In Review: For A Few Demons More by Kim Harrison

Released: 3/20/07                    456 pages                         
Publisher: EOS
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 978-0060788384

Rachel is back in Cincinnati, with more problems than ever before. She’s brought home the focus for safety, and not only do the Weres and Vampire seek to possess it, so does one tricksy elf and one dubious demon. But the focus isn’t the only problem when Al goes on a rampage, the very vampire that nearly destroyed her is cut loose to protect the city.
The twists and turns are rough and heart rending in this one, and the little bit of sunshine and hope that Rachel has is horrendously smashed to little bitty pieces.
Rachel and Ivy’s relationship is again on focus in the series, greatly weighing it down, with everyone telling Rachel to just sleep with Ivy. Honestly I liked Ivy in the beginning, the angsty vampire in need of saving, but if Kisten or any male for that matter pulled half the crap Ivy pulls, Rachel would have staked them long ago. Rachel wants to save everyone, but some people are not worth saving if it means losing yourself completely.
The demons are expanded a little more, with Newt leaking knowledge in her crazy way, and there’s a little Ceri time, which means getting a little more on elves. David looks to be stepping into a larger role, and for a lone wolf, he’s slowly finding himself surrounded, and stepping up in his role of Alpha.
The plotting while intriguing, some of the timing was off. The world is always well written, but I’m not sure if it was the shocking blow this one delivers, or that so many crucial elements took place in the background and were merely discussed. Rachel appears stronger than ever, and that’s always a good thing. Because the story was so good, I’m willing to give a few inconsistencies a pass so long as the next one ties up the loose ends of this plot a little better.


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