Comic Con Day 1: Burn Notice, White Collar, and Psych

The USA Network panels were a great way to kick off Comic Con San Diego, 2010. They started their day with Burn Notice, and the phenomenal Bruce Campbell. Also on hand were the creator Matt Nix, sometimes baddie and director Tim Matheson, and guest star/moderator Chris Vance.

The entire group was fun, and witty, giving insight as to how they craft their show. And not shying away from the uncomfortable questions, like why Fiona lost her accent after the first episode. She has to remain neutral to be able to assume so many other characters. Bruce, entertaining as always, was handing out 2 dollar bills to audience members pleased him. But the most exciting news of the day was that there would be a Sam Axe prequel.

Next up was White Collar with hot hot hot Matt Bomber, Tim DeKay, Sharif Atkins, Tiffani Thiessen, Marsha Thomason, series creator Jeff Eastin, and executive producer Jeff King, moderated by Willie Garson.

The cast was delightful going off on wild and random tangents, they had a lot of positive energy. They definitely like working together. And whereas the Burn Notice panel played off the audience, there was a lot more play amongst themselves. Garson as moderator was awesome.

Bomber and Dekay treated the audience to some impressions and a lovely littlel ditty of the Folgers song. And if anyone was wondering the dog on the show is a licker, seriously.

Up next was Psych, and all the stars came out to play. James Roday and Dule Hill kicked off the panel with a special live performance of "Shout" with Tears for Fears front man Roland Orzbal.

They were joined onstage by Corbin Bersen, Kirsten Nelson, Maggie Lawson and Timothy Omundson. they talked a little about some upcoming episodes including one called Viagra Falls, a Twin Peaks themed episode, and even one with Kung fu and street racing. Say What? Sounds like a great season.

The cast showed off their great chemistry as well as some accent skills. Kirsten surprising everyone with her Swedish one, and Tim came out with his Irish one, which some of us remember fondly from his turn as a leprechaun in Luck of the Irish. They closed their show with Dule Hill showing off his tap skills, which will also be seen onscreen later this year.


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