True Blood Recap: 9 Crimes

We open with Sookie tending to a shirtless Alcide. She tells him the werewolf that he fought were hopped up on V. Sookie asks about Debbie, his ex fiancĂ©, and Alcide is a little touchy on the subject. When her phone rings, she leaps at the call. It’s Bill, he tells her left his life and her. Sookie believes he’s under a compulsion, and he tries to hurt her with his words. He tells her he will bring her only suffering, that they were doomed from the start. He urges her not to find him, he does not wish to be found.
Sookie tries to make sense of Bill’s action, and Alcide too bitter about the breakup has a hard time comforting her at first. As she cries, he eventually holds her, and she comments how hot he is, and he apologizes saying “It’s a were-thing we run hot.” Alcide tries to give her space, and Sookie wants comfort, he leaves to put on a shirt.
Sam chases down his brother in bird form, with no luck, but he does find his family in his parking lot. His mother makes some excuses for why they’re still there. Sam’s upset, and his mom tells him that they’ll be gone when he returns.
Franklin grills Tara about Bill and Sookie’s relationship, that she’s so attracted to him because of the quiet. And Tara tells Franklin that Sookie went to Jackson. Tara calls Sookie, and she tells her that Bill broke up with her. Tara tries to get the address out of Sookie, but Sookie tells her that she’s exhausted. Tara, having failed Franklin, tries to run, but Franklin catches her, and bites her.
Lorena is overly happy. Bill tries to make Lorena see that he doesn’t love her, going as far as punching her out of his room, but she just smiles as he shuts the door in her face.
Eric flies to Sookie’s window, waiting for her to invite him in. She tells Eric that Bill’s not the one that she was looking for. They go in close, and she tells him that he smells like the ocean in winter, but Bill smells like nothing. She knows he played by the North Sea as a child, she can smell his memories, they kiss, and she throws him, when he awakes from his daydream with Ivetta dancing before him. He sends her away.
Alcide cooks breakfast in a wok, asking Sookie when she wants to go home, but she doesn’t. She wants him to take her back to the party, but he refuses.
Lafayette calls Tara, leaves her a message about his new car, and hers, but she’s a little tied up at the moment, literally.
Sookie opens the door to Alcide’s sister Janice, under the wrong impression that she’s come to replace Debbie. She doesn’t completely buy it, but she’s willing to help Sookie look the part to get into Lou Pines. As she talks, Sookie searches her thoughts to find any information that can help. Looks like the engagement party may be something else, and Debbie is a V addict too. Ever optimistic, Sookie things they should talk. When Sookie asks why Alcide stayed for so long, it sounds like their relationships mirrored each other, making Sookie worried. She was his first love, he’d never met someone so alive. She asks ”How many bullets are you gonna take for somebody? How many bad things have to happen to you and those you love before you realize feeling alive isn’t worth it?”
Arlene’s backed up, working the floor at Merlotte’s. Jason sees the current high school quarterback, Kitch Maynard, throwing back drinks, and he does not like the kid, even before he finds out the kid is about to break his passing record. It’s also Bud Deerborn’s retirement party, and he names Andy new Sherriff. Jason goes to break up Kitch’s little rowdy party that was interrupting Bud’s party. When Arlene drops a tray, she loses it, and tells Sam he needs to hire someone else.
Alcide comes home, and takes in Sookie’s new biker look, and she spills what she found out about Debbie’s plans. Sookie urges him to do something, and Alcide agrees though he knows he about to get a beat down just walking through the doors.
 Russell asks Bill about his job with Sophie Anne. And Bill dances around the subject a bit. They share cigars, and Bill finally asks for something once his duties are fulfilled. Bill wants Lorena gone. The king agrees. Bill tells him that Eric Northman has been selling V at the Queens behest. He knows that the magister will demand an inquisition, and wonders why the Queen would risk that. Bill’s come to the conclusion that since the Great Revelation the vampires are now being taxed and she needs the money. This news makes Russell very happy.
Tara still tied up when Franklin returns. He tells her he missed her, and asks if she missed him as he cuts her free. He tells her that something about her is magical.
Sam trains Jessica to be a hostess, she’s not old enough to serve alcohol. Arlene is upset about Jessica there, and almost spills that she’s pregnant. She tells him that he loves strays. Terry reveals that his family is still there in his parking lot. Someone from her former life, recognizes Jessica.
Lafayette is in Hotshot to get Calvin Norris to sell V for him, but Calvin declines, and some of his boys go about trashing Lafayette’s new car.
Hoyt sees Jessica glamouring Chip. She gets him to forget he saw her.
Eric saves Lafayette, and tells Calvin to take the deal. He refuses telling Eric to kill him, but when Eric tells him he’ll kill “all his brother cousins first.” Calvin has a change of heart and Eric leaves with Lafayette.
Tara asks why Franklin is so interested in Sookie and Bill, but he isn’t. His employer is. Tara tries to get answers from Franklin, but he doesn’t give her much. She wants him to untie her, but he wants them to have a chance he says, and it doesn’t sound like he’s letting her go any time soon.
Sam finds Tommy in the woods dressing. Tommy asks why he even bothered looking his family up, and Sam tells Tommy what it was like for him, and that Tommy doesn’t have to make the same mistakes he did. Tommy can’t leave his parents because they need him.
Eric and Lafayette discuss the merits of good salesmanship when Pam calls Eric, they’re being raided by the Magister. She hangs up in the middle of the call, the Magister found V. And Eric flies out.
Jason waits for Andy. He wants to be a cop, but Andy isn’t getting what Jason is saying. He doesn’t want to do the tests, and ride-alongs. He wants Andy to make him a deputy now, and when he brings up Eggs’s death how Andy is getting all the publicity for it, but Jason has to live with what he’s actually done.
Sam’s parents don’t seem all that happy to see Tommy. Sam sets his family up with a home provided theres no more stealing, or drinking.
Talbot’s not happy to see Franklin.
Sookie goes listening around Lou Pine’s. To maintain her image, Sookie throws back shots, and Debbie immediately sees Sookie. Alcide swoops in to save her.
Lorena, Russell, and Bill go hunting, Russell sends Bill to procure some dinner.
Eric comes to stop the Magister from torturing Pam. Eric tells him it was not being sold on is orders. He has to choose the charge. It’s desicration of the blood, or treason against his regent, both are dire crimes. Pam says it was Bill Compton, Eric agrees. He claims he has been gathering evidence, the Magister gives him two days to find Bill or he kills Pam.
Debbie mocks Alcide’s efforts to save her. She tells him that she was screwing Coot while she was with him. Sookie tries to reason with Debbie, but she’s too stubborn. Debbie tells Coot to let Alcide stay and watch her initiation, and Sookie sees that he’s behind Bill’s kidnapping.
Russell leaves Lorena to attend another errand, and Bill walks into a strip club. He finds a girl to suit his needs, while Debbie’s initiation begins. Sookie gets her first glimpse of Russell as Debbie is brought to the stage. He opens a vein filling glasses with his blood, but not a drop is for Debbie. The wolves down the blood and he leaves her surrounded by the rowdy bunch.
Bill checks out his dancer, and makes sure that she has no one that will miss her. But the girl has had it hard. She tells him life’s a hell that she’ll never get out of alive as the wolves brand Debbie. Coot turns into a wolf, howling, which causes a chain reaction as all the wolves, including Alcide begin to change. He tells her to run, and Bill feels her fear, but he brushes it aside going back to his delivery of dinner.


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