafayette brought her to see his mother. There is darkness in their family he says, but they can’t give up. He doesn’t want her to end up like his mother or hers. He threatens that if she pulls another stunt like that again she’ll be rooming next to Ruby Jean.
Sam attempts to bond with his brother, whose prickly as hell, thinking that Sam had a better life than he did. Sam doesn’t know how to deal with family anymore than he does. As they strip down to change, Sam sees all the scars that cover Tommy’s back. Sam changes into a collie, while Tommy changes into a pit bull.
Jessica calls to rent a chainsaw. As she gets Mr.Truckers wallet she sees a picture of him and a child, she pauses for a moment before spraying him with Lysol.
Russell, Talbot and Bill sit and dine. Russell invites him to become a Sherriff in his territory, but Bill knows there’s more to his kidnapping than just a job offer. Russell tells him that he plans to marry the Queen, though the Queen is currently resisting.
Andy receives a round of applause as the patrons of Merlotte’s sees the press conference. Jason’s a little upset about the attention Andy is receiving. Andy tries to lift Jason’s spirits.
Out on a run, Tommy nearly gets Sam hit by a car. Sam narrowly misses getting hit, as Tommy turns into a bird and flies away.
A mystery man enters the Compton house, riffling through Bill’s hidden papers, which contain clippings, pictures and a family tree all of Ms. Sookie Stackhouse. Sookie awaits in the dark, her gun drawn waiting for trouble, when Eric arrives. She tells Eric of the werewolf. Eric has another flashback of the time in Nazi Germany with  Godric and the pinned werewolf. He wants her master, and she says she’ll give him up for some of Eric’s blood. Godric urges Eric not to do it, but he does anyways. She tells him that her master is a vampire, and when she breaks free they kill her. Eric risks everything to tell Sookie all of this, he tells her to invite him so he can protect her, as he tantalizes her.
Russell reveals that Sophie Anne sent Bill to Bon Temps, he pauses too long before denying it. He claims he’s not privy to any information that could help Russell. But Russell balks, leading him to dangle Sookie’s wellbeing in front of Bill, which gets just the reaction Russell wanted.
Lafayette drags Tara to work with him. Terry confronts Arlene with reasons that she can trust him with her kids. As if we didn’t love Terry enough already. He continues to read to her, even as she runs back to the bathroom, vomiting.
A mystery guy tries to make small talk with Tara. He asks her for a tru blood, she asks if he’s a friend of Bill Compton, but he isn’t.
Jessica returns home with a chainsaw, but her body is gone.
Andy drives Jason home in a squad car, and he enjoys riding in the front seat too much. Andy gets a call sending them out to Hotshot, to bust a meth lab. Calvin Norris tries to distract them as others get away, and Jason spots a girl. He follows her into the bushes unable to take his eyes off her as she runs away.  And one of Calvin’s people run straight towards him. Jason tackles him, delighting in the fact he’s caught a criminal.
Tara sits alone drinking, as some drunks piss on the spot Eggs died. Tara starts a fight with them, and the vampire from inside comes to assist her.
Bill maintains that Sookie  has nothing to do with this. Talbot comments on how romantic it is, Lorena arrives maintaining its instead delusional. Outraged at her appearance Bill throws an oil lamp at her, lighting her up.
Eric taunts Sookie with words of matrimony. He continues to taunt her even as he tells her to invite him in, hearing something inside he forces her to invite him in. She does, and there’s a werewolf inside. Eric bares his fangs in preparation, and Sookie pulls the trigger.


In Review: The Darkest Passion by Gena Showalter

Released 5/25/10     448 pages
Publisher HQN Books
Format: Paperback

The keeper of Wraith and an Angel falling in love? If never in a million years was your answer, you’d be so wrong. In Gena Showalter’s latest Lords of the Underworld she pairs these two unlikely people together, and sits back and watches the sparks fly.

Aeron has always been one of my favorites, in past novels he has shown both loyalty and unwavering strength. He is acerbic, but there is more than just the gruffness. He doesn’t want or need Olivia, and he makes it clear. His surrogate daughter Legion is all he needs. But Olivia sacrificed everything to get to know this man she is suppose to kill, and he need to do that grated on my nerves just a bit. She spied on him, and now that she’s vulnerable and decides that she wants him he’s just suppose to fall down on his knees?

Olivia is probably the least likable of all the heroines that Ms. Showalter has written to date. It’s not that she’s weak, but whinny, which may just be worse. She was his intended assassin until she decided she loved him. Stalker much? And now she’s desperate to bed him, because someone else is coming to do the job she couldn’t. She has no powers, or apparent brains. And she constantly cries, seriously in what universe does a guy like Aeron fall for this?
Well, this is a romance novel, so the world throws conflict at them, and they do fall in love.  The wit and character interaction are what really hold the story together. Aeron is just as hard headed as Wraith and some of the conversations were priceless.  The writing seemed flawless, following the typical pattern  Ms. Showalter has displayed before the tragic climax, leading to the last resort sacrifice, and ultimately followed by the happy ending, but the happy ending is sort of ruined by horrific findings. I understand it opens the platform up for further books, but throwing so much information at readers at so late in the stage, literally the last chapter, really kills the book. It felt incomplete, like it was just added on as an ‘oh by the way.’ Overall the ending made me feel cheated.


