True Blood Recap: Fresh Blood

Bill comes to Fangtasia looking for Sookie, Pam is there instead. Bill threatens Pam, and they fight. She sprays silver into his eyes. Sookie hears Ivetta before she comes, she frees Sookie. And Sookie takes a silver chain which she uses on Pam. Ivetta helps secure Pam. Pam says that Sookie was a gift for Russell.
Jesus and Lafayette sit in the afterglow of their V high. Jesus says that he told him things he didn’t even know he knew. Jesus wants to do it all again, but Lafayette tells him that the blood is unpredictable. Jesus begs, and Lafayette gets a scary demon vision aftershock. Freaked out, he refuses to tell Jesus what he saw. Jesus tries to get Lafayette to bed, but he sends him home instead.
Jason talks to Crystal about what he saw, that she’s a werepanther. Crystal is too busy with her pity party and Jason needs to find Sookie.
Hoyt and Jessica are happily together, but Jessica isn’t ready to be happy. She confesses that she killed a trucker, and Hoyt accepts it, listening before he judges her. To prove he trusts her he tells her to drink him, she does.
Eric finds Russell at a museum, looking at a favorite painting of Talbot’s. He asks why he killed Talbot, he tells him because Russell loved him more than anyone and that Russell killed Eric’s entire family. Eric claims that they are now even though Russell does not agree. They talk about Russell’s ambition, and Eric says that he can help him get it, by conquering the sun. Pam calls to tell him that Bill and Sookie got away.
Bill is upset that Sookie went to Eric saying that he’s betrayed her, used her, thrown her into danger, which is also the same that he’s done to her all claiming to keep her safe. Sookie admits she does not trust either of them, and that she does feel something for Eric. Bill asks to begin again, but Sookie is unsure they can change.
Tara goes to Eggs’s grave and weeps.
Holly tells Arlene that her solution may not work, but she’s ready to get it all over with. Sam is drunk and bad tempered insulting everyone, and yelling at patrons. Terry tries to get Sam to go outside, but Sam is just as mean to him. Arlene demands an apology, trying to talk sense into him, but Sam is hateful. Arlene and Holly walk out.
Jason is still looking for Sookie, the sounds of the football practice bring Jason to the field. Kitch throws pass, after pass, too hard  and too far for his guys to catch, making Jason suspicious.
Summer goes to Hoyt’s mama’s house crying. Summer did everything she could to seduce Hoyt, but nothing worked. Mama tells her that they are not finished, not by a long shot.
Sam is left to wait on his customers, when Tara comes in. She goes to sit with Andy, he rambles on as she stares at him, before finally telling him that she knows what really happened with Eggs. She thinks he did it all for the glory, that he’s a dirty cop, but there’s nothing she can do about the cover-up. Andy admit he doesn’t feel like a hero, that he never wanted anything like that to happen, that it was all Marianne’s fault. He tells her that he couldn’t stop him, that Eggs wouldn’t put the knife down, and Jason didn’t know. He apologizes. Sam tells Tommy to take orders, but Tommy refuses, calling Sam Joe Lee in a Sam suit. Sam fires Tommy telling him to get out, and that he’s fired. Tommy immediately apologizes, but Sam is beyond caring. Sam then goes and clears out the restaurant, he tries to kick out Tara, but she tells him no.
Sookie tells Bill that the dungeon was her last straw. She’s done. She wonders what life would be like to be normal, where they don’t even know Eric. Eric and Russell suddenly appear in the middle of the road, stopping the car.
Holly draws a circle around herself and Arlene before starting her ritual. Holly tells her she needs to make a decoction, that will cleanse. Holly tells Arlene to talk to the mother spirit while she finishes her potion. Arlene reasons with her mother’s spirit on why she wants to get rid of the evil baby. Holly cuts Arlene’s finger, for a sacrifice, and warns that if the spirit is meant to be born it still will be, and Arlene drinks down the tea.
Jason knows Kitch is on V. He tells him that he’s gonna take him down, but Kitch tells Jason that his coach gave him the V, his parents pay for it, and his principal uses it for his sex life. Jason says that he’s not a real athlete, but Kitch doesn’t care because no one can prove it, and he’s still gonna knock Jason’s record out of the ballpark.
Lafayette is woken up by his idols talking and dancing.
Eric, Russell, Bill and Sookie arrive back at Fangtasia. Eric tells Bill to start a fight with him, as they fight Russell and Sookie go inside, once they’re inside Eric tells Bill he has a plan that will save Sookie.
Tara and Sam talk about Sam’s less than stellar performance. Sam tells her that no one knows him, that he’s a push over, that he’s too nice. Whereas everyone thinks Tara is short tempered, and not nice. They kiss, and go back to his trailer to work off some aggression. Meanwhile Tommy is busy getting into Sam’s safe.
Arlene dreams she’s fishing, her mom’s waiting for her. Terry wakes her up, Arlene is covered in blood. He wants to call 911, but she’s calm. Terry is upset, but she’s relieved.
Jason returns home, and Crystal is still there. She makes to leave, but Jason doesn’t want her to. He’s okay with her being a panther, but she’s on her way back to Hotshot to save the town.
Russell does not believe Sookie is a fairy, but Eric convinces him otherwise. He tells him to drink her blood, and Bill confirms that her blood is a vampire sunscreen. Russell will drink so long as Eric goes first.
At the hospital, Arlene tries to comfort Terry about losing the baby. The doctor comes and tells Arlene that the baby is still on board, which makes Terry very happy.
Pam urges Eric not to do it, she tears up and he tells her “You know I love you more when you’re cold and heartless.” With the sun up, they’re ready to test out Sookie’s blood. Eric and Russell feed on Sookie, as Bill sits by watching. Eric walks outside first in full daylight, and has the sun shining on his skin as the others watch on the security monitor. He beckons Russell out, even as he begins to smolder. Bill begs Pam to release him, so he can give Sookie blood, but Pam is too upset to move. Russell comes out, and sees that Eric is burning. Eric chains Russell to him, to die together in the sun.


