True Blood Recap: Fresh Blood

Bill comes to Fangtasia looking for Sookie, Pam is there instead. Bill threatens Pam, and they fight. She sprays silver into his eyes. Sookie hears Ivetta before she comes, she frees Sookie. And Sookie takes a silver chain which she uses on Pam. Ivetta helps secure Pam. Pam says that Sookie was a gift for Russell.
Jesus and Lafayette sit in the afterglow of their V high. Jesus says that he told him things he didn’t even know he knew. Jesus wants to do it all again, but Lafayette tells him that the blood is unpredictable. Jesus begs, and Lafayette gets a scary demon vision aftershock. Freaked out, he refuses to tell Jesus what he saw. Jesus tries to get Lafayette to bed, but he sends him home instead.
Jason talks to Crystal about what he saw, that she’s a werepanther. Crystal is too busy with her pity party and Jason needs to find Sookie.
Hoyt and Jessica are happily together, but Jessica isn’t ready to be happy. She confesses that she killed a trucker, and Hoyt accepts it, listening before he judges her. To prove he trusts her he tells her to drink him, she does.
Eric finds Russell at a museum, looking at a favorite painting of Talbot’s. He asks why he killed Talbot, he tells him because Russell loved him more than anyone and that Russell killed Eric’s entire family. Eric claims that they are now even though Russell does not agree. They talk about Russell’s ambition, and Eric says that he can help him get it, by conquering the sun. Pam calls to tell him that Bill and Sookie got away.
Bill is upset that Sookie went to Eric saying that he’s betrayed her, used her, thrown her into danger, which is also the same that he’s done to her all claiming to keep her safe. Sookie admits she does not trust either of them, and that she does feel something for Eric. Bill asks to begin again, but Sookie is unsure they can change.
Tara goes to Eggs’s grave and weeps.
Holly tells Arlene that her solution may not work, but she’s ready to get it all over with. Sam is drunk and bad tempered insulting everyone, and yelling at patrons. Terry tries to get Sam to go outside, but Sam is just as mean to him. Arlene demands an apology, trying to talk sense into him, but Sam is hateful. Arlene and Holly walk out.
Jason is still looking for Sookie, the sounds of the football practice bring Jason to the field. Kitch throws pass, after pass, too hard  and too far for his guys to catch, making Jason suspicious.
Summer goes to Hoyt’s mama’s house crying. Summer did everything she could to seduce Hoyt, but nothing worked. Mama tells her that they are not finished, not by a long shot.
Sam is left to wait on his customers, when Tara comes in. She goes to sit with Andy, he rambles on as she stares at him, before finally telling him that she knows what really happened with Eggs. She thinks he did it all for the glory, that he’s a dirty cop, but there’s nothing she can do about the cover-up. Andy admit he doesn’t feel like a hero, that he never wanted anything like that to happen, that it was all Marianne’s fault. He tells her that he couldn’t stop him, that Eggs wouldn’t put the knife down, and Jason didn’t know. He apologizes. Sam tells Tommy to take orders, but Tommy refuses, calling Sam Joe Lee in a Sam suit. Sam fires Tommy telling him to get out, and that he’s fired. Tommy immediately apologizes, but Sam is beyond caring. Sam then goes and clears out the restaurant, he tries to kick out Tara, but she tells him no.
Sookie tells Bill that the dungeon was her last straw. She’s done. She wonders what life would be like to be normal, where they don’t even know Eric. Eric and Russell suddenly appear in the middle of the road, stopping the car.
Holly draws a circle around herself and Arlene before starting her ritual. Holly tells her she needs to make a decoction, that will cleanse. Holly tells Arlene to talk to the mother spirit while she finishes her potion. Arlene reasons with her mother’s spirit on why she wants to get rid of the evil baby. Holly cuts Arlene’s finger, for a sacrifice, and warns that if the spirit is meant to be born it still will be, and Arlene drinks down the tea.
Jason knows Kitch is on V. He tells him that he’s gonna take him down, but Kitch tells Jason that his coach gave him the V, his parents pay for it, and his principal uses it for his sex life. Jason says that he’s not a real athlete, but Kitch doesn’t care because no one can prove it, and he’s still gonna knock Jason’s record out of the ballpark.
Lafayette is woken up by his idols talking and dancing.
Eric, Russell, Bill and Sookie arrive back at Fangtasia. Eric tells Bill to start a fight with him, as they fight Russell and Sookie go inside, once they’re inside Eric tells Bill he has a plan that will save Sookie.
Tara and Sam talk about Sam’s less than stellar performance. Sam tells her that no one knows him, that he’s a push over, that he’s too nice. Whereas everyone thinks Tara is short tempered, and not nice. They kiss, and go back to his trailer to work off some aggression. Meanwhile Tommy is busy getting into Sam’s safe.
Arlene dreams she’s fishing, her mom’s waiting for her. Terry wakes her up, Arlene is covered in blood. He wants to call 911, but she’s calm. Terry is upset, but she’s relieved.
Jason returns home, and Crystal is still there. She makes to leave, but Jason doesn’t want her to. He’s okay with her being a panther, but she’s on her way back to Hotshot to save the town.
Russell does not believe Sookie is a fairy, but Eric convinces him otherwise. He tells him to drink her blood, and Bill confirms that her blood is a vampire sunscreen. Russell will drink so long as Eric goes first.
At the hospital, Arlene tries to comfort Terry about losing the baby. The doctor comes and tells Arlene that the baby is still on board, which makes Terry very happy.
Pam urges Eric not to do it, she tears up and he tells her “You know I love you more when you’re cold and heartless.” With the sun up, they’re ready to test out Sookie’s blood. Eric and Russell feed on Sookie, as Bill sits by watching. Eric walks outside first in full daylight, and has the sun shining on his skin as the others watch on the security monitor. He beckons Russell out, even as he begins to smolder. Bill begs Pam to release him, so he can give Sookie blood, but Pam is too upset to move. Russell comes out, and sees that Eric is burning. Eric chains Russell to him, to die together in the sun.


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