True Blood Recap: Trouble

Talbot talks to Tara like she’s a puppy, and Franklin shoos him away. But he doesn’t go far, they bare their fangs at each other and in walk Russell, Lorena, and Bill. Tara and Bill looked shocked to see eachother, and it has nothing to do with his bloody chin. Franklin and the king go to discuss matters, and Bill walks away from Tara’s plea for help. Russell question why Franklin has a girl in tow, seems he believes Tara is as big a disaster as he is. Russell believes that Bill is lying to him based upon the information Franklin’s brought.
Sookie and Alcide drive home from the party, where he almost shifted. Alcide tells Sookie about the good times with Debbie. Sookie wants to know more about Russell, but Alcide won’t let her near him.
Eric shows up at Russell’s home, and Talbot immediately sees something he likes. Eric asks Russell for permission to hunt Bill in his territory. Bill comes in, and they all know the Queen is really behind the selling. Eric confesses why he accused Bill to save Pam. And this incenses Russell, he plans to solve all their problems. Russell invites Eric to stay.
Sookie wakes to Alcide and Debbie fighting. Alcide wants Debbie out, but Debbie says that she’s trying to save Alcide. She’s worried what will happen to him if someone finds out that he was there since he’s not apart of Coot’s crazy pack. Sookie comes out, and it only makes matter worse when she tells her all that she threw away. Debbie threatens her, but Sookie is focused on Bill. Debbie has no clue about Bill.
Franklin ties Tara to the bed, she tries to play the part he wants her to, even though she’s scared. She’s received a message from Lafayette, and tells Franklin how to answer back, as he shows off his fast vampire typing skills.
Jason shows up for his first day, which takes Andy a little by surprise. He sets Andy up with a desk, but he wants to be out in the field.
The Mickens’s move into one of Sam’s rentals, but there is obvious animosity between them. Terry and Arlene are moving in together. Sam gives him a pep talk, but Terry is happy about how normal this next step is. Sam gives Joe Lee a job as a handy man, and Tommy is working at Merlotte’s.
Tara tries to chew her way out of her restraints as Franklin sleeps.
Sookie gets a glimpse of Alcide’s thoughts, and hears about a pack master. Alcide is so large, he takes up the entire doorframe as he enters her room. When Sookie asks Alcide about the pack master tells her a little about what he does, and then Sookie talks him into taking her with him. He balks at first, but when she says Debbie will just come after her, he concedes.
Jason finds working at the police station isn’t as much fun as he thought it would be. After occupying himself long enough, and driving Andy crazy, Andy finally thinks of something for him to do.
Tara finally free, sneaks out, but she doesn’t get far before the wolves track her down and Coot tackles her.
Lafayette and Tommy take a smoke break. Jesus surprises him, thinking his mother died, but that’s not why he came. Lafayette again jumps to the wrong conclusions, but Jesus just came to ask Lafayette out. He’s busy working, but Jesus is willing to hang out.
Alcide goes to the Pack Master, Coronel Flood with what is happening, but he already knows. He reveals that Russell is the vampire king of Mississippi to him, and he plans to let him do what he wants until he goes away. Alcide is upset how he’s handling it all. Flood tells Alcide to obey, but as he drives off its clear that’s not gonna happen.
Washing squad cars, Jason sees the girl from Hotshot, and he immediately gives chase, pulling her over shirtless. He asks her for her license and registration, but she doesn’t believe him. And gives him nothing, noting he has no badge, gun or even shirt. He introduces himself, and she finally gives him her name, Crystal. He asks her to meet him later at Merlotte’s and she says no.
Jessica confronts Arlene about not looking her in the eye, and Jessica being the teenager she is decides to get revenge. She tells the next table to not tip their waitress no matter what. Hoyt comes in with the itty bitty Summer, and as she chats on about babies, Hoyt only has eyes for Jessica. Tommy tries to make Jessica feel better, and it works for a second, until Tommy gets a call from Joe Lee.
Franklin screams in anguish, crying because Tara tried to leave. Seeing how volatile he is she apologizes, telling him that shes not afraid of him, but of all the other vampires, and he swears he’ll never let them touch her.
Russell shows Bill the records he got from Bill house. Bill claims that he’s never seen them, trying to play coy. Russell knows that Bill is lying, he thinks Bill has been tracking the telepathy in Sookie’s family for a higher pay off, but hasn’t figured it all out yet. Coot comes interrupting it all to take Bill to his room.
Jason awaits Crystal, when Andy delivers the news. They’ll wave everything but the physical and the written exam for Jason to be a deputy. Lafayette and Jesus get to know each other over a game of pool. Tommy asks if he can stay with Sam, and although he’s a little leery, he tells him he can as long as he tells his parents. When Sam presses Tommy about Joe Lee, Tommy walks off.
Coot comes into Bills room, telling him he’s fallen out the King’s favor. Coot tells Bill that Sookie is screwing a werewolf, and Bill doesn’t take the news so well, fighting his way out.
Jason finds Crystal in the parking lot, she couldn’t bring herself to go inside. She says she should be anywhere near him, its just the way it is and she can’t explain. Jason asks her to go on a walk, and she finds she can’t refuse. Soon they’re kissing in the moon light. He comments that she’s happy in the woods, and the doesn’t care about the things she can’t explain, that he might mean it forever. But she tells him there is no forever, and that makes Jason a little sad, but he can’t keep away from her.
Eric offers his services to the king, and he tells him to indulge Talbot. Eric and Lorena come face to face for a second before Talbot comes to whisk Eric away on a tour.
Sam and Tommy are watching TV when a raging Joe Lee comes for Tommy saying that he owns him head to tail. Sam handles Joe Lee, and Joe Lee calms down saying that Tommy needs to learn responsibility. Sam wants to know what the heck is going on.
Franklin finds Tara crying. She’s hungry, and Talbot brought her day lilies. And when she tells him that she has needs like food, he proposes that she become his vampire bride.
Talbot shows Eric all the little artifacts that Russell has amassed over the years. When Eric sees a Viking crown his demeanor changes, becoming serious. A flashback to Eric’s life. His father tells him it is time to become betrothed, but Eric thinks differently. He tells him its time he grew up, and after sharing some harsh words he finds pleasure with a whore. Screams come from the house, and Eric rushes back to find werewolves have killed his mother. He sees their band as he kills a couple, before his father is attacked. A dark figure tells the wolves to fetch the crown, and warns Eric not to be a hero. He leaves, and Eric holds his father as he dies.
Alcide awakens Sookie. Bill has come for her. He tells Alcide to take her away, its too late. Coot. his pack and Russell have come for Sookie. Bill and Alcide are no match for them, and as Coot goes to grab him, she zaps him with her lightning fingers. Russell laughs in delight.


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