Supernatural Recap: All Dogs Go to Heaven

Crowley has a new case for the boys. He wants them to find the Alpha responsible for animalistically ripping out the heart of his businessman. Dean and Sam bristle a little, but Crowley dangles Sam’s soul and they run off to do his bidding.
 Sam and Dean are on the road investigating the case, but Dean's not comfortable working for the King of Hell; while nothing really bothers Sam. He admits it's a bad  situation, but if it gets his soul back, what’s the problem. Robo Sam tackles case head on. He’s extremely cold when he questions possible suspects, jumps to conclusions, wanting to hurry and bag the suspect, Cal the boyfriend of the woman around which these events have occurred, even though he doesn’t really have proof the guy’s behind it.
The signs point to a werewolf, even though it isn’t a full moon, and that would be completely off base, if we and the boys hadn’t see other monsters behaving differently. But it isn’t. It’s a skinwalker in the guise of the family pet, a German Shepherd  named Lucky. He lives with Cal and Mandy, and Mandy and her son treat him really well, so well that he’s become overly protective of Mandy and gets rid of any threat to her, including Cal.
When Sam and Dean figure out that it is a skinwalker they’re hunting they chase down Lucky who gets hit by a car and ends up in a animal hospital.  There Dean and Sam grab him and make him spill the beans.He’s a homeless man that was recruited into this life to infiltrate families and create more skinwalkers when the time is right. But he’s come to love and care for his family, he’s even fallen for Mandy.
Sam and Dean decide to use Lucky to set up a sting operation to catch the others, but their plan backfires. The other skinwalkers have kidnapped Mandy and her son and they want Lucky to kill them to prove his loyalty. Dean plans to kill the pack leader to save the family, even if it angers Crowley, and the boys take down the pack.
Having been outted as the family dog, Lucky goes to Mandy’s house and thanks her for the kindness she showed him. She’s obviously angry that he lied to her, and he turns back into a down leaving alone.
Dean wants Sam to stop pretending that everything is alright that he’s the old Sam. And Sam admits he’s not that person. He's been acting like he cares about Lisa and Ben; he doesn't. Heck, he doesn't even care about Dean. He said he's killed innocent people in the name of duty;  maybe he should feel guilty that but doesn't.  And part of him thinks this lack of feeling thing isn't that bad, that the other Sam had it harder because he could feel. But as much as he says he’s ready to get his soul back, it sounds like he’s saying what he thinks Dean wants to hear.


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