Bruce Campbell, a.k.a. Mouth-Watering Gorgeous (as suepafly says)...

...opened the 2010 Seattle ZomBCon. He was dressed in his finest Red and black suit because he was ‘performing Zombie weddings later in the day.’ He never really needs to explain his wardrobe to me. He can pull off anything.

The entire cast of The Evil Dead was there led, of course, by Bruce. As you can see in the video, his sarcastic humor sometimes leaves you wondering if he really isn’t joking and thinks we’re all weirdos.

It took me 3 hours, but I finally got to the man, Bruce. He asked me, “What are you doing? And I replied, “I’m getting your autograph.” How dumb can I be? Pretty dumb it appears. I should have stayed a redhead for 1 more week. Then, I might not have felt like a dumb blonde when he replied, “Uh, no. What are you doing for a living?” That’s right, I don’t even have to try, embarrassment follows me where ever I go.

Luckily, the conversation could only get better from there. He asked what I did for a living and his eyes widened when I told him I worked in veterinary critical care and internal medicine. He asked about the animals I help and thanked me because he felt my profession rarely gets thanked.

At the end, I asked if he had heard his name was mentioned during the True Blood panel at Comic Con. He hadn’t and asked what happened. I told about a character, Bubba, that the fans want on the show, but Alan Ball doesn’t want an Elvis impersonator and didn’t know of an actor that could play Bubba. Then someone suggested Bruce Campbell and the entire room cheered for him. He seemed flattered, but hadn’t heard anything from Alan Ball yet. I think we need to make this a reality.

They announced at the signing that Bruce was going back on stage after autographs to show us “10 Ways to Kill a Zombie.” Unfortunately, I could only stay a short time because I had to work, so I missed that.

ZomBCon was the most disorganized event I’ve been to. The events started out with lines, but when the ushers left, everyone just rushed for the front. There were no chains or barriers for the lines to weave through so the rude people in back just pushed their way through the line. Even though I started in the second line, I ended up in the sixth line.

Overall, I enjoyed my brief 3 minutes with Bruce and chatting with all the crazies in line with me. I was disappointed to find that everyone charges for autographs at ZomBcon. I had just been at Comic Con a few months prior and the autographs were free. Since I was short on time and funds, I wasn’t able get the entire cast to sign my Evil Dead poster, so that bites (no pun intended). I definitely don’t regret going because, I’ll tell you again...I met Bruce Campbell.


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