In Review: The Walking Dead, Vol. 3

Released: 12/17/07 304 pages
Publisher: Image Comics
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 978-1582408255

Volume Three follows the same formula of the previous volumes, sporting a sketch book, notes from Robert Kirkman, and cover art, along with amazing graphics.

As for the storyline, we step further into darkness. Hope is definitely dwindling for this bunch. They've lost friends at the hands of other survivors, they've done things that they never thought they would. They've broken their own laws. Oh, and there are still zombies trying to eat them.

That normal life they're dreaming about, that hope of being rescued just may be their undoing as they race towards a helicopter that goes down, and stumble upon an even greater evil, the Governor. As if the situation isn't dire enough without the introduction of a Big Bad.

It had been hinted previously that other survivors were more dangerous than the zombies themselves, and now we really get a taste of just how horrible they can be. Rape, maiming, death, and gladiator type games are abound in this one, as we get a first hand look at another camp. All the while our surviving group is slowly falling apart, and it's very clear that the home they've made is about to be destroyed.

I'd love to see the television show take this path, but I just can't see AMC going for it. It's beyond violent, and disturbing, but oh so realistic. Reading it was hard because of that realism, but I think actually seeing real life people in that situation would be worse, but overall great story telling.


True Blood Recap: I Smell a Rat

“I’m a fairy, how fucking lame.” Sookie says. She always knew she was an alien.  Claudine told Bill what Sookie was, and the news gets worse. The Fae were thought to be wiped out of existence by vampires.
Jason is shocked over what he did to Franklin, reliving all of the past deaths. Tara tells him to dig, and Jason starts digging with his hands. He takes the clothes as Tara hides the blood spitting on the guts.
Lafayette brings Calvin to his house instead of the hospital knowing he’d never make it.
Sam cleans his wounds and drowns his sorrows. He has a flashback of before he came to Merlottes. He dumps jewels on bed before a girl, who wants to know how he gets out without anyone seeing him. As they kiss, a guy pulls a gun on him. The second guy hits him with a gun, she gathers up the loot, and gives him a second look as she leaves.
Bill tells that fairy blood is the most delectable, and Sookie’s is the best he’s had. She’s not sure that her blood didn’t seduce Bill. He tries to convince her, but she’s not sure to believe him.
Eric sits with a lawyer drawing up a will, as Pam protests. He’s worried about Russell, who’s not only the oldest,, but now the craziest vampire around. He leaves everything to Pam, which upsets Ivetta.
Lafayette gives Calvin V, who isn’t grateful. He slaps his daughter for saving his life. Crystal refuses to go back with her father.
Nan tries to clean up the Russell mess, comparing him to Dahlmer. Eric shows up at Sookie’s. He says he knows what Sookie is. He asks if her blood let him walk in the sunlight. Bill says that it only works for a few minutes, and says that she is his. Eric tells him that he killed Talbot. Bill wants to know why he’s here, he wants to know the truth. Eric tells him he should tell Sookie the truth if he really loves her. Bill claims the truth he was hiding is only her heritage. Sookie tells Eric that she cannot trust him, and he tells her that he hopes she has a good life.
Arlene is Amen-ing  Reverend Newlin, when Jessica drops fang and tells Arlene she’s a bigot. But as she runs off, Jessica feels embarrassed. Tommy makes another pass at Jessica, but strikes out. Summer’s trying to make a move on Hoyt, but Hoyt backs away.
Sookie shows up at Jason’s. He’s covered in blood, and Tara wants Bill nowhere near. Sookie tries to confront Tara, but she wants nothing to do with vampires. They’re all monsters, Tara tells Sookie, as she finally tells Sookie a little about what happened and how Bill did nothing to stop it. Bill makes Jason promise to take care of his sister.
