True Blood Recap: I Smell a Rat

“I’m a fairy, how fucking lame.” Sookie says. She always knew she was an alien.  Claudine told Bill what Sookie was, and the news gets worse. The Fae were thought to be wiped out of existence by vampires.
Jason is shocked over what he did to Franklin, reliving all of the past deaths. Tara tells him to dig, and Jason starts digging with his hands. He takes the clothes as Tara hides the blood spitting on the guts.
Lafayette brings Calvin to his house instead of the hospital knowing he’d never make it.
Sam cleans his wounds and drowns his sorrows. He has a flashback of before he came to Merlottes. He dumps jewels on bed before a girl, who wants to know how he gets out without anyone seeing him. As they kiss, a guy pulls a gun on him. The second guy hits him with a gun, she gathers up the loot, and gives him a second look as she leaves.
Bill tells that fairy blood is the most delectable, and Sookie’s is the best he’s had. She’s not sure that her blood didn’t seduce Bill. He tries to convince her, but she’s not sure to believe him.
Eric sits with a lawyer drawing up a will, as Pam protests. He’s worried about Russell, who’s not only the oldest,, but now the craziest vampire around. He leaves everything to Pam, which upsets Ivetta.
Lafayette gives Calvin V, who isn’t grateful. He slaps his daughter for saving his life. Crystal refuses to go back with her father.
Nan tries to clean up the Russell mess, comparing him to Dahlmer. Eric shows up at Sookie’s. He says he knows what Sookie is. He asks if her blood let him walk in the sunlight. Bill says that it only works for a few minutes, and says that she is his. Eric tells him that he killed Talbot. Bill wants to know why he’s here, he wants to know the truth. Eric tells him he should tell Sookie the truth if he really loves her. Bill claims the truth he was hiding is only her heritage. Sookie tells Eric that she cannot trust him, and he tells her that he hopes she has a good life.
Arlene is Amen-ing  Reverend Newlin, when Jessica drops fang and tells Arlene she’s a bigot. But as she runs off, Jessica feels embarrassed. Tommy makes another pass at Jessica, but strikes out. Summer’s trying to make a move on Hoyt, but Hoyt backs away.
Sookie shows up at Jason’s. He’s covered in blood, and Tara wants Bill nowhere near. Sookie tries to confront Tara, but she wants nothing to do with vampires. They’re all monsters, Tara tells Sookie, as she finally tells Sookie a little about what happened and how Bill did nothing to stop it. Bill makes Jason promise to take care of his sister.
Lafayette walks in on Jesus with a vial of V. He wants to do V with Lafayette. Lafayette warns what V can do. Jesus feeds him a drop, saying he’s filled with magic, all he needs is a push. And then takes some as well.
Arlene is waiting tables, and Sam is hung over. Everyone is on edge around  him, he tells everyone that Calvin is fine. Holly gives Sam an herbal supplement to help with his rage and abundance of testosterone. Tommy thinks everyone finally respects Sam, and Sam tells him then he’s an idiot. Terry mistakens Arlene’s crying for worry about his bad parenting skills. She finally confesses that its not his but Renee’s baby, and he says it doesn’t matter they’ll raise it as their own and surround it with love.
Jason tells Sookie what happened with Franklin and as she comforts him, he confesses he also shot Eggs. She urges him to tell Tara the truth.
Lafayette and Jesus are taking a little ride together, high on v, watching his idols dance around, when their hallucination suddenly changes. They’re in a different home, watching Jesus’s grandmother who saved people with magic. Jesus’s voice comes out of Lafayette’s mouth, he says they’re connected. They watch her do a fertility procedure. Then they see Lafayette’s great great grandmother, who was a conjurer. Jesus knew but Lala did not. And lastly they see Jesus’s grandfather, a black arts practitioner. They awaken.
Sookie wakes, Eric is standing over her, she’s actually dreaming. Eric kisses her, and she doesn’t pull away. He tells her he can’t trust Bill. He bites her, she awakens. Jason brings Tara a tray of food. She tells him that he saved her, has been saving her since she was little. But Jason rambles on, she thanks him, tells him that she can count on him. As she cries, he pulls her close, guilt consuming him. Tara kisses Jason, but he stops her, and she blames herself. He confesses he killed Eggs, wanting her to say something, but she just runs away. Jason finds a note that Sookie left him.
Jessica awakens, to find a burning cross in her yard, and someone throws a rock through the window. Bill stops Jessica from taking action against the vandals.
Sam drinks alone in the woods, remembering when he tracked down his former flame and the guy that robbed him. As a dog he watched them, until he could sneak up on them. He pulls the gun on the couple, taking the guy’s pants. The guy taunts Sam, and Sam beats on him. She pulls a gun on Sam and shoots at him when he won’t stop hitting the guy, he shoots her on reflex and she dies. Sam walks over and shoots the guy.
Eric is alone in his office when Sookie comes to him. She asks what he meant when he said he wasn’t going to be around much longer, and Eric kisses her and she returns that kiss just as passionately for a second before pulling away. Pam comes in blah blah vampire emergency blah. Pam urges Eric to use Sookie to save himself, but Eric refuses.
Russell goes slumming, picking up a hooker who looks a lot like Talbot.
Arlene goes to Holly about getting rid of the baby. Hoyt goes to talk to Jessica. He tells her that he loves her and everything that she is. He tells her that he broke up with Summer and there is no reason that they can’t be together. Jessica says if Hoyt only knew all she’d done he wouldn’t want to be with her. Hoyt tells her to tell him she doesn’t love him, and he’ll leave her alone, but she can’t. Hoyt leaves. Tommy smarts off on him, and Hoyt punches him. Tommy turns into a pitbull and attacks Hoyt. Jessica throws Tommy, and seeing Hoyt hurt tells him she loves him and feeds him her blood as Tommy watches.
Bill comes looking for Sookie, but Jason doesn’t know where she is. Jason rescinds Bill’s invitation, tired of him. He hears something in the back room, and it’s a panther. He watches as it turns into Crystal, and all he can say is “Mama.”
Russell apologizes to his hooker, Tony, calling his Talbot. Tony is freaked out, but Russell does not notice as goes on. He stakes Tony, saying he is more sorry than he can ever say for trusting Eric. Pleased that he had his chance to say goodbye, he lays on Tony’s corpse in peace.
Eric locks Sookie away, chains her in his basement, Bill feels it, and Eric walks away, leaving her there.


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