Supernatural Recap: Live Free or TwiHard

Plain Jane flannel wearing Kristen fawns over the pale brooding Robert. His every word is all angst, and longing, and she eats it all up letting him lure her into an alley where a vampire is waiting.

Sam goes off to gather information, while Dean phones home to Lisa, telling her he’ll be home once this case is wrapped. The boys go to Kristen’s room, to search for clues and they’re all over her walls literally. She’s obsessed with all things vampire. Her room is filled with red velvet and twilight-esque everything everywhere. The boys come to the easy conclusion that real vampires are cashing in on the twi-mania.
Back at the bar, and last place Kristen was seen Dean and Sam see two suspicious pretty boys, and they split up to go after “Efron” and “Bieber.” Dean saves the girl, but gets a mouthful of vamp blood, as Sam sits by and watches the entire thing.

Back at the motel, Sam locks Dean in the bathroom. Poor guy is feeling the full effects of the vamp juice. He breaks free of the bathroom, and goes to see Lisa, doing the exactly, creepy, rapey thing he was making fun of vampires doing earlier, he watches he sleep. When she awakens he tells her his life is ugly and violent and doesn’t want that for her or Ben. He says goodbye, but Ben interrupts his leaving, and Dean shoves him out of the way.
But all is not lost, Grandpa Campbell says that there’s a cure, in fact he’s disappointed that Sam didn’t tell Dean about it earlier. It’s simple, Dean cannot drink a drop of human blood for it to work, and he needs the blood of the vampire who changed him. They can use this opportunity to infiltrate the vampire nest and gather intel on the alpha vampire.
Just like any other time, Dean quickly adapts to a sticky situation, but he’s still at a disadvantage with Boris, the vampire that changed him, until all of the vampires collapse. Dean included. He sees and hears the Alpha. By the time Grandpa and Sam catch up, Dean is not only up, but he’s taken care of the entire nest, Boris included.
Grandpa gives Dean the cure, and as he goes through its effects he has a vision. Dean sees not only that Sam watched Boris give him blood, but that he could have stopped it, which leaves him with no one. Lisa won’t return his calls after his little visit, the Campbells are crazy, and he’s not sure where Sam’s loyalties lie.


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