Lafayette walks in on Jesus with a vial of V. He wants to do V with Lafayette. Lafayette warns what V can do. Jesus feeds him a drop, saying he’s filled with magic, all he needs is a push. And then takes some as well.
Arlene is waiting tables, and Sam is hung over. Everyone is on edge around  him, he tells everyone that Calvin is fine. Holly gives Sam an herbal supplement to help with his rage and abundance of testosterone. Tommy thinks everyone finally respects Sam, and Sam tells him then he’s an idiot. Terry mistakens Arlene’s crying for worry about his bad parenting skills. She finally confesses that its not his but Renee’s baby, and he says it doesn’t matter they’ll raise it as their own and surround it with love.
Jason tells Sookie what happened with Franklin and as she comforts him, he confesses he also shot Eggs. She urges him to tell Tara the truth.
Lafayette and Jesus are taking a little ride together, high on v, watching his idols dance around, when their hallucination suddenly changes. They’re in a different home, watching Jesus’s grandmother who saved people with magic. Jesus’s voice comes out of Lafayette’s mouth, he says they’re connected. They watch her do a fertility procedure. Then they see Lafayette’s great great grandmother, who was a conjurer. Jesus knew but Lala did not. And lastly they see Jesus’s grandfather, a black arts practitioner. They awaken.
Sookie wakes, Eric is standing over her, she’s actually dreaming. Eric kisses her, and she doesn’t pull away. He tells her he can’t trust Bill. He bites her, she awakens. Jason brings Tara a tray of food. She tells him that he saved her, has been saving her since she was little. But Jason rambles on, she thanks him, tells him that she can count on him. As she cries, he pulls her close, guilt consuming him. Tara kisses Jason, but he stops her, and she blames herself. He confesses he killed Eggs, wanting her to say something, but she just runs away. Jason finds a note that Sookie left him.
Jessica awakens, to find a burning cross in her yard, and someone throws a rock through the window. Bill stops Jessica from taking action against the vandals.
Sam drinks alone in the woods, remembering when he tracked down his former flame and the guy that robbed him. As a dog he watched them, until he could sneak up on them. He pulls the gun on the couple, taking the guy’s pants. The guy taunts Sam, and Sam beats on him. She pulls a gun on Sam and shoots at him when he won’t stop hitting the guy, he shoots her on reflex and she dies. Sam walks over and shoots the guy.
Eric is alone in his office when Sookie comes to him. She asks what he meant when he said he wasn’t going to be around much longer, and Eric kisses her and she returns that kiss just as passionately for a second before pulling away. Pam comes in blah blah vampire emergency blah. Pam urges Eric to use Sookie to save himself, but Eric refuses.
Russell goes slumming, picking up a hooker who looks a lot like Talbot.
Arlene goes to Holly about getting rid of the baby. Hoyt goes to talk to Jessica. He tells her that he loves her and everything that she is. He tells her that he broke up with Summer and there is no reason that they can’t be together. Jessica says if Hoyt only knew all she’d done he wouldn’t want to be with her. Hoyt tells her to tell him she doesn’t love him, and he’ll leave her alone, but she can’t. Hoyt leaves. Tommy smarts off on him, and Hoyt punches him. Tommy turns into a pitbull and attacks Hoyt. Jessica throws Tommy, and seeing Hoyt hurt tells him she loves him and feeds him her blood as Tommy watches.
Bill comes looking for Sookie, but Jason doesn’t know where she is. Jason rescinds Bill’s invitation, tired of him. He hears something in the back room, and it’s a panther. He watches as it turns into Crystal, and all he can say is “Mama.”
Russell apologizes to his hooker, Tony, calling his Talbot. Tony is freaked out, but Russell does not notice as goes on. He stakes Tony, saying he is more sorry than he can ever say for trusting Eric. Pleased that he had his chance to say goodbye, he lays on Tony’s corpse in peace.
Eric locks Sookie away, chains her in his basement, Bill feels it, and Eric walks away, leaving her there.


