In Review: Counterfeit Magic By Kelley Armstrong

Released: 11/1/10  Pages: 141
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Subterranean
ISBN: 978-1596063280

The latest offering in Kelley Armstrong's Women of the Otherworld, follows Paige as she, Lucas and Savannah investigate the recent deaths at a Superntural fight ring.

Maybe not the most original premise, but its pretty good. Lucas and Paige have been growing apart, and its a little heartbreaking to see, since we've seen the relationship grow since Dime Store Magic. But as Paige gets deeper into the case, and the distance between Lucas grows you wonder if the gap can ever be bridged.

This is definitely a bonus story, easy enough for a new reader to get into, and a lovely morsel for fans. The relationship is written in a way that not only is it believable, but also it doesn't weigh the story down.

The plot isn't as tight as I normally expect from Ms. Armstrong, nor are the supporting characters, and the ending, it left a little to be desired. But the interactions between well loved characters like Savannah more than make up for it.


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