In Review: No Mercy by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Released: 9/7/10             352 pages
Publisher: St. Martin’s Press
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 0312546564

The latest in Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunter/Were Hunter series is a very fast read, almost too fast of a read. The focus of No Mercy is Dev and Sammia or Sam as she prefers. Dev is a Were-bear, we’ve seen him throughout the series, and many his wit and dark humor is the same. Sam is a newer character, the Amazon Dark-Hunter mentioned briefly in past books, but never actually introduced. The Amazons are a fierce bunch and Sam as their former queen is no exception.
Much of the usual sexual tension and innuendo are present but the entire story seems rushed, and the margins too big. Bottom line the story is a bit short. The back story is seriously lacking, which is okay in Dev’s case for readers who have read the series. However, there is enough explained of the overall arcs that it can be a stand alone book, most of the series is, making it easy for anyone to come in the middle of the series and still enjoy the story.
The story wasn’t as seamless and interesting as previous novels, though Dev’s humor was refreshing. The plot was not nearly as well drawn out as I’ve come to expect from Ms. Kenyon. Acheron comes in for a second, which is usually my favorite part I’m a sucker for him, but since he’s had his book I’ve found him very lacking. He lacks presence. Urian has a larger role, perhaps that’s a sign of greater things to come.
The bevy of characters, mostly loved, making appearances does improve the story without making the appearance seem gimmicky. The story is also less cluttered than Bad Moon Rising was. There was almost too much going on in that story, whereas this one could have used a little more. And some of the big changes that were hinted at in previous stories are confirmed, Daimons in sunlight, Acheron free but his freedom comes with huge limitations.
Even though it’s a short read, its definitely not one to be missed, if for nothing more than the small reveals. And even with its flaws it is an enjoyable read.


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