In Review: Fantasy Lover by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Released: 2002                          pages                 
Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 0-31297-997-5
The prequel to the widely popular Dark Hunters series, is really lacking in the Dark Hunter aspect. It does take place in the same world, and some of the players are talked about, but the story focuses on Grace and Julian.
Julian has been trapped in an ancient tome, cursed to be a love slave to his summoner for an entire month. He’s a demi-god, the son of Aphrodite, and a most magnificent male specimen.
To celebrate her birthday, Grace’s friend Selena decide that they should try to summon Julian, because Grace could use some loving after the horrendous relationship that she’d been in,  but she doesn’t believe in magic, so when Julian does appear its all the more shocking.
The story is touching and well written. Grace slowly breaks down Julian’s walls with compassion, getting to know him as no other has before. And Julian returns that tenderness completely, having learned humility, and what’s really important in life.
It isn’t as action packed as the normal Dark Hunter series, but there is still enough that the story isn’t all sap. Fantasy Lover is a perfect introduction to the complex world of the Dark Hunters, where the enemies aren’t really pure evil, most are misunderstood, or their motives and desires push them into the harsh actions that are perceived as plain evil.


True Blood Recap: Everything is Broken

Eric comes tells Pam that they need sanctuary, but before they can go Ginger tells them that the V feds are there. The AVL silvers Eric.
Russell comes to find Talbot’s remains all over his office and sees that the Viking crown is missing.
Sookie washes away the blood, and Bill joins her, healing her wounds. Downstairs, she sees the wolf that Bill killed. They work together to dispose of him. Bill tells her to trust him, and she pauses, saying she does. She reveals she knows about the secret file, and Bill says he did it to find out what she is to protect her, but she makes it clear that she’s not an object to be protected.
Lafayette lets Jesus get closer, and doesn’t kick him out. They talk about Jesus’s tattoo.
Jason returns home and Felton is there with Crystal. Felton confronts Crystal, believing that Jason raped and kidnapped Crystal. When he attacks Jason, Crystal knocks Felton out. She takes his V stash as Jason finds rope.
Nan says that the basement is too clean, and implies she knows more than she is letting one. She claims to just want his official statement about the last known whereabouts of the Magister.
Sam sits with Tara, urging her to talk. Terry calls about Tommy making too much noise. He leaves Tara there alone while he goes to break up Tommy’s fun.
Eric gives the Authority a history lesson on the devastation that the werewolves fueled by vampire blood path of destruction. He tells how Russell is against the Great Revelation. Nan tells him that these are treasonous allegations. Why didn’t he report them? Eric tells of his family’s massacre and how he wishes to avenge them himself. Nan leaves, telling Eric about Russell’s recent donation, and put him on lockdown until the Authority makes a ruling.
Sam heads over to Tommy’s, where the music is loud, and Tommy and a girl are naked. Tommy’s rebelling against him, as Sam tries to reason with him.
Crystal ties Felton up on the side of the road. As Jason makes a emergency call.
Jesus plans to take Ruby back. She tells him that something is different about Lafayette, she can see her son shining through. She says maybe God loves fags.
Jason brings Crystal with him to the police station, Rosie is upset. Andy says that Kevin was injured taking a distress call, the one that Jason took. The Runner sees Crystal as he’s taken away for arraignment. Jason tells Andy that the meth lab in Hotshot is now dealing V. Andy plans a mass raid on Hotshot, and the V from taken off Felton is revealed to be in Andy’s desk drawer.
 Tara goes to a rape survivor support group and Holly is there too. Holly tells her horrific story, and how she’s coping now.
