Comic Con Day 2: Mark Sheppard and True Blood

After spending the entire day in Ballroom 20, Day 2, was set to be a day on the floor.

Scheduling for many of the panels and signature sessions make fans choose between getting inside information on the next seasons and possible swag bags, with getting a few seconds up close and person with their favorite stars.

The WB booth was a mass of chaos, no lines really established until right before a signature session actually began. Fans were shuffled, and given misinformation on where lines formed by booth attendants, and various floor security members. Team work was greatly needed, but largely lacking.

Upstairs was in the Autograph pavilion it was a much different story. It was calm, but the stars at their little booths made me question how much is that puppy in the window. I wanted to take them all home. But there was only one stop in mind before I would just back into the fray, Mark Sheppard.

He's a fan favorite, he's fun, he's witty and he's in everything. Maybe not everything, but it sure seems like it. I'll admit I forgot myself a little, but after I wiped the drool from my chin I managed to mumble out something in regards to Supernatural. He wouldn't give up much except that he'd be back, because he still had Bobby's soul, as if I could forget.

So back down into the crazy, because Friday was all about the True Blood experience. Signing were Alan Ball, Charlaine Harris, Stephen Moyer, Anna Paquin, Sam Trammell, Rutina Wesley, Nelsan Ellis, Denis O'Hare, Joe Manganiello, Kristen Bauer Van Straten, and Debra Ann Woll.

Stephen Moyer left the signing early, having to leave for the Priest panel, which looks amazing. Not sure if its just because Paul Bettany is smoking hot in it, or it is just that awesome, but I was a little sad to have to miss it.

Anna, Rutina, Kristen and Debra are stunning in person. Far prettier than they are on screen. Sam blushes easily, and I'll leave it at that. Nelsan is softer spoken and more reserved than his onscreen counterpart. Denis is just as smooth, but much sweet than the scintillating King of Mississippi.

And Joe is a flirty cheeseball. After spending hours, and I do mean hours in line, security informed us that we could not take pictures, that if our cameras were out during the signing we would be removed from line. After telling Joe this, he promptly grabbed my hands and said "Let's look into each other's eyes and remember this moment." I laughed, because I couldn't argue with my hands in his, and who says that outside of corny television? Denis over hearing laughed as well saying "I'll have to remember that line."

After the signing, the cast went upstairs for some interviews. As I passed by, with Joe above, I yelled Joe, he turned around giving a little wave and the crowd broke out in howls. Yep, it's that kind of mad house atmmosphere.

Rushing upstairs, I made it into the True Blood panel as well. Everyone was back to begin the panel. They brought out a card board cut out of Alexander Skarsgard which Kristen greeted with "Hello, Daddy."

We were treated with an awesome preview of the rest of the season. There will be blood, fighting, and heartache. Anna tells us that we find out the deal with her hands, and Stephen says that there will be no more head twisting sex, since Alan never has them do the same thing twice. Rutina reflected on Tara's men issues, that they come from a lack of father. Sam hints that the dedication to his new family stems from wanting to save his little brother, and well, that's not gonna end well. Nelsan wouldn't give up much about Lafayette and his love life, only that we'll see a softer side of him this season.

When asked who Eric would chose between Pam and Sookie. The audience yelled "Pam." But Kristen answered that he'd chose option C: all of the above.

Alan teased that next season everyone goes to therapy... everyone gets very happy. A fan asked how the cast liked working with animals. Kristen purred into the mic "Skarsgard's not so bad once you get to know him."

And a big sad face, for me at least, when Ball says that he believes that Bill and Sookie are soul mates, and that they will eventually find their way back to each other.

Lastly, fans asked about Appius being Godric's maker, since he is actually Eric'ss maker in the books. Ball said "I'll consider anything that works." And of course the question of Bubba was brought up, which Ball was opposed to because he didn't know how to have Elvis without making it look corny. Fans, myself included, yelled out Bruce Campbell (if you haven't seen Bubba Ho Tep watch it and you'll see how amazing he would be in that part), and Ball was not opposed to it. Now how do we get Bruce on board?


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