The Walking Dead Series is finally here! S1E1

AMC has another sure hit on their hands! The much anticipated Walking Dead premiered last night. As a long time reader of the comic I was filled with both excitement and trepidation. How could they capture the boldness, the heart of this brilliant and captivating series?

Well to start with the brilliant Robert Kirkman, the man behind the comics, is on board. As well as Frank Darabont of the Shawshank Redemption fame. And a fantastic cast including, Andrew Lincoln and Sarah Wayne Callies.

This first episode sticks pretty close to the comics, with Rick waking up alone in a hospital, with no knowledge of what the heck happened, but added so much more.

The moment with Morgan and his son was heartbreaking, as he couldn't kill his zombie wife, and she continued to come the home she knew in life, to tried to open the door. Or Rick, trying to save a little lost girl, only to realize she was the exact thing he was hiding from. Little moments like these brought the heartbreaking reality of this horrible world.

The acting was wonderful, capturing both the strength and the vulnerabilities of their characters. I love how Rick isn't your typical Zombie movie hero. He's strong and capable, intelligent, but he's so focused on getting to his family, that he almost doesn't survive the first episode. The show is graphic, the death of Rick's horse was beyond brutal, and make me a little gleeful that AMC wasn't going to shy away from the darkness that comics delved into. It was a wonderful visonary feast, and I cannot wait for the next episode!


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