Walking Dead Recap S1E5: Wildfire

Saying goodbye is never easy, and in an apocalyptic world it can be even harder. In the aftermath of the attack on the camp, they start the episode off getting rid of the corpses, in separate burials, their dead and the others. Andrea is obviously grief-stricken, unable to let go of her baby sister, and because of that we get to see the first reanimation.
Andrea sat there apologizing to her sister as Amy’s eyes opened and she began to twitch and the panic level in everyone else began to rise. She says “I always thought there’d be more time,” tearfully, and Amy is beginning to reach for her, she tells her she loves her and then calmly blew her brains out.
The rift between Rick and Shane grows. Shane lashes out at Rick, blaming the deaths of Ed, Amy and ultimately Jim on him, had he and his little gun-running crew been there, those deaths would have been avoided. But Rick fires back, had they not gone for the guns, then more could have been lost. But it doesn’t really matter, because they were lost, and nothing can be done about it now.
And the tragedies didn’t stop there. Jacqui revealed that Jim had been bitten during the zombie attack as well. He’s slowly dying it won’t be too long before he becomes a zombie, but they don’t shoot him, they leave him by the side of the road as they head towards the CDC in search of answers.
Inside the CDC there is someone still at the CDC, Jenner is still working on a cure, but he appears to be the only one left.
The group finally make it to the CDC, but the doors are locked. Jenner tells them to go away, but Rick pleads as the zombies surround them. They know that the whole mission was reckless and impulsive, but they needed answers and they needed hope. Jenner, asks if they’re sure they want this, and of course the group does, though surely they don’t know what they’re actually asking for as the doors open in a wash of bright light.


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