Walking Dead Recap S1E4: Vatos

And then there are the first casualties. Sure there are zombies, and it’s kind of expected, but did it have to be so touching too?
At camp, Andrea announces that tomorrow is Amy’s birthday, and Jim is digging graves. He had a dream that they would need the graves. He’s totally losing it, and the camp has to resort to tying him to a tree, total zombie bait.
In Atlanta, Rick, Glenn, T-Dog and Daryl search for Merle. He isn’t where they left him, only his hand is. Daryl shows that his racist streak is just a prevalent as his brother’s, but he’s more useful, and a far better team player than Merle is. And Daryl proves that he’s a badass, taking out walkers even after he gets injured.
The guys continue their search for Merle, believing that he was with a local gang in the area. In fact, the whole episode his presence looms over, but he’s never seen. After finding out that his brother is not with them, Daryl still helps Rick rescue Glenn, who’s taken hostage by them.
What they find instead is the Vatos have gathered their elderly, and others abandoned when the city fell prey to the undead. They end up splitting their gun cache with them, and they guys head back.
At camp around the fire, everyone is gathered. For a second it seems like a perfect moment, and then the moment passes. The zombies begin attacking out of nowhere. They take out bigot Ed, and sweet Amy. And the guys make it back in time to kill a few, but the damage is already done.


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