Supernatural Recap: Two and a Half Men

Sam is on the road, and after the little Djinn incident  Dean, Lisa and Ben have a new home, severing all ties to the old one. Dean’s a little panicked, but he has every right to be, kinda. He just wants to protect his family.
Sam is still very robotic, almost Stepford wife-esque. He’s more confident, better, heck he’s Dean without the conscious. And Dean continues to be torn between the life he’s always known, and the life he’s built over the past year. But as supernatural forces continue to invade his life, staying in normalcy seems like less and less a possibility. And even on the normal end, Ben is growing up, its hard enough growing up, harder when things keep changing so drastically. And when Ben takes an interest in learning to hunt, Dean almost loses it. He doesn’t want that life for the kid. He knows what it did to him, what its doing to him, cause like an addiction it calling his name.
While investigating Sam finds one of the missing children and needs Dean’s help looking after the child. A string of deaths have occurred where the parents are murdered but the children are just gone. Someone is baby snatching, but not for reasons that most would suspect.
The boys soon learn that the child is a shapeshifter,  and the killer is  just taking back what’s their literally. A shapeshifter is impregnating women, under the guise of their husband, and now he’s come for his progeny. The problem is that its not just any shapeshifter it’s the Alpha, as in first. And its stronger than any other they’ve come across, and it shows them that by mopping the floor up with some Campbells, who the boys gave the baby too. And the Campbells may be a problem in themselves. While accepting Sam into the fold, they seem more to grudgingly allow Dean in. And there’s also the mystery caller the Granddaddy is talking with.
By the end of the episode, Lisa knows that the game plan has changed. She understands what he does, and why. She wants him to go and hunt, and come home when he can, because the monsters are going to keep coming, and she knows she can’t really stop him. She just wants him to come home in one piece.


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