Walking Dead Recap S1E2: Guts

Last time we saw Rick he was in the tank, and he’d received a call over the radio, turns out that voice wasn’t alone. The zombies had Rick surrounded, but he somehow made it out, after a little running and into what may become a bigger mess in a department store.
The group he’s landed into isn’t exactly a cohesive, and a big part of that is because of bigot Merle, who was such a hindrance he ended up cuffed on the roof.  The group is in the city for supplies. Usually only, Glenn, the smart-aleck from the radio, comes to the city because he’s faster on his own, but he can’t carry many supplies. He seems like the bright point. He cracks jokes to lighten the mood, and he’s braved the streets the most.
There’s also Andrea, who isn’t as good with a gun as she would like to think, which is unfortunate when she’s tested, but she kept a level head amidst the chaos.
T-Dog, has a temper he has trouble controlling, but he also has a good heart and is looking out for everyone around him.
But Merle tried to explain that even though “your kind” and “my kind” should be mixing, doesn’t mean they can’t work together to pacify Rick.  But it doesn’t work. He’s not very pleasant, and I have to wonder why the group brought him along in the first place.
Glenn and Rick go to recover some of the guns that Rick had to leave behind when the zombies surrounded him, which was the most nerve racking scene. Covered in zombie stink they walked unnoticed into the horde, but when the thunder rolled, there was a sense of dread. The rain would ruin their guise. So once again there is lots of running to safety, this time to a truck to get everyone the heck out of dodge, err, Atlanta.
In the end, they lose the key, and when they’re forced to abandon the building as the zombies come in, T-Dog makes an effort to chain up the door and hopefully keep Merle safe. Glenn runs diversion, making lots of noise to get the zombies to follow him, and follow him they do, as everyone else gets away.
And Glenn makes it away too, driving a mustang, to mirror Rick’s entrance into Atlanta.


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