True Blood Recap: Bad Blood

The third season of True Blood picks up right where season three left off. Bill Compton has been kidnapped, and Sookie is left screaming “Beel.” Jason is having violent flashbacks of Eggs’ death, and Tara is crying over Eggs’ body. Jessica finds a second of awe when she finds the flowers Hoyt left her, right before she drags in the gasping body of her trucker. And finally we see Bill, in a car of thugs “the Fuck you Crew”, bound by silver. And roll the entrance on another great season.
Deputy Kenya Jones interviews Sookie about Bill’s disappearance, Sookie believes that he’s been kidnapped, but Kenya says it looks like a man whose lost his temper and left, because who the hell runs to the bathroom before deciding to say yes to a marriage proposal, apparently Sookie does.
Arlene is going over her statement in regards to Eggss death, Andy looks on filled with guilt. Terry is awkwardly cute, trying to offer comfort. I just wanna give Terry a hug. He and Andy share a little “I Love You” moment as Arlene rambles about the importance of Police. Tara loses it, and Lafayette ever the voice of reason takes her away.
Jessica’s trucker breathes his last breath, calling her a whore. When Sookie comes in, spilling the beans that Bill is missing. Alone with the corpse, Jessica fool heartedly attempts to be a maker.
Back to Bill and the FUC, they’re busy happily lap up Bill’s blood, and swerving all over the road.
Andy and Jason conspire to cover up Eggs’ death. Andy gives him one hell of a pep talk. Andy tell him to go out and get tail, but Jason in his childlike way says “That’s old Jason. I want to be new Jason.” Andy tells him “conscious off, dick on, and everything’s gonna be alright.”
Finally Sookie heads to Fangtasia, and we get our first glimpse of Pam and her lesbian weirdness. She half heartedly stops Sookie from seeing what’s indisposing Eric, and amidst the moaning and vampiric speed pounding of flesh on flesh is Eric in all his naked glory. Eric in all his naked glory has a little chat with Sookie about Bill’s disappearance. Although Eric has no love for Bill, because he is Sherriff of the area he is duty bound to find him.
The FUC continues to be a road hazard when Mr. Compton breaks free, taking the driver by surprise, snapping his neck, the car rolls down hill off the side of the road. Bill crawls out of the wreckage, calling to Jessica. She hears him, and awakes from her nap with her corpse, whose still dead.
Sookie comes home to Lafayette and Tara, and she hears for the first time what happened to Eggs. Sookie has to admit that she was the one that let him see what happened when he was under Marianne’s control. Tara is outraged, but Sookie had no clue what he was going to see or do, and she’s not exactly having a good day herself. Lafayette is forced to drag Tara away.
Eric speaks on the phone to Mr. Rubin. Apparently someone grabbed Bill before Eric’s men could, and he is not pleased at all. Pam tries to reason with him, urging him to call the Eric to call the Queen, but Eric thinks it’s a bad idea since he has no idea where Bill is. But poses the question of what she’ll do when she finds out from someone else. Headstrong Eric, fails to listen, potentially dooming them both.
Sam looks up the name Mickens, when Bill comes to his hotel room. Bill’s found him through the blood they shared last season. He asks if he can use Sam’s shower, Sam of course lets him. He asks for a shirt, and although Sam hasn’t packed anything, he gives him the shirt off his back. Bill says he’ll take what he can get, ogling Sam in the process, he goes to take a shower, asking Sam if he’d care to join him. Sam hesitates with his answer, before saying he thinks he would. Bill lays the innuendo on thick as the phone rings, Sam awakes just before they kiss. Sam gets a call from Audrey, about the location of his parents, and his brother.     
 Hoyt and Jason debate on whether complete Truth is good or bad. Hoyt is angry that his mother hid his father’s suicide from him, he opens up to him, finally asking to crash with Jason when he doesn’t get the subtle hints. Jason agrees.
Lottie Mae comes to take care of Tara, when Lafayette needs to go to work. She’s still all praise the Lord for returning  her daughter to her, when Lafayette tries to drill some sense to her. She apologizes for shooting at him, but he tells her that bridge ain’t never gonna happen.
Sookie has come to annoy another person about Bill’s disappearance. This time its Sherriff Deerborn she’s sassing. She’s pointing accusations, claiming its Lorena whose taken Bill though she has no evidence, not a whisper. But she does give Bud a little bit to think about, making it clear that if no one else will look for him she will, because he’s worth something to her.
Sam goes to where his brother works, talks to Tommy, who claims to be someone else. Sam tries to get a rise out of him, knowing that he’s not telling the whole truth.
Reverend Daniels instills his gospel on Tara at Lottie Mae’s request, telling her that all of Marianne’s wickness was just God’s way of leading her back to her momma. This man is just as delusional as her momma. As Lottie Mae tells Tara “It’s just you and me” the hope dies in her eyes.
Bill climbs out from beneath the dirt where he spend the day. Sniffing around as he frees himself.
Jessica’s corpse is still dead, and he’s starting to get more than a little smelly. Hoyt calls, and they both share an I miss you moment, but as Hoyt bumbles along, Jessica is still having a little crisis and has no time to play all love struck, she’s suck being all angsty vampire and hangs up.
Ivetta takes the stage performing for throne bound Eric when the Queen and Magister come in. The Queen clears the club, because she’s bugged the office and they need privacy. Magister relays the trouble going on in the state, Louisiana is quickly becoming the V capital of the world, and unbeknownst to him the Queen is largely behind it, needing the money badly. He does suggest that a vampire is behind it, putting Eric on the line to look for the culprit.
Arlene realizes she’s pregnant when she can taste the pinch of cinnamon in Lafayette’s chili. Hoyt and Jason pick up a pair of girls.
Eric isn’t as relieved as the Queen is when the Magister leaves, he knows the Magister suspects something. The Queen tells him to sell off all the V, she wants the product moved, and all tracks covered. She pins Eric to the wall, baring her fangs when he suggests delay, but she does not relent in her command. Eric finally tells her that Bill is missing, but she doesn’t care, she wants the blood gone, even if he does know about the selling of V.
Pam delivers Sookie’s money, when Pam gets a shiver, and learns that a maker can call their protégé psychically. Sookie heads back to Jessica.
Pam delivers a stash of V to Lafayette, telling him to sell if off by nightfall tomorrow. He makes the mistake of calling her hookah, and Pam delivers the best line of the episode: “I don’t know what it is about me that makes people think I want to hear their problems, maybe I smile too much, maybe I wear too much pink, but please remember I can rip your throat out if I need to and also know I am not a hooker, that was a long, long time ago.”
Bill wanders down a road, coming upon a house, as Sookie talks to Jessica about a Maker’s call. They head out to find the place she felt. Bill comes upon an elderly woman, she comments that he looks hungry, and he feeds upon her.
Lottie Mae makes a pass at the reverend as she thanks him for helping her child. Tara says she needs a shower, but as she sits in the bathroom with the water running, her thoughts are elsewhere.
Sam follows Tommy home, and confirms that he was indeed lying, as he watches his birth parents.
They take them home, but Hoyt has no interest in them. Jason tries to get frisky with them, but he can’t cause he keeps picturing them with bullet holes in their heads. Both girls take that as their cue to take to the hills.
Bill glamours the elderly woman, Olivia to make her forget him, gleaning information from her, before giving her memories of her son, Stanley. Bill rushes out amidst howls.
Lafayette  comes home, angered that that Lottie allowed  Tara to be by himself, and with good reason too. She’s busy in the bathroom gulping down pills.
Jessica and Sookie locate the car that Bill was in. There’s one dead body inside, and he has an Operation Werewolf brand on his neck. The episode closes with wolves surrounded by growling wolves warning them that he’s fed.


