True Blood Recap: It Hurts Me Too

Sookie pulls the trigger to shoot the werewolf, but Eric has other plans, jumping in the bullets path. The werewolf seeing the Eric’s blood changes back to human form, attempting to maul Eric. Sookie hears some of his thoughts about Jackson, but he doesn’t give Eric anything, and Eric is forced to kill him.
Lorena continues to smolder as Talbot freaks out about his d├ęcor. Russell explains a few courtesies that are to be followed in Mississippi. Bill discovers that it was Lorena was the one that suggested him for the job. Russell urges Bill to turn Sookie to keep her safe, but Bill refuses. Russell maintains that he is forcing her to death and pain. Bill is disheartened by Russell’s attitude.
Eric digs the grave of their fallen werewolf, as Sookie looks on. She scolds him for being hasty in killing the werewolf. But Eric maintains he had no choice since werewolf strength is greatly enhanced by vampire blood, and could have easily overpowered him given the chance. Sookie tells Eric what she’s learned from reading his thoughts, and she finds that he was from Jackson, MS. Sookie asks if she gets in trouble would he feel it. He would but doesn’t believe he could get to her fast enough.
Tara and Mr. Mystery Vamp are taking out some aggression this time in the bedroom. In the throes of passion she begs him to bite her, and he doesn’t.
Recovering from near death, Sam returns to the Mickens’ residence. He and Tommy, draw their lines in the sand. Melinda brings bedding, but Sam is intent on going back home. Melinda says a tearful goodbye, and Sam leaves.
Jason tells Hoyt about his night, and his new destiny. He plans to become a cop.
Tara and her vampire bask in the after glow of sex. As they talk Tara begins to unravel. But Franklin is persistent, Tara runs away.
Pam takes a break tasting the new dancer Ivetta, to calm a freaked out Jessica. They talk in hypothetical and theoretical terms. Pam doesn’t see problem with the missing body, and gets back to what she was doing before they were interrupted, to Ivetta’s delight.
Sam tells Sookie that he has a brother, and they talk about events that happened while he was away. Sookie is planning on leaving for a couple of days to look for Bill. Sookie asks Sam to look after Jessica while she’s gone.
Hoyt quizzes Jason on deputy questions. But Jason cannot answer any of them. Hoyt asks for girl advice, and Jason gives him really bad advice. Jason is determined to find a way around the rest.
Arlene gets a first glimpse of her baby, and finds that it can’t be Terry’s.
Tara gets a call from Mike, and tells her that Eggs’ funeral is today. She hurries to the funeral, only to find the coroner, and her assistant. Sookie tells her that she wanted to give Eggs a real funeral, and it helps to heal their relationship a little and she invites Tara home.
 Flashback to Bill, 1868, he returns home to his wife, Caroline. She weeps for joy, inquiring about their children. His son has just died of the pox. As he mourns over his child, she sees what he’s become. And she loses her mind. Lorena stops her from running, asking him if this is his doing. Although she releases her, Caroline is inconsolable, begging for death. Lorena takes control of her.
Jason attempts to take the deputy test, but its all foreign to him, and he’s unable to concentrate, seeing a bullet hole in Bud’s and everyone else’s head. Lafayette wakes him up, and Hoyt finds a headless body.
Sookie returns home, cleaning up blood from the werewolf last night. She hears a voice before she sees the handsome giant who introduces himself as Alcide Herveaux, 6’5 inches of pure deliciousness. He’s a werewolf sent by Eric to assist her.
The Mickens’ show up, surprising Sam with a visit, they immediately make themselves at home.
The police look at the body that was found. Both head and hands have been removed, likely ripped off, possibly by a vampire. Bud Deerborn quits, hes got gaps in his brains and polyps in his ass.
Alcide and Sookie talk a little. Alcide confirms that she’s telepathic. Alcide has come to clear his father’s debt. Alcide has a lot of distaste for the pack they’re gonna infiltrate, but he’s willing to help.
Still in the Past, Bill talks with Caroline. She asks if Lorena is his wife, or if she’ll kill her. Bill claims that he will not allow Lorena to. Caroline begs for him to kill her, and Lorena tells him to make her forget. Finally Bill has to glamour her and make her forget he was there. As he buries his son Lorena tells him the only way to show a human he loves them is to stay away. Bill awakens in tears.
Cooter is upset that his wolf still hasn’t come back. He’s sure theres been trouble. Lorena tells Russell that Eric is likely behind it, he has an unhealthy interest in the waitress. Bill interrupts retracting his loyalty to Queen Sophie Anne, and pledging his allegiance to Russell. Russell tells him that they no longer need Sookie, much to Lorena’s dismay.
Jason fumbles along, trying to give Tara comfort, and a shoulder if she needs it. He’s guilt stricken, and sorry, and Tara tells him its not his fault, but Jason knows different and leaves.
Eric arrives with a shiny new convertible at Lafayette’s. Lafayette is immediately on edge, but Eric claims it’s a gift for his best salesman. Eric sees bigger things in his future even if Lafayette claims he doesn’t want those. Eric leaves the proposition open and flies away.
Terry thinks that Arlene is breaking up with him, when she’s trying to tell him she’s pregnant. When she finally tells him, he’s overjoyed as he assumes its his, and she doesn’t have the heart to tell him otherwise.
Sam finds an underaged Tommy throwing back shots, when he comments a drunk Joe Lee takes offense. As the exchange becomes heated, Melinda takes the boys out of Merlotte’s.
Jessica comes face to face with Franklin, he tells her that he finds things, anything that needs finding. He taunts he asking if she has anything like that. She answers Bill, but that’s not who he was referring to. And when she doesn’t answer, he pulls out Mr. Trucker’s head. Franklin needs her help gather information about Bill.
Sam awakens to an alarm, armed he goes into Merlotte’s to find a bird in his office. It flies away, and he sees his safe wide open.
Alcide takes Sookie into Lou Pines, the oldest Were bar in Mississippi, where Sookie sticks out. They split up, since no one will talk around Alcide, and he urges her to make it quick. Sookie quickly finds a wolf who was there when Bill was taken, and she  allows him to take her to a back room as she tries to get more information out of him, but is quickly in trouble. Alcide runs to her rescue, getting into a fight that the bouncer breaks up. After which, he breaks it to Alcide that his former girlfriend is engaged to Cooter.
Franklin tracks down Tara. He tries to gain entry, and at first she refuses, until Franklin pulls Tara under his spell. She invites him in.
Lorena congratulates Bill on  winning Russell’s trust. After some harsh truths, she goads him into some rough sex even as he swears that he will never, and it quickly becomes very twisted sex.


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