Comic Con Day 1: Showtime's Anti-Heroes

This panel came directly after the USA Network panels. I'll be honest I don't watch any of these, but I've always like the premise of Dexter, and I love Geoff Boucher of Los Angeles Times Hero Complex so I stayed. This panel included: Michael C. Hall and show runner Chip Johannessen of Dexter, David Duchovny and Executive Producer Tom Kapinos of Californication, Mary-Louise Parker and Executive Producer/creator Jenji Kohan of Weeds, Paul Schuluze and Linda Wallem the Executive Producer/Creator/Writer of Nurse Jackie.

There were clips of all the shows and the vicey lives they lead and what's coming up. Nurse Jackie has been busted, and the fall out is going to be big. Californication is getting some new faces. Weeds is getting some new identities that may not take. Dexter's footage was probably the most memorable. Dexter finds his son in the puddle of his mother's blood, and what happens after with neighbors telling of Dexter's pattern and Dexter left without a target.

After seeing all the footage and some of the cast members I finally see how much I've been missing with by not watching Showtime, but on a side note what the heck is going on with David Duchovny's hair? He looks like he got in a chick fight in the parking lot.

But one show I will not be watch is Weeds. Mary Louise Parker was short, and even rude to moderator Geoff Boucher, and talking to some people behind the scenes that is very typical of her. She acted as though she didn't want to be there, and comic con is all about the fans that watch and love her show, how very ungrateful.


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