Sookie looks at old newspaper articles about her family, when she gets a call from Hadley. Hadley asks her to come to the aquarium to meet her son, Hunter. Hadley tells Sookie about Sophie Anne, and her confidences she made to her. Hadley suspects that her son is like Sookie, and she takes him aside to talk mind to mind with him. She confirms to Hadley’s horror that he too is a telepath.
Arlene confronts Tommy about missing tips, and Tommy turns defensive and insults Arlene. Sam tells Tommy that he’s taking it out of his salary, and Tommy accuses Sam of being too soft. Holly goes to comfort Arlene, and she tells her of her fears, and how the baby isn’t Terry’s. Holly tells her that she can help her get rid of her problem, without an abortion.
Bill wakes to water dripping in on his sleeping space. He opens the door to that bright, soft edge world Sookie was in during her hospital stay. Claudine is there, believing that Bill killed Sookie, she runs. Bill tackles her, unable to resist the urge of feeding on her, Claudine zaps him. Bill says that he would never harm Sookie, and Claudine says that she will protect Sookie. He asks what she is.
Pam awakens, and Eric did not sleep at all. Pam worries about Eric, he never said anything about his family in all his years, he never shared his pain with her, and it saddens her. He tells her that everything ends. That if he can’t go on, she must make a new vampire, its her time to be a maker. Pam breaks down in tears.
Jessica is extra happy till she sees Hoyt with Summer. Jessica is a little upset that Hoyt brought Summer, and when Summer goes to shake her hand Jessica embarrasses herself by dropping fang. Summer makes horrible assumptions about vampires, and what Hoyt wants. Crystal worries how the runner, Tbag views her. Jason tells him about the plans for Hotshot, and Crystal wants to warn them, because they’re not all bad. Jesus comes haunting around Merlotte’s.
Jessica is extra happy till she sees Hoyt with Summer. Jessica is a little upset that Hoyt brought Summer, and when Summer goes to shake her hand Jessica embarrasses herself by dropping fang. Summer makes horrible assumptions about vampires, and what Hoyt wants. Crystal worries how the runner, Tbag views her. Jason tells him about the plans for Hotshot, and Crystal wants to warn them, because they’re not all bad. Jesus comes haunting around Merlotte’s again. Tara is suspicious, but she’s happy for Lafayette. When Summer leaves the table, Jessica comes to apologize, but Hoyt tells her she doesn’t need to apologize. Hoyt admits that he hates Summer, and that she’s making him crazy, but it beats sitting around thinking about Jessica. Jessica starts crying and Tommy takes her away.
At Fangtasia, the AVL surround the building as Russell watches from a nearby rooftop taking to a jarred Talbot. He tells the jar that the AVL will suffer for protecting his murderer. Nan has come to read him the ruling. The Authority is going to claim they have no knowledge of any of this and that Eric will take care of everything on his own. Nan wants Russell’s fangs.
Calvin comes into Merlotte’s to collect Crystal. Jason stops him, and when Sam comes to stop the trouble, Calvin calls him a pussy and Sam loses it, giving Calvin a good beating before Hoyt and Jason finally stop him. Jesus takes Calvin to the hospital, and Crystal goes with them even as Jason tries to stop her.
Franklin grabs Tara in the parking lot. She tells Franklin that she does not love her. Franklin is upset that she never mourned him. Tara tells him that he never loved her, and Franklin drops fang. Tara taunts him to kill her, and it saddens Franklin. Jason pulls his shotgun on Franklin, and Franklin mocks Jason’s gun. Jason shoots him with a wooden bullet, effectively staking him.
Bill comes to Sookie’s. She asks him about Sophie Ann and Russell’s plans. He tells Sookie that he knows what she is.
Nan is in her limo and she feeds on a  human, with the TV playing in the background. Russell pops in on the news, ripping the newcaster’s spine. He introduces himself, and proves that he is not like the humans like the AVL want to claim they are. He’s angered about all the damage that humans have done for simple luxuries, and shows what vampires are really like. Vampires don’t want equal rights, humans are not equals. He says “We will eat you, after we eat your children. Now for the weather, Tiffany.”


