True Blood Recap: Bad Blood

The third season of True Blood picks up right where season three left off. Bill Compton has been kidnapped, and Sookie is left screaming “Beel.” Jason is having violent flashbacks of Eggs’ death, and Tara is crying over Eggs’ body. Jessica finds a second of awe when she finds the flowers Hoyt left her, right before she drags in the gasping body of her trucker. And finally we see Bill, in a car of thugs “the Fuck you Crew”, bound by silver. And roll the entrance on another great season.
Deputy Kenya Jones interviews Sookie about Bill’s disappearance, Sookie believes that he’s been kidnapped, but Kenya says it looks like a man whose lost his temper and left, because who the hell runs to the bathroom before deciding to say yes to a marriage proposal, apparently Sookie does.
Arlene is going over her statement in regards to Eggss death, Andy looks on filled with guilt. Terry is awkwardly cute, trying to offer comfort. I just wanna give Terry a hug. He and Andy share a little “I Love You” moment as Arlene rambles about the importance of Police. Tara loses it, and Lafayette ever the voice of reason takes her away.
Jessica’s trucker breathes his last breath, calling her a whore. When Sookie comes in, spilling the beans that Bill is missing. Alone with the corpse, Jessica fool heartedly attempts to be a maker.
Back to Bill and the FUC, they’re busy happily lap up Bill’s blood, and swerving all over the road.
Andy and Jason conspire to cover up Eggs’ death. Andy gives him one hell of a pep talk. Andy tell him to go out and get tail, but Jason in his childlike way says “That’s old Jason. I want to be new Jason.” Andy tells him “conscious off, dick on, and everything’s gonna be alright.”
Finally Sookie heads to Fangtasia, and we get our first glimpse of Pam and her lesbian weirdness. She half heartedly stops Sookie from seeing what’s indisposing Eric, and amidst the moaning and vampiric speed pounding of flesh on flesh is Eric in all his naked glory. Eric in all his naked glory has a little chat with Sookie about Bill’s disappearance. Although Eric has no love for Bill, because he is Sherriff of the area he is duty bound to find him.
The FUC continues to be a road hazard when Mr. Compton breaks free, taking the driver by surprise, snapping his neck, the car rolls down hill off the side of the road. Bill crawls out of the wreckage, calling to Jessica. She hears him, and awakes from her nap with her corpse, whose still dead.
Sookie comes home to Lafayette and Tara, and she hears for the first time what happened to Eggs. Sookie has to admit that she was the one that let him see what happened when he was under Marianne’s control. Tara is outraged, but Sookie had no clue what he was going to see or do, and she’s not exactly having a good day herself. Lafayette is forced to drag Tara away.
Eric speaks on the phone to Mr. Rubin. Apparently someone grabbed Bill before Eric’s men could, and he is not pleased at all. Pam tries to reason with him, urging him to call the Eric to call the Queen, but Eric thinks it’s a bad idea since he has no idea where Bill is. But poses the question of what she’ll do when she finds out from someone else. Headstrong Eric, fails to listen, potentially dooming them both.
Sam looks up the name Mickens, when Bill comes to his hotel room. Bill’s found him through the blood they shared last season. He asks if he can use Sam’s shower, Sam of course lets him. He asks for a shirt, and although Sam hasn’t packed anything, he gives him the shirt off his back. Bill says he’ll take what he can get, ogling Sam in the process, he goes to take a shower, asking Sam if he’d care to join him. Sam hesitates with his answer, before saying he thinks he would. Bill lays the innuendo on thick as the phone rings, Sam awakes just before they kiss. Sam gets a call from Audrey, about the location of his parents, and his brother.     
 Hoyt and Jason debate on whether complete Truth is good or bad. Hoyt is angry that his mother hid his father’s suicide from him, he opens up to him, finally asking to crash with Jason when he doesn’t get the subtle hints. Jason agrees.
