True Blood Recap: Night on the Sun

Sookie’s screams awaken everyone, and Alcide comes between her and Bill. When Sookie comes back to her sense she tells everyone she want to talk to Bill. She knows Bill wasn’t himself, but she doesn’t know how to forgive him, and Bill doesn’t want to be forgiven. They both finally admit that they cannot have the life that they want together, and as they confess that they love each other Bill walks away, from a heart broken Sookie.
Sophie Anne makes a pleasant houseguest, and Talbot is very unhappy about all turn of events that transpired when Russell was gone. Russell tells Talbot about killing the Magister, and Debbie is waiting in the office. She wants to go after Alcide and Sookie, Eric reminds Russell of Sookie’s value. But Russell wonders about Eric’s loyalty, and Eric put on a good show, lying through his teeth, and Russell takes the bait.
Terry sings to Arlene’s belly as she dozes off, dreaming its Renee instead. She wakes screaming.
Jessica is happy Bill is home, but he’s sending her away. He releases her, but she doesn’t want to go, she needs him even if he believes he’s no good, that he cannot protect her. And he cannot abandon her.
Sookie is back home, Alcide stays with her. She tells him he can stay as long as he likes. Andy comes, and Jason is with him, he urges her to press charges. But she refuses, and she over hears something that Jason is trying to hide from her.
Lafayette sits with a traumatized Tara. She no longer has a death wish, but she’s not ready to talk about Franklin yet.
Sam smells trouble, its his momma who came as a dog. She gets all their stuff. The boys try to tell her to leave Joe Lee, but she’s not ready to. She tells them she loves them, and leaves, telling to take care of Tommy and himself, but not before she asks for some money. He gives her whats in his wallet, and she blaks saying its not going to get them far, but Sam is beyond caring. He has a broken Tommy to take care of.
Tara tries to wash away everything that’s happened to her, but her moment of peace is interrupted by Franklin, They kiss, and she likes it, then she wakes up.
Lafayette’s mother, Ruby Jean, shows up. She tells him she’s there to protect him from the vampires and witches.
Tara finds Sookie laying out in the sun. Even though he almost killed her, Sookie still defends him. Alcide arrives and Tara tells him to flirt some sense into Sookie.
Going through his Fellowship stuff, Jason looks for something to go vampire hunting. Crystal arrives wet and beat up wanting to use Jason’s truck. She swam so they couldn’t track her scent.
Arlene is interviewing a new waitress, Tara is still hallucinating about Franklin. She takes an immediate liking to Holly, and hires her. Sam comforts Tara who finally breaks down.
Crystal has been promised to Felton since she was 4, he beat her after Jason came calling because she told him she wasn’t going to marry him. She tries to leave, but Jason kisses her, and asks her to stay.
Jesus comes for Ruby Jean, Lafayette called him. She doesn’t want to go back. She tells Lala he has power, and she needs to protect him, but she can’t do it if they keep drugging her. Jesus promises to protect Lafayette, and she accepts it.
Eric grabs Hadley to deliver a message to Sookie.
 Alcide has to leave because Debbie burned down his sister’s hair salon, and is causing trouble. He asks her to come with him, but he doesn’t want to leave her unprotected, but she won’t risk anyone else. He lets her make her own decisions. She admits if she knew what was best for her she would have fallen in love with someone like Alcide, but he says they’re both too stupid. They almost kiss, and make promises to see each other soon.
Sam tells Tommy to keep an eye on Tara and no to flirt with her. When Hoyt comes looking for Jessica, Tommy tells Hoyt to leave her alone, and tries to pick a fight with him. Sam steps in, and tries to reason with Tommy, give him options for the future.
Jessica and Bill spar. Bill tells Jessica its over between he and Sookie, even though he loves her. Jessica finally admits she loves Hoyt but she too thinks he deserves better.
Sitting alone thinking of Bill, Hadley comes to Sookie. Sookie has to break the news to her about Gran. She delivers Eric’s message. “Russell is coming for you. Don’t trust Bill.” Hadley urges her to leave,  confessing its her fault, she told them about her.
Talbot is making a scene throwing and breaking Russell’s treasured items when he learns that Russell plans to go after Sookie. Eric stops before Talbot throws his father’s Viking crown.
Crystal worries about Jason’s safety, and Jason vows to protect her. He sends Crystal to the showers, while he goes for food. He takes his shot gun with him.
Sam smells trouble again, this time its Calvin and some of the other Hotshot guys looking for his daughter. Crystal ditched Felton’s truck in the parking lot. Tommy asks Sam if he “smelled” that, and he says he did.
Jesus tells Lafayette that he is powerful. He tells Lafayette that all that energy he has can go dark if he lets it. Lafayette tells him that he has been trying to stop dealing, but its complicated, Jesus kisses him.
Eric and Talbot play chess. Talbot loses and tosses aside the game. He tells him he’s board, to take off his clothes, after getting some privacy Eric complies. Talbot drops fang, and they kiss.
Jason arrives at Hotshot, with is shotgun. He finds someone naked eating a deer. Jason confronts Calvin, warning him away from Crystal.
Sookie awaits Russell’s attack. She hears wolves closing in. Debbie kicks in the door, and Bill and Jessica take the wolves downstairs. Debbie goes upstairs after Sookie whose locked herself in upstairs. Sookie doesn’t want to kill Debbie but she will. They exchange words and some blows. Jessica goes after a wolf, and Russell grabs her outside. Russell wants to trade Jessica for Sookie. He bites Jessica, and Bill taunts him. Russell allows Bill to taunt him, and he throws Jessica to an awaiting wolf. She runs.
Inside Sookie and Debbie are still doing a fine redecorating job, when Sookie has to go and ruin it all by cutting her with a pair of silver shears. Sookie gets to her gun again and points it at Debbie, as Russell continues to smack Bill around.
During some hot play, Eric turns Talbot over and stakes him. Russell feeling the loss flies off. And Debbie finally leave. Bill comes to check on Sookie, Hoyt drives unknowingly right by Jessica feeding on the wolf and Sookie and Bill have some intense grudge sex.


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