True Blood Recap: Hitting the Ground

Lorena notices that Sookie tastes different. Bill manages to grab Lorena with his silver chains. She stakes Lorena on top of Bill, and Bill passes out. Alcide brings his truck around and he and Tara reluctantly help Sookie with Bill. Debbie breaks up the party.
Sam is stopped on his way to the dog fights. He tries to talk his way in, but he’s turned away.
Alcide tries to talk Debbie down, she’s feening and Sookie can’t control her mouth. Debbie breaks down, and saying that she would have given up anything for him, but he wouldn’t give her a baby. Sookie distracts her, and Tara tackles Debbie. Coot comes in, and Alcide is forced to shoot him, killing him and enraging Debbie. Sookie and Tara get Bill out, and Alcide can’t bring himself to kill Debbie even when she tells him that she’ll hunt him down.
Jason sits listening to sad love songs, thinking about Crystal. Hoyt tries to talk some sense into him, but it doesn’t work. Hoyt tells him to talk to the dealer he nabbed if he wants answers about Crystal. Summer arrives.
Undeterred Sam strips down, changing to a bulldog and going for a run.
Summer brings some biscuits and hand-made goodies, ready to snag her man. Jason tastes the biscuits and tells Hoyt that summer is a keeper, but Hoyt doesn’t seem so sure.
Eric brings Hadley in to persuade the Queen to spill the beans about Sookie. Sophie Anne tries to plant doubt into Eric’s mind about Russell, but it doesn’t work. Eric feeds on her and Hadley confesses the Queen’s secret. Eric feeds Hadley his blood.
Doggy Sam lets himself be caught.
Sookie stupidly cats her wrist and feeds Bill, he greedily latches on, and turns animalistic, attacking her. Meanwhile, unknowing of what’s happening in the back, Alcide tries to get Tara to relax.
Jason goes to question the runner as he paces.  He wants to know about Crystal, but the runner wants meth. Andy catches Jason, and he leaves before he gets any information.
Alcide stops for a potty break, and Tara goes to check on Sookie. Alcide and Tara find a drained Sookie, as Bill comes too unknowing of what’s going on. Tara throws Bill into the sun, where he does not burn, and Alcide rushes Sookie to the hospital. At the hospital they give her a transfusion and she starts to seize. Tara and Alcide are not given good news. Sookie doesn’t have a blood type, and her body rejected the O negative blood.
The Mickens’ bring doggy Tommy to fight in the ring, as Sam pulls the alarm setting the other dogs free. Sam runs to Tommy’s rescue, sending the dog he’s fighting away.
Tara calls Jason, whose trying to get Meth from Lafayette for the runner, and tells him about Sookie.
Sam confronts his parents. Tommy is reluctant to leave his parents, but Sam urges him to come. And he goes.
Jason can’t make decisions for Sookie, Alcide goes to smooth over things with the hospital. Jason has a blood type. Sookie’s never been sick, wasn’t even born in a hospital. Tara tells him that Bill is responsible for what happened to Sookie. Jason urges Sookie not to die, she’s all he has left. Sookie awakens some place with rose petals on the ground, in a flowy dress. Outside is bright and beautiful and everyone is dancing. Claudine comes to refill her cup with light water. Sookie asks to dance, and off they go. Lafayette tries to lift their spirits as Sookie dances in her dream. Claudine urges Sookie not to go back. She tells Sookie not to fear the water, as the dark approaches. Bill arrives in the hospital room, he wants to save her. Claudine tells her that Bill will steal her light before they all abandon her. Jason tells Bill to save her, and he gives Sookie his blood.
Sam and Tommy drive away in silence.
The Magister brings Pam some silver Tiffany earrings. He goes to pierce her eyelids when Eric returns. Eric confesses that he sold V at Sophie Anne’s behest, as she follows him. Russell comes in as the Magister tries to arrest Sophie Anne. He’s amused by the Magister’s supposed authority, renouncing the Magister’s authority. Russell wants the magister officiate his and Sophie Anne’s wedding, when he refuses, he forces him to take Pam’s place on the table binding him with silver.
Bill sits at Sookie’s bedside when she awakens screaming as she sees Bill.
Russell tortures the Magister, and still he will not marry them. When Russell threatens to stake him, he finally pronounces them husband and wife. The Magister tells him that the Authority will never recognize their union, and Russell makes his point by acting all Queen of Hearts.


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