Lottie Mae comes to take care of Tara, when Lafayette needs to go to work. She’s still all praise the Lord for returning  her daughter to her, when Lafayette tries to drill some sense to her. She apologizes for shooting at him, but he tells her that bridge ain’t never gonna happen.
Sookie has come to annoy another person about Bill’s disappearance. This time its Sherriff Deerborn she’s sassing. She’s pointing accusations, claiming its Lorena whose taken Bill though she has no evidence, not a whisper. But she does give Bud a little bit to think about, making it clear that if no one else will look for him she will, because he’s worth something to her.
Sam goes to where his brother works, talks to Tommy, who claims to be someone else. Sam tries to get a rise out of him, knowing that he’s not telling the whole truth.
Reverend Daniels instills his gospel on Tara at Lottie Mae’s request, telling her that all of Marianne’s wickness was just God’s way of leading her back to her momma. This man is just as delusional as her momma. As Lottie Mae tells Tara “It’s just you and me” the hope dies in her eyes.
Bill climbs out from beneath the dirt where he spend the day. Sniffing around as he frees himself.
Jessica’s corpse is still dead, and he’s starting to get more than a little smelly. Hoyt calls, and they both share an I miss you moment, but as Hoyt bumbles along, Jessica is still having a little crisis and has no time to play all love struck, she’s suck being all angsty vampire and hangs up.
Ivetta takes the stage performing for throne bound Eric when the Queen and Magister come in. The Queen clears the club, because she’s bugged the office and they need privacy. Magister relays the trouble going on in the state, Louisiana is quickly becoming the V capital of the world, and unbeknownst to him the Queen is largely behind it, needing the money badly. He does suggest that a vampire is behind it, putting Eric on the line to look for the culprit.
Arlene realizes she’s pregnant when she can taste the pinch of cinnamon in Lafayette’s chili. Hoyt and Jason pick up a pair of girls.
Eric isn’t as relieved as the Queen is when the Magister leaves, he knows the Magister suspects something. The Queen tells him to sell off all the V, she wants the product moved, and all tracks covered. She pins Eric to the wall, baring her fangs when he suggests delay, but she does not relent in her command. Eric finally tells her that Bill is missing, but she doesn’t care, she wants the blood gone, even if he does know about the selling of V.
Pam delivers Sookie’s money, when Pam gets a shiver, and learns that a maker can call their protégé psychically. Sookie heads back to Jessica.
Pam delivers a stash of V to Lafayette, telling him to sell if off by nightfall tomorrow. He makes the mistake of calling her hookah, and Pam delivers the best line of the episode: “I don’t know what it is about me that makes people think I want to hear their problems, maybe I smile too much, maybe I wear too much pink, but please remember I can rip your throat out if I need to and also know I am not a hooker, that was a long, long time ago.”
Bill wanders down a road, coming upon a house, as Sookie talks to Jessica about a Maker’s call. They head out to find the place she felt. Bill comes upon an elderly woman, she comments that he looks hungry, and he feeds upon her.
Lottie Mae makes a pass at the reverend as she thanks him for helping her child. Tara says she needs a shower, but as she sits in the bathroom with the water running, her thoughts are elsewhere.
Sam follows Tommy home, and confirms that he was indeed lying, as he watches his birth parents.
They take them home, but Hoyt has no interest in them. Jason tries to get frisky with them, but he can’t cause he keeps picturing them with bullet holes in their heads. Both girls take that as their cue to take to the hills.
Bill glamours the elderly woman, Olivia to make her forget him, gleaning information from her, before giving her memories of her son, Stanley. Bill rushes out amidst howls.
Lafayette  comes home, angered that that Lottie allowed  Tara to be by himself, and with good reason too. She’s busy in the bathroom gulping down pills.
Jessica and Sookie locate the car that Bill was in. There’s one dead body inside, and he has an Operation Werewolf brand on his neck. The episode closes with wolves surrounded by growling wolves warning them that he’s fed.


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