LA Times Party with Stan Lee and Neal Adams

One of the coolest things about Comic Con is that you never know who you're going to run into. I'm a huge believer in karma, and well just being nice in general, if you read my last post about the Showtime Anti-heroes you know that I don't watch any of the shows, and only stayed because I enjoy the moderator Geoff Boucher. He moderated one of the first panels I sat through all of back at WonderCon, and is a general joy to not only read, but watch.

He was also treated horribly during that panel by one Mary Louise Parker. I absolutely hate walking out of panels, but that is one that I did. She was so mean that I couldn't bear to watch it any longer. Okay, enough back story. So I went to this LA Times party at a Puma store, which seems like the oddest of locations, but its Comic Con, and things get quirky quickly. The food was lovely, the drinks were flowing, when I saw Geoff. And although my friends tried to talk me out of it, I just had to tell him how bad I felt for him onstage. Well this is one instance when I can say my friends were wrong.

Geoff's face lit up when I told him I had to give him a hug because I was so sorry over his horrid treatment. He replied with "Did my wife put you up to this?" Apparently his wife had skipped the panel, and no one believed him when he said how awful Parker was to him. We chatted for a bit, and then he asked "Do you want to meet Stan Lee? He's about to arrive."

Um, hello, I am at nerd mecca of course I want to meet Stan Lee. Stan was quickly surrounded by admirers, but Geoff made sure my friends and I got to meet the big guy. Stan has got to be one of the sweetest guys around. He asked me "Would you like to be one of my angels?" Of course I would, another silly question. Me and the girls spent much of the night with Stan's assistant, who was also very kind. I asked him a lot of questions, and he nicely answered them all, even when I asked him if he gets Stan his coffee. I have no clue if Stan drinks coffee or not, but I joked with him that if Stan asked me to get his coffee, assistant or not I'd get it. True Story.

Geoff came back over a little later asking if we wanted to meet Neal Adams. Again a silly question. Look I adore Marvel, I really do, but in my heart of hearts I am a Superman girl. And although Neal isn't know for Superman he is for Batman, Green Lantern and Green Arrow. And Batman comes in at a close second. Heck I remember as a kid, pushing a girl out of my tree house because she tried to be Vicki Vale, and I was the only one allowed to be Vale.

Neal Adams is quite the funny guy. Between telling us girls witty stories, trying to set us up with his talented sons, and undressing mannequins because we were chilly we had a pretty great time with him. But we left before we could turn into pumpkins, because morning comes quickly during Comic Con, but this night just goes to show that being a nice person pays off.

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