In Review: Bullet by Laurell K. Hamilton

Released: June 1, 2010,   368 pages
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Berkley Hardcover
ISBN: 9780425234334

After the novella Flirt I was excited to finally get a full length book. The last few books, have been well all about the sex, and while this one still does contain some sex, we're starting to get back on track. I'm willing to take the baby steps, if we get back to quality writing.

The Mother of All Darkness is back, because did anyone really think that she was gone when her body was destroyed? Ha! And thank goodness for that. Along with the trouble she brings, and because of it, so is the Police work. So Anita has more to do than just lie in bed with her bevy of lovers.

We see a few old characters, but not the ones that are really missed, like Dolph. And Richard,  is baaack. I know I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I am a Richard girl, and saying that I'm both happy and feeling a little off about him on the canvas. Richard over his hang-ups with like a snap of the fingers kinda rankles at me a bit, because well, he's too good for Anita, and he got over his issues way too fast. But as long as there isn't a dramatic relapse I'll take it, anything for more Richard, so long as he doesn't become her bitch boy.

And there are tigers, we've seen a lot of tigers in the last few books, and there seems to be no end in sight, there are new guys, both good and bad, and new alliances are formed  as everyone scrambles for cover in the war against Mommie Dearest.

The imagery is always great, the plotting has some holes in logic, but it's nice to see the story come shining through all the sex, and this one leaves the scene wide open for greatness. I only hope that Laurell capitalizes on it.


In Review: My Soul to Keep by Rachel Vincent

Released: 6/1/10 304 pages
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0373210053

Kaylee and Rachel Vincent seem back on track. Unlike the last book where although the stakes were high, Kaylee really had no reason except wanting to help to put herself on the line, the complete opposite is true.

A new drug is hooking and killing her fellow classmates, and as she gets closer to discovering who and what is behind it she uncovers a dark secret that may just rip apart the happy world she's just getting ready to know. The betrayal and anger run so deeply that nothing can be the same after this. Memories are precious and what becomes of us when we squander them?

The plotting is extra tight on this one, and the clues are so subtle that they are easily overlooked. And although this is a very good read, it is not a standalone book, each book in this series builds off the other, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. What was bad was the ending. Cliffhangers are all wonderful and all, but this one was so overwhelming that the book felt wholly unfinished.


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