In Review: A Fist Full of Charms by Kim Harrison

Released: June 27, 2006                         544  pages                          
Publisher: HarperTorch
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0060788193

Rachel’s had a tough year. She’s survived a agency sanctioned hit, almost been suckered into being a demon’s bitch, had some confusing and hot moments with her roommate, been a minx and dated a rat, and is dating a smoking hot vamp, but her year’s not over. Rachel’s rat ex boyfriend is in a heap of trouble and Rachel is off to save his butt. I understand her love of the underdog, but come on. She has the gorgeous Kisten to warm her bed, and who only gets a brief cameo so she can play hero, ok, so it wasn’t just for Nick, but I digress.
Rachel and Jenks are off to save both Nick, and Jenks’s son, Jax, and of course its not without its problems. Immediately Rachel is drawn into a whole heap of Werewolf problems, which could escalate into problems for all with a restructuring of the supernatural food chain.
It’s a fun roller coaster ride of emotions for Rachel, and its also a chance to see Jenks big. And more Jenks is always a very good thing. There’s also a little Ivy, and the issues with blood sharing that the girls are still trying to manage touched on. The heartache and betrays are on much bigger levels than before. The wounds Rachel thought were healed, turned out to not be as healed as she thought, and as much growing as Rachel thinks she’s done she still has more to do. The more she tries to help others, the more trouble she gets into, but seeing her get out of her ongoing messes and digging herself deeper is more fun than it has a right to be.
Kim Harrison continues to wow with her wonderful plots, and neatly tying together of arcs. Rachel’s airheadedness and sometimes inability to make a clearheaded decision don’t distract from the plot. And Jenks again proves that no matter what size, or how young he is he’s wiser than them all. An overall wonderful read.


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