In Review: Cerulean Sins by Laurell K. Hamilton

Released: 2003                                 405  pages                          
Publisher: Berkley Books
Format: Paperback

Cerulean Sins finds Anita again in a whole heap of trouble, but at least her love life is in order, kinda. She’s happily dating Jean-Claude and Micah, living with Micah and Nathaniel, and takes a new lover for a multitude of reasons one of which is for protection. Her professional relationship with Dolph is all but gone, which truly sucks since with Dolph goes much of the police cooperation that she really could have used.

There’s a series of brutal rapes and murders which appear to be the work of a shapeshifter, and if that weren’t bad enough Jean-Claude gets a visit from Musette and her entourage whom represent his maker Belle Morte, who of course have a hidden agenda. There is also a group of rogue mercenaries looking to recruit Anita for some super secret mission.

 Anita too easily outwits and outmaneuvers her enemies. Either no one is smarter than Anita, or she just gets really lucky. Belle Morte looks to be positioning herself to go to war with the Mother of Darkness who of course seems to have an interest in Anita. Richard makes a showing when Anita needs him, but his part in the whole is very small. Asher takes on a bigger role in this one, but with as many emotional problems as he has, he’s surely to be more headache than he’s worth, and I say that with complete sadness since I do adore his wounded character.

Sticking with the previous formula, the pacing is good, with the action more intense in the last half, and the wrap-up very quick. Anita’s life outside of the vampire world is shrinking rapidly, and getting a little page time with Zerbowski was a little bittersweet.


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