In Review: Holidays are Hell- Two Ghosts for Sister Rachel by Kim Harrison

Released: 10/30/07                 384 pages                          
Publisher: Harper
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0061239090

In Two Ghosts for Sister Rachel, Kim Harrison takes us back to before Rachel had all her current hang-ups and heart break. Instead it finds an 18 year old Rachel determined to follow into her father’s footsteps and join Inderland Security (the preternatural FBI) as a runner even though she suffers from chronic fatigue and weakness from a childhood disease that should have killed her.
Her brother, trying to push her towards Earth magic, gives her a spell so that she can summon her late father and ask for advice, but when the ghost summoned isn’t her father, but instead the ghost of a murdered ghost, Pierce, she may have gotten much more than she bargained for.
 Pierce proves to be plenty of trouble, and Rachel is absolutely hooked. She’s always been a bit of an adrenaline junky. Rachel is full of spunk and spirit, and still very tenderhearted, willing to put others ahead of herself.
The story is very touching and moves very quickly. The story is completely capable of being a stand alone, and a great introduction for new readers without alienating readers already in love with the series.


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