In Review: Micah by Laurell K. Hamilton

Released: February 28, 2006                       288  pages                          
Publisher: Jove
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0515140873

Taking place shortly after Incubus Dreams Anita finds herself called out of town to help out a co-worker and raise the dead. Because of her growing needs with the Ardeur one of her lovers has to accompany her, and that job falls to Micah, the one lover I could stand to hear less about.
Sex is less of a plot point, and more point of the story here, and all the talk about his size made the few pages seem impossibly long. So much emphasis is really not needed, I get it, the small guy is huge in the pants, but they have been together for a year and this is suddenly an issue seems a little reaching. His history is also greatly explored, but it wasn’t great enough to have its own book, it wasn’t even good enough for this tiny novella.
Micah is not only short in pages, its short in plot. For new readers, it’s a great as a standalone book and a nice introduction into Anita’s world, but for current readers its pretty much a throw away novel. Compared to previous novels is completely subpar. All in all the book is pretty boring, with little payoff in the end, and none of the previous plot points even remotely touched.


In Review: The Walking Dead, Vol. 2

Released:03/07/07 304 pages
Publisher: Image Comics
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 978-1582406985

This is the second 12 issue collection of the series, and is just as good. No I take that back, this thing just keeps getting better.

The world is still in chaos, the survivors in prison, but they put themselves there to live a better life. But everything isn't better for long. There's issues of trust, issues of ego. The rules of their old world don't work in this new one, but they're reluctant to let it all go. Bonds are formed, friendships tested as enemies both living and dead are all around. There seems to be no end in sight for these survivors.

The novel is extremely graphic, still black and white, but no less horrifying. The details taken with the zombies, are amazing. Their limbs are twisted and rotting, their eyes vacant. And the living are just as good, if not better, their expressions genuine, their bodies in proportion. I'm not sure how the television show is going to be able to stack up against the books in capturing the raw emotions and wtf moments, but I can't wait to find out.


