Supernatural Recap: You Can't Handle the Truth

A waitress asks for the truth, and she gets far more than she was expecting, from everyone. Unable to take the full weight of everyone’s confessions she commits suicide, and she’s the first death of many. There’s also the dentist, who drills his patient to death when he reveals that he lust’s after said dentist’s daughter. And everyone learns some hard and sometimes hilarious truths.
Bobby’s truth: he likes to be pampered, so much so that he gets regular pedicures. Dean is his favorite, and theres a juicy tidbit about his first girlfriend, that we miss.
All the while investigating Dean’s very uncomfortable around Sam, to the point that he doesn’t even want to ride with him. Instead of following up on a lead, Dean chooses to instead stay and do research, very unDean-like.
And to make matters worse Dean’s drinking. You know it’s bad when he drowns his sorrows, and he has many.  His brother may be back, but he’s not the man he know. He’s like a total robot, super focused and devoid of emotion. Lisa still remains out of contact, he’s still working on what happened when he was a vamp. Outside of a couple of phone calls from Bobby and the chance sighting of Castiel, he’s essentially alone.  
Dean and Lisa finally talk via phone, and what she had to say is brutal. The truth doesn’t always set you free, most of the time it manages to mess you up more. Lisa knew Dean had issues, but once Sam returned she knew that his twisted codependent relationship with Sam would take him away. She pointed out that the relationship is completely unhealthy and that she and Ben would not be a part of his life. The look on his face said it all, that was a bigger blow to him, than any could have expected, even if he knew it was coming.
And the hard truths weren’t done. He confronts Sam about letting him get turned, but Sam claims he froze and Dean accepts it. Because everyone is being forced to tell the truth, so Sam must be as well, but I’m not so sure of that.
Finally the boys make it into the Goddess’ lair, which is in desperate need of a maid. There are body parts everywhere. But Veritas, the goddess of truth, quickly captures the boys. Veritas asks Dean what he thinks of his brother, and he has no choice but to answer.
At one point he wanted to kill him, because he thought he was a monster. But he’s come to realize that they’re acting the same way, that void, that one track mind about hunting. He goes further confessing  that he thought he wanted to have a regular life, but he realizes he can’t, he’s just a killer.
Veritas focuses on Sam, but realizes that he’s not affected by her. He can still lie, that perhaps everything he says is a lie, which means that he cannot be human, though she doesn’t know what he is. The boys manage to get free and kill Veritas, but her damage has been done. Dean pulls a knife on Sam, and its finally real confession time.
Since he’s returned he feels nothing. He’s a better hunter because there are no emotions getting in the way. He pleads that he needs help, and Dean loses it. He’s angry about so many things, and punching Sam in the face repeatedly seems like the right thing.


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