True Blood Recap: Evil is Going On

Russell and Eric lay burning in the sun. Godric comes to Eric, telling him to end this, to forgive.
Sookie runs in a flowing gown, a chandelier lowers. She awakens with Bill over him. Bill tells her, he lied to save her. Sookie will not let Eric die for her. She uses her lightning fingers to break the cuffs with Russell’s goading to help her. She drags Eric inside. Eric needs blood, and Sookie tells Bill to bite her so that she can feed Eric, whose too weak to drop fang.
Nan and Rev Newlin banter back and forth on TV. Sam cooks breakfast for Tara. She says that he barks in his sleep, and he tells her that he’s a shapeshifter. Tara freaks out a little, angered.
Once recovered, Eric tells Sookie that they need to bring Russell inside, because Godric came to him . Sookie, against her better judgment, and to prevent Eric from doing it himself, goes out and gets Russell.
Tara wishes she didn’t know all that she recently found out. Sam tells Tara she can start over if she wants. She just has to keep on running.
Everyone wants Russell to die, but Eric does not. They go down for a nap, and leave Sookie to watch Russell.
The DEA is there with Andy, when Jason comes in because there are innocents in Hotshot. He wants Andy to stop the raid, but its too late for that.
Tara thinks about all the death that she’s seen recently.
Hoyt heads to work, where his mother, Summer, and his high school guidance counselor await to stage an intervention because he’s chosen Jessica, and therefore death. Hoyt wishes Summer well, but he’s happy with his decision.
Lafayette is early, Sam goes to let him in, and he hallucinates blood all over his hands.
Russell wants to make a deal with Sookie. He won’t hurt anyone she loves, plus give her 5 million dollars, and he’ll kill one or both Bill and Eric, and give her in his house in Mississippi if she frees him, but she will not. He taunts her, and she silvers him. As he spews more threats at her, she brings his jar of Talbot before him, and dumps the whole thing down the drain happily.
Jason and Crystal head to Hotshot. The place appears empty. Crystal calls everyone out, and Calvin still holds a grudge against Jason. Felton doesn’t want Calvin to get rid of the V, and he shoots him.
Sam drives over to Terry’s house, Terry is crying. Sam apologizes for the way he acted, but Terry cannot stop crying because everything is going so well. He goes over to Tommy’s, the house is a mess, and Tommy is gone.
Andy tries to go to Hotshot, with the DEA, but he’s injured, and a liability.
Felton goes to take the V, and tells Jason to say goodbye to Crystal. Crystal tells Jason to take care of the people of Hotshot. Jason vows to find her.
Tara goes to her mother’s house, who’s busy with Reverend Daniels. Tara walks out, sad for her mother. She tells her good luck, and hugs her goodbye.
Sam goes straight to Merlotte’s, to his safe, and he see’s its been taken. Lafayette sees Renee with Arlene, he knows its Renee’s. Sam gets his gun, and Lafayette calls Jesus about his hallucinations.
Alcide comes, he’s the one Eric called earlier, and Sookie is disappointed that he didn’t come for her on his own. Alcide admits that he’s been thinking about her, and Sookie tells him not to be such a good guy right now. The king laughs about him turning to a wolf once a month. Bill urges Sookie to stay with Pam, but she will not, and she rescinds her invitation to her home. Bill and Alcide have a stare down, Eric tells them “If you two are finished eye fucking eachother, can we go?” And out they file with Eric dragging Russell by a silver chain.
Andy sits as his desk contemplating a vial of V, when a DEA officer brings in Jason. The entire place was cleaned out, Jason maintains that Felton did it all. Andy’s upset feeling screwed over, but Jason tells him its bigger than them.
Jesus comes to help Lafayette, who thinks he’s going crazy. Lafayette doesn’t want to be sensitive to things that people are trying to hide. Jesus said the same thing happened to him when he was younger, he’s a brujo, but he said he got use to it, it went away.
Tara cuts away all her hair, healing herself. Sookie comes home seeing the new Tara. They sit together having dinner, and Tara leaves, lingering as she hugs her goodbye.
Alcide and Eric are now equal, Eric seals Russell in concrete, still wrapped in silver. Godric urges Eric off this path, but he will not. Russell taunts, that Eric is the mad one, talking to phantoms. Russell laughs, telling them they will regret this. And they cover him completely. With Eric distracted, Bill uses that moment, and silvers Eric throwing him in the pit next to Russell, and buries him in cement as well. As he does he calls an assassin to kill Pam, mimicking Eric’s voice.
Hoyt brings Jessica to an empty house that he plans to make their own. He wants to marry her.
Hoyt’s mama shops for a shot gun.
Bill goes to Sookie’s to talk. He tells her that both Russell and Eric are gone, that he ended Eric. Sookie is sadden by that. Bill claimed that he did it to protect her, and he intends to kill all who know what she is, even if he is not with her. He says that he has never loved, nor will he ever love as he loves her. As he goes to leave, Eric is there. He asks Bill if he told Sookie, that he was sent by the Queen to procure Sookie because of what she might be. Bill admits that he didn’t know why she wanted her, but once he knew her, he did all he could to keep Sophie Anne away. Eric brings up how Bill let the Rattrays beat Sookie so that he could feed her his blood the night he met her. Bill tried to silence Eric to prevent him from telling Sookie all of this. Sookie throws Bill out. Bill claims that he loves who she is, not what she is, but she rescinds the invitation anyways. Eric tells her that he would have never given her to Russell.
Tara stops by Merlotte’s, but never gets out of the car, she smiles as she drives away.
Pam tells Eric she killed his assassin.
Sam tracks down Tommy, shooting at him. He wants his money, but Tommy is upset because Sam turned him away. Sam doesn’t care, he just wants his money. Tommy goes to walk away, and Sam shots him
Sookie sits alone crying. She runs.
Sophie Ann shows up at Bill’s house, dressed in her widow best. She wants Sookie, but Bill has other plans. He’s called her in under false pretenses, tells him that only one of them will leave this house, and they take to the air, fangs drawn.
Sookie arrives at Gran’s grave. She communes with her, sadden and lonely. Claudine and the other fae appear to take her away.


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