True Blood Recap: Night on the Sun

Sookie’s screams awaken everyone, and Alcide comes between her and Bill. When Sookie comes back to her sense she tells everyone she want to talk to Bill. She knows Bill wasn’t himself, but she doesn’t know how to forgive him, and Bill doesn’t want to be forgiven. They both finally admit that they cannot have the life that they want together, and as they confess that they love each other Bill walks away, from a heart broken Sookie.
Sophie Anne makes a pleasant houseguest, and Talbot is very unhappy about all turn of events that transpired when Russell was gone. Russell tells Talbot about killing the Magister, and Debbie is waiting in the office. She wants to go after Alcide and Sookie, Eric reminds Russell of Sookie’s value. But Russell wonders about Eric’s loyalty, and Eric put on a good show, lying through his teeth, and Russell takes the bait.
Terry sings to Arlene’s belly as she dozes off, dreaming its Renee instead. She wakes screaming.
Jessica is happy Bill is home, but he’s sending her away. He releases her, but she doesn’t want to go, she needs him even if he believes he’s no good, that he cannot protect her. And he cannot abandon her.
Sookie is back home, Alcide stays with her. She tells him he can stay as long as he likes. Andy comes, and Jason is with him, he urges her to press charges. But she refuses, and she over hears something that Jason is trying to hide from her.
Lafayette sits with a traumatized Tara. She no longer has a death wish, but she’s not ready to talk about Franklin yet.
Sam smells trouble, its his momma who came as a dog. She gets all their stuff. The boys try to tell her to leave Joe Lee, but she’s not ready to. She tells them she loves them, and leaves, telling to take care of Tommy and himself, but not before she asks for some money. He gives her whats in his wallet, and she blaks saying its not going to get them far, but Sam is beyond caring. He has a broken Tommy to take care of.
Tara tries to wash away everything that’s happened to her, but her moment of peace is interrupted by Franklin, They kiss, and she likes it, then she wakes up.
Lafayette’s mother, Ruby Jean, shows up. She tells him she’s there to protect him from the vampires and witches.
Tara finds Sookie laying out in the sun. Even though he almost killed her, Sookie still defends him. Alcide arrives and Tara tells him to flirt some sense into Sookie.
Going through his Fellowship stuff, Jason looks for something to go vampire hunting. Crystal arrives wet and beat up wanting to use Jason’s truck. She swam so they couldn’t track her scent.
Arlene is interviewing a new waitress, Tara is still hallucinating about Franklin. She takes an immediate liking to Holly, and hires her. Sam comforts Tara who finally breaks down.
Crystal has been promised to Felton since she was 4, he beat her after Jason came calling because she told him she wasn’t going to marry him. She tries to leave, but Jason kisses her, and asks her to stay.
Jesus comes for Ruby Jean, Lafayette called him. She doesn’t want to go back. She tells Lala he has power, and she needs to protect him, but she can’t do it if they keep drugging her. Jesus promises to protect Lafayette, and she accepts it.
Eric grabs Hadley to deliver a message to Sookie.
 Alcide has to leave because Debbie burned down his sister’s hair salon, and is causing trouble. He asks her to come with him, but he doesn’t want to leave her unprotected, but she won’t risk anyone else. He lets her make her own decisions. She admits if she knew what was best for her she would have fallen in love with someone like Alcide, but he says they’re both too stupid. They almost kiss, and make promises to see each other soon.
Sam tells Tommy to keep an eye on Tara and no to flirt with her. When Hoyt comes looking for Jessica, Tommy tells Hoyt to leave her alone, and tries to pick a fight with him. Sam steps in, and tries to reason with Tommy, give him options for the future.
Jessica and Bill spar. Bill tells Jessica its over between he and Sookie, even though he loves her. Jessica finally admits she loves Hoyt but she too thinks he deserves better.
Sitting alone thinking of Bill, Hadley comes to Sookie. Sookie has to break the news to her about Gran. She delivers Eric’s message. “Russell is coming for you. Don’t trust Bill.” Hadley urges her to leave,  confessing its her fault, she told them about her.
Talbot is making a scene throwing and breaking Russell’s treasured items when he learns that Russell plans to go after Sookie. Eric stops before Talbot throws his father’s Viking crown.
Crystal worries about Jason’s safety, and Jason vows to protect her. He sends Crystal to the showers, while he goes for food. He takes his shot gun with him.
Sam smells trouble again, this time its Calvin and some of the other Hotshot guys looking for his daughter. Crystal ditched Felton’s truck in the parking lot. Tommy asks Sam if he “smelled” that, and he says he did.
Jesus tells Lafayette that he is powerful. He tells Lafayette that all that energy he has can go dark if he lets it. Lafayette tells him that he has been trying to stop dealing, but its complicated, Jesus kisses him.
Eric and Talbot play chess. Talbot loses and tosses aside the game. He tells him he’s board, to take off his clothes, after getting some privacy Eric complies. Talbot drops fang, and they kiss.
Jason arrives at Hotshot, with is shotgun. He finds someone naked eating a deer. Jason confronts Calvin, warning him away from Crystal.
Sookie awaits Russell’s attack. She hears wolves closing in. Debbie kicks in the door, and Bill and Jessica take the wolves downstairs. Debbie goes upstairs after Sookie whose locked herself in upstairs. Sookie doesn’t want to kill Debbie but she will. They exchange words and some blows. Jessica goes after a wolf, and Russell grabs her outside. Russell wants to trade Jessica for Sookie. He bites Jessica, and Bill taunts him. Russell allows Bill to taunt him, and he throws Jessica to an awaiting wolf. She runs.
Inside Sookie and Debbie are still doing a fine redecorating job, when Sookie has to go and ruin it all by cutting her with a pair of silver shears. Sookie gets to her gun again and points it at Debbie, as Russell continues to smack Bill around.
During some hot play, Eric turns Talbot over and stakes him. Russell feeling the loss flies off. And Debbie finally leave. Bill comes to check on Sookie, Hoyt drives unknowingly right by Jessica feeding on the wolf and Sookie and Bill have some intense grudge sex.


In Review: Waking The Witch by Kelley Armstrong

Released: 7/27/10           320 pages
Publisher: Dutton Adult
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 978-0525951780

Kelley Armstrong’s latest offering in the Otherworld series focuses almost solely on Savannah. She’s been in a couple of other stories, but never has she been the sole focus of an entire book, which readers have been asking for since she stepped onto the scene.

She’s still a little green in her profession, and with it overly cocky at that, and she has a knack for getting into sticky situations. But the spunk, the attitude, the girl with no weaknesses except her crush on Adam is missing here. Yes, she’s older, but she seems to have lost her edge. This is definitely not the girl that showed awesome magical potential, the one that should be reeking mayhem. She’s diluted, and instead of making me like the witches, whom I feel are the weakest stories in the otherworld series, she makes me hate them a little more.

The entire story feels forced, the character motivation are cartoonish, and they do not make sense. I’m not sure if I expected more, or just better. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a completely bad story, but definitely not one I’ll revisit. This character was so different from everything we’ve seen about her before it would have worked better if she was actually someone else. The events from this one does not impact or further the series, so it may just be one easily skipped.


