In Review: The Walking Dead, Vol. 3

Released: 12/17/07 304 pages
Publisher: Image Comics
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 978-1582408255

Volume Three follows the same formula of the previous volumes, sporting a sketch book, notes from Robert Kirkman, and cover art, along with amazing graphics.

As for the storyline, we step further into darkness. Hope is definitely dwindling for this bunch. They've lost friends at the hands of other survivors, they've done things that they never thought they would. They've broken their own laws. Oh, and there are still zombies trying to eat them.

That normal life they're dreaming about, that hope of being rescued just may be their undoing as they race towards a helicopter that goes down, and stumble upon an even greater evil, the Governor. As if the situation isn't dire enough without the introduction of a Big Bad.

It had been hinted previously that other survivors were more dangerous than the zombies themselves, and now we really get a taste of just how horrible they can be. Rape, maiming, death, and gladiator type games are abound in this one, as we get a first hand look at another camp. All the while our surviving group is slowly falling apart, and it's very clear that the home they've made is about to be destroyed.

I'd love to see the television show take this path, but I just can't see AMC going for it. It's beyond violent, and disturbing, but oh so realistic. Reading it was hard because of that realism, but I think actually seeing real life people in that situation would be worse, but overall great story telling.


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