True Blood Recap: Hitting the Ground

Lorena notices that Sookie tastes different. Bill manages to grab Lorena with his silver chains. She stakes Lorena on top of Bill, and Bill passes out. Alcide brings his truck around and he and Tara reluctantly help Sookie with Bill. Debbie breaks up the party.
Sam is stopped on his way to the dog fights. He tries to talk his way in, but he’s turned away.
Alcide tries to talk Debbie down, she’s feening and Sookie can’t control her mouth. Debbie breaks down, and saying that she would have given up anything for him, but he wouldn’t give her a baby. Sookie distracts her, and Tara tackles Debbie. Coot comes in, and Alcide is forced to shoot him, killing him and enraging Debbie. Sookie and Tara get Bill out, and Alcide can’t bring himself to kill Debbie even when she tells him that she’ll hunt him down.
Jason sits listening to sad love songs, thinking about Crystal. Hoyt tries to talk some sense into him, but it doesn’t work. Hoyt tells him to talk to the dealer he nabbed if he wants answers about Crystal. Summer arrives.
Undeterred Sam strips down, changing to a bulldog and going for a run.
Summer brings some biscuits and hand-made goodies, ready to snag her man. Jason tastes the biscuits and tells Hoyt that summer is a keeper, but Hoyt doesn’t seem so sure.
Eric brings Hadley in to persuade the Queen to spill the beans about Sookie. Sophie Anne tries to plant doubt into Eric’s mind about Russell, but it doesn’t work. Eric feeds on her and Hadley confesses the Queen’s secret. Eric feeds Hadley his blood.
Doggy Sam lets himself be caught.
Sookie stupidly cats her wrist and feeds Bill, he greedily latches on, and turns animalistic, attacking her. Meanwhile, unknowing of what’s happening in the back, Alcide tries to get Tara to relax.
Jason goes to question the runner as he paces.  He wants to know about Crystal, but the runner wants meth. Andy catches Jason, and he leaves before he gets any information.
Alcide stops for a potty break, and Tara goes to check on Sookie. Alcide and Tara find a drained Sookie, as Bill comes too unknowing of what’s going on. Tara throws Bill into the sun, where he does not burn, and Alcide rushes Sookie to the hospital. At the hospital they give her a transfusion and she starts to seize. Tara and Alcide are not given good news. Sookie doesn’t have a blood type, and her body rejected the O negative blood.
The Mickens’ bring doggy Tommy to fight in the ring, as Sam pulls the alarm setting the other dogs free. Sam runs to Tommy’s rescue, sending the dog he’s fighting away.
Tara calls Jason, whose trying to get Meth from Lafayette for the runner, and tells him about Sookie.
Sam confronts his parents. Tommy is reluctant to leave his parents, but Sam urges him to come. And he goes.
Jason can’t make decisions for Sookie, Alcide goes to smooth over things with the hospital. Jason has a blood type. Sookie’s never been sick, wasn’t even born in a hospital. Tara tells him that Bill is responsible for what happened to Sookie. Jason urges Sookie not to die, she’s all he has left. Sookie awakens some place with rose petals on the ground, in a flowy dress. Outside is bright and beautiful and everyone is dancing. Claudine comes to refill her cup with light water. Sookie asks to dance, and off they go. Lafayette tries to lift their spirits as Sookie dances in her dream. Claudine urges Sookie not to go back. She tells Sookie not to fear the water, as the dark approaches. Bill arrives in the hospital room, he wants to save her. Claudine tells her that Bill will steal her light before they all abandon her. Jason tells Bill to save her, and he gives Sookie his blood.
Sam and Tommy drive away in silence.
The Magister brings Pam some silver Tiffany earrings. He goes to pierce her eyelids when Eric returns. Eric confesses that he sold V at Sophie Anne’s behest, as she follows him. Russell comes in as the Magister tries to arrest Sophie Anne. He’s amused by the Magister’s supposed authority, renouncing the Magister’s authority. Russell wants the magister officiate his and Sophie Anne’s wedding, when he refuses, he forces him to take Pam’s place on the table binding him with silver.
Bill sits at Sookie’s bedside when she awakens screaming as she sees Bill.
Russell tortures the Magister, and still he will not marry them. When Russell threatens to stake him, he finally pronounces them husband and wife. The Magister tells him that the Authority will never recognize their union, and Russell makes his point by acting all Queen of Hearts.


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